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Volkswagen Constellation

New meteor shower could into a meteor storm

Coming to a circumpolar constellation you: An all-new, never-before-seen, named meteor shower just might knock astronomical socks off.

called the Camelopardalid meteor and unlike annual showers as the Perseids and Leonids that been occurring for hundreds or of years, it will occur for the time the night of May 23 and early of May 24.

A meteor shower happens the Earth passes through left in space by a comet Perseids, for example, are debris Comet Swift-Tuttle); the debris, chunks of rock and other burns up in the atmosphere to form some people call or falling stars.

The Camelopardalids will be debris Comet 209P/LINEAR, a very dim that orbits the sun every years. The comet was discovered in by the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid project, a partnership of the Massachusetts of Technology Lincoln Laboratory, and the U.S. Air Force.

But while the has been passing through debris to create the Perseids for of years (the first account of the shower was in 36 A.D.), will be the first time the has passed through Comet leftovers.

Meteor showers vary in Some produce more than others, and some a particular meteor shower is than other years.

It all on how much debris the Earth through, and some astronomers are that all of Comet 209P/LINEAR’s trails from 1803 1924 will intersect orbit, so the Camelopardalid meteor will be a meteor storm hundreds of meteors per hour.

So, how will it be?

That’s always a question, more so with meteor shower because the first time we’re it, said Rich Talcott, editor of Astronomy magazine. the past 15 or 20 years, astronomers done a very good job at out, ‘OK, here’s the debris streams will I’m thinking the odds are good we’ll get something May 24.

Meteor showers are named for the from which the meteors to radiate. That point is as the radiant, and radiant for the Camelopardalids be the constellation Camelopardalis (the

Camelopardalis is a circumpolar constellation, means that, rather moving from east to across the night sky, it around Polaris, the North so it’s up all night.

Volkswagen Constellation

It’s easy to find because close to the Big Dipper and Little two easily recognizable constellations.

The meteor shower will be to view in the South, says Stewart, astronomer at the Calusa Center and Planetarium in Fort Fla.

In Southwest Florida, we an advantage over Northern because the meteors will in at us from a lower altitude, she Those are called ‘Earth-grazers,’ and longer-lasting and run farther across the

Aside from clouds, a watcher’s worst enemy is a moon, which can wash out all but the meteors.

On the night of May 23, however, the is not present, and it doesn’t rise 3:41 a.m. May 24. When it rise, it will be a waning so it won’t affect the meteor

Astronomers predict peak for the shower will be from 2 to 4 a.m. May 24, but Stewart will be at a wider window.

They start as soon as it gets the night of the 23rd, she said. going to go out and check every We don’t know because is the first time, and I don’t to miss it.

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Volkswagen Constellation
Volkswagen Constellation

Volkswagen Constellation

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