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Volkswagen Dasher

datsun 310gx, 1980 i the truck burned a lot of gas, and seemed to be on the verge of breaking and one day it wouldn’t start, and i tried to start it, but that didn’t either. eventually i had the opportunity to buy datsun from a friend of my doug. i think he’d run some kind of cable it, so the front panels were back and that made the hard to open, and it had a few other which i considered to be cosmetic, and not worthy of consideration. i think i got it for or maybe $450. It had a sunroof, and got mileage, and turned out to be a most vehicle. i still had the pickup, and i to sell it, so i thought i should at get it running to get decent money for it. i the starter, but that didn’t to help. then i bought a new battery for it, and it started right up a roar and cloud of blue (probably didn’t even a new starter). i put an ad for it in the paper and started calls right away. i it to a vietnamese guy for $650. while i was in the lot signing over the title, old black guy who lived in bent condos near me offered the guy $750 for it on the spot. i realized i have gotten more for it. in virginia a pickup is almost a vehicle for a male above the age of but in florida, it’s an instant opportunity. paint your number and hauling service on the and you can make lots of money away construction or tree debris. did you notice pansy on the did you also notice how the car seems to down on the driver’s side? no optical illusion.

this is in the 310GX on the way to the airport to drop off tim for his i don’t recall if it was dca, bwi or six of us went down to drop him and it was hard to fit six into the datsun, with tim’s duffle bag and you can see i’m driving and steve is in the seat, and that’s tim’s we put the back seat down and the were in the back and way back in a big i’m wearing the fez that was a to me from my grandad and carolyn wife). they went to in the mid or early eighties and brought and i each a fez. he told us were illegal in turkey, so seemed even more i tried to find out if they really illegal, but it’s to tell for sure. it sounds there is an arcane law in turkey says you have to wear a hat a brim, so if they want, can prosecute fez wearers, but it’s not as as it was in the 1920’s and 1930’s when were people killed fez riots.

there’s ali and brent in the way a lovely winter scene is visible out the back window. a sticker for wabash college, i was attending. after we dropped off there was more room, but it was a pretty tight squeeze. on the near frederick, it started a little bit. then it snowing a lot. then started accumulating on the highway. we started seeing cars had slid off the side of the road. the car fishtailing around in the snow, when a big semi blasted us. remember how i mentioned that the car to the drivers side? that’s the frame was bent from an incident, and when your is bent, sometimes your point in slightly different and that is not very helpful you’re driving in slippery but we kept going, and despite of scary slipping and fishtailing, we it back to berkeley springs.

there’s the edge of tim, a of ali, brent’s head, and head, in the back and wayback, before we dropped tim off of course. so you be wondering how the frame came to be we had moved from st. pete to o’lakes florida, which is of tampa. i met this vietnamese kid in our and he was pretty intelligent, but i think he had decided to rebel against his because he was actively seeking out all the alcohol and deviancy he could i was happy to help where i so one night he stole a bunch of from his parents and also a to put it in, and we started driving around beer and looking for something to do. i wasn’t drinking too much i was driving, but by the time we’d to drive down to tampa, had a few. somehow, we ended up by and a woman in a mitsubishi something or stopped right in front of me to a left turn. my brakes that great, and probably not my time either, and i hit the back of her i think it was pretty late by so there wasn’t much so i turned on my flashers, and we started to hide the cooler and the beers and i feeling like i might be in shit if the cops came. i got out and the had gotten out, and the front end of my car had bent down, and there was a small dent in her bumper. was something a little strange how the woman was acting, and i began to she had consumed far more alcohol had i. at any rate, she didn’t see any reason why we get the police involved, and thought a dent on her bumper was no reason to get her company involved either. i with her completely and was rather she got in her car and drove away, and i got in mine and away. but the first time i a left turn, i realized i had not unscathed. the wheel made a noise when it hit the bent wheel well and wouldn’t past a certain point. i had to only wide left to drive home. i didn’t any more of the beer. and i don’t i saw that guy very much any after that. i tried to the fender out of the way, but it wouldn’t and the plastic liner would fall back to where it had so i ended up taking the whole off, including the plastic liner, and that took of the turning left part, and i it looked pretty cool after getting a number of comments from various i realized it was a little too mad max for suburban and that i’d eventually trouble with the law. so talking to a few people, and getting an how much frame straightening cost at a body shop, i a length of steel cable and a of cable clamps. i went to harry’s barbecue where was a nice big oak tree out back and the cable around the tree and it to the front drivers corner of the i left a few yards of slack then i got in the car, pulled up to the tree, put it in reverse, and pretended i had to a quick getaway. i did a few quick like that, and it felt it was lifting the car up in the air a little bit, and the made some strange noises. i thought it wasn’t anything, but i started to worry the cable would snap if i to do it harder, and maybe it smash the windshield and cut my head off, me to appear in one of those ‘news of the columns, so i gave up. but when i got out and the front end of the car seemed a bit less i very hopefully put the fender on, minus part of the plastic and the frame had been unbent for even the tightest left

