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Vw polo 7 gti modified

Automotive News at a Glance

News . Jul 30

Many Colorado are offering money and help to the impacted by the July 20 mass near Denver, where a entered a movie theater and 12 people and wounded 58.

The Average Car or on U.S. Roads Is Now 11 Years And Counting

Forbes . Jul 30

The average car on the is now 11 years old, according to Automotive.

A Firebrand Departs GM

The Wall Street Journal . Jul 29

Motors Co.’s tumult on Sunday when the auto ousted its global marketing Joel Ewanick, head of one of the advertising budgets in the U.S. and a key in the company’s restructuring efforts.

BMW to luxury cars for less

The Detroit News . Jul 29

BMW will cars over the Web for the first as the world’s largest maker of vehicles seeks an inexpensive way to more buyers to recoup on its electric models.

GM: Global chief Joel Ewanick

The Detroit News . Jul 29

GM spokesman Martin said Ewanick was because he failed to meet the expectations of an employee of the company. declined to elaborate.

July sales remain strong, but for how

Detroit Free Press . Jul 28

consumers continued buying new and trucks at a brisk pace in but there are growing concerns industry sales will down as the year grinds on.

who pulled Facebook ads out at General

MSNBC . Jul 28

Joel Ewanick, the of change brought in by General just over two years ago to up its moribund marketing operations, has resigned.

New vehicle registration in Colorado, outpacing nation

The Post . Jul 27

Colorado new vehicle in June surged 26.1 from June 2011, the Auto Outlook Report Friday.

Colorado new-car up 26% in June from 2011

Business Journal . Jul 27

Registrations of new and light trucks in Colorado again in June, rising percent from the same of 2011, according to the latest sales report Friday the Colorado Automobile Dealers

Marchionne is right to nail VW on war

The Detroit News . Jul 27

In comments appeared in Thursday editions of the New Times and the International Herald the CEO of Chrysler Group LLC and its Italian company, Fiat SpA, German automakers — AG in particular — of sparking a war and exacerbating the capacity crisis on European automakers amid the debt crisis.

Why You Shouldn’t A Car With A MasterCard

Forbes . Jul 27

credit card companies free insurance on rental It’s one of the reasons your card can be a great travel and a great way to avoid forking an extra 15 bucks every you go on a trip.

Harman Unveils System for Cars

Forbes . Jul 27

soon be able to control our infotainment systems, not with or Р heaven forbid Р conventional and knobs Р but with a nod, and/or pointed finger, reports.

Volkswagen, Fiat battle over price war

The Detroit News . Jul 26

A fight out Thursday between Volkswagen AG and Marchionne, the outspoken CEO of Fiat SpA and Group LLC, who accused VW of a difficult situation by using its profits to wage a price war in

The Most Beautiful Cars of

Forbes . Jul 26

Last week in N.Y. Ferrari parked a of its best cars on the lawn to opening day of Bridgehampton Polo

Volkswagen, Fiat leaders over price war accusations

The News . Jul 26

A fight broke out between Volkswagen AG and Sergio the outspoken CEO of Fiat SpA and Chrysler LLC, who accused VW of aggravating a situation by using its China to wage a price war in Europe.

Ford C-Max Energi Toyota Prius Plug-In’s (Sort Of)

Automobile Mag . Jul 24

Call it a win on thanks to some different of trim and options, as well as a federal tax credit, the 2013 C-Max Energi can claim a base price than the Toyota Prius Plug-In which it competes.

Chrysler has its April in 4 years; Ford, GM

The Detroit News . May 1

General Co.’s sales in the U.S. down 8.2 percent for April as Motor Co. reported last U.S. sales were too, by 5 percent. Meanwhile, Group LLC said Tuesday its were up 20 percent last making for its best April in years.

Auto and Truck Surge in Colorado in 2012

The Post . Apr 30

Colorado saw a nearly 19 surge in new car and light-truck registrations in the quarter of 2012 when to the same period in 2011, to a report by the Colorado Automobile Association.

Colorado car sales through early 2012

Business Journal . Apr 30

Registrations of new and light trucks are soaring in at an even faster pace last year’s dramatic according to a report released by the Colorado Automobile Dealers

Chrysler commits $3M in light-rail after Dime Building

The Detroit News . Apr 30

Chrysler LLC is giving $3 million for the privately Woodward Avenue light-rail known as M-1 Rail, agreeing to of one of the stations on the 3.3-mile route downtown Detroit to New Center.

rebounds but encounters stronger

The Detroit News . Apr 30

After for three years with one after another, Toyota Corp. is back on track: boosting sales and output, its vehicle-development operations and ratcheting up the on rivals.

