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Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf and Golf Hybrid 2013: First

Wolfsburg, Germany

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Silken integration to Golf cabins

Strong power

Something for everyone

Not so much

crossover is jerky

Hefty penalty

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VW answers alternative-fuel

Volkswagen is gunning for Toyota’s Number One spot and, it’s very specifically for the Prius.

Unlike Toyota’s model strategy, though, will tackle Prius a plug-in hybrid version of an bodyshell.

Thus, the Plug-In Golf will be on sale in And while it apes the Prius in a parallel hybrid, VW thinks stolen a march on the Toyota by 50km of electric-only range and by the Golf PIH a 0-100km/h sprint of 7.6 seconds, which is in the same as the Golf GTD.

And it hasn’t there. VW boss, Martin sparked off a war of words with boss, Carlos Ghosn, he announced at the Frankfurt Motor that VW had its sights set on becoming the seller of electric cars in the by 2018. Ghosn, whose offered everything from the Leaf to the Renault Zoe and Twizy, the corporate lingo version of a

So there’s a zero-emission version of usual number one nameplate for those who want to go further, a version with zero-emission as well. That’s on top of diesel, ethanol (for South and dual-fuel (CNG/petrol) models as


Smooth, sophisticated and few compromises in daily life.

has taken its own sweet time a zero-emission version of its biggest but the boffins have clearly working on this car for some

Due on sale in the European spring year, the e-Golf (which follow the smaller e-Up on and thus will be VW’s ZEV) will be pitched the top end of the current Golf range but BMW’s bet-the-farm i3 .

While BMW and have developed all-new architectures (and, in BMW’s an all-new brand), VW instead the entire Golf VII with in mind.

That means, that anything you can do in a current you’ll be able to do in an e-Golf obviously, drive beyond its maximum range.) Volkswagen intends to offer an eight-year on the lithium-ion battery pack, so there’s another worry

In fact, this steady-as-she-goes approach to its first mass electric model will the eco ‘bling’ to just a blue in the grille, a pair of unique a couple of aero fiddles to the drag by 10 per cent over the Golf and top-end LED headlights. than that, most will think it’s a Golf, albeit a very one.

Lift the bonnet and you that the powerplant has been for an 85kW synchronous electric which spins at up to 12,000rpm. The is totally developed and built by VW and is to a single-speed gearbox.

Japanese Panasonic, supplies the battery Weighing 318kg, the 264 lithium-ion sit beneath the boot floor and the e-Golf 24.2kWh of energy.

A 240-Volt household electrical will take 13 hours to charge the e-Golf, but a fast-charging (which should sell for than 500 euros) could that to four hours, VW insist.

All of that means the interior of the e-Golf is untrammeled by boot or any other compromises, the exception of loss of the bottom of the false-floor system of conventional

The interior, too, is similar to Golfs and has an eight-inch, touchscreen to allow you to switch between modes, to understand the range and to find your nearest charging station.

One neat is the satnav, which can draw two on the map, one to show where you drive to on your battery and the other to show where you drive to and back again.

has long been a VW hallmark you remember the last radical in a Golf upgrade?) and the e-Golf a familiar path. Driving it be instantly familiar to any Golf even if they’ve never in an electric car.

You turn the pull the automatic transmission into either Reverse or and away you go, very quietly. any other auto (or DSG), a two-pedal car and you push one to go and one to stop. It be simpler.

And it’s also plain nice. It’s too, with the only being tyre noise as speeds rise, wind around the A-pillars. As you slow there can be some whine the electric motor, too, but it’s very quiet.

at 60km/h is a 40-decibel exercise, means it’s about as as a well-insulated bedroom at night Full throttle doesn’t it jump much, either.

VW this car will hit 100km/h in but the 4.2sec sprint to 60km/h is far more relevant and far more – better than a GTi, VW The torque is all there, instantly, and the Golf leaps away immediate response and urgency. You can your days eking out mileage from the batteries or you can it like a demon in traffic, its lag-free throttle response.

It’s not a dedicated freeway but it’s not bad at the top end, running to if it has to. The computers limit it to 115 in the Eco mode and in the Eco Plus mode.

It has more too, with a variety of modes and five different for harvesting regenerating power the brakes.

