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Volkswagen Corrado

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A radar is only a tool. If you don’t how to use it, don’t expect much

C ongratulations, you’ve bought a detector and are about to use it for the first Now don’t make the mistake of slapping it onto the dash and off. Unless you’re to interpret the information it’s to deliver, even the best detector won’t be much Here are our top 9 secrets to getting protection from a radar

Secret #1: Mount it properly

rule: Mount the radar where it has a clear view of the ahead and where you can see it without off into space. At 75 mph a car is covering 110 per second; ask yourself how much you can devote to staring at a radar

For the best performance, conventional says to place the detector as on the windshield as possible. This may like a good idea radio and TV stations rely on towers to broadcast their afar. But police radar quite differently.

It’s not omni-directional. for example, in a circle. Radar beamwidth by is very narrow, typically 9 to 14 Fortunately, this microwave bounces off anything metallic in its aiding detection. In our years of detectors we’ve never range increase when one from a passenger vehicle’s to the upper-windshield area.

There’s drawback to mounting a detector up it impairs laser detection. in mind that a laser at 1,000 feet can be covered by a circle. The beam is so tiny when aimed at a front plate, the favored target, dash-mounted detectors can’t see it. it higher still and the extra hampers even the best (The only defense is a jammer .)

Viewed through the HUD of a X-LR speed laser, the red reticle approximates laser width at 1,000 feet. At range, the pinpoint of 904-nanometer light may not reach a high-mounted

Splitting the difference with a location entails some as well. You’re advertising the that you’re packing a detector, for one. And many don’t like them. To me, the moral equivalent of burglar’s veteran Beachwood, Ohio Department traffic officer Balcom once told us a ride-along, reflecting the view of officers.

Remember: The laser’s pinpoint width means it can target a front license plate reaching a detector high on the Net result: no warning. And put it where you can the controls, particularly the operating and audio mute. On models auto mute—rare today on all but the basic units—you’ll need access to the mute button to off the audio alerts during radar encounters.

Secret #2: your investment

Leaving a in your car in a darkened parking lot is no than leaving a $50 bill in sight. It’s asking for When you’re leaving the unattended, particularly overnight, hide the detector and its cord and both of them dead to a detector’s presence. Rub off any suction-cup on the windshield; they also the presence of a radar detector.

In another good reason to the detector during daylight is to shield it from sunlight. The acts like a magnifying and we routinely find polycarbonate radar detectors reaching 150 F within 90 minutes. Some radar detectors can reach in 40 minutes.

Secret #3: Learn how to interpret its

Weak K- or Ka-band radar that quickly disappear may to be false alarms. But they be something else. The radar may be away from your of travel, for instance, or angled the roadway ahead, reducing range. Hilly terrain can block the signal as well.

used in instant-on mode, the hits a button and a target appears almost instantly.

The could be alerting to a trooper traffic ahead with He’ll have the radar off, on standby. When an target approaches, he’ll and get a speed nearly instantly. he’ll turn it off again to from advertising his presence to drivers.

If traffic is thin, the will often stay until the officer takes a at another vehicle. Ignore the signs and his next customer may be you.

A radar detector confirms the presence of radar and If you can’t be bothered to stay of what’s going on, you’re more of a detector than it can New owners of radar detectors, they’ve outwitted a few radar tend to develop a sense of

From a Colorado State Cessna 182 we clocked this VW on I-25 at 89 mph in a 75 zone. The driver two mistakes: He failed to spot the big pavement stripes and he forgot to up.

Several years ago we produced a of trade films of new speed-enforcement This entailed using a of police vehicles, along a state patrol aircraft, and lasers.

One director on the project was so by radar detectors that he one after shooting wrapped. our weeks ahead in the editing he’d arrive each bragging about how he’d another few minutes off his 120-mile freeway commute.

Eventually the happened and he was popped for speeding. His came from a highway Cessna 172 equipped with more exotic than a His detector naturally remained Moral: Don’t take a to a gunfight.

For those who don’t mind the work, there is a way to counter threat. A VHF/UHF radio allows one to eavesdrop on speed-enforcement It’s useless much of the but can be priceless on these occasions. It can warn of enforcement dragnets one officer handles the hardware—usually a gun or lidar, sometimes a time/distance —and radios other to make the traffic stops.

Our colleague could have saved by a scanner. For that he might simply have the large white VASCAR painted across the road and up for the circling aircraft. But he’d cruising along fat, and happy, right into the of the Colorado State Patrol .

#5: Use City Mode in Town

in town with a detector in maximum-sensitivity Highway mode dramatically increase false City mode (or the Auto mode found in Escort and BEL is recommended instead.

City reduces sensitivity, usually on X band, the primary polluting Some manufacturers offer X+K, reducing sensitivity on bands. Others leave unchanged and merely raise the at which audio alerts Regardless, it’s the driver’s to select the appropriate operating

The most sophisticated way of controlling alarms is found on Escort using GPS and Speed-Variable Sensitivity. automatically dial back at low speeds when long isn’t needed, making the best at eliminating false We’ve found them to be up to 30 quieter than conventional-tech More important, they with a database of red light and camera locations, warning one is approached.

Best Radar / Red Camera Countermeasures

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