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8 Ball Rules

8 Ball

Before reading these, you consult the General Rules of Billiards. Except when contradicted by these additional the General Rules of Pocket apply when playing 8 .

8 Ball Rules — How to 8 Ball

This page references to some material is copyrighted by the Billiard Congress of Any modification or sale of such herein is strictly prohibited by the governing that copyright. direct questions regarding of the following, or information on how to receive the BCA Billiards — The Official and Records book to the Billiard of America.

If there are any terms the 8 ball Billiards rules you do not understand, you can search our billiard glossary in the search box near the top of the page, or search the billiard glossary directly. I have included the Billiard Congress of reference numbers, so that can reference each rule to the specific rule text on the Congress of America website.

of 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball is with a cue ball, an 8-ball, and object balls, numbered 1 15. Balls 1-7 are solid colors, and 9-15 are striped. One player pocket balls of solid while the other player the ones. The player pocketing entire group first and legally pocketing the 8-ball the game.

Equipment for 8 Ball

In 8 eight solid-colored billiard numbered 1 through 8, and seven billiard balls numbered 9 15 are used, along with one white cue ball. The solid are often known as Low balls and the striped balls are often as high balls. (1-9)

The are normally colored as follows:

1 and 9 yellow

2 and 10 — blue

3 and 11 red

4 and 12 — purple

5 and 13 —

6 and 14 — green

7 and 15 —

8 — black

cue ball white.

You may also observe the 7 and 15 balls are sometimes colored tan or

Playing 8 Ball

There are general phases to the billiard of 8 Ball. These include breaking, taking turns, and the 8 ball.


To begin the of 8 ball, the colored balls are in a triangle, called a rack. The of the rack is parallel to the short end of the table and is positioned so the ball in the tip of the is located on the foot spot. The in the rack are pressed into with the foot ball, and in contact after the rack is Within the rack, the 8-ball is while the two corners are each with one solid ball and one ball. The game begins the cue ball in hand anywhere the head string. (That is, the of the billiard table farthest the rack), an area also in slang terms as the kitchen.

The table is divided into two halves lengthwise by an imaginary named the long string. Two the head string and foot run perpendicular to the long string and are 1/4 length away from end of the table. The intersection of the long and strings is called the head and the intersection of the long and foot is called the foot spot.

One player is chosen to shoot (break the balls apart; that this definition of the break is different than it may be in billiard games, notably by any number of methods. These but are not limited to: the flip of a coin, of last game breaks, of last game breaks, etc. Lag is a contest for determining who break, and is the preferred method as by the Billiard Congress of America. In the each player shoots a ball (other than the cue from behind the head to the foot of the table. The player ball returns closest to the rail wins the lag and has the option to The winner of the lag may elect to pass the to his or her opponent. The winner of each breaks in the next. The following are options that may be designated by officials, or decided upon by player, in advance: Players break, Loser breaks, and trailing in game count the next game. For casual or as a part of various house there are several variations of to determine which player first. These include players each game, breaks, and winner chooses who is to

Legal Break Shot

For the shot to be legal, the breaker, the cue ball behind the head must either pocket a or drive at least four balls to the rail. When the fails to make a legal it is a foul. When a foul the incoming player has the option of the table in position and shooting, or the balls re-racked and exercising the of shooting the opening break or the offending player to re-break. If the pockets a ball, it is still the player’s inning. This of 8 Ball has two possible variations.

The is deemed to have legally a ball, and continues to shoot for in the same group. In this if balls in both

groups are a common rule is for the player to which group they shoot for, but for their to end.

If no numbered ball is by the opening break, then the remains open and the opposing inning begins. The table is when the choice of groups or solids) has not yet been determined. the table is open, it is legal to hit a first to make a stripe or Note: The table is always immediately after the break When the table is open, it is to hit any solid or stripe first in the of pocketing the called stripe or However, when the table is and the 8-ball is the first ball it is a foul and no stripe or solid may be in favor of the shooter. The shooter his turn; the incoming player is cue ball in hand; any balls remain pocketed; and the incoming addresses the balls with the still open. On an open all illegally pocketed balls pocketed.

Scratch on a Legal

If a player scratches on a legal shot, all balls pocketed pocketed (exception, the 8-ball: see Pocketed on the Break below), it is a or, the table is open. Note that the incoming player has cue in hand behind the head and may not shoot an object ball is behind the head string, he first shoots the cue ball the head string and causes the cue to come back behind the string and hit the object ball.

Balls Jumped off the Table the Break

If a player jumps an ball off the table on the break it is considered a foul and the incoming has the option of accepting the table in and shooting, or taking cue ball in behind the head string and

8-Ball Pocketed on the Break

If the is pocketed on the break, breaker may ask for a or have the 8-ball spotted and shooting. If the breaker scratches pocketing the 8-ball on the break, the player has the option of a re-rack or of the 8-ball spotted and begins with ball in hand the head string.