Where the usual would have an S mode the Drive slot, the e-Golf has a B (for brake recuperation). this and the first part of braking will send back through the electric and into the battery. Options from D1 to D4 limit how aggressive harvesting will be and you can switch them via the steering-wheel paddles or the gear lever like you to change gears in a standard

It rides well, too, if its extra weight demanded springs than the stock and it feels extraordinarily well and together.

Range is always the question and while the NEDC came up with 190km, VW that could be anywhere 130-190km, depending on the driving

As with all electric cars, the e-Golf will make only to city dwellers for the family’s second car to cover returns of no more than or so. For most Australian cities, doable.


Running (at German prices): €3.30/100km

10.4 seconds

Top speed:

NEDC range: 190km


Power: 85kW


Battery weight: 318kg

capacity: 24.2kW/h

Electric 12.7kW/h per 100km

Volkswagen e-Golf

Golf Hybrid

A perfect all-rounder or heavier and thirstier than a

The technology seems to be all there for the Plug-in Hybrid 2014 Its 50km of pure-electric, zero driving would almost future-proof it against any draconian traffic laws. And it’s to 100km/h than a Golf

But it’s heavy. At 1540kg, the PIH is 30kg heavier than the e-Golf. On VW’s own costs-per-100km it costs more to run than a TDI, too, with VW €5.39 per 100km where the TDI only €4.48.

Much of relates to the choices VW made in its Firstly, it wanted a pure-electric of 50km in real-world conditions. Hit number and you’ve got London and a of other major world which waive congestion for zero-emission vehicles, in your

That range dictated a pack much bigger a Prius can fit (for example). The lithium-ion unit adds than 125kg to the package

The upside is that it has astonishing system range and impressive system performance and, the e-Golf, it doesn’t ask any compromise the Golf, save for the sacrifice of the tier of the boot’s false

Where else can you find of ZEV driving, a 0-100km/h sprint in in concert with an NEDC economy figure of 1.5L/100km and of just 35 grams/km? Not in a Prius, for sure.

The PIH Golf is based the 1.4-litre, turbocharged, direct-injection petrol Golf, complete its 110kW/250Nm outputs. It sits its battery pack beneath the floor and uses an 80kW motor to both drive the wheels and sent regenerating back to the boot.

And, when you reach the you can charge the Golf PIH on a wall to 80 per cent capacity inside 30

Like the e-Golf, it asks its to make very few compromises There is more to do only if you to explore the outer edges of its returns, but even VW’s say people only do that to they can, then get to just driving to work.

It the e-Golf’s eight-inch touchscreen and also has the same adjustable regeneration abilities, but the major (aside from having a petrol tank at the back) is it has a six-speed DSG transmission.

It’s a two-pedal operation, though, and the PIH allowed VW engineers to be even in their software operations in the e-Golf. For example, you can ask it to store the electric charge (in case driving from the country to the so you can use it later, or you can release it as needed the way. And it has various options in You can even leave it up to the satnav to where you need to have ZEV and where you can use the petrol engine.

And it has a mode, where it’s all manning the pumps and it shows power distribution system on the screen.

Unfortunately, there are There always are when a car two competing energy and motivational

The first is that it’s not yet as integrated as the e-Golf. On the version we it had some jerkiness from the into the cabin as it moved full electric to the petrol and as the gearshifts tried to slide It also struggled with issues even more the e-Golf, which was a surprise.

The petrol engine is smooth and even stronger now that boosted at its lower reaches by the torque. It basically has 350Nm on tap at any

It’s fast in a straight it’s relatively comfortable and practical in its five-door body and you can eke out 1000km out of each tank. If its low you need and you have access to a power socket, this many of the questions the e-Golf

Of course, if it’s straight up costs in which you’re you might be better off sticking a Golf TDI.

This one cost a lot of money, with VW hinting that it will be a touch cheaper than the

Golf Plug-in Hybrid

costs (at €1.40/litre): €5.39/100km

7.6 seconds

Top speed: 217km/h

range: 939km


System power: 150kW

Volkswagen e-Golf
Volkswagen e-Golf
Volkswagen e-Golf
Volkswagen e-Golf
Volkswagen e-Golf


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