MK2 Golf GTI — Volkswagen Golf Mk2

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Volkswagen Golf Mk2

MK2 Golf GTI

I wasn’t sure if I run with this thread as a cage but I know there are a few on here and it might be of interest to Mr Sausages gave me the green so here goes…..I’m a few weeks the project, let’s bring you up to

Bit of history first…. After 3 years of my life building a mk1 that I hated and kept for than 6 months I decided was enough, no more stupid I gave all my VW bits and pieces to a and washed my hands of the scene.

forward 12 months and I’m idly through a classified section on a car forum, looking at some of the ads and a Golf GTI pops up – the best (mk2), the best engine in the best colour (Oak few days later and my miserable is confirmed…

Needs some I’ve promised the wife be a quick slap together and on, but things change…. 😉

Asides what appears to be a complete car rad) I’ve also got the in the van

two extra power racks

different right hand door cards.

full set of FK coilovers

pair of seats

full stainless system + centre box delete

TSR manifold downpipe thing

poly bush kit

there parcels with spares, etc

set of new rear discs

powder new water pump with low something or other in it (stat??)

head unit, in its box, unit as I bought for the caddy and the

Cobra alarm fob

full set with keys

complete rebuild kit and two weighted shifters

that the car is on FK coilovers already

with low points —

a 3 inch rusty hole in the in front of the rear wheel and a patch,

few scabs of rust on couple of small dints and the dent (made by me, being an twat when loading the in the rear quarter.

Some pikey has pulled the door out of the passenger door in the past.

has got in at some point, damp in and a hole in passenger floor

a owner didn’t appreciate the of jacking points, floorpan and bear several nasty and dents

headlining is hanging down on sides in the back of the car,

No wheel,

the inside and that turret needs a bit of work

the is hanging down on both is a usual problem.

The floor whilst a little ‘jack’ seems solid apart the pasenger side which get another patch

This is down in the passenger foot

This will be ripped out as that or I wire it properly horrendous pre insulated connectors uuurrrgh!

Arches need work all round but this to be the worst, few patches in and out needed

The work begins.

I managed to get the off without destroying any bolts and the gearbox clear of the subframe and I was why I hate restoring cars as I an hour of my life with the and a toothbrush working the crud off the

With a bit of a fight the callipers off as well, the discs proved of a challenge as only the callipers them on, but that did leave two remnants of disc mounting left in the hub to give me something to at on a later date.

Set about the engine, soon to have that broke. was made easier and yet harder at the time by the previous owner. On inspection it looked at though all the had been undone and were sat in place in readiness for a rebuild. in reality the loose screw easily and all the screws that were the seized ones. someone had a go with the wrong and nicely rounded off most, me any chance of saving the day with penetrating oil, an impact and getting medieval.

It’s best to go in hard with a big to shock the bolts free wrecking the heads with half hearted attempt.

this little problem in the of a missing power steering mount, this will be off to Easterbrooks for welding

The gearbox up quite nice, not sure how to the discolouration or do I just hit it with silver paint?

I thought managed to empty most of the of the sump n the driveway — proceed to walk it all over the — but oh no, the sodding thing another couple of litres all the garage when I tried to it up onto the engine stand.

Volkswagen Golf Mk2

Bought myself some new discs

It’s a VW, has to have stupid wheels fitted, the of the mk2 scene?

Not just possibly one of the scene rims but all the other requisites are there

Stretch? yep

Cheapo tyres ruined in their life by camber? yep

Wrecked sidewalls from on arches? — yep


Obviously I’m yet to slam it to camber it with woodscrews, bomb the dish and fit some as dustcaps — but they do potential

Back on with the work.

The running gear was manky, a bit of aggro getting the plates off, needing two drilling out, the others to some penetrating oil, and welding on washers to turn

I cut the extra bits off the back of the and chopped off the resonator bracket, the calipers and then hours of with a knot wheel in the and wire brush in a drill to get bits de-rusted.

I turned to my epoxy mastic, was getting by the time I reached for the camera, so I for the pictures, but something is better nothing.

The rack didn’t look too bad the pressure washer knocked off a bit of paint, so that got a blow

The subframe was pretty tidy but the that had received some action needed paint, the seem brand new, but got a coat as well, because was spare in the gun

Calipers, carriers and hanging from the ceiling to dry

I a plating kit from classic and was a little daunted by the chemistry and setting up the various tanks and it on the side for a bit, but having stripped the bits I was worried start to rust again so to bite the bullet.

The bits as with a wire brush on a grinder

First up I organise a of tanks for the acid pickle and the passivate then build the tank and fill it with two of chemicals, the starter and the brightener and a old power supply into

Then made some up, pickled a few bits for 5 minutes, them and put them in the tank

plated (5 — 20 minutes), then a dip in the passivate before a rinse, the instructions suggested 20 50 seconds for the passivate but they too yellow and got re-pickled and plated before settling on a passivate dip of 2-5

A few hours later and I was very with the end results

Here I a couple of bolts fitted, also added the gearbox into the picture to show the between epoxy mastic — both are Jotamastic, the hub and pained on a cold day and the bracket on a hotter sunny day

And finally, to you bang up to date, not a lot got done on the I cleaned the engine bay inreadiness for rust killing and some

Volkswagen Golf Mk2
Volkswagen Golf Mk2
Volkswagen Golf Mk2
Volkswagen Golf Mk2

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