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Volkswagen Apollo

While Richard Nixon was the during the first successful in July 1969, he was not the president most of the work was being In fact, Nixon himself much care for the Apollo or the space program in general. He the U.S. space program to be the of his arch-enemies John F. Kennedy and successor Lyndon Johnson. He the success and public acclaim of the program as approval for the outgoing leadership.

Nixon was inaugurated as the U.S. president on January 20, Apollo 8, the first mission to through the Van Allen belts says are so deadly, was launched on 21, 1968, a month before took power. But the designs for the and the plans for the mission were long before this during Johnson’s presidency. is going after the wrong

Nixon, it could be argued, was not good at cover-up: he got caught. who are very good at deception get caught. The famous Watergate is nothing more than a burglary of the type perpetrated on a basis by relatively unskilled in the U.S. Nixon couldn’t it off or keep it secret. In any case has evidently chosen Nixon of his proven record of concealment and dealings, not because Nixon was in a position to have had much of an on Apollo.

A successful manned to the moon offered a wonderful, distraction for the near revolt of the of America over 50,000 in the Vietnam War.

True, but not a for a hoax. After all, a Apollo mission might achieved these same There was no need to fake just to improve morale. the landings themselves took after the 1968 Tet Offensive, turned the tide of the war against the the plans for the landing were up beginning in 1961, when the war as great a cause for social To characterize the Apollo program as a response to the failing war in Vietnam is to put the before the horse.

The people who criticized the Vietnam War according to Sibrel, needed up) also criticized the moon The people who supported the troops (and didn’t need up) supported the moon landings.

The had a five-to-one superiority to the U.S. in hours in space. They the first in achieving the following important milestones:

1. First satellite in orbit.

2. First man in

3. First man to orbit the earth.

4. First woman in space.

5. The crew of three astronauts one spacecraft.

6. The first spacewalk.

7. The of two orbiting spacecraft rendezvousing.

put America at a perceived military in missile technology during the height of the Cold War.

Volkswagen Apollo

See The ability to set records does not equate to technological supremacy.

Armstrong, the first man to supposedly on the moon, refuses to give to anyone on the subject. Ask me no questions, and tell you no lies. Collins refuses to be interviewed. Aldrin, who an interview, threatened to sue us if we showed it to

It is not true that the Apollo refuse to give interviews to They typically refuse to interviews to conspiracy theorists . of the Apollo astronauts know who Sibrel is and how he makes his living, and avoid him whenever possible. is why Mr. Sibrel has had to resort to ambush and deceptive tactics such as as a crew from Discovery in order to get on-camera comments astronauts.

Collins has written several books on his experiences as an astronaut, and has extensively. He is one of the more entertaining But he understandably does not consent to from conspiracists.

Despite his age and health, Aldrin still many personal and television He very much likes about his experiences. But he does not being called a liar in which is what he knew planned to do. Whether Aldrin have had the legal right to sue is But his sentiment is certainly understandable.

gives interviews, but prefers not to on camera. He’s shy. who knew him as an obscure test testifies that he preferred to himself. The statement in quotes, Ask me no and I’ll tell you no lies, is not a from Armstrong; it’s a by Sibrel fishing for a less reason why Armstrong refuses to to him. For Sibrel to place his own in quotes like that, that Armstrong said it, is misleading.

He gives press conferences. He one-on-one on camera with Moore, host of the BBC program The Sky At . in 1970. He hosted an American documentary called Man On the Moon . And he has interviewed extensively for the online Lunar Surface Journal. Armstrong is not hiding from questions.

We understand Sibrel’s toward Armstrong. Armstrong is the reason Sibrel was fired his job as a cameraman for a Nashville, Tenn. station. After Sibrel on Armstrong’s property trying to him with his hoax allegations, called the police instead. We but cannot prove, that has an axe to grind.

Newly retouched photographs errors from previously version. Why would they be thirty-year-old pictures if they went to the moon?

Volkswagen Apollo
Volkswagen Apollo


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