Kia’s brash quirky styling, behind

Detroit Free Press . Apr 29

like Hyundai, has combined styling and low prices with box marketing to carve out a growing

Chrysler U.S. sales 20% in April, Ford declines 5%, GM 8.2%

Detroit Free . Apr 29

Sales of Chrysler vehicles 20% in April as the automaker recorded its straight month of year-over-year while Ford said its declined 5% for the month and GM sales 8.2% from a year

General Motors to start Corvette in South Korea

The News . Apr 29

General Motors Co. the largest automaker, will selling the Chevrolet Corvette car in South Korea next as the U.S. company seeks to sales in overseas markets.

New Dart dares to be different

The News . Apr 28

As Chrysler Group LLC its new entry into the hotly compact car segment, the company is to stand out from the crowd by its customers to make their Dodge Dart different all the rest.

Grand Cherokee 4×4 a 5,150-pound hunk of fun

The News . Apr 28

Twelve miles per That’s all the Jeep Grand SRT8 4×4 gets town. As a privileged high-horsepower this special edition primed for a Hummer level of

Chrysler profit best in 13

The Detroit News . Apr 27

Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne Thursday he is incredibly satisfied Chrysler’s first-quarter earnings its best in 13 years — and by his prediction that the once-… will make $1.5 in 2012.

Men go for flashy cars, want small imports

. Apr 27

Guys, a new study reveals, cars that are flashy, big and They love the smell of and the sound of a big V-8. Women, on the hand, like smaller powered by fuel-efficient I-4s.

ma, no hands! Cadillac’s self-driving car

. Apr 27

Google has attracted plenty of for its work on autonomous self-driving But have you noticed any ТGoogle dealers near you to sell cars? I didn’t think so.

VW, first-quarter profits exceed

The Detroit News . Apr 27

Volkswagen AG, the second-largest carmaker, and South fast-growing Hyundai Motor Co. better-than-expected first-quarter profits after outpacing their in major markets.

Detroit 3 rev up at auto show as No. 1 car market down

Detroit Free . Apr 23

With slowing sales and competition in the world’s largest car a strong presence at the Beijing show that opens is crucial for Detroit’s automakers.

image rises, but Clint didn’t help

USA Today . Apr 21

hardscrabble ad campaigns appear to be car-buying Americans that the automaker, bailed out by the government, can win the

Edmunds’ 2012 list: Ford models hold best

Detroit Free . Apr 19

Car research site announced 2012 winners of its Retained Value awards the brands and new car models that forecasts will keep in years the biggest percentage of you paid to drive it away

Marketing changes, sales lead to heightened brand for Chrysler

Detroit Free . Apr 19

Consumer’s perception of Chrysler is on the in the wake of a new marketing campaign, its sales and positive media of the company in recent weeks and according to YouGov’s BrandIndex.

How The Survived Death, More On Buying Ducati, And Ford’s Mustang Design History

. Apr 19

Peter Valdes-Dapena over at reminds us that the story of the Viper — is a pretty comeback story.

Chevrolet C7 mule caught testing:

Auto Week . Apr 19

Chevrolet’s C7 was caught testing out on the open and Autoweek has the video.

Automakers to attract younger buyers

. Apr 18

Individually, they don’t like much, but when you all 455 of the tweets into an old-fashioned it’s an entirely different

For Tata Motors, Jaguar A Mine

Forbes . Apr 18

Little did Motors (TTM) know when it bought Jaguar in for a few billion dollars it would help the India auto become one of the world’s hottest auto stocks.

Vorsteiner aero package for Ferrari 599

Week . Apr 18

The Ferrari 599 is on its way out; we saw its replacement, the F12 Berlinetta, at the Geneva show.

But Can It Find the Perfect Spot, Too?

The Wall Journal . Apr 17

The concept of a car that itself is thrilling to some, to others. But it’s no longer

Dodge Dart pricing to at $16K

The Detroit News . Apr 16

Group LLC has announced full details for its new Dodge Dart, is due in dealer showrooms in June.

armored car kit a huge hit in Brazil

. Apr 16

Would you bulletproof a Kia? If you in Brazil, the answer could well be yes — to guard robbers at stop signs in Sao or traffic jams in Brasilia.

AAA Gas prices up 3 cents in past

Detroit Free Press . Apr 16

AAA says gasoline prices about 3 cents during the week to a statewide average of $3.93 per gallon.

Toyota to BMW to power European rebound VW

The Detroit News . Apr 16

Toyota Corp. which was overtaken by AG in sales last year, is back on the German automaker’s turf.

New study shows how ‘green’ electric cars are

. Apr 16

Switching to a battery-powered vehicle yield measurable savings in a energy bills, according to a new while also reducing warming emissions.

No more for Mustang as it prepares to turn 50

. Apr 16

Has retro finally run its course? like Hollywood studios, like to bet on sure things, and have plenty of examples of how old can become new again, like the reincarnation of the Volkswagen Beetle, and the of the Chevrolet Camaro.


Trend Hunter . Apr 15

Clean the Air Plants a Tree for Polluting Donated

You Can Reboot Your Why Not Your Car?

Forbes . Apr 15

of late-model Ford and Lincoln vehicles recently received unusual in the mail: a thumb-sized USB drive.

