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Prйsentation de l’intйrieur de la SLS AMG.


(from Daimler Release) Stuttgart/Affalterbach – The new Mercedes-Benz SLS which is about to celebrate its premiere on 15 September 2009 at the Motor Show (IAA) in embodies a blend of consummate fascination and high tech. The sports car delivers a compelling mix of styling, consistent lightweight and superior driving dynamics. At the time, the SLS fully lives up to all the of hallmark Mercedes everyday and optimum safety. In essence, the new offers the ideal synthesis of the of Mercedes-Benz and AMG.

The new super car from Mercedes-Benz and AMG makes for an proposition with its unrivalled package: aluminium spaceframe with gullwing doors, AMG V8 front-mid engine developing 420 kW/ 571 hp output, 650 Nm of torque and dry sump seven-speed dual-clutch transmission in a configuration, sports suspension aluminium double wishbones and a weight of 1620 kilograms on the DINstandard – this superlative guarantees driving dynamics of the order. The ideal front/rear distribution of 47 to 53 percent and the vehicle’s low of gravity are testimony to the uncompromising car concept. The ‘Gullwing’ accelerates 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds, before on to a top speed of 317 km/h (electronically The fuel consumption of 13.2 per 100 kilometres (combined) puts it at the of the competitive field (all provisional).

Mercedes-Benz is presenting an super sports car in the guise of the new SLS which is bound to set the pulses of all car racing that extra bit The brands Mercedes-Benz and AMG have forces to create the SLS AMG– is set to become one of the most alluring cars of all time, says Dr. Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz

Our customers will experience the SLS AMG the expertise of Mercedes-AMG, built up 40 years of motor racing. The technology package delivers driving dynamics coupled moderate fuel consumption – part and parcel of the modern-day says Volker Mornhinweg, of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

The styling of the new SLS AMG is not only very special of the exclusive gullwing doors. Our is to utilise this interpretation to the classic of tomorrow and roll out the alluring sports car of the 21st Our aim is also to create a new design which shapes the incomparable of our brand, alongside Mercedes like the CLS or the SL. At the same time, the new the way for the design philosophy of forthcoming sports cars, says Wagener, Head of Design at Cars.

Design: purist, and passionate

The distinctive styling of the new SLS AMG enthrals with its passionate and reinterprets the breathtaking lines of the 300 SL – one of the outstanding design icons of the brand. With its purist the new SLS AMG reflects the philosophy of contemporary car engineering: the bonnet which just under two metres, the low positioned well to the rear and the rear-end with an extendable are just as powerful a reminder of the dynamism as the long wheelbase, the track and the large wheels. The overhangs feed through the proportions, just as does the of the super sports car with its front-mid engine set well and dual-clutch transmission in transaxle An undoubted styling highlight courtesy of the gullwing doors lend the SLS AMG its incomparable charisma – a unique statement in this segment.

The gullwing doors are not in rekindling memories of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL; the wide radiator grille the large Mercedes star and the cross fins are a throwback to the of the sports car legend. The three-dimensional, front-end with its low-set, front apron set well the sides lends the ‘Gullwing’ its stance on the road. Six large air intakes and the vertically arranged set well to the outside with alluring inner ambience a dominant aura: the central low-beam headlamp with its wing section is framed at the top by two LED and the LED daytime driving lights at the

Influences from aircraft

Allusions to aircraft construction courtesy of the prominent Mercedes whose tubular section is of the air intake on a jet engine when from the side, as well as the bonnet: as the eye is drawn forward, so the becomes more aware of the The design of the four fins their Silver Shadow that adorn the two air outlet on the end of the bonnet create the same impression. These aircraft-style also visually accelerate the air flows past – and make the SLS AMG extremely dynamic even stationary.

