Top Gear/Season 1 Episode 9 The TV IV — Volkswagen Golf R32

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Volkswagen Golf R32




Jeremy Clarkson takes a look at the Renault Espace. It has an angular futuristic styling conceals an odd, angular interior. But its sole function is to be as as possible in the smallest amount of possible. It’s a bit pricey, but the family car. Except one problem. The Renault Espace is a carrier and all people carriers are

Cool Wall

Turning to the Wall, Clarkson adds the Espace to the Uncool section. added with the Espace is the C8, SEAT Alhambra, Peugeot Toyota Previa and Chrysler Clarkson has trouble identifying a people carrier and turns to the for help, getting a Hyundai Uncool as an answer and thus the unidentified Hyundai people into the Seriously Uncool of the wall. A Kia people carrier the Hyundai in the Seriously Uncool

Clarkson remarks that carriers aren’t like cars. You buy a normal car because you one, but you buy a people carrier you need one.

Toyota Cruiser

Turning to SUVs, you get the of a people carrier but with looks. Clarkson takes a at the Toyota Land Cruiser. In the rural parts of England, the Cruiser has become the standard run transport. It has everything you’d want: legendary Toyota eight seats and enough space to fit a camera man. The new Land Cruiser is more of the but bigger, better looking and equipped. It also has a better for a big, off-roader. If you go with the diesel engine it’s economical. The inside is a blend of and metal with lots of to fiddle with and satellite For £36,000 (about $74,200) not bad value. The perfect people No. Stepping inside, Clarkson out the low-range gearbox which be perfect for the Kalahari but not so much for your children to school. The goes for the height adjustable and locking differentials. You’re for a whole load of stuff never need.

BMW X5, Audi Allroad Quattro

As you not need all the gadgets of the Toyota Cruiser, how about the grass and SUVs? Richard Hammond out the BMW X5 and Audi Allroad Quattro. these two you’re not lugging tons of extra off-road However, they only five seats and may as well a normal family hatchback.

To people carriers are uncool, big are wasteful and grass gravel are impractical. So are we stuck? Not any longer.


Coming to the rescue is the XC90. In many ways like a BMW X5. You get four-wheel drive and the driving position, but you’re not by low-range gears and locking It’d be no good on the African or the wastelands of Antarctica, nor would it get you out of Death Valley. But why would you about any of that on the rural of Britain? The XC90 isn’t sporty and the ride if rather In the corners it handles like a due to its height. Another thing is it was designed in America, so it’s Clarkson believes the size of the might work in downtown but you could have some threading its enormous size the streets of a village. This review model has a 2.9 L twin petrol engine that fuel. You’d be lucky to get 15 so you’d really have to get the version. It’s doesn’t off-road, it’s big, thirsty and it’s not very to drive. So what’s the big deal?

Turning to the back of the Volvo Clarkson points out the split-folding gate. As it’s a Volvo the back is huge with of interior space. The rear are easy to put up and down, and the middle can even convert into a seat. The middle seat can be forward also to be closer to the and front passenger. All the rear can be moved backwards and forwards. under the trunk floor are an two seats. They have three-point seat belts and cup These trunk seats have controls to the air conditioning and the to listen to a CD or watch a DVD through while those in the front can to the radio. There’s even a to operate the stereo. Even these trunk seats up, you get a amount of trunk space. The bit, however, is the price. The version of the Volvo XC90 is (about $61,800) and the petrol is £33,000 (about $68,000), £12,000 (roughly $24,700) than the BMW X5. The XC90 comes with satellite navigation and player. They haven’t on safety either, as even in back row of seats have own airbags. As it’s tall and likely to roll, the roof is with specially strengthened

On the plus side, the Volvo is very, very safe and practical than just any car on the road today. It’s and good value. On the down it’s not that nice to

Strip-down Challenge

The boys at Top noticed that cars are heavier, slower and more in terms of mileage. So if you took out all the you don’t need in a car to make it how much faster would it go? a budget of £500, a 1985 XJS was purchased with a 5.5 L V12 engine 300 bhp. The Stig took it out for a and got a 0-60 time of 8.6 seconds. nearly 223 kg (about 491 pounds) of is removed from the Jaguar, the car is to the Stig. The Stig produces a time of 7.4 seconds. When 0-100 times, the stripped-down was five seconds faster.


