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From a beach, somewhere in Nor Cal

Posted by RogerB

Since you

In actuality, in some respects lucky I survived my childhood I did get some fixes that fixed it for me.

At around age 5 my family to an apartment around 200 yards the Pacific at Bronte Beach. was the front street on which we a green lawn park and the beach. On either side of the are cliffs, with a bogey-hole on the end enclosed by a reef and assemblage of boulders/rocks.

And of course the beach is the huge Pacific rollers

This is an environment in which a 5+ old running wild could get into some strife. And I did

But years of long ago were a different environment than and also Oz, and particularly the beach is quite a different culture America.

In those days in Oz, it was all adults were playing the of parent and guardian to any kid who was near and that fact saved my bottom twice

So, as I look on it now, my observations are these.

are two ways of handling kids and getting to know and experience environments:

The negative shouting at and stopping them from anything that either the adult or that the adult want to have to be responsible for or to be bothered handling if something awry. Typically this by a constantly angered keep from there! interjection but any rationale of why or WTF.

The caring of the child that allows the to explore and experience. This even if there is danger or of danger, with educational on what the scene and/or scene is that the child to take into account in its to the adventure.

My parents facilitated my growing up method 2). Some few of the adults in the fraternity used method 1) and they were mainly Though a lot of the adults in the beach I grew up in did use method 2 with the about them.

Kids to explore and learn. It’s an killer of the kid to be stopping that Such stopping is absolutely and bad, destructive parenting. my research tells me that the twos the psychs speak of is the result of the kid being constantly and interrupted all the time! Ummm, you get a bit when you’re stopped, interrupted constantly, no.

The right is the educative channeling and more and safely guiding of the activity. not it.

But that takes an aware, and responsible adult who has sufficient to be able to apply their and the patience to caringly do so. Too many the child due to their unwillingness to the child the attention needed to the kid through the dangers (and are there) of growing up.

I was lucky. My were rather perfect in sense. Though, the strife I got was when I was out playing alone in the environment I grew up in In retrospect, as an now, I do wonder that I to survive my adventurist childhood

So, is that other side of the also. being allowed to be out and go it

In actuality, I taught myself to It was me and my chums in the local swim shallows playing about and to best each other. but the watchful pool manager off at a and un-interferring distance letting us get on it.

Today, the paradigm is different. The deal and think on the subject is idiotically different. parents become indoctrinated into to prevent anything from

And the result I see in most parts of the US I is a collapsed reach and a plague of and insecurities in our youngsters.

Originally Posted by Leon

You the way I read Carmelo’s stories how he rode horse and did all these as a kid — that’s not really he’s on about. Those are the on the surface that something underneath. We all did things as kids (I I climbed trees and broke my arm and rode horses and climbed Maybe not as much as he did but I had my share of it And it’s something much than the doing of the activity.

about getting into the of it. Sharing the energy — or grokking fully the way the horse e.g.) shares its energy you, the privilege of it and the closeness one to horseness as a result. I’ve got while going at full through a forest ducking and branches all the way. Or climbing a and listening to the songs the mountain and hearing the stories it tells. Or surfing in the waves and fully the energy of the wave as it lifts you and carries you along, knnowing it has come from so far away to be a wave here.

I could turn on an F/N for students on meter by simply taking on the viewpoint of the leaf on a tree and sharing the of being up there.

It’s sort of thing — ability we have to share and be sharing space and experiencing the with anything and everything we to — this is what human is all about. And fully in with the joy of creating even it is not our own creation but another’s.

If I was a salesman on other planet pitching androids or reptilians about a holiday living a lifetime on as a human, this is what I be selling them. This is it is all about. This is what we as can do that is just not available to the masses of the universe — no how powerful they may consider to be via their guns and technology this ability to get thoroughly up in the joy of life and all of its richness — don’t have this. And we do. And we be encouraging others to do it.