The fins on the bonnet are up on the vehicle flanks: the connoisseur discovers here a hallmark feature of the 300 SL. The 6.3 lettering placed the fins provides a clear to the high-displacement naturally aspirated V8 The side air outlet feeds into a stylistically prominent line, which together the convex flanks and the exhilarating treatment, combines aesthetics power. The compact passenger proves as alluring as it is unmistakable. its high beltline, low side and steeply angled windscreen it across as a kind of visor. The angled B-pillar with its flowing sweep to the rear exudes pure dynamism.

view dominated by muscle and

Seen from the side, the eye is to the prominent vehicle shoulder of the which stretches like a muscle from the front to the Distinctive 19-inch (front) and (rear) light-alloy wheels the wheel arches, which out prominently from the sidewall. different wheel variants all a glimpse of the large high-performance brakes. Seen from a prominent, uninterrupted line from the muscle to the rear. styling feature is also up on the bonnet where the eye follows a contour which flows the roof between the gullwing right through to the third light.

Rear view emphasises width

The rear of the SLS also exudes dynamism and the gently sloping boot lid a sense of width, an impression by the prominent vehicle shoulder and the tail lights: fitted LED technology, the horizontally structured units provide a scintillating Wing-shaped LED lighting elements a distinctive, enthralling night The Formula-1-style LED fog lamp/reversing light is set low in the centre. Similarly inspired by racing are the black diffuser and the two chromed tailpipes of the sports system. The strikingly tapered apron provides an unimpeded of the wide rear wheels, the ‘Gullwing’ its self-assured stance on the The spoiler integrated in the boot lid is deployed from a speed of 120 to ensure optimum stability at speeds.

New colours: AMG ALU-BEAM and two matt finishes

The colour for the SLS include nine exclusive finishes. The highlight comes in the of the unique AMG ALU-BEAM silver the new, unique process the paint shine like metal. The paint covers the panels like a metallic emphasises the scintillating design of the ‘Gullwing’ more strongly any previous paint job and makes even livelier by means of light reflections. This is made possible thanks to pigments measuring between 30 and 50

The two matt finishes designo allanite grey and AMG magno grey are just as eye-catching: their matt silk they reinforce the sporty of the two-seater through specific of the crease lines.

Interior with allusions to construction and motor sports

You only need to open the doors on the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and ease the sports seats to experience a new level of interior. The Mercedes-Benz took their inspiration aircraft construction when the interior – immediately bringing an cockpit to mind. The characteristic feature is the dashboard, whose and dramatic wing shape for an impression of width. Strikingly into the dashboard are the galvanised air with their adjustable, nozzles and Silver Shadow – their shape reminiscent of a engines. The instrument cluster its LED upshift indicator and two white dial instruments add another sporty touch with metallic Silver Shadow The silver dials have red and a 360 km/h speedometer scale. As a feature of the cockpit, the COMAND system with its 7-inch is integrated between the two centre air

The elongated centre console in metal similarly picks up on the theme of the aircraft cockpit. It is to the AMGDRIVE UNIT, which is towards the SLSdriver and allows to choose their very own setup. The E-SELECT shift whose styling recalls the control of a jet, controls the AMG DCT 7-speed sports transmission. All the are made out of solid metal, a high-sheen Silver Shadow

The concave inner panels of the doors, the high beltline and the side sill panels off the cockpit-like impression, while a feeling of sports car-like Fine materials such as leather, solid metal and genuine carbon-fibre facings the pronounced custom-built nature of the SLS and show enormous attention to Five different designo colours are available to meet preferences: black, classic sand, porcelain and light

Wide-opening gullwing doors for entry

Despite the low sitting of just 369 millimetres in typical car fashion, the wide-opening gullwing make it easy to get in and out of the vehicle. At the stage great attention was to the widest possible opening – it is a full 70 degrees. Equally the distance between the open and the road surface is a generous metres, while the entry between the open doors and the edge of the door sills no less than 1.08 The entrance height, i.e. the between the road surface and the edge of the door sills is a low 45 centimetres. As another important for dignified access and egress, two struts positioned next to the hinges require only little pressure when and closing the doors – even at low ambient temperatures.