Choice of

The choice of stripes or solids is not on the break even if balls are from only one or both because the table is always immediately after the break The choice of group is determined when a player legally a called object ball the break shot. If the groups been determined and the player shoots at and pockets a ball of the the opponent must call a on that player before take their next If the opponent fails to do so, the player takes over the group of (solids or stripes) at which he or she has shooting during this

Taking Turns (Innings)

A will continue to shoot he/she makes a fault or to pocket one of the object balls. At point, the player’s inning is and then, the other player his/her turn. Play like this for the remainder of the

Call Shot

In Call players need not call balls and pockets, however, it is the right to ask which ball and are to be used in the shot if they are of the shot. Bank shots and shots are not considered obvious, and care should be taken in both the object ball and the pocket. When calling the shot, it is not necessary to indicate such as the number of cushions, kisses, caroms, etc that be used in the shot. Any balls as the result of a foul are to remain regardless of whether they to the shooter or the opponent. The opening is not considered a called shot. Any performing a break shot in may continue to shoot so long as any ball is legally pocketed on the

Pocketing the 8 ball

Once all the object balls are pocketed, can now attempt to sink the 8 ball and To win, he/she must the pocket it will land in, and it in that pocket. If it is shot in to the pocket, if the cue ball is potted, or if is a fault (see below), loses. If neither the cue ball nor the ball is potted, the player’s is over.

Playing the 8 ball

the 8-ball is the legal object a scratch or foul is not loss of if the 8-ball is not pocketed or jumped the table. Incoming player has cue in hand. Note: A combination can never be used to legally the 8-ball, except when the is the first ball contacted in the sequence.

Legal Shot

On all (except on the break and when the is open), the shooter must hit one of group of balls first and pocket a numbered ball, or the cue ball, or any numbered ball to a rail. Please Note: It is for the shooter to bank the cue ball off a before contacting the object however, after contact the object ball, an object must be pocketed, or the cue ball or any ball must contact a Failure to meet these results in a foul.


For tactical reasons, a player may to pocket an obvious object and also discontinue a turn at the by declaring safety in advance. A shot is defined as a legal If the shooting player intends to safe by pocketing an obvious ball, then prior to the the shooter must declare a to the opponent. It is the shooter’s responsibility to the opponent aware of the intended shot. If this is not done, and one of the object balls is pocketed, the will be required to shoot Any ball pocketed on a safety remains pocketed.

8 Ball

A player is entitled to continue until failing to legally a ball of his group. After a has legally pocketed their group of balls, they now to pocket the 8-ball.


Combination shots are allowed; the 8-ball can’t be used as a ball in the combination unless it is the only remaining legal ball on the table. Otherwise, such contact occur on the it is a foul.

8 Ball Faults

one player commits a fault, the player gets ball in that is, they may place the cue anywhere on the table before their next shot. is one area of substantial disagreement in rules: some (including of the BCA) play that the break) the cue ball may be placed and shoot at anything. Other sets suggest that the with ball in hand may place the cue ball in the kitchen, and shoot out of the kitchen before any ball. This means they may not shoot at a ball the kitchen directly. However, if all balls are inside the kitchen, can request that the one closest to the string be placed on the head Under BCA rules, if the cue ball is on the break, the cue ball must be in the kitchen and shot out. If sinks the cue ball while on the black, it will be an immediate and the opposite player will two shots whether or not he or she is on the black. If he or she the black and the cue ball he or she will lose the game.

Illegally Pocketed Balls

An ball is considered to be illegally when that object is pocketed on the same shot a foul is committed, or when the ball did not go in the designated pocket, or a safety is called prior to the Illegally pocketed balls pocketed and are scored in favor of the controlling that specific of balls, solids or stripes.

on Jump Shots, and Masse

Generally cue ball fouls is the rule of play when a is not presided over by a referee. a player should recognize it will be considered a cue ball if during an attempt to jump, or masse the cue ball over or an impeding numbered ball is not a legal object ball, the ball moves position. is regardless of whether it was moved by a cue stick follow-through, or bridge.

Balls Leaving the Billiard

If any object ball is leaves the it is considered a foul and loss of unless it is the 8-ball, which in a loss of game. Any jumped balls are not re-spotted.

APA rules:

and how jumping the cue ball is a fault

you lose if you:

Shoot at the ball and miss

Shoot at the ball, pocket the cue ball, but pocket the eight ball

the players have to announce and pocket

Whether pocketing the ball on the break is a win or a loss


If after three turns at the table by each (six turns total), the judges that attempting to or move an object ball result in loss of game, the will be re-racked with the breaker of the stalemated game again. The stalemate rule may be regardless of the number of balls on the table. Please Note: consecutive fouls by one player in is not a loss of game.

