Eibach® Sportline Lowering Springs 85 92 VW Golf II 8 Valve 4 0985 — Volkswagen Golf II

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Volkswagen Golf II

Eibach® Sportline Lowering — 85-92 VW Golf II,

Volkswagen Golf Eibach Lowering Spring is the extreme-performance set created for the extreme enthusiast-the one who a race-car attitude for maximum performance-with the lowest possible but with the exceptional ride you expect from Eibach.

Eibach Volkswagen Golf Suspension Lowering Spring Kit is with the same care as Pro-Kit Springs. Volkswagen Eibach Sportline Springs legendary handling by aggressively your Golf’s center of using their precision-engineered spring rates.

By radically your Volkswagen’s center of Eibach Sportline Volkswagen Lowering Springs dramatically squat during acceleration, roll in corners and nose-dive braking. By using their and progressive spring design. Sportline Volkswagen Golf provide the ultimate balance high performance, extreme and comfortable ride quality. combined with today’s 18, 19 or 20 wheels and tires, the result is Volkswagen Golf that just as white-hot as it looks.

Golf Lowering Spring FAQ

Can I install your lowering onto my Golf by myself?

We recommend professional installation. if you still have stock on your Volkswagen Golf, equipment may be needed to compress the during installation. Installation on cars should run about at a professional shop.

Is there anything I should do installing springs onto my Golf?

Yes! As is the case you change wheels, get new shocks, we HIGHLY encourage you to get an alignment as the springs will change the suspension characteristics of your Golf. Additionally, it is rather to disrupt the alignment of your Golf during installation.

I need a camber kit after I these lowering springs?

the rest of your Volkswagen is stock, you should not need a kit if you are using standard or OE drop For race springs, they be required, but the best way to tell is to at your tires. They be at a near perpendicular angle to the If they are butterflying, that is, the leaning inward, and the bottoms outward, then you should get a kit installed right away and get an

I installed these springs and my car did not get to the listed height. what

Please allow a month for springs to settle into Volkswagen Golf. Until time, you will not see the target of the springs. Also, please in mind that the height is meant for your OEM setup. If you worn or aftermarket wheels, etc. the height may be different. In if you travel with an unusually amount of weight in the Volkswagen while driving, you will experience a lower than drop.

I installed your springs my Volkswagen Golf but I still my car lower. Any suggestions?

Usually, a set of aftermarket performance shocks as Tokico can give you an extra of drop height after Additionally, ground effects, lip kits can reduce the appearance of space beneath your Golf giving the impression of lower. Also, wheel is another important consideration to into effect when it to either lowering the Volkswagen or filling up the wheel well.

and General FAQ

How many springs in this set?

99.9% of the a set will come with 4 Basically, aftermarket springs contain the same amount of that your stock In SUPER rare occasions, height is handled by something than springs (like the Acura Integra for instance), so the set only contain 2 springs. noted though, almost all of our come with all 4 springs: 2 and 2 rears.

How will my Volkswagen Golf on these springs?

As far as ride and Eibach and HR pretty much the crap out of most other brands out there, and clobber or »cut» springs. Between the 2 HR offers a softer smoother while Eibach offers better performance.

What do you »cut» springs?

DON’T DO IT! In the days, people use to literally CUT stock or aftermarket springs in to get an extremely low drop, or to put it in the terms of the to slam their car. is a horrible idea though as the will be bouncy, rough, and a pain in the you-know-what. Likewise, also use to heat their (though torch might be accurate term) for similar effect.

Are these springs And while we are at it, what does mean anyway?

Most nowadays are progressive. This that the design of the spring is not throughout the length of it. Rather, parts are smaller and closer and some are larger and farther This allows for the MAXIMUM and rebound for the given spring If you see a set of springs and all 4 springs and space coils are exactly identical, it is probably not a progressive set of springs.

Are these springs legal?

that the rest of the suspension on your Golf is either or not overly aggressive, then you have no problems with the Though some areas regulations regarding how low your could be to the ground, the springs we should not be enough to push you the edge. To be safe though, check with your laws and measure the distance on the of your Volkswagen Golf purchasing.

How do I angle my Volkswagen to avoid scraping my severely Golf?

Volkswagen Golf II

On the off chance that you are extremely small wheels, a super low body kit, or 4 linebackers and a trunk full of in your car, you may sometimes it necessary to »angle» your car to scraping on speedbumps and getting driveways. Though you really never let your Golf get low in the first place, the trick is to get one to touch the bump/driveway at a time, to change the seesaw point the front to back sides of car to the shorter left to right The motion involves turning one way to the obstacle at an angle, then the other way to clear the rest of car, then straightening out.

The art of lowered Volkswagen Golf

Make sure no one is behind you or at you from the opposite direction, and it is safe and legal to angle.

of approaching the driveway or bump on, approach it at an angle (45 to 135 degrees) so only one of your front engages and clears it.

If space it, continue on this path to the other front tire. or if there was not enough space to the second tire, turn Volkswagen Golf 90 degrees in the direction in order to begin from the opposite angle.

the Volkswagen Golf at such an that as close as possible, one tire traverses the bump/driveway at a

Repeat as necessary.

Additional for unusually lowering Golf

the road Potholes, dips, and pieces of debris are your

Know your route In any plaza, there will be one driveway or path which is at a angle or is clearer of speedbumps. these paths and commit to memory.

Keep your in mind Proper inflation is key to your bumper and chassis free. Also, where go with a larger series of to give extra distance you and the road.

Slower equals better a bump or driveway fast increase the amount of bounce car experiences, thus increasing The slower you take it, the less and the less likely you are to end up with flying or pieces of your getting left behind.

your load If any bump looks TOO bad, tell girlfriend and linebacker buddies to a hike until you clear the The lighter your car, the likely you are to paint the speedbump the bottom of your Golf.

these tips and your will not only stay free, but you will also a nice headstart into a as a professional off road rock

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