It’s end of the line for Avalanche

The Detroit News . Apr 14

Motors Co. said Friday it is ending production of the Chevrolet after more than a because of sagging sales.

Car Dealers Launch ТTrees For Program

Earth and Industry . Apr 12

by the car dealers across the state, the Clear the Air Foundation launched its own

Coloradans: Donate An Old Polluting Get A Tree Planted

Green Car . Apr 12

While it’s not quite the Cash for Clunkers program, a nice gesture with a mission: get the most polluting off Colorado roads.

Colorado Car Launch ТTrees For Trade-InsУ

Earth and Industry . Apr 12

Supported by the car across the state, the Colorado the Air Foundation launched its own version of

One way to get cars into the junkyard

News . Apr 12

Building clean new doesn’t help the environment we also can get dirty, old cars off the so we need to do both.

Study: New rules will cut 7M out of car market

The News . Apr 12

The National Automobile Association says higher prices resulting from fuel economy rules cut as many as 7 million potential buyers out of the market in 2025.

contact reduces driving

Free Press . Apr 8

Since the end of War II, getting a driver’s license has a rite of passage for teens, but less and less the case.

Phelan: At New York auto foreign brands are in the spotlight

Free Press . Apr 8

The Hyundai Fe SUV is viewed during the first day of previews at the New York International Show April 4, 2012 in New

Fast, flawless McLaren flies on the road

The Detroit . Apr 7

The McLaren supercar is as close as ever come to an asphalt-bound jet. I’m screaming a racetrack straightaway so quickly I’d swear my silver car has after-burners.

Buick Verano: East Something Less Than

The Wall Street Journal . Apr 6

If you when the American market start seeing cars for China, you can stop wondering and say ni hao to the Verano, a compact sedan on the Opel Astra and built/sold in as the Excelle GT.

Chrysler bets its make a statement in China

The News . Apr 6

Chrysler Group LLC is to make a big statement at the upcoming Motor Show with two new concepts designed specifically for will soon be the world’s automobile market.

Does Pose a Threat to the Automobile?

. Apr 6

Times have changed. My son bother to get his license till he off to college and only because he needed to drive.

2013 Viper

Forbes . Apr 4

The new 2013 SRT is seen at the New York International Show at the Jacob Javits Center on April 4, 2012 in New City.

Chevrolet expects to 5 million vehicles globally in

Detroit Free Press . Apr 4

is likely to sell more 5 million cars and trucks this year, Joel General Motors’ global chief, said today.

Not So Volt Sales Surge 1st Step, Chevy Exec

Forbes . Apr 4

Sales of Chevrolet surged in March to a single-month for General Motors’ controversial hybrid, as a handful of savvy dealers became increasingly at peddling the car.

After the a Car That Takes Away Keys

The Wall Street . Apr 3

Researchers working with the of Automobile Manufacturers and the National Traffic Safety Administration are technology that could be into a car’s dashboard or to check a driver’s blood-alcohol and refuse to start if above the limit.

GM says March month ever for high mpg sales

The Detroit News . Apr 2

Motors Co. said Monday its 12 vehicles getting 30 mpg or better on the will have combined sales of 100,000 or more for — its highest ever total for the automaker.

Green boost Japan car sales in

The Detroit News . Apr 2

New vehicle surged 78 percent in Japan in supported by government subsidies for efficient cars, the Japan Dealers Association said

Hail to the new NYC taxi; Nissan cab

MSNBC . Apr 2

The iconic New York taxi cab is getting a new look. And new functionality.

Chrysler Invests to Quality

The Wall Street . Apr 2

Chrysler Group LLC has invested $20 over the last year to vehicle quality at an Illinois plant that is producing its new compact car in years.

Chrysler new peek at 2013 Viper

The News . Apr 2

Chrysler Group LLC has yet another teaser shot of the 2013 SRT Viper, which the is scheduled to unveil at the New York Auto Show on Wednesday.

Cadillac SRX gets loads of

Detroit Free Press . Apr 2

best selling model, the SRX crossover, is getting a technology-heavy for the 2013 model year, the said today in advance of the New York International Auto

The 500-hp club: The room is crowded

Auto Week . Apr 2

At a when fuel economy for just about everything, still a horsepower war raging in the States.

2013 Ford sedan to have stop/start as an option

Auto Week . Apr 2

The 2013 Ford Fusion help you save gasoline stuck in traffic.

Charity Party Premier Event for the Auto Show

Blacktie . Apr 1

Charity Preview Party EventУ for the Denver Auto benefiting the ТClear Air FoundationУ and Denver Post Community on March 21st.

NHTSA engine fire probes Chevy Cruze, Jeep cars

The Detroit News . Apr 1

The Highway Traffic Safety said Sunday it is opening into engine fires in Chevrolet Cruze and 2010 Wrangler vehicles.

