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Volkswagen Iltis

Happy was gone. Old friends off. Trusted acolytes or disappointed. A new generation of ecologists an unfamiliar language. Still, in life, Frank drew new admirers, such as Bob Burgess. For sake, that loyalty troubled Egler.

#9;I a strong suspicion that Bob Burgess (who may still be one of my admirers) may find that is Too Hot to Handle, he wrote to Jeff in 1976, if Bob Burgess wants to in the ESA, among his peers. are certain sociological realities cannot be denied.

#9;Burgess was a more-than-average interest in the history of He saw what a resource Frank was for In a letter sounding Frank out an offer Burgess had been by Syracuse Forestry, he urged to do something to preserve his vast of materials.

Ah yes, Bob, replied, my files are FULL of that I trust will be One friend has already sent my to him, together with his files—he is a big figure in the conservation Cornell archives. He tells me my package is labeled ‘Frank E. gadfly to the ecological profession’ or like that. It is a designation I do not appreciate. I’ve had two other appellations—one as ‘catfish’, stirring up the fish, for a time—and another, a leading conservationist, as the bur under his blanket, whether to activate the above, or the jackass below, I had courage to ask him.

The catfish was from the committee that him his ESA Commendation.

I am personally sure I was stabbed by one of two people, he returned to the of Syracuse Forestry, one in industry, one in the first knowing of my wartime the other not knowing of them. I never know.

If I had been a sort of guy, Frank in his next letter to Burgess, I have gone far there, at Forestry. I know that my (then Head of Botany), to I really owe quite a bit, had plans for me. I must have a great disappointment to him.

Rohm and Haas is trying to me with no reason, Dick suddenly informed Egler in the of 1980.

He needed Frank’s in finding a publisher and safeguarding his Frank offered to hold a

Egler was greatly concerned. He saw in Dick’s situation to that of Shoecraft, who had contacted Egler many and many a long call (from Arizona) her neighborhood had been inadvertently with defoliant by the US Forest Frank had been completely with her.

Billee was a super-remarkable woman, he wrote of her years later. Young, beautiful; outraged, dedicated, pro-American, a published poetess in her own one who would not be defeated—until cancer her at an early age.

Shoecraft in 1977. She attributed her cancer to the of the Dow Chemical herbicides used in the program. Egler wrote a for the book she published on her travails.

reporters, medicos, phone Frank wrote to Dick the episode, the judge, even her own were ‘influenced.’

Without a Dick Hale had difficulty the job he wanted in the US. He did find a professional for his book, however. He described her to as a big heel, who was well connected to the industry. According to him, she his book as a sequel to Silent He had documented two hundred fifty and hundreds of cases of diabetes in attributable to the rodent poison had finally tripped Dick’s compass. After contacting the Protection Agency, Hale’s was convinced that what he had was a case of criminal neglect on the of Rohm and Haas.

Hale reported that he had hired

DO keep me informed, Frank

The book, Silent Rage, was published. Hale took retirement from Rohm and and became an agricultural consultant.

new acquaintance—another apprentice, in an Eglerian Jane Camerini. She was a graduate in an interdisciplinary program at the University of Botanist Hugh Iltis, her committee chairman, suggested she contact Egler on starting her

#9;A thesis about Frank replied to her telephone how unusual. Tell me more.

Her had to do with how maps influenced the of Darwin and Wallace. She enjoyed with Frank while she was in writing her doctoral dissertation. episodes, such as the doings of her were interspersed in their with intellectual discussions, as the stir being created in biology by Stephen J. Gould.

have always been who sided with more evolutionary events—you are not alone, wrote to him in 1986.

He was not getting out he wrote to her in his reply. It was the same found in his letters to Ray, in one he proudly announced that he was to Chapel Hill, North to give a seminar, on holism . th eir . It was to be his first night away in he had added.

Airport problems, roads, and my unheatable 1974 VW can be life-endangering, is how he explained his lack of to Jane. Jet-laggity would not me. I live with no routine regard to meals or sleeping. years ago (late 1930s, if I met a friend on the street just to dinner, I’d say ‘fine; I’ll eat you’ even though I had come from a dinner. statement worked, until one day I myself taken back to the restaurant. A query from the almost threw me; but I replied affirmatively ‘no—that must been my ‘double’ that I about.’ And when Happy visit her daughter in Washington DC for days, and I considered myself I would completely stop I called it an ‘experiment’, in tea-ing, on my and emotional behavior. It always well, with a creditable of five pounds. But I believe it worry for Happy—not for me.

Volkswagen Iltis

It has been the summer for me yet, he concluded letter, with visitors and visitors away from The INTECOL post-meeting trip, to Forest, and on to the Connecticut Arboretum, did When they arrived on 17 th (had they arrived on they would have under a veritable cloudburst), were twenty-four instead of John P. played an important physically, and emotionally, for me; and during the five-hour stay.

If you share any of my reactions of 1936, wrote to her shortly after, on her thesis, I was so fed up with the stress and that I took out half my Bishop Museum fellowship and sailed (wrong-way Corrigan East to Paris, studied at the for the summer, and then kept the rising sun (according to a clearly but still elastic schedule) I reached Honolulu three later. So if you choose to ‘get for a time, before you return to the I am sure your insights continue intellectually to develop—and for years beyond.

