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Volkswagen Country Buggy

Why build a Doon Buggy?

page is intended to give you a bit of about why I decided to build a Buggy.

This page the following sections:

How did it all start?

My to build some sort of expedition vehicle started seeing Ewan McGregor and Boorman, one Friday evening, on the Ross show talking their motorcycle trip the world from London to New traveling east through Ukraine, Kazakstan, Mongolia, Alaska, Canada and the USA.

appearance on the show was to promote TV series based on this called ‘The Long Way which was to be shown on Sky Travel. and I subsequently watched the series on Sky read the book and bought the If you haven’t seen this I would highly recommend it if you any interest in either travel, or either of the two actors. They across as really nice pushing themselves to their to achieve something significant.

having enjoyed their Tina and I began talking the places we’d like to once we no longer have the to look after. Since of us are really into motorcycles and like to travel together than separately, we started about what sort of might be suitable for us to make to remote locations with poor or no roads.

Click to visit another good web about an English couple who been motorcycling around the since March 2003.

‘A’ — 4×4

I started by looking at 4×4 as I’ve always fancied a Unimog and have previously a 1955 ‘Series 1’ 86 SWB Land Rover. However, looking at how much I’d to spend to find a decent of a suitable 4×4, and knowing how time and money I poured my Land Rover, I began to alternatives. Also, the fact I would have to be able to fix anything on the 4×4, in the middle of along with their and the number of things that go wrong with them all to my concern.

Click here to a good UK web site about distance, overland trips in a Mercedes Unimog.

In addition to my one criticism of Ewan and Charley, on trip, was that they far too much with them and they did take was too heavy. on camping trips, Tina and I extremely light, ensuring we only take the absolute of equipment and that what we do is as light as it can possibly be. If we were to to do this, why would we need a heavy, complex, expensive to transport it in?

Plan ‘B’ Sand Rail

Having off’ the idea of a 4×4, I started looking for an alternative of transport and fairly quickly across the US off-road scene, mainly seems to use tubular ‘sand rails’, some of are still based on VW Beetle gear.

Since I have several VW Beetles, and the Beetle is the car I would claim to know at all about, this sort of seemed like a good to me. Beetle engines, gearboxes and components are simple, robust, reliable, cheap, readily both new and second hand and I them (well, not fully, but than any other type of The space-framed sand rail vehicle is also simple, light, reliable, cheap and available. Excellent!

Click here to see a short (12 video (1.1MB) of a sand in action.

After a bit of research on the about sand rails I that the two seater Berrien was the vehicle for me and discovered that were shortly to be imported the UK by Darren ‘BillyBob’ Bowden it turns out, lives an hour or two’s drive the M5 from where I live.

here to see a slide show of a of ‘Berrien Warrior’ rails red one was built by Darren).

Since the rail is a pretty unusual for the UK, before purchasing one, I looking into the legality of one on the road. It has definitely been as Darren had built one for the street, had won prizes at VW events and had been in VolksWorld magazine. However, I increasingly concerned that a rail may have to pass the Single Vehicle Approval test before being to be registered for the road and that it may not be to get it through the test. Also, if the and legality of the vehicle was in any way suspect, it may problems when crossing into new countries.

Up to this I had also only really that we’d use the vehicle to ‘hot’ countries but the more I about it, the more I realised we wanted to be able to visit ones too and that, even visiting ‘hot’ countries, be setting off and returning to one which can be a bit sometimes, and is often very The lack of any sort of bodywork on the rail and its lack of a windscreen and started to play on my mind.

I reasoned that although a rail is definitely a ‘car’, it still be treated like a which also has no weather in that it should be possible to use it in all by wearing motorcycle clothing. solved!

However, this significantly increase the amount of we’d have to take and mean that we’d be from each other traveling by our crash helmets: I to drive my Land Rover with the windscreen folded which was great fun, when trucks decided to rocks at my head or a large Bee decided to play ‘chicken’ me. Those things hurt! I, considered a crash helmet to be an necessity in a sand rail.

So, the road legality, and lack of protection of a sand rail, started to turn me off the idea but as was happening, I realised that the VW Beetle based beach designed by Bruce Meyers in in 1964, had been conceived and for a very similar purpose to the one I had in i.e. so that he could effectively and cheaply off-road.

‘C’ — Meyers

So ‘Plan C’ was born: the same sort of idea as B’ but utilising a classic VW based beach buggy, than a ‘rail’. This give me a vehicle with more of a proper body to it and the of fitting a reasonable hood to out the worst of the weather.

There have been different types of beach made over the years, each country having its own but the original Meyers Manx is, one of the best looking and remains one of the popular and most often designs. If you imagine what a buggy looks like, are that it’s a Meyers or close derivative, that thinking about.

The Manx a shortened VW Beetle chassis to a wheelbase of about 80 inches, is ideal for off-road use, good maneuverability and protection grounding.

Volkswagen Country Buggy

Click here to a good web site about a distance trip from to the Cape of Good Hope, and in a Meyers Manx beach

Manx beach buggy are still made in 2005 in the UK by Coast Manx’ and there are of places around still, can carry out the required chassis e.g. Flatlands Engineering .

there is still a feature of the which I think may cause difficulty in getting through the SVA namely the raw fibreglass edge to the The Manx also has relatively wheel arches compared to of the other beach buggy In addition to this, both of the above are located on the east of England, which is a hell of a drive away from I live.

I, therefore, started to look at UK beach buggy designs.

‘D’ — Doon

Plan ‘D’ followed on quickly from Plan once I discovered the Doon .

The Doon is still a short VW Beetle based beach but it has been designed from by a couple of UK beach buggy to overcome many of the niggles and flaws of earlier buggy Since it’s a new design, it has been built with the SVA in mind (although I don’t any of them have actually put through it yet) and so has new features will help with the SVA return edges on the wings, aren’t found on any other buggy designs, to my knowledge.

I am, more confident (notice I didn’t say completely confident!) the Doon could pass the SVA if this proves to be required for my

Other features that I about the Doon are that it Windscreen recessed into the to prevent leaks; Return all round to give the wings and shell additional stiffness; bonnet to house petrol battery, fuses and brake reservoir; Longitudinal tubes in under the wings to run the wiring in and to add Rain lip all the way round the passenger to keep the weather out; moulded into the body to add stiffness; Cut-away for a roll behind the windscreen; Moulded to enable switches and instruments to be (for SVA); Wide arches to legally cover wheels and finally, a rear designed to cover single or carburettor installations, without whilst giving maximum protection. Oh, I almost forgot, I it looks pretty cool too 🙂

Apart from the above of desirable technical features, the that finalised the decision, in of the Doon, were that the at Doon (and VolksMagic, who are associated with) were friendly, enthusiastic and helpful and they’re located in Oldbury Birmingham) which is only an hour’s drive up the M5 from I live.

Click here to see a show of Doon’s own completed wheelbase buggy which I whilst at VolksMagic.

So, Plan is THE plan! I have bought a wheelbase Doon, in lovely for delivery at the beginning of September

Plan ‘E’ — Hike?

There is no Plan If Plan ‘D’ doesn’t get then Tina and I will be hiking to Mongolia or wherever we end up to 🙁

Volkswagen Country Buggy
Volkswagen Country Buggy
Volkswagen Country Buggy
Volkswagen Country Buggy
Volkswagen Country Buggy
Volkswagen Country Buggy

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