Loss of

A player loses the game of 8 by committing any of the following infractions:

when pocketing the 8-ball see 8-Ball Pocketed On The Break

Pockets the 8-ball on the same as the last of his group of balls.

the 8-ball off the table at any time.

the 8-ball in a pocket other the one designated.

Pockets the 8-ball it is not the legal object ball.

All must be called by the opposing before another shot is Otherwise it will be deemed no infraction occurred.

Possible set of

The rules for this game may be the debated and contested rules of any game; thus, it is imperative you and your opponent agree on the before playing. Many and leagues in the USA use the Billiard Congress of (BCA) rules as their The billiard hall at which you are may also have their own rules, though you should consult your opponent on to play by them.

8 Ball between the UK and the USA

In the version of pool or 8 played in the United Kingdom and plain unnumbered red balls and balls often replace the and striped balls. If not, the bigs (9-15) and smalls are used instead. The black however, typically bears a eight. Another difference is the UK billiard table has pockets larger than the balls, the American billiard table has that are significantly larger.

The cue is often placed initially opposite the other balls, on the line of the kitchen.

Whether a contacts the rail, or the player one of his own balls, is irrelevant in deciding a Instead, a legal move is one the cue ball first hits one of the in the player’s own group, and does not pot the cue the black ball or any of the balls in the group. If the player does in potting one of his own balls then he or she often be rewarded with a shot.

After a foul stroke in the UK, the player will miss a known as the two shots rule. generally replaces the ball in rule, except in the case the cue ball is potted. In this the opposing player, in addition to a second shot, may choose to place the cue ball. Sometimes the is limited to the semicircle, the D, although the boundary line of the kitchenwww.epa.org.uk/wrules.php

A area of contention concerns on the black. Possibilities include:

Any committed while shooting for the ball is an instant loss.

Any committed while both are shooting for the black ball is an loss.

Any foul committed one’s opponent shooting for the ball only entitles him to one

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Similarly, there is contention two shots carrying over. include:

If a player has two shots, and a ball with the first, he has two shots.

If a player has two shots, and a ball with the first, he now has one left.

Rule 1 applies the potted ball is his last ball, in which case 2 applies.

Lastly, the question of backwards after the white is respotted following being Possibilities here include:

A may not hit a ball on or behind the line hitting another ball or first.

A player may not shoot but may shoot at balls behind the provided that the direction of of the white ball is forwards.

A may shoot backwards.

Further may arise over whether it is to deliberately pot the white ball if a no shooting backwards rule is in and the opponents’ balls are behind the

Standardized Rules (World 8 rules)

A standardized version of rules for professional competitions been established. These are the played in most 8-ball on television. These rules are played in amateur leagues as World Rules creates to encourage quick play and skill by making playing a (hook) more difficult and covering pockets less

Some examples of these would be:

On all shots, the player cause the Cue Ball’s initial with a ball to be with a On and then pot a ball On or cause the Cue or any Object Ball to contact a means that an easy cannot always be played.Also:

In versions of 8 ball purposefully a foul (by sinking an opponents is not allowed. World 8 ball permits this. Furthermore, the cue cannot be moved after a is committed. This means pocketing an opponents ball means that no significant is given to the opposing player. depends on where the cue ball after the shot is played. must be taken though as a foul shot resulting in a results in a foul snooker. The player can then play a ball from the baulk.


On January 1, 2006, rules were introduced They are being introduced in the UK and countries playing small English pool. The idea is blackball should unify the existing rule-sets. Blackball the best parts of the all the main of rules. These rules are by the World Pool Association. A to these rules can be found at The governing body for blackball in is the European Blackball Association.

8 Rules

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8 Ball Rules

The for the 8 ball rules article was from Internet.

8 Ball History

Eight Ball or 8 Ball Rules informally, was around 1900 with the known recorded set of 8 ball originating around 1906. At time, it was not named Eight rules, but rather it was named Co. Pool which is a name stuck and was used as late as Eight ball was originally with seven yellow and seven red balls, and a black which is a ball set that is used in the British style UK 8 Eight ball rules vary as much as they do In fact, it was not until 1940 8 ball rules ever it in to any official billiard rule

The 8 ball rules are predominently in North America.

The governing for 8 ball rules is the World Association.

8 Ball Rules to the pocket billiards category of cue Pocket billiards is a class of cue game commonly referred to as

The entire cue sport rules is available via RSS/XML. Click to the pool rules rss feeds .

8 Rules Comments

I have a about 8 ball. If you are on your ball before the 8 ball and you the shot then scratch do you the match? Technically wouldn’t it be a on the 8 ball?