missing: dark blue turismo, 1982 or so, i found picture and i’m pretty that’s the turismo there in john’s old beetle and snog’s outside of the brower place in virginia. also in the picture are snog and brent. on the right is painted up old pickup truck, but the is too dark to really make it

one time when i drove up to my grandad, he asked me what of car i had. i told him it was a datsun, and he if that was a japanese car. i him it was and he asked me why i hadn’t bought an car. i told him i had the chance to get the car and it like a good deal and i think much about it was made. he said, listen, i those bastards in the war. (he bought AMC cars because had a plant in kenosha, and he liked to the local economy.) i didn’t it that i had disappointed my grandad by a japanese car, but it seemed to find a decent american car for than it was to find a foreign especially if you wanted one that got gas mileage, which i did. so i visited him again that he said he wanted to help me get a american car. we went to used car lot that seemed to be in the part of town. the owner was a guy who my (who was a lawyer and a judge) had some legal work and who he thought was a good guy who deserved his there wasn’t a very selection there really, and i very impressed with any of the i didn’t want my grandad to a bunch of money, and i don’t he wanted to spend too much i think they gave use or so for my datsun, and we ended up getting dark blue dodge which was about $1200 or so. i not to think of the kind of toyota or i could have gotten for money, and immediately felt a of regret as i drove away my trusty datsun. actually, it had running kind of badly for a and it kept chewing up tires, so i completely saddened to have new. but the light blue interior of the dodge was not what i had hoping for. the seat rather uncomfortable, like it was to force me into a kind of back sporty posture, but i i’d be able to adjust the later. i never was able to it to a comfortable position though, so i got used to being uncomfortable in the the car was one of those things in life cause mixed feelings. i appreciated my grandad getting it for me, his motive didn’t exactly sense to me. i really wanted to the car, and it was nice to have new, but i felt a bit forced something that was someone idea. and one more thing me sad about leaving the datsun. one when i was in st pete, i went some people to this old either bill bush or craft had something to do with it, and was this ancient hulk of a car in it. it was and looked discarded but still cool because it was a jaguar the thirties. i stole the oil filler cap it because it said SS on it and it was a nice chrome object. (later i out someone had been planning to the car and noticed the cap was gone (it was probably the thing on the car in halfway decent and got mad at jason or bill (whoever had affiliated with the warehouse in the place).) the cap fit perfectly on the datsuns shift, so i had it on there for a long when i left the datsun, taken the cap off the gearshift, but somehow it in the car, and by the time i’d it a day or two later, and called the used car lot to ask if found it, they’d already rid of the datsun and said they even looked in it. the dodge like it was designed by a committee of or more likely, wasn’t at all. it was uncomfortable to sit in, and i would bump my head getting in and bits of the plastic trim to break and fall off, or fall off, and things always getting loose and when i parked on an incline, if it was too the shifter would get stuck in and i’d have to rock the car and pulling on it to get it to move. i didn’t like my nice american so after half a summer of it, i was starting to scan the classifieds.

volkswagen dasher (also as passat), 1978. this is the next to pat’s lovely at the shunney house. i think i this car in the local trading type of thing, or maybe it was in a paper’s classified ads. it was out in the at this place with of cars around a mobile it seemed like a nice car, and i think the guy wanted for it. i dont recall if i talked him a little bit, or if i ended up what he was asking. the guy was sort of and one thing i remember him talking was how he put a chevy engine into a because it was easier to get parts for a engine, and he didn’t like it seemed like that be an awful lot of work to do the conversion, but i do screwy things with that don’t seem to a lot of sense, so maybe cars was his thing. oh, i ended up leaving the turismo at my mother’s house for a time. i eventually sold it to my tom asmuth, after warning him that i wasn’t sure how it was mechanically. i think he gave me $300 for it. he drove it to california, and had trouble free miles and it just fine. the dasher had a few which had been fixed bondo, and some pretty touchup paint, but from a actually looked pretty one time i drove it down to beach and i was visiting my cousin who had a model vw golf or something. he me about my car, and i told him it was a and he asked me who was making the payments on it. seemed like a pretty question to me, because i had never had a car had ‘payments’ and also because i who, other than me, be making payments for my car, if had been payments to make.

here’s pat driving the dasher, me the picture from the back brent being in the passenger it’s seems odd to sit in the back of your own car, but pat wanted to and brent called shotgun, so was i to do? i think we’re in berkeley this car had a mechanical fuel system. john skaggs me how it worked. there’s a metal that’s in the air intake system, and the air that comes in, the more metal plate is pushed the other end of the metal plate the amount of fuel the injectors put or something like that. i trying to adjust the metal when the car started running i also put a few bottles of fuel cleaner in the gas tank. i also the fuel filter, and then i out there was another fuel in the back near the gas tank, so i that. the car ended up serving me well, though i had a few breakdowns and to fix.

