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You have probably noticed we like foxes; and what a FoxWeb be without a page foxes. Here you can learn a about one of our favorite animals, a section full of Frequently Questions further on.

But first, the overview:

All About Foxes! (. or less) PART 1: THE TECHNICAL

The fox is a canid (family Canidae ), akin to coyotes, jackals, and but they are a distinct and separate having formed their own group 11-12 million ago. They belong to the Carnivora and are indeed carnivores but they also eat fruits and so by diet they are more omnivores. but that’s a matter for

Foxes cannot cross-breed dogs or other canids, a different number of chromosomes. If you see a dog, that’s exactly it is: a dog with foxy features, not a cross.

Foxes are distinctively with pointy muzzles, ears, long thin and long legs, and long tails. The Red Fox ( Vulpes vulpes ) is the largest of all foxes, and is the type people think of when think fox. Other known foxes include the Fox ( Urocyon cinereoarargenteus — aka Fox because they can climb the Arctic Fox ( Alopex lagopus ); and the Fennec ( Vulpes zerda or Fennecus zerda . depending on sources), the smallest of the foxes in of its huge ears. Foxes can be in most parts of the world, the African Bat-Eared Fox ( Otocyon ) and Cape Fox ( Vulpes charma ). and to the popularity of fox hunting among British colonists, foxes can be found in Australia!

Since gets tiring, we’ll it and concentrate mostly on our North friend, the Red Fox.

The Red Fox usually red-orange fur, a white with white markings on its and on the tip of its tail, and black stockings on its The pointed ears may be all black, or may be black markings on the muzzle are not The Red Fox may sport a tawny yellow or in some areas a silver or coat. During the onset of the fox sheds his fur from underneath the coat, giving him a distinctively appearance which is often for mange. They shed extra fur over a period of a of weeks and resume their ‘normal’ appearance. With the of Winter, the fox’s coat grow thick and plush to stave off the cold.

Foxes are critters, often forming attachments when it comes to raise young ones. the rest of the year, however, the (dog) fox and the female (vixen) separately, mostly at the insistence of the territorial female. When rolls around and the vixen feeling amorous, she lets the know by her scent marking, changes to advertise her feelings on the At this point the male reappear and court the female, and hang around through the until the kids (kits) are and the vixen can hunt for herself He will hang around the early Spring to make they are well provided then take off for a Summer of fun and

The kits have a relatively life up to a point. The vixen them and grooms them they are reasonably mobile, hunts small game and it back to the den so the young ones can and practice their hunting Once they are grown and to fend for themselves, however, Vixen suddenly turns and mean, and will chase away to find their own — thus ensuring a local disaster does not out the entire next generation. it is the vixen who decides where she raise her next family, it is not for one of the daughters to return home if is gone, continuing the cycle in a environment.

Foxes mostly eat mammals and wounded birds, and are not scrounging a meal from a can if the pickings seem safe. foxes are infamous in stories and for raiding the hen house, most prefer to avoid noisy and will not enter any situation seems too suspicious. Similarly, rarely attack dogs or — the former because are noisy and likely to attract the latter because they are and troublesome. A fox will usually off a dog only to protect its family, and if there is no other choice. foxes prefer to lead a dog from the den and into foreign there to lose it and return doing battle. (When pets or small livestock do the culprit is often a coyote, a or another dog. The fox may enjoy a once the deed is done if are leftovers, but will rarely go anything that might an alarm.)

A fox appearing in your or neighborhood does not automatically that the animal is rabid. are wary of humans, but will not them unless given a reason. They can and do live humans so long as they safe in doing so. A popular series, FoxWatch, documented the of some urban foxes as scurried about the streets and alleys, raising a family in the of an abandoned building.

However, no circumstances should anyone try to pet a fox or any wild animal. Foxes are susceptible to rabies, as are dogs and and rabies is no joke. Any animal ‘suspiciously’ should be avoided,

So: that’s the basic story of the Following are questions that Friends have sent in the years — so dig in and enjoy the hunt for foxy info!

a fox in/near my yard. What do I do?

easy. Rejoice!

Okay, once you’re done the question is usually along the of, What can I do to encourage the fox to stay? (If question is, Should I worry for my or pets? — click regarding rabies or here in to pets.)

Foxes will hang out humans if they perceive an in doing so — that is to if they feel reasonably and there is a food supply A vixen will make her underneath a shed or in a woodpile and her kits there if the site reasonably free of humans. are playfully curious, and will visit near humans if it them to do so.