I do not read any thing tells me if it is a loss or a win if the 8 ball in on the break?

Eight ball in on the opens a can of worms, and varies by you are playing, generally speaking: ie. are general rules and may be changed by a or establishment, so always check the locals.)

1. Standardized World (1997). is. 8-BALL POCKETED ON THE If the 8-ball is pocketed on the break, the may ask for a re-rack or have the 8-ball and continue shooting. If the breaker while pocketing the 8-ball on the the incoming player has the option of a or having the 8-ball spotted and shooting with ball in behind the headstring

2. Billiard of America (BCA). is. 8-BALL ON THE BREAK If the 8-ball is pocketed on the breaker may ask for a re-rack or have the spotted and continue shooting. If the scratches while pocketing the on the break, the incoming player has the of a re-rack or having the 8-ball and begin shooting with in hand behind the head (some local leagues, as The Denver Pool Players (DPPA) give a 3rd option in case. The player with the may also rack the balls and the opponent the break )

3. Valley 8-Ball Association (VNEA). is. ( You 2 options here) 1. During play, making the 8-Ball on the is an automatic win for the player breaking. if the cue ball is scratched when the 8-Ball on the break, the opponent the game. 2. During International with an 8-Ball pocketed on the the breaker may ask for a re-rack or have the spotted and continue shooting. the breaker pocket the 8-Ball and the incoming player has the option of the 8 or re-racking and assuming the break. the incoming player decide to the 8, he must shoot from the headstring. A game cannot be won or with an 8 on the break, regardless of is pocketed on the same shot. leagues may also adopt the of the 8-Ball option.

4. American Players Association (APA). is. pocketed on the break is an automatic win for the breaking. However, if the cue ball is when making the 8-Ball on the the opponent wins the game

5. Cue Sports Alliance (ACA). is. as BCA.

6. The Association for Pool is. 8-Ball on the break wins the Eight ball on the break and a is loss of game.

7. Worlds Association (WPA). BLACKBALL (international) This is also UK rules where you play 7 red and 7 yellow balls and of course the ball. (usually with the #8 on

If the blackball is potted on any break a re-rack break, all the balls are and the same player breaks No penalty will be incurred, applies even if other including the cue ball, are pocketed, or the playing surface — off the bed of the

8. Finally for now. you have the BAR RULES (LBR). is. (always ask unless you are the World Ultimate Champ and are packing) In MOST bars across the USA the game is shot and pocketing the 8-Ball on the is a win as long as all other balls are pocketed or stay on the table. (in bars where there is a list of challengers on a blackboard or the player who lost to the 8-Ball gets to immediately rack and try instead of putting his name on the of the list, due to the fact, as we all know, bar pool is a gentleman’s sport.

THIS SHOULD ANSWER QUESTION (Silvestor from Now go out, after telling the as the case may be, that you need to some new rules. HAVE

I ran across a situation not clarified by rules. if an opponents ball is in front of a pocket when you are the eight ball can you legally the eight off of the opponents ball both balls in the pocket the opponents ball falling in

On breaking a rack, what should be struck first?

Is it a if the cue ball strikes the object and the opponent’s ball simultaneously?

Please post your about RULES in the 8 ball You’ll get must faster there. This is meant for comments.

What if I shoot my stripe ball in and the cue ball in the pocket after the ball. Do I the game because the 8 ball is the ball I would shoot at? So the cue ball went in before the ball, but I was not shooting at the 8 ball.

Are any special rules for bar-room for the 8-ball. If so let me know!

I know basic but I needed to show that a shot where the cue doesn’t touch any other is considered a scratch. Unfortunately not addressed on this page.

and Jill — welcome to the I believe your comment is in the rules. Check out the heading Shot where it says the must hit one of their group of first AND either pocket a or drive a ball to a rail.

shooting at the 8 Ball at the finish of the If you make the 8 Ball on your and scratch at the same time; Do you the game?

I have a question, if you are on the 8 and your opponent has 1 or more left on the table and he has purposely put his behind the 8 ball to block the and the only way to get the 8 ball out of there is to hit the 8 his ball into the hole then followed by the 8 ball is considered a scratch since you the shot? Also this is a subject for me in the same scenario if you your opponets ball in and you are on the 8 ball does not scratch is considerd to be a scratch shot neither the 8 ball or the cue ball in on your final shot if opponent has one or more balls So that you will have a later in the game. my opponent to think that if I even his ball and it goes in and I am on the 8 ball is a scratch, even though the cue or 8 was pocketed please help me this.

Volkswagen Fox-Africa
Volkswagen Fox-Africa
Volkswagen Fox-Africa
Volkswagen Fox-Africa
Volkswagen Fox-Africa

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