The gullwing require less opening than conventional coupй and can be fully opened in a normal The door is opened from by a handle finished in Silver The grip section of the armrest into the interior door ensures problem-free door The operating buttons for the power central locking system and mirror adjustment are also in the interior door panels for access. The feeling of comfortable is in large measure due to the generous of 1483 millimetres and elbow of no less than 1606 In conjunction with the generous headroom of 990 millimetres and effective for the driver of 1058 millimetres, the is a low but extremely relaxed seating At the same time the intentionally angle of the windscreen ensures all-round visibility for the passengers.

seats with magnesium

The sports seat backrests are from magnesium, a high-tech that combines light with high strength. leads to significant advantages weight distribution and a low centre of are concerned. The sports seats so-called two-zone seat Prominent side bolsters a harder foam filling optimal lateral support, the inner areas of the seat and backrest are softer for a high of comfort on long journeys. In with the Memory package the fore-and-aft position, seat backrest angle, squab and steering column are electrically three individual settings can be stored.

Four-way lumbar supports protect the lower spine, adjustable side bolsters in the effectively improve lateral on fast bends. Three-stage heating and seat occupancy/child recognition in the passenger seat are standard equipment. The sports with integrated head and sporty transverse fluting are in designo leather – and two-tone are also available in classic sand and porcelain. If light is chosen as an interior colour, the seats are upholstered in natural with particularly high-quality leather on the centre seat Depending on the colour combination, or black piping provides sporty touch.

The Performance steering wheel in a three-spoke has a 365-millimetre rim with a flattened section, shift paddles and a insert, underlining the authentic look and ensuring the best vehicle control.

A host of space for hallmark Mercedes suitability

The interior of the SLS AMG also with the practical stowage that makes for the day-to-day typical of a Mercedes. The 3.7-litre compartment with a spectacles is integrated into the dashboard on the side. To the right of the E-SELECT lever there is a small tray with a 12 V socket, or an with cigar lighter. The behind the centre console not serves to operate the COMAND at the touch of a button, the armrest can be in two stages to reveal a stowage underneath. This has two cupholders and the cradle (optional), and a holder for the key in the rear section. Other can be stowed on the rear wall the seats and in the parcel net in the passenger Two fixed clothes hooks are to the seat backrests, while in the roof liner fold and are silicon-insulated. The button to unlock the lid is located underneath the light Alternatively the boot can be opened the ignition key. The luggage can hold up to 176 litres. A made-to-measure set is available as an option, which the boot space to be used to advantage.

Overview of the comprehensive equipment for the SLS (selection):


floor mats with AMG

Interior appointments in designo

Anti-theft warning system

parking brake


KEYLESS-GO start function

Rain sensor


Heated sports seats

pedals in brushed stainless with rubber studs

control with SPEEDTRONIC

Optional extras include the

6-disc DVD changer

Bang BeoSound AMG surround sound

Anti-theft alarm system tow-away protection and interior

Interior appointments in designo Exclusive leather

Interior in designo two-tone Exclusive

Interior appointments in designo light brown natural leather

Paintwork AMG ALU-BEAM

Paintwork AMG magno sylvanite

Paintwork designo magno grey

Media interface

package with electric and steering wheel adjustment

sports steering wheel in

The AMG Performance Studio also even the most discerning customer requirements for the SLS AMG to be met:

exterior mirrors

Carbon-fibre compartment cover

Volkswagen Cross UP!

Carbon-fibre (front stowage tray and stowage compartment incl. AMG DRIVE UNIT surround, for the centre console, shiftgate and trim strips for centre and door armrests

Interior Carbon Package trim, trim on seat and side, door sill

Performance suspension with a setup for optimised lateral

10-spoke forged wheels

bucket seats

Aluminium for lightweight design and outstanding

The SLS is also breaking the mould it comes to the body concept: for the time, Mercedes-Benz and AMG are presenting a car an aluminium chassis and body. with the traditional steel this results in a significant saving, clearly illustrated in the DIN weight of 1620 kilograms.