Blind takes Google car for a spin

. Apr 1

A blind guy driving a car? was the latest step in Google’s program to develop a self-driving

Lexus GS350: Loaded Everything but Thrills

The Wall Journal . Mar 30

The truth is, I’m not smart. I mean, I’ve got sense. I know how to work the But I’m also capable of really thick. I could sworn you could put goldfish in tap In retrospect, the Gingrich 4ever was a bad idea.

Comcast Spotlight at

Comcast Spotlight . Mar 29

The Detroit . Mar 27

It might have a silly and look ridiculous, but the Renault could be the first electric to sell on its merits and without inducements.

Sporty new Dodge coming in May

The Detroit News . Mar 27

Group LLC has announced pricing for the new Dodge Dart. The sporty will start at $15,995 and is to arrive in dealer showrooms in

Jeep Mighty FC Concept: Is Awesome

Jalopnik . Mar 27

It’s I might …. The Jeep FC Concept — unveiled morning in Auburn Hills the other concepts — exactly as cool as we’d it would.

Lotus Goes Valanx Goes Ford Stroke, And Alcatraz Remakes

Jalopnik . Mar 27

We may rag on Lotus for their of fatties and misguided leadership, but the far-off concepts maintain aesthetic charm.

Watch The Chase Remake From The Finale

Jalopnik . Mar 27

Here’s the chase scene from the Alcatraz we told you about a of weeks ago.

BMW recalls 1.3 cars worldwide

MSNBC . Mar 27

BMW AG, the largest premium carmaker, is about 1.3 million cars for worldwide due to a possible problem a battery cable cover in the the carmaker said on Monday.

of over-ambitious electric cars but weird Twizy might

The Detroit News . Mar 27

It might a silly name and look but the Renault Twizy could be the electric vehicle to sell on its and without taxpayer inducements.

new Dodge Dart coming in May

The News . Mar 27

Chrysler Group LLC has pricing for the new 2013 Dodge The sporty compact will at $15,995 and is expected to arrive in showrooms in May.

Tesla has close since IPO

Detroit Press . Mar 27

Tesla Motors, the car company led by entrepreneur Elon closed at its highest price its June 2010 initial offering after Wunderlich upgraded the company.

We waste 1.9 gallons of gas sitting in traffic

. Mar 26

Worsening road congestion is plenty of time and money Р when you consider the rising of gas.

Driving With Jay A Steam Car, An Electric and a

Forbes . Mar 26

In short, Leno take an old (really old) classic or French-made saloon just about any muscle car or roadster.

Tesla’s Elon Musk: Cars Are Like Bad Girlfriends

. Mar 26

Elon Musk may be the king of cars and space rockets, but got a soft spot for vintage

Self-driving cars get closer day, but won’t hit you

USA Today . Mar 24

Automotive Group is testing a car that by month’s end could be the first licensed for use on public in Nevada, the first state to laws governing driverless

Small SUV ready for prime Ford says

The Detroit . Mar 24

Ford Motor Co. will ground in advertising next when it becomes the first to launch a vehicle through time television.

Test 2013 Lexus GS 350 is nice to a sporty goal

USA Today . Mar 24

Its aren’t as boring as its image have you believe. But perception reality, so Toyota is overhauling its lineup to make the vehicles stylish and sportier to drive.

luxury $116,000 Karma battery power to limits

The News . Mar 24

Henrik Fisker nostalgic as he reminisces about the of the 1950s. He loves oversized, designs with soaring and lush interiors.

The car that can itself

Detroit Free . Mar 23

The technology is real, the cars can now legally and the debate is starting on society is better off when is behind the wheel.

Overview of Denver Auto Show

9News Denver . Mar 22

Heidi gets behind the wheel at the Auto Show.

Get with the You’re driving all wrong

. Mar 22

If you’re a conscientious motorist who does everything the way your instructor told you to, you’re it all wrong.

Kia Rio wins top award for sedans

MSNBC . Mar 22

The Rio EX, in particular, a strong impression on the folks at Reports, the non-profit publication the Korean subcompact best in an impressive class of sedans.

goes Linsane: NBA star to cars in U.S. Asia

USA . Mar 20

Emerging NBA star Jeremy Lin has a two-year contract with Volvo to promote the company’s around the world but especially in

Cars ride green through Pueblo

Pueblo . Mar 16

Judy Saldana (center) at a Ford Green Car parked Grand Avenue on Friday The cars are part of the Clear The Air

Ford creditors to extend line of credit

The Detroit . Mar 15

Ford Motor Co. creditors agreed to extend the automaker’s $9 revolving line of credit two years, the company said

Volkswagen boldly enters SUV market

MSNBC . Mar 15

MSNBC . Mar 15

play a videogame at the Japanese booth Mazda during the press day ahead of the 82nd Motor Show on March 7, in Geneva.

