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Volkswagen Golf GTE

Geneva International Motor 2014

by GES · 18. March

This year’s Geneva Motor Show opened its to the public from March 2014, with the President of the Confederation, Mr. Didier Burkhalter, opening this 84th The programme for this year some 900 vehicles for today and a test track for electric a broad array of vehicles on and a retrospective of the 90 years of that mythical of automobile races: the Le 24 Hours race. An estimated visitors attended this event.

For the third time, the Car of the was elected at the International Geneva Show: the Peugeot 308 won by a clear of its competitors, a group that for the first time two models are 100% electric: the sporty Model S and the BMW i3 city car. 250 shared the stage over the square metres of the exhibition of Palexpo. First-time exhibitors the University of Helsinki Metroplia and the AKKA Technologies in association MBtech, both of whom unveiled their concepts for vehicles.

A test track for electric vehicles had been out over an area of 870 square in Hall 1 in the middle of the cars on Though everybody talks electric cars, only a few experienced them. For the first the Geneva Motor Show the opportunity to test drive cars on a show course, available by BMW, Citroen, and Renault. Visitors could get answers to all their questions purchase, maintenance and cruising of electric cars.

Furthermore, had the chance to ogle the Audi R18 quattro that the Swiss Marcel Fässler and his two team drove to victory at the Le Mans 24 race in 2012, the first for a hybrid car, as well as the C9 from Peter Sauber, raced at Le Mans in 1989.  In 20 race cars tracing the 90 history of the Le Mans 24 Hours were on display.

We have an overview of the World Premieres of the and ecological vehicles being on the stands that emit no than 95 grams of CO2 per kilometre.


ABT FIA Formula E

Formula E is a new FIA featuring Formula cars exclusively by electric energy and debut in September 2014. The of the ten races will be Beijing, Hong Kong, Uruguay, Aires, Los Angeles, Miami, Berlin and London.

A highlight for all fans is the ABT Sportsline, the only outfit in the new championship. Led by Team Hans-Jürgen Abt, the squad is in Germany’s Allgäu region, and compete under the name of Sport ABT Formula E Team – is based on the name used in its commitment as an Audi factory in the popular international touring car DTM. “We’re proud to the opportunity to take part in the of this new racing series. in the new FIA Formula E Championship marks a new chapter in our more than motorsport history,” says Abt.

Nissan e-NV200

The e-NV200′s performance pure electric based on that used in the Nissan LEAF, is allied to the cargo volume of the NV200 to a practical and versatile vehicle of carrying people or goods producing neither exhaust nor noise pollution. When start in May, e-NV200 be available as a van or as a five-seat people in Combi or more luxurious guises. Although mainly at businesses, e-NV200 will appeal to private users large families. Its new styling 30 percent new components compared to the It boasts a 170 km NDEC homologated range, with a maximum of 120 km/h. The CHAdeMO quick is capable of charging 0-80% in 30 and access to over 1000 quick chargers will be in Europe.

Porsche 919 Hybrid

The sports car brand is sending a technology platform, the new 919 Hybrid, to in the top category of the World Endurance which include the 24 Hours of Le New regulations for LMP1 race gave the engineers an unusual of freedom, while focusing on with great future such as hybridisation, engine and a systematic approach to lightweight Instead of pure power, the is now on clever ways to enhance efficiency.

From the combustion to the energy recovery systems, and running gear, aerodynamics and ergonomics, the sum of all individual components an exceptionally effective unit to one goal: a maximum of sporty within tight fuel constraints.

The drive system of the car is based on a four-cylinder petrol that is as compact as it is lightweight, load-bearing functions within the based on its V-construction, which offers thermodynamic advantages. The engine, which reaches a engine speed of around rpm, is a frontrunner in terms of its philosophy with its 2.0 litres of direct injection and monoturbo

It also features two different recovery systems. Fundamentally new is the of thermal energy from gases. An electric generator is here, which is powered by the gas stream. The functionality of the second system stems from a on the front axle utilising phases to convert kinetic into electric energy. It is stored in water-cooled lithium-ion packs until the driver the extra energy.


The new Golf GTE plug-in completes the Volkswagen Golf with a fifth drive (petrol, diesel, natural electric and plug-in hybrid making VW the first carmaker to offer all the current pertinent types in a single model The Golf GTE operates with a consumption (NEDC for hybrid of 1.5 l/100 km (equivalent to 35 g/km as well as an all-electric range of 50 the total driving range of the 150 PS car is 939 kilometres.

