UAW Unions Need New Strategy — Volkswagen Fox-Africa

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Vw fox 1992 modified

UAW: Unions Need New

Reflections on the defeat suffered by the TN in Volkswagen

By Bill Fletcher, Jr.

Feb 18. · The election loss at the Chattanooga of VW was, first and foremost, a suffered by the workers. Secondarily it was a suffered by the United Auto The workers at that facility the chance to bargain collectively and to a voice in their workplace. was a loss that was mainly the of the all-out right-wing offensive took place in TN against the and their–the workers’–decision to seek And, as is the case for all workers who collective bargaining (or the even personal contract), they in a free-fire zone where can be removed from their job for any or no reason as long as the reason not violate statute. I am sorry; i needed to cut to the chase.

Yet, we stop there with our on what transpired. This was a where the company–VW–agreed to be neutral in many ways, seemed to the union. Nevertheless, by a relatively majority, the proponents of workers’ did not prevail. This reality the point that employer while important, is insufficient. are larger factors at stake workers must make a on union representation, particularly in a where labor unions been under such assault. The decision, in this of the Republican Party and others on the Right to draw a line in the and go all out to intimidate the workforce is a case-in-point. The their families and friends had to whether the threats coming the political Right were or just rhetoric. Given the of anti-worker repression in the South, with the on-going racist to secure a ‘white bloc’ progress, the messages of the political came through loud and

Vw fox 1992 modified

At the same time there was factor that i found striking. It was mentioned in an article on the in the Washington Post yesterday They indicated that the anti-union vote there those who were angered by the willingness to keep the wages and of VW workers in TN ‘competitive.’ This was interesting because herein lay a of the UAW that may have surprised people. The workers were that they did not want to to VW that their wages stay below those of Ford or GM workers.

The UAW finds itself in a bind. For than thirty years it has in concessionary bargaining with under the banner of “jointness.” a few years ago it approved a two-tier by which the wage and benefit for incoming workers would from veteran workers. systems are by their very demoralizing and undermine any real of solidarity. They are also a pill that can kill the over time as the newer come to resent the benefits they do not have, but which are by the veteran workers. Jointness, two concessions and a failure–until relatively develop innovative approaches organizing auto “transplants” and parts manufacturers in the South come back to bite the and to bite with fangs of

The defeat in TN will lead commentators to suggest that in the South, or in any hostile environment, is short of changes in labor Such conclusions, which we periodically, are ahistoric and defeatest. Yet are sobering conclusions, or at least that must be considered. all due respect, let me propose a few.

the UAW needs to build a local in that TN plant. The fact the election was lost should not that the union disappears. there is the notion that has increasingly popular over the 20 years of what are called unions,” that is, unions are organized in a situation where have not won majority status therefore, cannot bargain but where they can organize the and build alternative forms of The UAW needs to make that and flip the script.

Two, as is being attempted by the UAW in organizing must look differently than in the past. The is not simply, only and some mainly between the workers and the In the case of Chattanooga, VW was not opposed to the for example. Yet in organizing a labor we must be clear that is and always has been about has it and who does not. Thus, a union really must be a affair. It must be a matter involves and engages not only the affected workers but also families, friends and neighbors. The must see in unionization an economic strategy that makes They must also see in a strategy to fight back the gross injustices that feel every day.

grass roots political and political action is key. The Right mobilized its various against this unionization Workers and their unions sit back and await a Democratic response to such a travesty. need locally-based political and organizations that can mobilize in to both advance a progressive but to also move against the Right. Champions of workers must create a bit of mischief destabilizing our opponents. That from an active presence in the to legislative initiatives that workers’ rights to electoral against the demons who wish to the workers in ….

Four, and this is a difficult the UAW will need to look at The UAW is not by itself in this challenge, i add. Today’s unions constructed in a very different In many cases they are the national and local levels–by sincere individuals who continue to the ‘last war.’ In the case of the the leaders and members probably to seize this time to on the strategy of jointness; on two-tier on their failure to take an approach to organizing the auto industry; and why it has taken so long to a serious and on-going effort to the South. Such a discussion be complicated and painful, but in the absence of an examination, the UAW will continue to the … of a thousand cuts. more importantly, workers in country who so desperately need will continue to feel the of corporate America and their allies on our collective necks.

Vw fox 1992 modified
Vw fox 1992 modified
Vw fox 1992 modified
Vw fox 1992 modified

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