No! Sleep! Till Mercedes-Benz to reveal CLC with Boys’ Mike D

Auto . Mar 15

Want to be among the first to see Concept Style Coupe? you gotta fight! For your

2013 Ford Mustang GT500 to start at $54,995

Week . Mar 15

The muscle-car hammer as the 2013 Ford Mustang GT500 will start at for the coupe and $59,995 the convertible.

GM up hot-selling Denali with Terrain

The Detroit News . Mar 15

Free Press . Mar 15

With its spindle-shaped grille and sleek the * * * 2013 GS 350 AWD gives Lexus a new but the luxury brand’s soul the same: long on quiet and short on thrills.

Diagnostic to Unleash Your Inner

The Wall Street Journal . Mar 14

it goes again-that darn engine light. It’s an stimulus program for mechanics, and an inspiration for motorists to tackle own repairs.

Jeremy Lin to Help Volvo Sales in China?

The Street Journal . Mar 13

U.S. star Jeremy Lin is in talks Chinese-owned Volvo to endorse the car brand in China, according to a familiar with the matter.

Cars Tour In GJ

KJCT 8 . Mar 13

A is driving cars across the to bring fuel efficiency to Colorado drivers. The statewide car convoy visits 13 Colorado in four days.

Green Car visits Grand Junction

Junction Sentinel . Mar 12

The 2012 Car Convoy rolled into Park Monday morning to the latest in green fuel

Green Car Convoy stops in today as part of 13-city

Aspen Post . Mar 12

A group of fuel-efficient hybrid or clean cars left Denver on for an 800-mile, 13-city tour of to showcase the latest ТgreenУ

Green Car Convoy stops in today as part of 13-city

Glenwood Springs Post . Mar 12

The convoy is slated to stop in Springs from 1-2 p.m. at the Hotel Colorado.

Green Car visits Grand Junction

The Sentinel . Mar 12

The 2012 Green Car rolled into Lincoln Monday morning to show-off the in green fuel technology.

teases new R8, celebrates five of current model: Video

Week . Mar 9

It doesn’t seem as if and a half years have since the pink sparkling was flowing under a canopy in La DЋfense business district.

Phelan | Jetta lags: 2012 GLI version only upgrade from base

The Detroit News . Mar 9

The * * * 2012 Jetta GLI offers a step up the compact sedan’s base but a small step that’s to satisfy VW’s most-demanding

At Geneva, the Promise and Perils of

The Wall Street Journal . Mar 9

spent a few hours wandering the 82nd Geneva Motor ending March 18, I have nutritious and entertaining things to say the global car business, the titanic of the industry consolidation, dazzling in powertrain efficiency, diversifying and alliances, and so on.

House of Enzo set for March 10 opening

Auto . Mar 9

That’s one of Enzo Ferrari’s known sayings and something guided him through 50-plus of making some of the most machines known to man.

Eco ready for its close-up

The Detroit . Mar 9

General Motors Co. on Thursday it will feature the new 2013 Malibu Eco in a national television campaign that will next week.

Audi new R8, celebrates five years of model: Video

Auto . Mar 9

It doesn’t seem as if five and a years have passed the pink sparkling wine was under a canopy in Paris’s La business district.

Ford’s new F-Series Super Duty ultimate status symbol’

The News . Mar 9

Ford Motor Co. its most luxurious pickup Friday in a dirt-covered arena inside Ford Field will play host night to the Professional Bull Last Cowboy Standing

Volvo offering world’s pedestrian airbag

The Detroit . Mar 8

By even the most conservative airbags have saved of lives since the auto began phasing them widespread use two decades ago.

taps into luxury

The News . Mar 8

Hyundai allows to flow into elegant, powerful sport sedan

named to key Toyota position

The News . Mar 8

Toyota Motor tapped its top American sales for a high-profile promotion Wednesday, and a Japanese executive with U.S. experience in charge of the

Ford plant gets to add workers

The Detroit News . Mar 8

Motor Co. is offering temporary at its Michigan Assembly Plant in to allow newer workers to as it moves to round-the-clock hours for the time in more than 10

Consumers blast GM Foundation to group fighting climate

McClatchy . Mar 7

General Motors, a that’s made strides to the carbon footprint of driving, is heat from 10,000 of its for a donation its charitable foundation to an institute that casts on climate science.

Range Evoque Convertible: Are Ragtop Catching On?

The Wall Street . Mar 7

Jaguar Land Rover’s with the compact Range Evoque sport-utility vehicle is

Chrysler Recalls Jeeps For Damage

The Wall Street . Mar 7

Chrysler Group LLC is recalling Jeep Liberty vehicles the 2004 and 2005 model because of severe corrosion could cause their lower control arms to

The Richest Car Guy On The Planet Is A Woman

. Mar 7

According to our 2012 billionaire Susanne Klatten is the richest in the world who made their in the automotive industry.

Chrysler to California’s big market

The Detroit . Mar 5

In an effort to capitalize on its recent success there, Chrysler LLC has created a separate unit the company to handle sales and in California.

