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Why and how to future-proof your smart communications

Flood of buying Montana PGM miner to near high

Stillwater Mining shot up on Monday, as investors for alternative suppliers of PGMs predictions of a the largest market for the precious metals in more 30 years.

In early afternoon the Billings, Montana-based company was hands for $17.24, up 3.3% on the New Stock Exchange, after in the day hitting a near-three year of $17.22.

Some 2.6 million in the $2 billion counter were by 2:25EST, more than the daily average. Stillwater are up 40% since the start of the year.

Stillwater is the only platinum and producer in the US and accounts for 6% of global production and 2% of the world’s platinum from its two producing mines.

boasts more than 22 ounces in PGM reserves, 80% of it palladium. week the company signed a sales agreement with and autocatalyst manufacturer Johnson that also resulted in a million cash injection.

A strike in South Africa, tensions between Russia and the and the launch of two new physical palladium-backed have pushed the palladium up nearly 16% this year.

is up close to 7%. Between them and South Africa control 83% of palladium and supplies 70% of its platinum.

consultants Johnson Matthey Plc yesterday platinum consumption beat supply by 1.22 ounces while the palladium will widen to 1.61 ounces, from 371,000 last year and the eighth in a row of deficits.

Bloomberg reports  that constitute the largest market ever, based on Johnson data going back to for platinum and 1980 for palladium:

issues are common to both and palladium,” Peter Duncan, manager, market research at Matthey, said yesterday. “We do auto demand to keep In the medium term, this is to do with emissions legislation in the of platinum, and mainly growth in production in the case of palladium.”

futures trading on the Nymex in New rose to $830 an ounce on the highest since March and up 16% since the start of the year.

continued to underperform its sister however and July delivery are up $1,475 an ounce.

Oregon bans GMO crops

Voters in County, Oregon, passed a Tuesday prohibiting farmers growing genetically engineered had spearheaded the initiative, according to the Press :

The effort to ban GMOs in County started two years ago organic farmers learned the company Syngenta was growing beet seed in local that was genetically altered to the popular weed … They wanted to protect crops from being by genetically modified ones.

seed companies spent $1 million campaigning against measure passed by a 2-to-1 The Earth Island Journal has on-the-ground color from explaining why they pushed for the

“If we saved our own seed like we to, then we would be growing GMO and chard. It would be contaminated that pollen,” said Higley, who also serves as of Our Family Farms the primary group supporting 15-119. “It’s a real risk for farmers having GMO crops so close by.”

On the hand, the Oregonian points out the defense of property rights both ways:

“Fundamentally, can choose what crops grow,” said Blake Rowe, CEO of the Wheat Growers League. opposes the Jackson County “This would really be the example where one set of growers — who don’t like GM crops — are to tell all growers that can and can’t grow certain in Jackson County. That’s a that we don’t want to see

A similar measure is expected to in Josephine County, just to the But the situation there is slightly That’s because last Oregon passed a law  that governments from regulating engineered crops.

Jackson is exempt from this law its measure was already pending. Not Josephine County. If the measure law there, it will almost be challenged in the courts.

Here’s why uncle won’t give up pesky climate vaccine theories

Have you ever in a fight with someone who won’t listen to common Who just refuses to acknowledge peer-reviewed authority of your and graphs and statistics? If you are used to to people about climate the answer is probably yes.

This week in the New Yorker . Konnikova writes about by Dartmouth political scientist Nyhan, on how to make people their incorrect beliefs in the of fact. The short version: Uh, luck.

The study tracked families’ beliefs about the of vaccine, before and after different kinds of interventions: families received fact-filled pamphlets about the of evidence linking vaccines to like autism, from the for Disease Control; another the dangers of the illnesses vaccines are to hold at bay; the other two of pamphlets just presented stories the efficacy of vaccines, or dramatic of what happens when you vaccinate your kids.

Volkswagen Golf GTD

The Nothing. Or worse: Some had already been side-eye-ing became even more likely to down in their existing in what’s known as “the backfire In this case, people distrusted the material even or else assimilated the fear-inducing pictures and about measles and mumps their existing distaste for

Early on in his study of false Nyhan realized that information related to someone’s is much more likely to entrenched than any random error.

and her subject focus mainly on politics and health issues, but there are of examples of fact-blindness when it to climate change. Konnikova drops a of one study from in which researchers gave fake climate news to read. Depending on the subject’s identity, he or she perceived the information even when the article neutral ground.

As Grist’s Ben Adler pointed out for conservatives who have built political identity on smaller to admit climate change is a problem is to admit there’s a in the armor of your identity: change simply demands intervention, and in a big way. And the effect can be as or extreme as one’s political As Mother Jones reported on Tuesday Tea Partiers in New Hampshire are twice to distrust environmental science their less-conservative Republican

There is one ray of hope in this warming world — a small that people are capable of damaging associations of their and focus on the facts in front of That hope comes a technique called “self-affirmation,” is most often cited as a way to women and minorities shed self-deprecating biases before a difficult test. By focusing on own strengths and past successes and shedding the notion that I’m bad at this . test-takers are more to score highly.

How does apply to convincing people to the facts on something like change? Well, if we can take the out of the realm of identity politics, people may be more able to objectively what science is us. If we can change the terms of the argument You’re killing the planet by that SUV, to something It’s not me vs. you, it’s than both of us . we might open some minds.

Nyhan uses raw milk as an — science has shown that dairy is a real public threat, but raw-milk advocates as holistically healthy individuals to reap the microbial benefits from the cow. So instead of that identity with on the riskiness of that it could be more effective to on the non-controversial track record of milk. (Nyhan’s group be publishing the results of s study self-affirmation to these kinds of soon.)

Whether it’s to do that with climate remains to be seen — just the “climate change” tend to split an audience into and enemies — but it’s possible shifting the dialogue to focus efficiency, independence, and technological will bear some fruit. (Then again, not. )

For now, try this at next contentious climate debate: Have I mentioned how your hair looks Rush? It reminds me of this one stick graph…

2015 XE Body Shown in Aluminum

bet big on aluminum in the 1990s and quickly itself as the go-to Luxury for young, tech-savvy, upwardly-mobile who don’t use their turn professionals. Another brand tried to play the “aluminum” in the early 2000s was Jaguar, but backward-looking, 2004-2007 XJ8 (chassis X350 ) didn’t appeal to prized 35-55 demographic. however, the brand has a hit with its F-Type coupe, has a ton of positive in the wake of its stillborn XC 75 hybrid car. and has every chance of with a new aluminum initiative in its Jaguar XE.

Here, then, is our first at what that next-generation Jaguar will look – and, while it’s not a complete picture, it looks sharp to me.

A series of “Ingenium” engines is expected to find way under the hood of the 2015 XE when it arrives next A 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder (in both diesel and gasoline will power the entry and the 3.0-liter supercharged V6 from the similar F-Type is expected to in a “hot” version of the XE a few months

No word yet, of course, on the ultra-white-hot 4 cylinder turbo discussed back in 2012 find its way into either car (or series production, for that but one thing’s for sure: people are about Jaguar again, and a big win for a brand that many wouldn’t survive 2008/2009.

Volkswagen Golf GTD
Volkswagen Golf GTD
Volkswagen Golf GTD
Volkswagen Golf GTD
Volkswagen Golf GTD
Volkswagen Golf GTD


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