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Volkswagen Ghia

Mario Buys a Ghia

A from the Hinterlands

In the old days used to be a band called The Dead and when they on tour they would stop at the Richfield Coliseum.

One they played Richfield in March, and it was the weekend of the blizzard heavy snow and the icy freeways and temperatures down around 10 (not counting that blizzard wind). I’m that was the only instance The Dead ever cancelled a

Other years they late in the season — and September — and the Deadheads the band were legion, the combined population of Richfield and Township from 8,000 to or more. The Holiday Inn was full up, the lot at Gastown was packed, Country had empty shelves afterwards, and Lake Park became 53 of crowded campground.

Of course, on occasions, the Volkswagen Junkyard was a exciting place to be. Six or eight in the drive with plates Massachusetts to Oregon was not at all uncommon. The was the meeting place of the townies and the — and we set our local friends to our new-found friends work on vehicles. Mario putting a new in the Michigan bug. Warren get the generator out of the Indiana bus without the engine. Kevin retiming (by the 67 bus from Utah. Orchard out on road service for the North 72 bus.

And the reason that none of us is is the same reason that we didn’t accept any money those kids, although I do now a remarkable collection of strange and Kevin occasionally shows me of the fine Deadhead gee-gaws he has squirrelled away. But we had a wonderful — much more fun sitting around the bar — and we met new and learned new things, both and philosophical.

And as for not getting paid for any of the or labor, I don’t believe is true at all. During and those halcyon days, we been paid back And I’m not talking about intangible stuff here.

the guys in the 63 California bus who got stuck in 3rd on the way from New York. They down to the Junkyard at a top speed of 35 and when we determined that the was internal, rather than they sold the bus to us for $100, enough so they could buy a model Chevy station and make the Chicago show.

Or the from Athens, Greece, place where they don’t use salt on the road in the who developed a rapping in the engine up on the and had the tow truck driver bring his 64 bus to the Junkyard. When told the engine would have to be or come apart, he gave us the for the price of paying the tow truck (who eventually settled for $50 and a 34 carburetor).

Are two instances enough, or should I you a dozen more?

Pam explains stuff with the myth of the Fairy; If you help enough fix their VWs and give away parts, then one day the Volkswagen comes down and slaps you on the with her magic wand and all of a you fall into a FABULOUS deal.

Works for me.

So there we Mario and I, sitting in the Clubhouse (65 II) warming up and watching the Power on TV after a stint of carburetor in the unheated shop, when the rang. It was the Volkswagen Fairy, in hand.

Actually, it was a fellow Mark from Cleveland who had a 71 Ghia that had made nasty sounds, stopped and would not start. And he wasn’t interested in fixing it so much as it. He wanted $600 or $800 or so.

I him that sounded like a deal, but I was building a building and afford to buy anything. He seemed so I took his name and number and him I’d put it on the Internet for him. I hung up the phone, Mario I’m interested. Let’s go at it.

And we did. It was parked in an impound lot up in the and although it was after 5PM and the lot was undoubtedly we loaded up in the Orange Hippie van and a ride. We found the lot, and in the light of dusk, through the link fence, could make out the Ghia and it’s plates.

Mario lit up. The whole home, he was exhuberant, and the next day I Mark and told him that might want to buy it, but could we go up to the lot and look it over? Fine him. And we were back up to again.

The girl who took us out the impound lot was very pretty and a pair of leather work with her. Her name was She made small talk us as we crawled under the car and poked and the rust-free pan and fenders. A couple in the body shop wanted to buy it, she but they couldn’t find the number.

Volkswagen Ghia

A little bell off in my head. This deal was too drawn out. The Volkswagen doesn’t like drawn out It was time to buy the car or kiss it goodbye.

Mario agreed, so we called and went directly to his work, he met us in the lobby and filled us in on the story. was not the first time he had experienced with the Auto-stick torque and he didn’t want to pony up the for that repair again.

So said he’d buy it, but he could give $500 for it. He was trying to Low the deal. And that bell off even louder this That’s two things that the Fairy doesn’t like Dawdling and Low Ball. Mario tell by the look on Mark’s that he wasn’t very with the offer, so Mario to split the impound lot costs him. Nobody had any idea how those costs might be, so went to call the impound lot and us waiting there in the lobby.

And we And we waited. And we waited.

After 45 minutes, I told Mario, You may killed this deal. and he that he was thinking the same And we waited some more. And Mark came back, it out that the impound lot wasn’t to charge him anything, but they that there were two who wanted to buy the car. At the moment, both employees seemed to sneaked off to the bar for a snort and they not to be found.

So Mark sold the car to Mario, he insisted on $600 and Mario in immediately, handed over money and they signed title papers and that was Mario owned a Ghia.

And on, going through the stack of and documents for the car (including the original sticker), we verified that had paid on five different to have the torque converter Indeed, that proved to be the again, the ring gear for the having pulled loose the converter. But with a full day of and ten cents of welding rod, had that fixed.

These the Ghia lives up on Pelee where the residents and tourists always wave when drives it past. The Customs was amazed to find a spare in the trunk, and the local Canadian were equally amazed to that if you open the hood, the car has no whatsoever.

Over the years, I come to believe that the over-riding law of nature is best as: Goes Around — Around. This law is a two-edged that cuts both When folks say, God you or God damn you, or when talk about good or bad luck, they are talking Goes Around — Around without seeing the of cause and effect rippling through time. The Volkswagen is merely one of many manifestations of law.

A month or so after Mario the Ghia, Tom Schwendlemeyer called, he had just heard the story Mark, and that months he had made a standing offer of for that car if Mark ever to sell it. Still a steal at price. But when push to shove, Mark could not Schwendelmeyer’s phone number. And I that’s the work of the Volkswagen as well, although Tom disagrees.

You the Volkswagen Fairy carries a wand. But she carries a nasty-ass too.

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