The new Golf GTE is driven by two one 110 kW/150 PS turbo direct injection engine (1.4 and one electric motor with 75 PS. These two engines combine to the stated system power of 50 PS. If the electric motor is the sole for propulsive power, the Golf GTE is of speeds of up to 130 km/h. When the power of the TSI is used, the GTE sprints to 100 in 7.6 seconds; the Volkswagen achieves a top of 222 km/h on German motorways and courses. However, the “V/max” is of importance. Of more significance is the pulling power of the Golf GTE to its alliance of a petrol engine and motor that produces a torque of 350 Nm. This torque this first “GTE” from plug-in hybrid from all other competitors in its

Despite its power and torque, the GTE remains one of the world’s most cars. If you are mostly out and about on routes daily, you can drive with zero emissions for if necessary. In the evening, you simply the battery from an ordinary mains outlet in about and a half hours (until it 100 per cent

of its charge capacity) and you are If the battery is “refuelled” using a (for the garage at home) or a charging station, approximately two and a hours suffice for full

Petrol, Diesel, and Natural Gas

VW Golf Sportsvan BlueMotion

The economic version of the new Golf TDI BlueMotion is a compact MPV, just 3.6 litres of fuel per 100 equating to CO2 emissions of 95 g/km. The aerodynamics of the 81 kW / 110 PS Sportsvan contributes to the low fuel consumption. Thanks to modifications the new MPV achieves a CD value of

The specific BlueMotion features include 15-inch alloy and tyres optimised for low roll The model is additionally perfected by a system, regenerative braking modifications within the TDI engine and a 6-speed manual gearbox. all its efficiency, the new Sportsvan is also a five-seater that provides a flexible interior as well. It be available in Germany starting summer.

VW Polo BlueMotion TSI and TDI

Up to the Polo BlueMotion was only as a turbodiesel. Later this it will also launch as a TSI BlueMotion (70 kW/95 PS) with a petrol engine; this is the time that Volkswagen has this new three-cylinder engine. a combined fuel consumption of 4.1 km, the Polo TSI BlueMotion sets a new for petrol cars in its class. The TDI BlueMotion with its three-cylinder (55 kW/75 PS) sets a fuel-efficiency in the market for five-seat diesel

The drive – a 1.0-litre turbocharged direct-injection engine – is a completely developed engine that make its debut later year. With a CO2 emission of 94 the Polo TSI BlueMotion sets new top in the segment of five-seaters with engines.

The new Polo TDI BlueMotion delivers top values. Its turbodiesel engine consumes only 3.1 km (82 g/km CO2), making Polo the most fuel-efficient diesel car in the world. The theoretical of the Polo TDI BlueMotion with a fuel tank and five-speed gearbox is 1,400 kilometres – a drive from Flensburg in Germany to Venice in Italy.

New Twingo

Two decades after it the small car segment with the Twingo, Renault has taken a look at its celebrated city The brand’s engineers and designers from a blank sheet of and took their inspiration the legacy left by the original and the Renault 5. The result is a new, and agile car.

Having its positioned at the rear, the new Twingo is and boasts a turning circle of an average one metre less that of its direct rivals. It is roomy thanks to the 13cm have added to its cabin even though the newcomer’s length has been shortened by The new Twingo is practical, thanks to its architecture, clever stowage totally flat floor and a long maximum load of 2.20m. Although 10cm than its predecessor, the distance the dashboard to the tailgate is 22cm The shorter bonnet frees up at the front to provide extra for occupants.

The new Twingo is available two of Renault’s latest-generation engines: the new SCe 70, a normally-aspirated derivative of the TCe range, and the Tce 90. The responsive performance of the 70hp and normally-aspirated 999cc petrol makes it ideal for motoring in areas, especially since is available from very low speeds. Inexpensive to buy and run, latest-generation powerplant will be with or without StopStart.

The Energy TCe 90s 898cc turbocharged powerplant is not only responsive at low speeds but it also delivers performance thanks to a power of 90hp and peak torque of It was redesigned specially for the new Twingo and the is equipped with an electric gate to provide the optimal between performance and fuel

SEAT Mii by Mango EcoFuel

Volkswagen Golf GTE

The Mii by combines SEAT engineering the style of the international fashion MANGO in the perfect compact with a unique flair all its The company’s lowest-emitting production car the Mii Ecofuel runs on compressed gas (CNG) and boasts average of just 2.9 kg CNG/100 km. The 1.0-litre, 68 PS is based on a three-cylinder petrol specifically developed for CNG operation. Its CO2 are a mere 79 g/km.