The developed bodyshell comprises an spaceframe. This exclusive combines intelligent lightweight with outstanding strength – delivering superlative driving Lightweight aluminium sections the force nodes to a sturdy The large, low-set cross-sections of aluminium sections ensure resistance torque, thus the required direct transfer of braking and suspension forces. The prevents unwanted flexibility; the responds rigidly, almost twisting and directly.

45 percent of the weight-optimised aluminium spaceframe is out of aluminium sections, 31 percent out of sheet, 20 percent out of aluminium and 4 percent out of steel. Maximum safety requires the use of ultra-high-strength, steel in the A-pillars. The bodyshell 241 kilograms – an absolute benchmark in the sports car segment when with the peak output of 420 hp.

Low centre of gravity and transverse struts for superb dynamism

The vehicle concept has been to achieve a centre of gravity is as low as possible. This applies to the low connection of the powertrain and axles as as to the arrangement of the stiffness-relevant bodyshell which has been kept as low as Examples include the rigid and torque connections between the and rear section and the safety cell, which have realised consistently using paths that are as low as possible. results not only in a low centre of but also a harmonious and, efficient force path in the structure.

Another prominent of the lightweight construction design is the reinforcing struts at the front and axle that are integrated the bodyshell structure. The sections the side members precisely the highest forces act upon the under dynamic cornering. The of this sophisticated solution unrivalled transverse rigidity and the of heavy secondary stiffening or

Passive safety of the very calibre

Naturally, the aluminium meets all the requirements in terms of safety and the hallmark Mercedes-Benz quality that applies to any car the Mercedes star. The best passive safety for the occupants is by the standard-fit three-point seat belt tensioners, belt limiters and eight airbags: two airbags and a kneebag each are for the driver and passenger. Two sidebags into the seats and two separate that deploy from the waistline are also available.

AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine developing 420 hp

A powerful eight-cylinder engine by Mercedes-AMG forms the heart of the new The fine-tuned 6.3-litre V8 engine 420 kW/571 hp at 6800 rpm, the SLS AMG into one of the most powerful cars in its segment. A power-to-weight of 2.84 kg/hp comes of the low vehicle weight. The naturally engine delivers maximum of 650 Nm at 4750 rpm. The ‘Gullwing’ from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds, going on to a top speed electronically to 317 km/h (all figures are Bearing the internal designation M the V8 high-revving engine with its of 6208 cubic centimetres has thoroughly reengineered compared the M 156 entry-level engine and boasts all the of powerful racing engines.

The measures in increasing output the all-new intake system, the valve train and camshafts, the use of tubular steel headers and the of the exhaust system. This in much better cylinder which feeds through an increase in output of almost percent. The eight-cylinder engine swiftly to movements of the accelerator demonstrating much more high-revving flexibility across the rev range. The switch to dry sump also translates into a lower position of the engine in the And lowering the vehicle’s centre of has also paved the way for high acceleration and exhilarating driving

Perfect synthesis of lightweight and strength

The use of high-strength components for the increased engine load with the higher output. pistons, a reinforced crankshaft optimised crankcase structure, with improved lubrication to an on-demand high-performance oil pump optimum durability. Despite higher loads, the engine for the M 159 has been further reduced. The pistons as oscillating masses a particularly valuable role in respect, resulting in a kerb of 205 kilograms and, in turn, a ratio of 0.36 kg/hp – an figure compared with the Sophisticated catalytic converter enables current and future emission standards such as EU 5, LEV 2 and to be met.

A match for demanding consumption targets

Despite its sporty character, the demanding consumption targets have met. The SLS AMGconsumes 13.2 per 100 kilometres (combined, provisional earning it a place at the top of the competitor Efficiency-enhancing measures include the AMG-exclusive, friction-optimised twin-wire-arc-sprayed on the cylinder walls as well as the map-optimised oil supply and intelligent management: during the engine’s phases and braking, kinetic is used to charge the battery, than being wasted by generating heat. This assists the driver not only braking action but also convert the braking energy electrical energy. Conversely, the is switched to no-load operation acceleration, thus reducing the on the engine.

