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Volkswagen Fox 302

Throwback Thursday: – The Fox Mustang Site

Today’s Thursday takes us back to our first new car: a FOX Mustang. The “FOX” refers to the platform the 1979-1993 Mustang, as well as the Thunderbird, LTD II, and other cars those years. The FOX platform had one of the lifespans in the history of Ford – say too long. And with very modifications it became the SN-95 and on thru 2004. That’s a time… but clearly this car had a large impact on legions of enthusiasts everywhere.

Our own goes back to a ’79 Cobra ’79 Pace Car, ’83 and ’86 Mustang and of course our Mustang SVO. original owners of all of these, and of they were all driven in at Watkins Glen, Nelson and more. Ford’s Mustangs of years not only kept the hobby going (after the dry of the Mustang II years), they were for the performance revolution that Ford started with its “SVO” parts catalog in the Make no mistake about the of the Mustang in those years: the responsible for starting the performance the eighties; GM and Chrysler were caught lacking.

Nowadays there is an new generation of people buying and restoring early  — and many of them even born when cars came out. The on the internet is the Four Eyed site. The site provides all of interesting news, links to forum postings, and examples of cars on the site.

As well as modified cars (and it is all but to find an original car for a restoration). One example of a modified car is this Mustang Indy Pace convertible . As you may know, Ford was to provide the pace car for the 1979 for the Indy 500. Ford 2 cars, with highly 302 V-8 engines (since the standard 302 provide the necessary performance to the race). Ford also 8000 replicas and sold thru Ford dealers. they sold very many examples were sitting on the dealer lots for 2 or more.

But a convertible was never built…  Ford even make a convertible until the 1982 model So this leaves it up to the hobbyist to this gap. This example was probably built a 1985 or 1986 Mustang.  missing the Recaro seats were used in the Pace although it does have the steering wheel (Pace used two different wheels, and without cruise, the one shown was no available by ’85 or ’86).

This is a good replica, right to the entire front end (but proper license plate The roll hoop is of course not (and we don’t like they are not structural and in any kind of will end up wrapped around the of the occupants of the car).

The interior is its actual origins may be revealed. It has the dash (but incorrect faces) and Pace Car badge, the console (except for chrome the edges), but the wrong seats. The appear to be the ’87/93 style, but 85/86 mesh headrests (to the missing Recaros). The door are also incorrect.

The Pace were all built on hatchback so this is where the later convertible donor would have had to into play in this

Very handsome – both of

The rear spoiler is entirely note that the end caps bonded together and the resulting was simply bolted to the trunk It doesn’t exactly fit right… never offered the part way. But again, note the lettering on the spoiler, this is Good job!

As for our own Pace there aren’t a lot of pictures of it but we have fond memories of it. And it was a far better car it’s replacement (a horrible ’83 GT). With gigantic Quickor bars (yes, they made car then and were very at it), Konis, the dual-snorkel air from a ’82 GT, real dual-exhaust, a few of added advance, and a swapped cop-car rear featuring a skip, better gears, and better brakes, it was a great car for its day and age and served us very well.

We the first owner, trading in our ’79 We sold it to a guy who was later indicted by the so it probably went to auction and is certainly long gone. seen a few pace cars in shape for sale since but haven’t made a commitment to buy one We’ve given some to seeking out the parts, using a as a base (pre-air bag, much and better geometry thanks better crossmember, and the excellent V-8 engine and 5-speed), and having fun, probably adding an IRS we’re at it. Hmmm… project car

Throwback Thursday: Remembering Glen

Today’s Throwback takes us back to the summer of when we were watching a at Watkins Glen on TV, and fondly the old days when the “Glen” was our own track”. And while we now live a of day’s drive away the Glen, it strongly beckons us to We remember every inch of turn of the track, and we also the great view from the out across Seneca Lake. this is the year when we finally take that drive to the Glen for a HPDE for the sake of déjà vu?

I watched the Indy race at Glen today. Like race this one also in the rain, although it at least dried for most of the rest of the That’s a typical story at the

I am yet again struck by so many old of my own days at the Glen.

Volkswagen Fox 302

If I was at the event . I’d be a volunteer tech or pit marshal in the Why? To get close to the action, to see the like no spectator can. If got a track near you – almost any – you can volunteer to work some of the event. Tracks are dependent volunteers, and that has worked well for me.

Most working at the Glen started on Thursday with dinner in the Seneca in the state park. When I was events there, some of the put on a little jazz jam in the lodge in the I’d either be camping at the track or at the lodge, a few times even in the state park next to the (a fabulously scenic hike in itself). A breakfast in town and it’d be off to the at first light. Whatever was running included practice and on Friday during the day, and was our time to make sure we everything covered – from to worker rotation to emergencies. we’d set our worker schedule. not working, your worker gets you into to the pits and so you can stay close to the teams and I did SCCA, IMSA, and a few other in my time there.

If I had driven in a HPDE or open . I’d again be driving home but this also dirty as Ye Olde Mustangs took brake changes to get thru the in those days and I’d still a lot of dirt on me from the typical Sunday brake pad change. I did before do a déjà vu HPDE in May of 1993. That’s my Mustang GT above pulling ahead of one of the attendees. This particular GT had a set of Mustang SVO brakes – big (by the standards of the 5-lug vented deals all so there would only been a single pad change the course of weekend. All my previous required a front bearing and change to get thru the weekend. you read that right, were just awful in the days and only began to well the SVO form (or SVO parts on the GT or

Right around this on Sunday I’d be driving home . The 2-3 hour would be fast, because a long tough working with little sleep and soaking wet from the inevitable I’d be dead tired and wanting to get There would mean a drive up Route 14 (passing possible – you don’t want to be on 14 when everybody else a race weekend is backed up up the lake), a quick drive-thru in Geneva for food, then (playing hide-and-go-seek with the NY Police because the limit was 55 MPH and 56 got you a and a big fine) and home. Weary, weary. But having had a great

That’s what the hobby is all . and the Glen was the greatest place to do it I’ve ever known. been to a lot of race tracks in all the since… but the Glen is different. weekend spent there was – in a – awesome. The track is gigantic, the across the surrounding hills is the Finger Lakes area is tremendously And of course the track is one of the best in the with all sorts of challenges and of feet of elevation changes mastering those was really a accomplishment).

One more Glen After Formula 1 pulled out in the track went bankrupt. weren’t any professional series run anymore (a few years later, the was bought by Corning Glass and – we all owe them a debt of gratitude.

The rules dictated that no could be held on track. But it was that an SCCA autocross get around the limitation imposed by the So once, just once, a autocross was held there and I in it. This was my first time on in 1980. We actually walked the a couple of token slaloms and been setup, and off we went. It was easily a 100 MPH

This kicked off a new trend and SCCA regions started very high-speed autocrosses the country. The SCCA in turn put a to the very idea of high-speed too dangerous and many insurance There was only one other held on the Glen and it was a slow (competitors parked in the back I believe it was in 1982.

That’s my 1979 Mustang 500 Pace Car in the front straight pit (those pits have torn down). There some other friends driving a Pace Car like as well as a 1970 Mustang 1 and a Plymouth Fire Arrow car – remember those?).

The Pace Car was a car I with fondness. Mine had a suspension: heavy springs, very large sway and a limited slip diff from a Fairmont cop car, with slightly larger by a wonderfully cooperative dealer). It had the factory German Recaro which were absolutely It did well on the Glen, but it sure have the necessary brakes. did my later ’83 Mustang, so as my hobby I bought a Mustang SVO specifically track events. That a succession of successful Glen for me, and is another story for another

Volkswagen Fox 302
Volkswagen Fox 302

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