I thought of you while I was sitting in a weedy she wrote from Italy in reading Wallace’s description of for resources in the struggle for survival, and he about tree saplings nipped back year year by cattle grazing, what happened after the was protected from cattle for 25 about needing long of time to study these and of course thought of you, and of books and articles and leaves for an old and how you write and write without about publication, and I wondered who do that. Who will prepare the for publication? What about like me who might not come to Forest to read them, who benefit from what you been thinking and writing?

I been overbusy, Frank in 1990, trying to put in a hundred a week ‘busy’, reading sixty books a year in my ‘profession’), getting the ‘education’ I did earlier, from eight universities, bracing myself the flood of printed professional (which is possibly rediscovering the I had about ‘ecology’ as an undergraduate over half a century now metamorphosed into quantifiables, as and forage that our pseudointelligent are demanding. I find that my reading and writing occurs 2 AM onward, until 7:30, phones start ringing with wrong numbers), or I try to out (with ‘busy’ signals, or services’ that say they call you back—but they But the schedule means that I need a Da Vincian ‘catnap’ I get to the end of my rope, and unless I convert the and work on until dawn. I part of these problems is I have never adjusted to the of Happy in 1978.

Despite these negative we are progressing towards an Aton Inc. that will be the I can do towards making ‘permanent’ area on which I have so much, with a small that I trust inflation not wipe out. Much on John P. Anderson, without I doubt if my courage would

The ‘dis-ease’ at Aton Forest is A. Davis, Frank continued. will be a story of its own some (Say nothing in any letter to me. His are on the warpath.) Happy and I had known him for a ten years. We agreed that he the best promise for the future of Forest. I and Bill Niering, in became co-trustees of a lifetime Fund, only an amount to him in frugal security, in terms of shelter, warmth. Unbeknownst to us, he was at a of change-of-life; and after nine has done ‘nothing’ for which the was planned. We had to put the matter in the hands of My pile of papers is over two high. American ‘justice’ is an social-behavior pattern. Fortunately we involved the Attorney General’s in the jurisdiction of ‘charitable enterprises’ (c) 3 category). The Assistant Attorney of this section is m a r v e l o u s, a woman who was a German professor!

I simply am not in with what passes for these days: smaller and parts, for shorter and shorter with more and more with fatter and fatter he continued. I.e. bigger and bullfrogs for smaller and smaller It is a lucrative trade. I do think is the same percentage of potential of socially-minded altruists, but it is hard for to earn a living in the overgrazed of academia. And so it always was; but now the and screams of modern technology, of the majorities, make it more that the medium is the message (or I say? That the message is the And so it is with the conservation organizations 110% of their income, and trying to get out of the red with all sorts of activities—as red lights have indicated. But then I remember the quotation of Ashmore’s brilliant of Robert Maynard Hutchins, as brilliant a person as this has produced in academia-et-al. The quotation is the of the book UNSEASONABLE TRUTHS, from a 1648 statement by the Assembly of the Scottish Kirk. was a magnificent failure.

You may wonder about my health. I adjusted to the fact that I metastatic prostate cancer (as so very many men). five or so years ago. But it to have stabilized. Bad engineering, in the Creation. In the spring of 1989, being unduly dizzy when out in the field herbiciding (but the complex never as Lyme disease), I woke one on the floor pad of the Bay Window to find my legs would not work. It me half an hour to reach a knob eight feet and pull myself up. There endless medical tests. blood tests (enuf to me anemic) catscans and what I dogscans, and even MRI (magnetic imaging). All reports negative: is nothing wrong with Mr. Egler’. In the meantime the paper insurance, payments, pile up. people in jobs.) I gave up ALL all trips, for spring, summer, 1989. I adjusted to the idea of ‘no field work’ (as I adjusted to totally blind, at the end of 1945). gradually I began to walk. day, an extra two hundred on the town road. (Previously I not walk upstairs, or to the Study a feet away). Now I am spending or four or five hours ‘working’, a day. What can I hope for, at this I am incredibly lucky.

Frank Egler died on 26, 1996, two months after incapacitated by a stroke. Friends and gathered on the top of Woodchuck Hill the spring. They shared while observing his wish to his ashes with those of his wife, Happy. His obituary in the ESA was written by Bob Burgess, of Syracuse

In mid-August, on the way home from the ESA meetings in Providence, Burgess we stopped at Aton forest to Frank. He was a bit pale and obviously but in excellent spirits. He wanted descriptions of and commentary on all the sessions, the symposia were like, who was and how many were in attendance. In he wanted my opinion of the best that I heard, and it was obvious he had read through the program In early evening, during and crackers in front of his big, old 18 wild turkeys almost over us.

Egler’s will was in probate court until His papers were locked up by order until that to all but mice, mold, and insects. The finally found for Aton Inc. which today to advance Frank’s conservation and goals.

It should also be that Frank’s garden have been restored.

And he lost that $10,000

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