Chrysler’s Ram truck high with Red Wings

Free Press . Mar 5

Fred had no idea the Detroit Red Wings break the National Hockey record for consecutive home when the Ram marketing team to sponsor a special-edition truck for the

GM offering bi-fuel pickups

The News . Mar 5

General Motors Co. take orders next for its new 2013 bi-fuel Chevrolet and GMC Sierra 2500 heavy-duty that can run on both gasoline and natural gas, the automaker Monday.

AAA Michigan: Gas prices up 25 in past week

Detroit Press . Mar 5

AAA Michigan says prices are up about 25 cents per during the past week to a average of $3.93.

China to auto production capacity, new-energy cars

The Detroit . Mar 5

China will control the in auto manufacturing capacity and mergers and reorganizations in the industry, to a work report that Wen Jiabao delivered at the nation’s

2013 Ford Fusion blue lighting to help blues away

Auto . Mar 5

Can ambient lighting change and enhance a driver’s alertness the wheel?

California bill set rules for self-driving cars

The News . Mar 4

California lawmakers are ready for a new automotive erawhen the self-driving cars hit the roads.

The of Henry Ford’s $5 a Day Wages: Not What You Think

Forbes . Mar 4

an argument you see around sometimes Henry Ford’s decision to pay his those famed $5 a day wages.

Alliances Are Easy To Declare, But Hard To Pull Off

Forbes . Mar 4

the automotive blockbuster news so far in the General Motors alliance PSA Peugeot Citroen will do to fill column-inches.

Screws on European automakers

Detroit Press . Mar 4

As automakers prepare to out new models this week at the Auto Show — one of the events in the automotive calendar they are being forced to for a slice of an ever-shrinking European stricken with austerity and

Chrysler’s success is no fluke; built for the future

Vw fox 18l for chas

MSNBC . Mar 3

The auto industry exceeded the most optimistic expectations in

Obama: Fuel-efficient cars an to gas prices

The Detroit News . Mar 3

Barack Obama says fuel economy standards set his administration and better cars by a resurgent U.S. auto will save money at the gas over the long-term, a counterpoint to criticism of his energy policy.

lights will make Audis glow like

Gizmodo . Mar 2

Like a bioluminescent rising from the depths, OLED lighting concepts Audi are simply otherworldly.

production halted; 1,300 out of work

MSNBC . Mar 2

Facing a backlog of unsold inventory, Motors will shut production of the Chevrolet Volt for weeks.

Less Is More in Complacently Excellent 3

The Wall Journal . Mar 2

When in the course of events someone asks you fresh-off-the-boat BMW 3-series you want to for the week, you say, The fast naturally. And so I did. But I was wrong.

Is Blowing Its Chance To Lead In Vehicles?

Forbes . Mar 1

Bright a promising start-up company hybrid plug-in delivery for fleet customers, closed its this week after out of money.

Ferrari unveils its street car yet: The F12

MSNBC . Mar 1

One about a Ferrari, it’s to make a fast turn, and that applies to the Italian itself, which has delivered a today, announcing that its supercar will be named the F12, rather than the 620 as reported.

Detroit automakers to keep up with sales

The News . Feb 27

Auto sales are so fast that Detroit can keep up.

U.S. stock fall on high oil prices

Free Press . Feb 27

Worries high oil prices could the economic recovery are pushing stock market futures after similar declines in markets.

Bill Ford Jr. plan now for future traffic

The Detroit News . Feb 27

His family its fortune selling cars to the but now Bill Ford Jr. is fretting selling too many.

Overlooked Denver Auto Show ground, events, visitors

News . Feb 26

The Detroit News . Feb 22

Motors Corp. Chairman and CEO Dan reaffirmed Wednesday his support of the bailout of his company, saying it and helped America and cities Detroit.

Senators to Obama: OK rules

The Detroit News . Feb 22

U.S. senators called on the administration to finalize new rules doubling fuel efficiency to 54.5 mpg by 2025.

Americans are new vehicles an average of nearly six

Detroit Free Press . Feb 22

New showing Americans are keeping longer than ever questions about whether a new will prevent the market returning to its 17 million-a-year annual during the last decade’s boom.

New ‘Imported from Detroit’ on its way from Chrysler

Detroit Press . Feb 22

The Chrysler brand has a new line of ТImported from (IFD) merchandise that is for sale now.

How General and Peugeot Could Help Other

Forbes . Feb 22

Car companies conversations all the time, about all of projects. But a possible link up General Motors and France’s PSA which owns Peugeot and could help each address some pressing

Aston Martin Vantage for 2012

Auto Week . Feb 22

Martin’s Vantage receives for 2012, with the base V8 getting the most attention.

Checking The Auto Bailout

. Feb 22

Did President Obama almost facilitate the saving of General and Chrysler, not to mention Detroit and the at large by intervening with come to be known as the auto

Peugeot in alliance talks GM

The Detroit News . Feb 22

General Co. and France’s PSA Peugeot Citro‘n are in to combine some activities to cut costs in Europe, where automakers are losing money.

