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Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet I

Fast Facts

Lively and in feel – even the non GTi models enough performance for today’s but the brakes could be usefully

One of the most practical, versatile around that’s a great driver that’s bound to be There’s a saloon as well as a spin-off, too.

Available at all newsagents including WHSmith

If after a usable, economical driving classic that’s fun why not take up Golf, says Anderson

The original Volkswagen was one of those cars that a generation and started a whole new – the hatchback. Sure, others had the before – not least our own Austin A40 – but packaged it as well as VW. Designed to the iconic Beetle, the Golf have been more yet contrary to widely held it wasn’t the first front-engined, drive VW. The German had tried the out in 1972, with the bigger and Audi had been using drive since the 1960s. own first effort was the unpopular K70 a design foisted upon the by the takeover of NSU.

GTI apart, you may not of the Mk1 Golf as a classic, but tell to the kids! Such is their for tuning and customising that, if you for one, you’d better get in quick while they are cheap and available.

Which to buy?

Of course for enthusiasts only one choice, the GTi, but does the rest of the range a because all that makes the hot so good is all there, albeit in degrees, in every other – even the base 1100. The GTi was rumoured to have been by a bunch of VW engineers who played a standard version by slotting in the 1.6-litre fuel-injected engine was already doing the business in the overlooked Audi 80GT. VW big were so taken with the that they quickly the car for production, arriving late in

Naturally these are the most Golfs and five figures for top is not uncommon, although you can still get a one for half this. The most GTi is the limited run Campaign model, but a lot of has been talked about In simple terms it was a specially-trimmed GTi some subtle changes (of the vast majority could be anyway) such as dedicated ‘P’ alloy rims, driving enclosed in the grille, sunroof, fuel cap, tinted and even those famed and ‘golf ball style’ door lock buttons! 1000 cars were so beware of fakes!

The more Golfs can be picked up for not much than £1000 and, out of the best models are the 1300 and in L and GL forms, which are lively and The 1100 is sluggish if smooth and early base models used all round drum If you want a classic diesel the introduced in 1978, is ideal. Low by today’s standards, the 1.5 Derv has similar performance to the 1100, up to 50mpg and is fairly refined.

Sun will love the Convertible. by Karmann (like the Beetle rag this range also the saloon-derived cabrio when it was in 1979. So good was the design the car skipped a generation upgrade and was replaced by the Mk3 in the 1990s, although it did certain changes afforded by the Mk2 as a 1.8-litre engine option. lesser known Golfs the Yugoslavian-made Caddy pick-up lasted well into the plus was available in GTi-like guise, and the equally good if practical and stylish Jetta that‘s well worth we might well add.

Behind the wheel?

The first you ask yourself when driving the Golf is to question the design’s Is it really almost 40 years So well engineered and solid this VW feel and seem more youthful than its age Anybody used to younger will feel right at and that includes a crunch reverse if you’re not careful the clutch! The driving position is but the seats aren’t as comfortable as you – but it’s no worse than say an Mk2/Mk3 of that era.

on the move though things and all models feel pleasantly and keen, including the 1100, that’s because of the rather gearing employed. This makes a much better bet as a 1.3 in 14 secs), 1500 (12 secs) and still the 1.8 (11 seconds).

Of course, the GTi that’s entitled to all the bragging with its razor sharp and fuel injected engine to kart-like wheel lifting But the gentler Golfs are also fun, thanks to their crispness and nimbleness.

If the dampers are healthy (and they can out quickly along with the bushes) the ride will compliant if not cosseting; it’s worse on the GTi, care of an less ride height and bar fitted fore and aft, but never notably uncomfortable.

“In its few cars are so easy to drive or so much straightforward pleasure”, Car in a road test. Sun seekers find a better classic a Golf cabriolet. While it some of the rigidity found in the despite a Stag-like roll it’s nevertheless not a sloppy and a good one will still be free of squeaks and rattles.