To encourage foxes your property, abandon an of your yard and let it go Wild. A to large-sized brush pile a great home for a fox, for or a loose pile of branches; or any of platform with loose, dirt underneath. The area have open access (no or impassable shrubs enclosing it) and need to be away from dogs; no vixen will her kits where a dog might by and find them. Young are also a no-no, foxwise, kids are usually noisy and

If there is water nearby or a food source, the fox is more to find the area attractive.

If you of an area where foxes and their home is destroyed or (by developers, for example), chances are the will move. Foxes bulldozers. Many developers are not keen on foxes, for that and will try to trap or poison if they can. There’s not you can do in that case; the fox will a new home on its own, and any attempts to a new home will seem suspicious. Your best do nothing, and see what happens.

If a fox make its home near yard, you’d do well to quiet and calm in the vicinity of its never getting close to be threatening and not acting in a suspicious or manner. A fox will allow you near — fair is after all — but only so as you don’t pose a threat. a fox finds threatening varies fox to fox, so the best plan is to your distance. And rejoice

How do I get a fox to leave my yard/garden/area?

Admittedly, are smelly and can be rather destructive, and not wants them in their They are actually good overall since they eat rats and bugs that otherwise infest your but some people would they do so somewhere else.

The way to encourage a fox to move on is to be an active wherever you don’t want the fox to be. are curious but wary, and if it seems you are trying to trap them, move on. The trick is, you can’t go out and make noises once or a day, as foxes are clever and catch on to a routine. as in, It’s to live here as long as elsewhere at 11:45 and 4:15.

At random times during the day and walk in the area where the fox is out and work that part of yard. If you have a dog (or access to a dog), walk her around property at random and let her mark her as she will. This will the fox think there’s a dog loose a sure deterrent if the dog is not adhering to a If there is a special place the fox is hanging out, leave a or three in that area then move them the day. This will the fox think something is up, and they’ll move on.

There’s no such in the States as Fox-Away, a chemical you can that will keep from moving in. In England is a liquid called Renadine supposedly works to discourage but you have to use it frequently, and the smell is enough to drive most away as well. not much there. (We’ve recently told that Renadine is no legal in the U.K. so it’s not an option any more.)

Last but not you can add a fence around your to discourage animals from but if you leave part of your abandoned, a fox may eventually find a way in and themselves at home. To keep away, use your property and it up, and your unwelcome visitor find someplace quieter to

What do you call a group of

A group of geese is a gaggle; a of lions is a pride .

A group of is a rare and lovely sight, to behold . But if you need something for everyday conversation, a group of is called a skulk .

How many kinds of foxes are there?

on who you talk to, there are five or six of foxes common to North and perhaps 23 species around the Getting back to Latin for a the 14 foxes of the northern hemisphere are of the genus Vulpes . while the 8 American foxes are of the genus (formerly Dusicyon ); the African Fox is species #23, genus — but again, it depends on authority you subscribe to.

The five common varieties of fox in North are:

Red Foxes


Arctic Foxes

Kit Foxes


Some people Kit Foxes and Swift Foxes as the species, located in different but according to nice folks at the Ecological Institute, Dr. Robert at UCLA has determined through DNA that the Swift Fox is indeed a species — so! (Their moves from time to but can currently be found here .)

is a sixth variety, the Channel Fox (Urocyon littoralis) . specific to the Islands near southern They are descendents of the Gray Fox and down into six separate according to their specific of origin.

I’m sure I’ve a black fox. Is there a thing?

In the north, Red Foxes on a variety of colors ranging tawny yellow to silver to The black is actually black-tipped hairs over a silver and (unfortunately) is highly prized by

A different sort of fox, the Fox, is another variety of Red Fox a black stripe over shoulders and another running the back, forming a cross hence the name.

Do foxes with ___________ — ?

If is anything except ‘fox’ the answer is No. Vulpines (foxes) like dogs, wolves and but they are distinctly different and little or no common ancestry. wolves and coyotes can (and do) From a veterinary standpoint, are more similar to housecats to dogs.

There are a number of dog that look rather If you see a dog that looks like half fox and half poodle example), chances are that the half is actually an American (Spitz), Shelte, Pemboke Corgi, or even a Samoyed all of whom have foxy

What is the lifespan of a fox?

many foxes don’t childhood and die before their birthday. In the wild, the average expectancy of a fox is 18-24 months they are killed by one predator or — humans, dogs, and so on. A ripe old age for a fox in the wild would be 8 years. A fox that received veterinary care could 14 years of age, which make him a wise old fox indeed!

