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Thread: SG Earth vs Real-Life Fascinating Small ( Big)

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SG Earth vs Real-Life Fascinating Small ( Big)

So I started this on another and thought people here be interested in it as well. Seems it could provide some details to spice-up a fanfic

Oftentimes on shows like gloss-over the events on Earth and on what`s going on elsewhere in the And that is fine but it is also to look into just how the in Stargate differs from its life counterpart. And when one and thinks about it, one can discover very interesting details. In thread, we can discuss the big and small SG Earth is different from we all are familiar with.

Note: is not a thread for discussions like “if SGC was run by the and not Hollywoood they would sent tanks through the or pointing out things like “in life no one would be able to spaceship battles in low Earth since millions of people telescopes would see it”. this thread is for technological, historic and geographic differences. are some factoids and speculations I and have noticed /or deduced:

1) In later seasons, some tech and scientific theories are to have left the classified and became known by the wider community (e.g. judging by Atlantis episode “Brain the multiverse theory was proven, a is not laughed out of a room when he he can “shaft excess heat a different dimension” and the scientific is not baffled by working energy

2) Even without factoring in technologies Stargate Earth to be more advanced than the world (at least in the fields of

The disaster-solving tech-of-the-week in season 5 Red Sky is the HU-2340/Maclarium. a super-heavy element by an Earth scientist (who is not in the about the SGC) over the of 5 years. If the 2340 is the mass of the element and it is stable enough not to in second than that’s impressive!

For comparison, the heaviest element scientists were able to were a few atoms of Ununoctium-294 and half-life is measured in microseconds!

would mean that Earth discovered the atomic of Stability sometime between and 2001. I guess it’s that the discovery of Naquida could have pushed US to fund research into transuranium elements on Earth.

3) technology-related difference (also the episode Brain Storm):

Volkswagen Iltis

mentions CERN’s LHC Particle to prove that in the same way went wrong with it on its despite the fear of micro holes and instantaneous destruction of the nothing will go wrong he activates the device. The real-world LHC had not been activated yet at the time of but was expected to have been by the the episode was to be aired. However, problems caused the shutdown of the before the stage of the activation had many worried about scenarios, making Tunney’s (partially) inaccurate at time of airing. The collider was finally on November 20, 2009 — enough one day off of exactly one year the episode’s airdate (November 21,

4) Dialog from the Stargate episode “The Tomb” at least some Russian forces use the Zastava M85 (Yugoslav-built rifle based on the Kalashnikov Additionally, the episode “Full showed the Russian military the German-built Volkswagen Iltis (although maybe the show`s didn`t have access to a 4×4 and the Iltis was simply to represent the Russian UAZ-469/UAZ-31512 )

5) Beckett is constantly seen a Scottish flag on his Atlantis unlike other members U.K. that have the Jack on their sleeves. Stargate-verse Scotland have independence from U.K. prior to the departure of the Atlantis

6) In the opening episode of Stargate: preparing for the expedition to Atlantis can be expedition members from the of the U.N. Security Council important allies: U.S. Russia… and Zimbabwe? (Don’t me? Just look at this at 1:15). Could Zimbabwe of have avoided the disastrous of Robert Mugabe in 1990s, and by becoming an important regional with rising global much like real-life Africa?

7) Invasion of Iraq took place. Although we from flashback’s to Col. past that U.S. got with Afghanistan, there is no of 9/11 or invasion of Iraq. with a president other Bush an invasion of Iraq may not taken place even if occurred (and U.S. may invaded Taliban controlled without 9/11 too – see this BBC for example. or this collection of (the latter are from seems to be a conspiracy theory but the articles on it do not look like material)). Now absence of proof is not of absence – but consider this: to Stargate: Atlantis episode Real World” Dr. Elizabeth at one point mediated a U.N. on “non-nuclear proliferation in North The only country in North that had a nuclear program was Gaddafi’s Libya he let U.N. dismantle the program mended with the west following the invasion of Iraq because he did not to be next on the U.S. hit list. So in a where there was no invasion of Gaddafi may not feel need to up with the west the Libyan program would continue, leading to U.N. Accords. of course, “non-nuclear proliferation” is to something other than

non-proliferation”… so who knows.

It was pointed out to me later that on the Stargate: Universe Lt. James was as having served in Iraq. this could mean she was in enforcing the No Fly Zone or perhaps she did in Kurdistan.

8) SG-1 season 10 The Road Not Taken had the following

Volkswagen Iltis
Volkswagen Iltis
Volkswagen Iltis
Volkswagen Iltis

Volkswagen Iltis

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