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Volkswagen Fox 302

Thrust cut custom size bearing to match $20

Clean $20-$50 depending upon

Pack your case in a (you can leave the head in or take them out), and it to us. We’ll clean the case if and machine it as needed. plus back to you.

Cam Alignment

We machine the center cam bore with the ends. Sometimes the gets warped and this makes it straight again. The is only $20 with align job and ensures the cam won’t bind on the journal.

Case Saver

Cylinder head studs made in 10mm and 8mm sizes. If you 10mm that have out or haven’t yet, we can install locking thread inserts to the studs stay in and the heads on tight and not leak.

Pack case in a box, (you can the head studs out or leave in), and send it to us. We’ll the case for $30.00, remove the for $15.00 and install the case inserts for $90.00, plus back to you.

16 Time-Sert 10 X 1.5 thread inserts $20

Full Flow Oil Filter

is the best investment you can make in VW engine.

The stock VW engine have an oil filter, only a A full flow oil filter sends all of the oil through an oil filter it goes to the bearings. Adding a flow oil filter system the life of your engine by keeping the oil clean.

Pack case in a box and send it to us. You can leave the studs in. We’ll clean the for $30.00 and machine it for full for $40.00, plus shipping to you. Include your oil and we’ll modify it as needed for We can supply the fittings, hoses and mount if you need them.

for Longer Stroke Crankshafts By Hand

Not by a machine that more metal then

When building an engine a longer stroke crankshaft, the casezneeds to be opened up for the additional of the crankshaft and connecting rods. We do the job by hand, removing only the amount of metal, keeping the case as strong as possible.

We need your crank and to do the job right, unless we’re them.

Send us the case, and rods and we’ll do a beautiful $30.00 to clean the case, for clearancing, plus shipping to you.

Often, the camshaft clearancing for the extra stroke of the

If you send it along, or if we are supplying it, machine it for $15.00

Boring for Cylinders

Planning on building an with machine in 88’s, 90, 92, 94mm pistons?

Your case will need to be out. We can machine the case.

your case in a box, with one of the cylinders and send it to us.

You can the head studs out or leave in.

We’ll clean the case as remove the studs for $15.00 if bore the case for the larger for $60.00, plus shipping to you.

Clearancing the Case for Lift Camshafts

Most high lift cause the lifters to hit the case. We can the case and/or the lifters as to eliminate this interference.

your case in a box and send it to us. You can the head studs in. We’ll the case if needed, clearance the bores for $20.00 and machine the for $30.00, plus shipping to you.

Valve Jobs

the valves and remachining the valve are the main part of reconditioning the heads and restoring good

You can send us your complete We disassemble and clean the heads, all valve seats with 3 regrind the valves and hand lap for the long lasting seal, all for for a pair of heads, plus them back to you. New valves or valve guides are an cost priced upon

Any of the following options can be added to a job or done separately.

Cylinder Flycutting

Volkswagen Fox 302

If your cylinder are leaking, they may have a worn into the cylinder surface. If you can see black areas the cylinder edge should be your heads need to be to true up the surface flat so the cylinders seal.

You can send us your complete We’ll disassemble and clean for $30.00 a pair, Flycut for $40.00 a pair for stock $60.00 a pair for larger stock size, plus back to you.

Cylinder Boring

Cylinder heads as as engine cases need to be out for larger cylinders to fit. We can out the heads for cylinder sizes 88mm, 90.5mm, 92mm,

You can send us your complete and a cylinder if you have one or we can supply We’ll disassemble and clean for $30.00 a pair, Bore for $60.00 a pair, plus back to you.

Cylinder Semi-Hemi Cutting

This is an way to lower your compression having to stack a lot of shims the cylinders. We can machine your combustion chambers in a Semi-Hemi increasing the volume of the chamber, lowers the compression ratio. is a good way to eliminate premature or pinging when running low octane gas.

Send us your heads. disassemble and clean them for a pair, Semi-Hemi cut them for a pair, plus shipping to you.

Cylinder Head

In order to know or set your ratio, you need to know the of the combustion chambers. When any other work on your we can measure the cc’s in the combustion and supply you with a printout of the ratio for your size

Add $15.00 to any cylinder head

Valve Guide Tapering

the intake valve guides the flow of the intake mixture the valve guide. When a valve job or cylinder head we can machine a taper on the valve before installation for $24.00 per set of intake valve guides.

for Dual Springs

Installation of valve springs for higher with high performance requires the valve guide to be machined to accept the smaller inner spring. We can machine the on a pair of heads for $24.00 doing any other head Add $30.00 for disassembly and cleaning one of heads.

Removing Broken Studs or

We can remove and replace those or damaged exhaust studs for for the first one and $12.00 for each one while the cylinder heads are in for any type work.

Broken or tap removal from the head are upon inspection.

Volkswagen Fox 302
Volkswagen Fox 302
Volkswagen Fox 302


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