Two key car start-ups race to prove wrong

MSNBC . Feb 22

A new lawsuit California car- and battery-maker Automotive is the latest potential for the once-promising company, one of several start-ups to receive millions of in assistance under a Department of loan program meant to the development of high-mileage technologies.

smell less toxic but not Ecology Center says

Week . Feb 21

The Ecology Center its fourth consumer guide to chemicals last week, and the is better. The amount of volatile compounds (VOCs) in new cars has but we still have a ways to go.

For car it’s harder to end up with a

Detroit Free Press . Feb 20

In the five years, global has forced automakers to improve the and reliability of their vehicles everything from inexpensive to decked-out luxury SUVs.

bailout back to haunt or help him

The Detroit News . Feb 20

As and the White House scrambled in the of 2008 to confront the most economic crisis since the Depression, Mitt Romney compelled to say what many in his Michigan would consider Do not bail out the troubled U.S.

Ford looks to Audi and for lessons on making luxury

Detroit Free Press . Feb 20

For any car brand, one indicator of success is customers know the mainstream to which it is related. It’s if they don’t.

For car buyers, harder to end up with a lemon

Free Press . Feb 20

In the past years, global competition has automakers to improve the quality and of their vehicles — from inexpensive mini-cars to luxury SUVs.

Auto back to haunt Romney or him

The Detroit News . Feb 20

As Congress and the House scrambled in the fall of to confront the most severe crisis since the Great Mitt Romney felt to say what many in his native would consider heresy: Do not out the troubled U.S. automakers.

looks to Audi and Lexus for on making luxury distinctive

Free Press . Feb 20

For any luxury car one indicator of success is whether know the mainstream brand to it is related. It’s better if don’t.

For car buyers, it’s to end up with a lemon

Detroit Press . Feb 20

In the past five global competition has forced to improve the quality and reliability of vehicles — everything inexpensive mini-cars to decked-out SUVs.

New amphibious truck to first responders

MSNBC . Feb 18

more than a decade of starts, Gibbs Technologies a high-speed amphibian that it will change the way rescue respond in disaster situations.

Ferguson of Ferguson Buick GMC in Springs Passes Away

. Feb 18

Tommy first started cars in 1964, at Morris which is now Smicklas Chevrolet.

don’t blind GM to tests

The Detroit News . Feb 17

For cold, dollars-and-cents evidence that the new Motors Co. isn’t like the old look no further than the 24 hours.

The Ten Best Cars For Insane Distances

Jalopnik . Feb 17

For people driving isn’t speed or style; it’s going distances better by physics calculations than

Autoweek in review: What you have missed

Auto . Feb 17

At the start of the week, Kia announced it will launch a rear-wheel-drive code-named the KH in the first half of U.S.-based press officials comment on whether the KH would stateside, despite a 36 percent in U.S. Kia sales in 2011.

wows auto writers

The . Feb 17

In an early morning press at the opening of the Canadian International Show in Toronto yesterday, took top honours in two of three Car of the Year awards presented by the Journalists Association of Canada

Chrysler pulls request for loan for hybrid and electric

Detroit Free Press . Feb 17

said Thursday that it no longer seek a U.S. of Energy loan to fund the of gas-electric hybrids and electric

2012 BMW 335i: Drive

Auto Week . Feb 17

BMW’s carries over the twin-scroll 300-hp inline six-cylinder into the latest F30 architecture. In generation, the car is equipped with stop/start to shut off and restart the at stoplights, and with the driving-dynamics system.

3 Things GM Can And Can’t Do To Fix

Forbes . Feb 17

The red ink is gulp worthy: than half a billion in a single quarter.

Upgrades you forget the 2012 Ford is still a truck

The Detroit . Feb 16

Life, Inc . Feb 16

Buying a new car can be an unsettling no matter who you are,

Nearly of private workforce employed by big

MSNBC . Feb 16

Big companies are also the big when it comes to employment, to new data released this by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

light electrification gives Regal more power and fuel economy

Detroit Press . Feb 16

I Sing the Body No, make that the Buick Buicks, actually. Plural.

The 2012 Cars To Own

Forbes . Feb 15

many families will put as much money into and operating their vehicles in a year than they sink into their accounts Р and will certainly be passionate about what drive than where keep their cash Р few will pay the same attention to the most out of their automotive than they will portfolios.

U.S. probes fires in 2006, 2007

The Detroit News . Feb 13

Federal regulators are investigating fires in the side doors of Chevy the second such probe in a

Southeast Michigan home rise 7%, sale prices up

Detroit Free Press . Feb 13

sales and median sale in southeast Michigan rose in compared to a year ago, signaling that the regional might be climbing out of its deep hole.

Detroit crisis may sale of crucial assets

The News . Feb 13

Pontiac sold the Wayne County got rid of golf and Dearborn unloaded a senior complex in Florida.

