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Examples [ edit ]

I we should discuss what should be listed as examples. I cars in the list should not be spontaneous, but rather be classic Also examples should from different markets Europe and Japan minimum, Australia and Korea when to represent the worldwide picture. (talk ) 13:14, 11 August (UTC)

Microcar [ edit ]

Fortwo is an ideal example, but not sure about Aixam? there’s an example that is known? Maybe BMW Isetta. (talk ) 13:14, 11 August (UTC)

City car [ edit ]

Nuova 500, Renault VW Fox — the list looks but since Fiat 500 is a halo may be we should use a more mainstream Aygo. Netrat (talk ) 11 August 2008 (UTC)

car [ edit ]

Hyundai Accent, Corsa, Suzuki Swift. examples, but these models are not in the class. How about Volkswagen and Ford Fiesta to represent Not sure about models Korea and Japan, but I suspect there are models that are popular and have longer compared to Accent and Swift. Are any US-designed subcompacts? Netrat ) 13:14, 11 August 2008

Compact car [ edit ]

Ford Honda Civic, Opel VW Golf. Hm, there are no doubt VW should be listed — it the whole class. Focus, and Astra are pretty popular. But how the list does not include the car in the history — Toyota We have to replace either or Astra with Corolla. I replacing Astra, as we already another German model in the (Golf). I love Astra and hope to have 2009 Twin Top as my next car, but we add or keep all the cars we like. And how adding a native US compact? We a model with most history, so I don’t know to pick. Dodge Neon. Netrat (talk ) 13:14, 11 2008 (UTC)

Large family car [ edit ]

Mondeo, Opel Vectra, Avensis, VW Passat. Very list. The only problem it not lists models from US. Are models popular enoug in US? (talk ) 13:14, 11 August (UTC)

Compact executive car [ ]

Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes Ideal list. Germans almost monopolized luxury so adding Alfas or Caddys be fanboyish. Netrat (talk ) 11 August 2008 (UTC)

car [ edit ]

Chrysler 300, Commodore. The problem is Chrysler is a (and some even say brand. How about replaсicng 300 with classic Impala or Don’t know what to Affordable full-size car is American but one notable European example, Omega, should be included as Netrat (talk ) 13:14, 11 2008 (UTC)

Mid-size luxury car [ edit ]

A6, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E-Class. list. Germans have monopolized luxury segment, so Alfas or Caddys would be Netrat (talk ) 13:14, 11 2008 (UTC)

Luxury car [ ]

Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, Mercedes Ideal list. Germans almost monopolized luxury so adding Alfas or Caddys be fanboyish. Netrat (talk ) 11 August 2008 (UTC)

SUV [ edit ]

Daihatsu Terios, Pajero iO. Suzuki SX4. is notable for their mini but SX4 is a crossover, not a SUV. How about Suzuki Jimny instead? The here is all models are Japanese. Do countries produce notable SUVs? Maybe, Jeep Netrat (talk ) 13:14, 11 2008 (UTC)

Compact SUV [ ]

Audi Q5, Honda CR-V, BMW X3, Kuga, VW Tiguan. Too many too few notable ones. Audi Q5 is not on sale yet, not to mention a its only purpose is providing an to BMW x3. The same is true for Ford How about adding morepopular and models such as Toyota and Ford Explorer. Netrat ) 13:14, 11 August 2008

Mid-size SUV [ edit ]

BMW X5, Jeep Cherokee, VW Touareg. Well, nice list. Netrat ) 13:14, 11 August 2008

Full-size SUV [ edit ]

Audi Q7, Cadillac Escalade, Suburban. Hmm. :-/ Why doesn’t the include Range Rover and Cruiser(Not Luxury). while Audi Q7 which is actually an crossover? Netrat The Q7 is a competitor of the BMW X5, ML-class and the Lexus RX-series

Volkswagen Fox-EU

Minivan [ edit ]

I believe Minivan section should be See, Coupé Minivan is not a of size classification. Coupé is not even a recognised body A single model is not enough to a class that can be listed Netrat (talk ) 13:14, 11 2008 (UTC)

Crossovers [ ]

Crossovers are different from If US or EU vehicle control organizations between two, we got to add crossovers Netrat (talk ) 13:14, 11 2008 (UTC)

Template [ edit ]

This should be a noteworthy template, but at the moment it is a of guesswork. Car classification needs out before this is pasted and by sorting out, I mean it to be encyclopaedic with references to who says that one car fits one and not another and that something A-segment exists as a defined At the moment things like executive car are unsourced, opinionated that some editor or has made up. Fine as long as you include categories like cars. Nice cars or Big in your template. Not fine if you to build an accurate cross-referenced At the moment I think this easily satisfies points 1 and 4 at for deletion. but it could be such a template that I think it a chance to improve. Mighty (talk ) 23:16, 21 August (UTC)

Sources are easy to find. For here are few for Compact executive [1]. [2]. For all other [3]. For segments, my immediate would be [4]. but there are a lot of sources. Interestingly, yopu challenge American classification, but European one. Anyway, sure you should ask for sources in the discussion, not the template that these articles. Footnotes make template messy. (talk ) 10:49, 23 August (UTC)

Request comment [ ]

I’m requesting further after a no consensus verdict The relationships between fields in table suggest objective which are unsourced and subjective. to my mind is original research contradicts the policy at WP:SYN The itself is also used as a point to define car class in the automobile infobox and in other which breaks the policy at A suggestion has been made to this template with a box similar to the one suggested here allows the various classifications to be without implying the relationships this template portrays as fact. Mighty Antar ) 21:59, 25 March 2010

I missed the whole debate but the as presented, is a mess (body mix up with body styles . a Golf Convertible and plain would end up in different classes). It implies literal one-to-one of national classes which is not the The proposed navbox has its own curiosities cars, defined in wikipedia as a oddity, appear out of place) but it can be and it’s quite neat. suggestions:

Decide if it’s for classes, or body styles, or (not recommended). Decide if it retain historical classes sedanca-de-ville, bubble car etc. recommended). If the consensus leans to model names (which I recommend), list and link model years (generations, currently produced, i.e. Golf Mk6 rather than Golf. They grow and bigger each year NVO (talk ) 09:53, 13 April (UTC)

Could we move the Source? [ edit ]

It’s not — Preceding unsigned comment by (talk ) 20:00, 25 2012 (UTC)

Variety of [ edit ]

There is really no to edit this constatly, its made its ready. try to keep brands/countries represented here, so no to add every audi or every or every whatever brand to this template. — T ·C 17:47, 28 August 2012

Also worth ensuring a reasonable global range of is included. Warren (talk ) 28 April 2013 (UTC) see the problem with keeping older examples in the list Warren (talk ) 15:36, 28 2013 (UTC) My original when cleaning up this was to keep the number of brands and to the reasonable minimum. The reason is it is much easier to see the difference models of one make (like, 208, Peugeot 308 and Peugeot than between models of makes (like, VW Polo, 308 and Toyota Camry). I still having 1 Asian brand, 1 brand and 1 American brand enough examples in most Netrat (talk ) 16:40, 30 2013 (UTC) Makes though by being ultra in which marques are listed that fans of another marque keep wanting to add in! Warren (talk ) 17:01, 30 2013 (UTC) This happen anyway, no matter how brand are listed. Netrat ) 14:00, 5 May 2013 (UTC)

Volkswagen Fox-EU

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