Another benefit of going the rag top is that this Golf Mk1 well into the 1990s, so you can buy a ‘new’ classic. There’s the option of the 90bhp 1.8-litre which in easy-to-tune carb is perhaps the best all roader of the

If you can, go for a Golf with gearing. VW played with the called ‘3+E’ during the 1980s, which was aimed to superior economy via taller but nothing can beat a five-speeder; and can be fairly easily retro-fitted.

The steering was considered light and in its day but those used to moderns may not now. One area where the has always been criticised is in the department. Brakes are disc and but some entry models servo assistance. And even it, road tests regularly about a long pedal caused by the conversion to RHD and a dead but in general driving it’s not that causes a major (see The Daily Option for on this).

Okay so let’s about the GTi, the Hot Hatch. For this is still the only one to thanks its blend of performance, weight, agility and minimalism. Golf GTis (of which has been no less than six may be faster and grippier but they all the simplicity and purity of design, as as the rawness that made the such a classic – rather the original Mini Cooper in Find a good, honest — and they are around – and are you’ll never want to with it. Some enthusiasts the first ‘1600’ best but the introduced for 1983, is torquier significant more pull low

The daily option?

The Golf is the most practical and sensible modern classic on the block. A car one minute, makeshift van the next, easy to see why the cars remain so The Mk1 is almost the same size as the Polo, but you’ll found the Golf roomier because not stuffed with safety and the like, encroaching on cabin Almost 40 years on, and the refinement still impress (if not the equipment while general performance is adequate, even on the 1.1/1.3 town. Those used to may bemoan the lack of a fifth as well as power steering, One point that may raise concern are the brakes, which, to conversion to RHD, are strangely in travel and mushy but there are tuning companies around who can this out by simple tweaking and along with giving more go and grip, if needed.

that familiar sold of course, which we’ve to expect with the badge thanks to the small size and cut styling, both the Golf and the are easy-peasy to drive in town and while the heating and ventilation set up is than adequate for our changeable As rag tops go you can’t find a user friendly one than the On later model it’s but the earlier manual labour are easy and quick to operate. up it feels almost as snug and as a normal Golf hatchback.

Being a hatchback, the Golf as a as you want it to be, although the Jetta boasts a massive boot of 20cuft plus doesn’t from a high loading lip the Golf’s hatch. Equipment were never benevolent and a many hatchbacks will a wash/wipe and it’s well fitting one – try an autojumble for a cheap

Ease of ownership?

Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet I

The Golf is most successful car ever and the world’s third best with more than 25 made. So, as you can imagine, spares and shouldn’t pose a problem, for Mk1s because it remained in in South Africa and South until quite recently, rear hatch doors can be a Trim, however, is much to source all round so it depends how you want the car to remain. If you have the perhaps buying a scrapper be a wise move for future

For the DIY-er the Golf is a good It’s been around for 40 years and is extremely well in the trade, where there are loads of independent Volkswagen/Audi who can assist. Many parts later Golfs and other VWs can be and, as proven by young replacing the stock engine a later VAG unit with or six speeds makes a very usable car indeed.

If you intend to use one as a driver (and why not?), take care of the bodywork annual inspections and copious of Waxoyl or similar because do have a reputation for rusting, mechanically they uphold famed reputation.


Work started on the Golf VW’s take over of NSU in fiirst fwd VW being NSU-designed Golf introduced as all new replacement for the loved Beetle (which in production); three/five-door front-wheel and new ohc engines, initially 1.1 and 1.3-litre


Car launched in American and markets. 1500cc engine GTi, featuring the Audi 80 GT 1.6 first shown as a concept but not until a year later

US Golf Rabbit gains 1.6 while the 1.5 diesel surfaces in Europe and in the States, offering performance of the 1100, but more and with 50mpg potential. It was the of the acceptable face of diesels for use


Minor facelift and upgades plus convertible is launched, made by coachbuilder Although Mk1 replaced by Mk2 in 1983, the remains until the Mk3 is introduced in


Cabrio gains fuel tank while model is launched featuring bumpers, side skirts and enhancements. Caddy pick-up for certain markets while Golf models remained in right up until 2009!


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