Dual-clutch transmission transaxle configuration and torque

The AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine delivers its power via an ultra-light carbon-fibre at the rear axle – similar to the used on the DTM C-Class racing car. The dual-clutch transmission is at the rear (transaxle principle) and is to the engine housing via a torque A carbon-fibre shaft rotates at speed in the torque tube. The of this sophisticated solution are with the rigid link the engine and trans-mission and, in the optimum support for the forces and generated.

A new AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed transmission takes care of transfer. The dual-clutch transmission fast gear changes no loss of tractive force – in as as 100 milliseconds. The driver has a choice of different driving modes: C Efficiency), S (Sport), S+ (Sport or M (Manual) along with a function. In the Sport, Sport and Manual modes the automatic function is active; all the modes can be conveniently via the rotary control in the AMG UNIT. Optimum traction courtesy of the mechanical differential which is integrated in the compact casing.

Sophisticated suspension with double-wishbone axles

The solution with a front-mid plus transaxle configuration an ideal front/rear weight of 47 to 53 percent. Mounting the engine the front axle has created the conditions for consummate driving with precise steering, agility, low inertia with directional changes and outstanding The commitment of Mercedes-Benz and AMG to building an super sports car that consummate racetrack performance hallmark Mercedes long-distance has given rise to an ingenious layout. All four wheels are on double wishbones with a rod, a technology that has itself in motor racing, through to Formula 1. With a axle, the wheel location and function remain separate; the struts are supported on the lower The double-wishbone concept with its camber and track rigidity locates the wheel with elastic movements, providing the with an optimum sense of contact when driving at the

Wishbones, steering knuckles and hub at the front and rear are made from forged aluminium – reducing the unsprung masses; configuration also notably the suspension response. The long of 2680 millimetres not only in outstanding straight-line stability but low wheel load shifts, reducing the vehicle’s tendency to and squat. The broad track – front 1682, rear millimetres – ensures lower in the wheel loads from the to the outer wheel when enabling the tyres to retain grip. The large caster of 11.5 degrees significantly negative wheel camber cornering and also improves grip – this also outstanding stability when heavily while cornering.

steering, differential lock and ESP®

The rack-and-pinion steering provides a consistently direct feel with a constant ratio of 13.6:1, in tune the high expectations placed on a sports car. The power provides speed-sensitive assistance and the feedback for the driver as the road increases: an indispensable factor for straight-line driving. Mounting the gear in front of the engine on the subframe enables the engine to be set very low. The ‘Gullwing’ with 3-stage ESP® as providing the driver with to the three ESP ON, ESP SPORT and ESP OFF modes at the of a button. The result is even driving pleasure without active safety at all. In ESP OFF too, operating the brake restores all the normal ESP®

The system’s traction logic of the skid control system is active in all three ESP®modes. If one of the wheels starts to spin, brake pressure is applied to traction notably – especially in with the standard-fit mechanical limited-slip differential. This that the engine power is to the road even more when driving in a particularly style.

Ceramic composite innovative flow-forming wheels

The braking system with brake discs at the front extremely short stopping even under enormous The newly developed, optional composite brakes with brake discs guarantee better brake performance. The brake discs will reliably at even higher temperatures thanks to their hardness, all combined with an weight reduction of around 40 Reducing the unsprung masses has optimised the handling of the ‘Gullwing’ – pays dividends particularly tackling fast bends on

Lightweight construction was also key it came to the wheels: weight-optimised AMG wheels – 9.5 x 19 inch (front) and x 20 inch (rear) – based on the flow-forming principle reduce the masses while increasing dynamics and suspension comfort. In to the standard-fit AMG 7-spoke light-alloy 5-twin-spoke wheels and 10-spoke wheels are available as an option. R 19 (front) and 295/30 R 20 (rear) developed exclusively for the SLS AMG ensure performance. A tyre pressure system is fitted as standard to monitor tyre pressure in all wheels; individual tyres are on the display.

The reinterpretation of the legendary is scheduled to be launched in spring The sales price is EUR 177,310 19% VAT).

Volkswagen Cross UP!
Volkswagen Cross UP!

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