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Achieving optimum requires system expertise.

An vehicle, in its most basic is a group of interacting systems. why we believe it’s critical to test and manufacture each and module as part of the integrated in which it operates. We call it the Automotive Systems approach.

ensuring that each is integrated with other systems, we use our extensive experience in the industry to meet your space/weight restrictions, mechanical assembly processes, human requirements, environmental exposure and service procedures. As a result, the you will gain from with Delphi Automotive are: fully integrated quality components, systems and faster, lower-cost assembly; inventory control.

When you put it all the Delphi Automotive Systems ensures a perfect match components, systems and the vehicles in they are used.

History of Automotive Systems Corporation

Automotive Systems Corporation is the largest and most diversified of automobile components. It was spun off in the from the world’s largest of automobiles, General Motors which still accounted for 70 of its business in 2000, although it all of the world’s manufacturers of light among its clients. The vast occupying 190 factories in 31 countries, an invention a day, a new product or every week. Sixty of the company’s workforce is based North America.


Automotive traces as its earliest the New Departure Bell Company, in Bristol, Connecticut, in 1888 to the earliest known doorbell-ringing The company’s talent for innovation extended to transportation, with the introduction of the first bicycle brake.

Other Delphi have been involved in lighting since 1906 and wooden auto bodies in 1908. In 1908, Albert who had been making spark in America since 1899, Buick Motor Co. to make plugs in the AC Spark Plug which was acquired by General founder Billy Durant in Durant acquired Dayton Laboratories, which would Delco, in 1914.

The self-starting engine, introduced in by Charles F. (Boss) Kettering and installed on Cadillac cars, motorists from having to crank their engines. and Perry Remy (dynamos and Packard, Harrison, and Alfred P. (GM president) are other automotive whose stories form of Delphi’s earliest beginnings.

pre-Delphi innovations included the Terminal, developed in 1930; the car radio (1936); the first with mechanical push-button (1939); and safety power (1951). Delphi’s predecessors auto air conditioning in 1954 by all components under the hood for the time. The first production system debuted in 1973. and pinion steering followed the year.

Grouping Operations in

In 1991, General Motors its many separate parts across some 200 plants—into its Components Group (ACG). were $19.3 billion in but the unit posted significant GM officials decided to sell off businesses, a process that take three years to Operations that were were those that vacuum pumps, radiator small motors and actuators, motors, generators, wiring, axles, and magnets—these together for about $3.5 billion in Lighting, chassis, environmental batteries, engine management, and operations were retained.

divestments were the first of an historic shift away vertical integration at General a company that had once even the smallest parts for its GM lagged rivals Ford and in making the change to lower outside suppliers, which were not unionized.

A new group of was placed in charge of ACG in 1992. The new J.T. Battenberg, III, had through a number of engineering at GM. Battenberg led the restructuring, persuaded his to create a new headquarters building in the suburbs, and came up with the new name. ACG was renamed Delphi in January 1995 to help its independent identity in the industry. had six divisions at the time. Sales $27 billion for the year.

Delphi began implementing a lean manufacturing system in The company also began to itself into a global Asia and the Pacific Rim were as a critical region for the company’s growth. China was planning to its market, requiring up to three vehicles per year. Manufacturers as Daewoo Group of South also were expanding Delphi had several major ventures in the region. By the end of 1997, had invested $300 million on in the People’s Republic of China, GM had a major automaking venture (as did The company’s technology, such as in airbags, was increasingly in demand. 85 percent of Delphi’s Asian were coming from other than GM. Delphi be hit hard by the currency devaluations attended the 1998 Asian crisis, but would remain to its investment in the region. Delphi had four wholly owned in India.

On the other side of the Delphi Europe also was to win a large proportion of business—47 clients other than GM and its The unit had 38,000 employees in 63 GM was then accounting for 80 percent of global revenues.

GM’s Electronics Corporation was transferred to in late 1997 as part of a in which GM spun off its defense business, Hughes Electronics which had operated Delco for the 11 years.

Going Public in

GM conducted an initial public (IPO) of 17.7 percent of shares in February 1999, raised $1.7 billion. The IPO had delayed about a year Delco was being combined Delphi. By this time, had spent six years preparing for its selling off 14 lines of business sales of $6 billion a year, and or selling 62 unprofitable plants.

When GM completed Delphi’s in May 1999, the newly independent was twice as large as Visteon the parts maker that was spun off from Ford. were about $28.5 in 1998, when the company a net loss of $93 million.

Delphi, had 200,000 employees, had its share of Union workers protested the of jobs and benefits likely to from outsourcing and globalization; the Auto Workers had always Delphi’s separation from GM, this would lead to concessions.

Delphi was focusing its on products that were rather than labor-intensive. included electric power and a PC Car project to bring multimedia into vehicles. High-tech accounted for a third of company in 2000.

Delphi sought to its core businesses via acquisition after its spinoff. Several were acquired in the first including TRW Inc.’s Lucas parts unit, bought for million in November 1999. also bought a wiring plant in Asia and entered a of joint ventures. A joint with Palm Inc. was a way for drivers to control their Pilots via voice recognition

In July 2000, Delphi plans to dismiss 900 manufacturing in Europe as part of a restructuring The cuts amounted to about 2 of its European workforce. The next the company announced plans to its worldwide workforce by 11,500 or 5.5 percent, mostly through The automobile industry as a whole was a slowdown. Sales slipped a bit to billion in 2000. Slowing sales in the fall of 2001 in Delphi’s customers making cars and ordering fewer

While looking to expand its apart from its old parent, also risked having GM its business elsewhere. DENSO Toyota’s parts spinoff quadrupled its business with GM in years, attaining sales of $1 with the automaker by 2001. was scheduled to lose its right of refusal for replacement business in America with GM on January 1,

Delphi was aiming to grow its revenues to $700 million by Sales to the communications, military, agriculture, and construction markets at $422 million in 1999.

Subsidiaries: Delco Electronics Delphi Automotive Systems Inc.; Delphi Automotive LLC.

Volkswagen Apollo

Principal Divisions: Propulsion; Safety, Thermal Architecture; Electronics Mobile

Principal Operating Units: Automotive Systems; Aftermarket Audio and Mobile MultiMedia Electrical/Electronic Systems; Energy Engine Management Systems; Sensors and Actuators; Interior and Protection Systems; Microelectronics; and Handling Systems; Thermal

Principal Competitors: DENSO Johnson Controls, Inc.; International; Robert Bosch Siemens AG; TRW Inc.; Valeo Visteon Corporation.

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Volkswagen Apollo
Volkswagen Apollo
Volkswagen Apollo

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