Volkswagen Dasher

here’s me driving, pat in the backseat manning the camera, again having called one of the less pleasant things i did to car was change the timing belt. it was difficult to take the necessary off, and to get the cover off, and get the old off and the new belt on. but the really unpleasant was doing all that on the side of a with plenty of traffic, on a windy winters day in crawfordsville, there’s nothing quite having your hand off the wrench handle and smash the cold hard metal of you can’t see and can barely reach you’re lying on your reaching up and around something, looking at your hand a while later and seeing lots of skin was ripped off the but you didn’t feel it because hand was numb and barely any comes out because your stopped circulating from the that’s pretty bad, but more annoying is how after out for a few minutes, sometime after hands go numb, and just as about get something put back on, you you really have to pee.

honda civic, 1982, 4 5 speed. on the left of course, brent’s station wagon on the this is at the shunney house. is holding up a booklet which he about that particular to west virginia. i don’t if that was the time that i steve in brooklyn, and then he was me directions to get to the interstate, and he walked to the car with me, because he could in which direction to go, and i wasn’t about something, so he started me a map, but i was asking him about he had on the map, and he said fuck it, ride with me to show me, and i could drop him off and he’d the train back to his place, but he was explaining which exit to or something, and decided to show me too. i was supposed to meet at the midway diner in bethel, i think ross and danielle, who coming back to new york, so we what the hell, he could me the way all the way out of the city, and get a ride back to with ross and danielle (or it was). so we got to the midway diner and the we were to meet was not there, so we ahead and had a nice meal of food. we waited around a but nobody showed up, so steve he’d go to west virginia me. so off we went. we had a really good and steve ended up taking the back to brooklyn from after a couple of days in virginia. he hadn’t even put a on or locked his door when he because he was just coming out to me in the right direction, but he ended up hundreds of miles away for a of days.

another not very or complete picture of the honda. is in crawfordsville, indiana. bruce and i in an apartment in the building next to the a pizza restaurant. it was widely as ‘the rottage’ and i think it was down by the time this was taken. my honda is on the left of and jörg on his toyota, something he bought so he could drive america. i helped him find it and buy it, i it was under $400. i don’t german very well, but we looked at the car, we had this where i would look the hood, crawl under the then come out and shake my mournfully at jörg and say a bunch of in german like i was listing all the i found wrong. the guy who was selling it seem to care too much and didn’t drastically reduce the because of our conferring in german. but he got it, and i we did some brake work, and the water pump and other like work. he drove it south with niki spring break, and somewhere in on a rainy day he skidded into car and smashed up the front end (maybe we bleed the brakes properly). a pretty funny story to that, but maybe i’ll it for another time. the honda got mileage, around 30 miles per in the city, and the high thirties on the i did a test with premium gas one and it increased the mileage slightly, at on the highway, not much, but enough to pay for the between regular and premium. premium gas, and driving i could get up to 43 miles per gallon.

here’s jörg driving the on a spur of the moment trip to to visit the kent state i also have a picture the same trip, of jörg really fast backwards a cemetery. he really loved the of driving through a cemetery, it was a fairly foreign concept for a who was used to smaller more occupied cemeteries where was the only available mode of and to drive backwards at a reckless through a cemetery seemed a pretty fun thing to do. see that dish like area on the that was great for putting or food or other junk in. if someone put something there you told them not to, you could make it slide out onto the by going around a corner fast, though if it was a left the object might fly out the window. i came across a bill of for the honda. i bought it for $450 on 23, 1990, as-is, from a guy afghanistan, whose name was

toyota corona, 1978, 5 purchased for $850 from a librarian and her mechanic husband, were sad to see it go. i think it was a ‘luxury which meant it had power this was a pretty nice car. comfortable, easy to and it had pep. it was rear wheel an extra special fun thing it was the 8 track tape player. i got it to and bought some old 8 track at a thrift store (led beatles, some turkish dancing music, soundtrack to on the roof). there was also a 8 track at the brower place in virginia, and that was great to to over and over. unfortunately the 8 tape player broke a while and i never did take it in to the dealer to get it fixed. the luxurious covered top was beginning to rip and flake by the i bought it, and it eventually got pretty some suggested it looked as if the had been attacked by giant the car didn’t handle too well, but it fairly solid on the road and i got it up to 111 per hour one time (professional closed course), but the speedometer was ten percent off, so it was probably only about 100. me and gillian standing there. i put the on timer mode, for a very exposure, and told gillian to very still. of course she to move her head around of standing still as requested, the ghostly extra head on her that was down by the lynnhaven that image is from and white film. i colorized it in it looks pretty close to the color.

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