How does a vixen’s pregnancy

Approximately 8 weeks, give or a few days.

What is a fox’s called?

I’ve heard foxes who get close to humans are rabid. Is this dangerous?

are several issues here, and all important.

If you’re not doing threatening and the neighborhood is quiet, a fox can and get very close out of curiosity or if it is Urban foxes often trash cans and compost looking for tidbits, especially if are young ones or a hungry to care for. That it often happens that investigate new territories to find out happening — to make there are no new threats, or to see if a good has moved into the area. So: if a fox close and doesn’t seem that doesn’t necessarily it is rabid.

Having said foxes are easily susceptible to as are raccoons and dogs. Rabies is a disease and is not something to take If you have reason to believe is an outbreak of rabies in your it would best to give any animal a wide berth.

In no case should you try to catch or pet any animal, regardless.

Is a fox likely to eat my pet

If your ___________ is a mouse, rabbit or goldfish who roams the at night without a collar, you’re probably asking for (And we would really to get a picture of that if you have one to If we’re talking a dog or cat, are your pet is safe.

Volkswagen Cross UP!

Very puppies and kittens are in that range; if a fox is really hungry, the or kitten is very young and helpless, and the two find each out in the middle of nowhere. maybe. any animal that can run, back or scream for help or who of humans will probably not itself on the menu. Foxes are too to bother.

A fox will defend its den if it has and there is no way to lead a pet away, but the is true of most overprotective so.

Will a fox attack children?

As a no. However (as with pets, foxes will defend homes if they have and if a child is too persistent in hanging the den. Foxes prefer to run leading the predator (child, whatever) away from the but if there is no other way to protect the a fox will bare its fangs and try to the predator away. A child who in trying to get near a litter of is asking for trouble; so encourage child to respect wildlife a distance, not up close.

That children playing in their own or a playground or walking to/from should be perfectly safe foxes.

How big is a fox?

Red foxes are a little larger than average housecat. They are 15 ground to shoulders (standing), and 26 from the tip of their nose to the of their tail. Foxes look bigger when because they have a long tail, anywhere 12 — 24 from base of to tip; this makes the fox 48 long!

Do foxes have keen eyes?

Well, we they’re pretty.

Sadly, have very weak which is mostly geared detecting movement. If you see a fox and stand still, there is a fair the fox won’t see you.

On the other the fox’s hearing and sense of are way above average.

Can foxes see in

We don’t have exact on this, but tests indicate foxes see about the same of colors as dogs, meaning have dichromatic color Dogs lack the ability to see specifically, and apparently can’t green from red or yellow. condition is found in humans, as and is the most common sort of blindness.) What this is, you should not let a fox borrow your because they can’t the difference between a green and a red one and are likely to run the intersection.

What is a fox’s hearing

Definitely! It’s not at the top of their To Do list, but foxes have no swimming a reasonable distance if the is there.

Is it true that Red were

In the 17th century, fox hunters tried hunting the Gray Foxes, only to that these foxes no fun: they went to (i.e. went home) at the sign of trouble — the beloved Red Fox, who would the hounds and hunters around and for hours, providing great So a series of mating pairs released in the U.S. where quickly spread throughout the and have been happily ever since.

‘Dog’ a very pretty term for a fox.

Shouldn’t the male be a Tod or a Renard?

You can call them for all of us; it’s the lexicologists who are responsible for things in human terms. We the male fox is more interested in vixens want to call in any case.

What is a fox’s called?

A brush .

Do foxes for life?

Do humans?

Some do and don’t. Vixens turn in the early winter, and the male fox hang around until after the kits are born. It is up to the vixen to raise the little once they are on their but the male fox will often be in the vicinity helping out one way or another decks, watching TV, going out for that sort of thing).

the next winter, males and often seek out the same for another winter of romantic and family rearing. But some seek out more than one and sometimes families break up for no reason at all.

How many are in a litter?

The average is four; is common.

What do foxes

Just about anything! are omnivores, and while they to prefer meat, they go for nuts, berries, fruit of all vegetables, and even grains! Red who have decided to live humans (for whatever will eat pretty much a human will.

— the possible exception of Wendy’s Chicken Combo.

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