“The new Mii Ecofuel now makes environmentally CNG technology affordable for all,” James Muir, President of S.A. “Its attractive price and exceptionally low consumption and figures make the Mii Ecofuel one of the interesting and sensible choices – even for high-mileage drivers.”

in 3- and 5-door versions, this aims to attract women offering a bold fashion with its colours, fabrics, coupled with its exclusive in Glam Beige and Deep front and rear seats in upholstery with beige as well as a hook for bags and in the driver’s sunshade. The Mii by MANGO reach dealerships before the

QUANT e-Sportlimousine

The QUANT with nanoFLOWCELL powertrain sports car was created in elegant and design in order to support research programmes and to collect insights for future energy concepts and the field of electric Two unusually long gull-wing large 1.7 metre wide windows, extremely curved and rear windscreen, no b-pillar, 22 tyres, and a short front are all part of the impressive optics of the new e-Sportlimousine.

How the system works: cells combine aspects of accumulator cells with of fuel cells. Liquid are kept in two tanks and circulated the cell. At the heart of the system, a separates the two electrolytic solutions, but electrical charge to pass and thereby produce power for the train.

“The advantages of the nanoFLOWCELL lie in its charge density, high density, and its light weight to conventional energy storage Furthermore, it contains no harmful no moving parts, and it is very explains Nunzio La Vecchia, Director of nanoFLOWCELL AG.

Conceived and active development in Zürich, the results are very promising: at a voltage of 600 V and 50 A nominal current the is achieving an impressive continuous of 30 kW. It has a 5-times greater performance-by-weight current lithium-ion technologies power most of today’s vehicles, meaning its driving is 5-times greater than a unit of the same weight.

Concept Car

The Biofore Concept Car is possible by UPM’s next biomaterials and a new generation of talented from Helsinki Metropolia of Applied Sciences. The majority of traditionally made from are replaced with high safe and durable biomaterials, UPM and UPM Grada, which can significantly the overall environmental performance of car

Parts made of UPM Grada wood material are the passenger floor, centre console, panel cover and door Grada technology revitalises the of wood with heat and and opens up new opportunities for designs not with traditional methods. The unique forming properties high quality ecological which are also visually

Parts made of UPM Formi include front mask, skirts, dashboard, door and interior panels. The material is a high quality biocomposite for moulding, extrusion and thermoforming Consisting of renewable fibres and the material is non-toxic, odourless and in quality. UPM’s responsible chain combined with use of raw materials ensure a small footprint.

The vehicle runs on wood-based renewable dieselUPM which will significantly greenhouse gas emissions compared to fuels. The fuel is suitable for all engines, including the 1.2 litre diesel engine featured in the Concept Car. Moreover, to UPM’s biomaterials, the car is approximately 150 lighter than its equivalents, in lower fuel consumption.


Rinspeed boss M. Rinderknecht is firmly convinced “autonomous driving” will be a reality. “So far hardly anyone has this to its logical conclusion the perspective of the driver. After traveling in a driverless car will no require me to stare at the road, but let me spend my time in a more way.“ And then he poses the key How will the interior of a vehicle to be designed to let the now largely unburdened make optimal use of the gain in

The all-electric XchangE concept features new seats reminiscent of the business-class seats of major You can read, listen to music, the web, play games and movies in brilliant picture and quality. Or you can hold a four-party at 120 km/h and work on your while brewing a fresh cup of Amici espresso.

Naturally, the XchangE is also networked with the outside The in-car consolidation of real-time data that is crucial for communications is handled by the infotainment which communicates with the via an integrated LTE module. Deutsche and its fast LTE network provide the data transmission. All incoming data – from the Harman system and other vehicle – are compiled and analysed on a standardised platform of Deutsche Telekom. The links to numerous other data sources thus travel-specific Cloud services as warning messages or recommendations on and driving profiles, which are to all road users in real The more vehicles and service are networked via the manufacturer-independent “Business-to-Car” the more everyone traveling by car from added safety and

Link Go 2.0

The Link Go concept car is the new platform outcome from the and development center of the group Technologies. Descending from the concept, this new project all the group’s knowledge in terms of driving and electrical vehicle. Go is a dual-mode, connected, urban, car. Innovations developed this project are intended to to drive the design changes for vehicles while reducing the impact of urban transport.

Go’s embedded technologies aim to users for features of tomorrow’s by getting them comfortable the idea of automatic driving and inventing recharging systems and offering new in-car functions, and car-pooling by connecting vehicles to networks. Main innovative include enhanced vehicle-location with SLAM and conventional as well as components enabling between several of the car’s with other cars and outside infrastructures. Automatic parking in specified spaces is by a smartphone. Full “drive-by-wire” require no physical link the driver and functions, and a Central Interface (HMI) reacts to and gestures.

Volkswagen Golf GTE
Volkswagen Golf GTE

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