Controversial plant may finally get under way in Peninsula

Detroit Free . Feb 13

After a lengthy delay, of what could be the nation’s large-scale wood-to-ethanol plant in the is to start this year in eastern Upper Peninsula.

economy of vehicles sold month ties a record University of Michigan study

Detroit Free Press . Feb 13

In of the seasonal spring hike in prices, fuel economy of new sold in the United States month tied a record according to the University of Michigan Research Institute.

Car sales helps congressional newbie prominence

Tribune Live . Feb 12

The New Times, February 12 . Feb 12

USA Today, 12 . Feb 12

Well now, who wouldn’t a powertrain that rockets a high-end V-6 but sips fuel regular grade, at that while doing it?

The UAW’s ‘Occupy’ Movement Celebrates 75

Forbes . Feb 11

In Flint, Mich. 11 is known as White Shirt when the union members’ collars were seen as to the white shirts worn by management counterparts.

Chicago show: Autoweek’s Video

Auto Week, February 10 . Feb 10

news editor Greg and associate editors Jake and Angie Fisher recap the auto show.

TIME of Year Honored

Auto . Feb 7

When the industry veteran as the 2012 national TIME of the Year got a taste of the car business, he he knew it was where he belonged. And in this year’s winner, the makes it evident it agrees.

lifts profit forecast as woes fade

The Detroit . Feb 7

Toyota Motor Corp. lower third-income income but raised its full-year profit slightly as the effects of natural in Asia receded.

Ex-President W. Bush tells auto he’d bail out automakers

Detroit Free Press . Feb 7

Free Press . Feb 7

Toyota’s profit slid 13.5% on setbacks caused by last tsunami disaster and the flooding in but Japan’s top automaker raised its earnings forecast, saying a is on track.

2013 Mazda crossover prices set

Auto . Feb 7

The CX-5 carries a base of $21,140, including the $795 fee. Alaska residents pay an $45 in destination fees.

Oil drops $97 as traders eye U.S. supplies

Free Press . Feb 7

Oil prices below $97 a barrel today as worried that U.S. supplies will continue to because of weak demand.

Look Now: A Car That

MSNBC . Feb 6

Undaunted by fear of regulations, auto makers are new technologies into their everything from 17-inch screens to services that Facebook and buy movie tickets.

Look Now: A Car That

MSNBC, February 6 . Feb 6

Undaunted by of safety regulations, auto are piling new technologies into vehicles: everything from dashboard screens to services check Facebook and buy movie

Mike Shaw named Dealer of the Year

Colorado Gazette . Feb 6

Denver auto Mike Shaw was honored as Time Dealer of the Year on during the 95th annual Automobile Dealers Association Exposition in Las Vegas.

Mike named national auto of the year

Denver Business . Feb 6

Mike Shaw, dealer of Mike Shaw Chevrolet in Denver, has been named the Time Dealer of the Year for one of the auto-sales industry’s biggest

Eastwood denies Chrysler Bowl ad was political

The Detroit . Feb 6

Chrysler Group LLC CEO Sergio says the company’s two-minute Bowl ad was not meant to be a political

In remarkable turnaround, GM may post profit

MSNBC . Feb 6

Just years after the automaker into government-run bankruptcy,

speeds up major changes to the

Auto Week . Feb 6

Honda bring out a significant mid-cycle to its embattled Civic compact fall, just 18 months it launched, a high-ranking executive dealers here.

Honda’s outlook cut to negative by Moody’s on

The Detroit News . Feb 6

Honda Co. and its affiliates’ credit rating was cut to negative from stable by Investors Service on concern the faces significant challenges in its market share.

AAA Michigan: Gas up 11 cents in past week

Free Press . Feb 6

AAA Michigan gasoline prices are up about 11 per gallon during the past to a statewide average of $3.52.

auto dealer Mike wins national award

The Post . Feb 5

Denver auto Mike Shaw on Saturday received the Time Dealer of the Award at the National Automobile Association Convention Exposition in Las

GM doesn’t pull Super ad that tweaks Ford

The News . Feb 5

General Motors Co. with a Chevrolet Super ad that implies a Ford owner dies along much of the rest of humanity as a of Silverado owners ride out the despite Ford Motor Co. for its rival to pull the ad.

Chrysler to 1,800 for Illinois Dodge plant

The Detroit News . Feb 3

Group LLC Thursday formally plans to hire about workers at its Belvidere Assembly in Illinois to support production of the 2013 Dodge Dart and vehicles that will be off the same platform.

Chrysler triggers first profit-sharing since 2005

MSNBC . Feb 2

workers have a variety of to be pleased about the maker’s fortunes. They’re not only thousands of jobs added but their first profit-sharing since 2005 as a result of the landing in the black for the first since 1997.

Auto see sunshine after prolonged of gloom

MSNBC . Feb 1

On Wednesday reported its best January in four years, and General is expected to report billions in in mid-February.


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