the studio, Clarkson takes a look at the new MG SV. It’ll be going on sometime next year at £60,000 (roughly $123,700), but if you want the 1,000 hp nitrous

Subaru Forester

Hammond the Subaru Forester 2.0 XT. At first it’s family car heaven a big trunk and rides sensibly off the ground. But it can also go off-road. It has an chassis and Impreza turbocharged and Impreza drive train. The has 177 bhp available at 5,600 rpm, the car from 0-60 in 7.9 seconds. It has four-wheel drive with a differential. You’d have to try hard to break the Forester. Its 4 engine is low and mounted low in the car, in turn keeps the center of low and helps the handling. The ride on is smoother and more comfortable some cars built for the road. On the down side, the is thirsty and the interior isn’t inspired.

Cool Wall

Clarkson the Subaru Forester into the section of the wall. The TVR Tuscan is in the Uncool section due to the kind of who would buy one. Clarkson and place the Volkswagen Polo in the section as it’s Euro much to the audience’s chagrin. tries to explain that it matter how the car drives or how it looks, but how it is. Hammond wants to move the BMW M3 up and out of the section, but Clarkson disagrees. a great car, but it’s Clarkson notices the Porsche S has been moved into the section and chastises the cameraman for it up because he owns one. placed back in the Uncool

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car

Volkswagen Golf R32

week’s Star in a Reasonably Car is Gordon Ramsay. a Scottish chef. Having an idea, used the Subaru Forester, and Suzuki Liana to cook on their engines for two hours the track. The Stig is brought the studio for the first time to the car-cooked meals and Ramsay has a Gordon Ramsay races the Liana around the test in 1.50.0.

Insider Trading

Dawe offers up this insider deals.

Volkswagen R32

Clarkson delves into the of hot hatchbacks. He’s always a fan of them as they’re cheap, and you got two cars for the price of one. On one they’re as practical as a normal but then their big engines can you to drive as if your pants are on Recently, however, things gotten muddy and complicated.

The Volkswagen Golf R32 costs (roughly $45,400), so it’s not It’s not simple, either. got traction control, CD player climate control and heated It’s all very nice, but it weight. The Golf R32 weighs as much as the original Golf GTI 25 years ago. The original GTI had a 1.6 L engine, whereas the Golf R32 has a 3.2 L The original developed 110 bhp, the new one develops 240 bhp. Because the R32 has twice as much power and it needed twice as much The Golf R32 has four-wheel drive the original is front-wheel drive. Is it the car? It’s twice as twice as well-made, twice as and twice as easy to drive. But it have the same spirit as the Golf. It feels less But how does it stack up to today’s

The Volkswagen Golf R32 is very going from 0-60 in six and a top speed of 153 mph. But Clarkson it’s more of a long-distance The engine doesn’t really to be revved and the gearbox doesn’t to be rushed and the steering doesn’t to be rushed, either. If you’re enough with the wheel you can beat the power assist and the steering get very heavy. The car brutal like the Ford RS, but rather subtle and forgiving.

The takes the Volkswagen Golf R32 the test track in 1.33.3. The takes the Ford Focus RS in 1.30.2.

Radical SR3

With the coming to a close, the Westfield is still at the top of the Power Laps But it’s coming under from the Radical SR3. It has a 1.3 L engine like the Westfield, but more powerful. The challenge? The in the Radical SR3 against an aerobatic The Radical produces about 200 bhp to the plane’s 300 bhp. The Radical weighs 500 kg while the plane only 600 kg. The Radical has a top speed of 150 mph to the plane’s 200 mph. While the will be faster in the straights of the track, it’ll have to violently and throttle back to within the lines of the curves, the Stig an advantage. The Radical can hit 60 mph in 3.5 and 100 mph in 8.8 seconds, so it has the edge from the However, the aerobatic plane the Radical SR3.

The Stig takes the Radical SR3 the test track in 1.19.1.

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Volkswagen Golf R32
Volkswagen Golf R32
Volkswagen Golf R32
Volkswagen Golf R32
Volkswagen Golf R32


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