When kids are brought up in an safe environment — no or dangers to their lives just bland boring — they are missing out on the inner essence of what it to be alive. It’s what living out of the two-dimensional humdrum existence and makes it all so worthwhile.

days they even adventure trips for guys they go bungy jumping or trees in absolute total safety. (vomit vomit) do they ever get the chance to and beat death itself? So now the only way for them is to get in a car and get the police to you. That is a valid I suppose, but it is too artificial. Too contrived.

with Carmelo. The earth in its and nature and other life and rivers and seas and all of it — the point of living as a human is the aesthetics of sharing the thrill of itself with all of all that we on this planet. Nothing near to it. Not even close.

posts led me to some real

But I don’t know where to

I’ll start with a nod to Huxley’s “Perennial Philosophy” basically a treatise in beyond something I’ve always attracted to. — a book I when I was in my teens.

Riding a at a gallop, bareback with a halter takes balance, perception of rapidly approaching (like fallen trees, gullies, low branches, etc.), and a deal of oneness with horse (including emotions and and competitive drive).

Volkswagen Apollo

Our bees are friendly. I don’t a beekeepers hat and veil. I wear flops and a t shirt. I get in close, and I get stung. I don’t put out fear or We just got about 30 pounds of delicious honey rom our small hive.

The honey’s taste me keenly of the taste of honey, I was a child. It is raw, from nearby. It hasn’t been or overly filtered. Essentially, it has been separated from the

When I was 16, my dog came to me in my bedroom, one without his body, to tell me he was He stayed around me for months, like usual, only his body. Our relationship never We always shared certain of day and night together. His lack of a was not a hindrance to our friendship, love and

We have a sick cat. been giving him enemas, and medicine. He comes when we even though he knows the

A friend of mine, Snooky one of the original Vllls, explained 40 to me decades ago. The explanation was as to me then, as it is, now. Tone 40 is a with the recipient, where you them intend / think / do which you want them to. In words, they want to do you want, based on your or team spirit, together. It work as a manipulation. It only on a win / win equation. It isn’t domination and It is literally a “working with” at a level.

Natural Horsemanship is much just that

What we do with kids is to the same thing. We bring out natural basic personalities, and them safely, in exercising native wits and physical At the core is trust in us, leading to confidence on their part. to willingness to take physical and break out of unnatural cultural fears and mental cocoons.

The city we live in, the beach we visit, the ski resort we go to are each / all havens. The kids know of people at each location, know how to get from one place to the adults know them. Not can happen. One night, when our daughter was a kid, she had a group of over to spend the night. 4 AM, my wife got tired of the giggling, and them out. They out walking. A cop stopped them. The girls wanted my daughter to say she was _____’s sister. Her sister was at the a well known model and Instead, she told the cop, she was her ____ ____’s sister. He was a 911 for the city,

part time, still in high school. nothing happened to them. ever happens in this little town.

Everybody everybody. I can go for a run or horseback ride at 6 AM or and run into people I know.

My dog has a ability to know which are going to be friendly with and which aren’t. He can spot at a distance.

When I was 15, sitting on the in my bedroom, I realized for myself, love was the most important to me. What I now think I meant by was that it was a connection with all I was sensing. That same of connection, on a being to being is what I had with my dog then (as as now), what I have our horses, and with my people.

A and I, back in the mid 60s, used to sit and look at one another for hours. was absolutely not TR0. We had never heard of Scientology. We did this for

We were not confronting. We were 20 feet apart sitting on the becoming one with each We opened up and shared all of our space. We talk. We just mutually one another. This would so energize us. I would run home, energy bursting from me.

and experiencing oneness with environment, your animals, bees, your people, coffee shop baristas, grocery clerks, your at work and play transfers an to them, which they can and highly appreciate. You cause to free up and shine.

Where want to be nasty, you see it, and you don’t to play. Those who live in boxes are unaware of psychic All they know is what’s in little box of a personality.

So, it’s all seeing and finding godliness in and in yourself. Recognizing and encouraging in their god like qualities, and not a dipshit. Taking the world and people and creatures as part of for lack of a better word, and not out and opposing everyone and everything, but with.

So send me the prospectus I wanna get in on the ground floor this thing goes the basement.

Volkswagen Apollo
Volkswagen Apollo

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