An Apology to the Peugeot 309 — Volkswagen 309

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Volkswagen 309

An Apology to the Peugeot 309

I’ve a little unfair in these to a certain, fairly inoffensive and I feel rotten because else is nasty to it as well.

I it’s time to make to the Peugeot 309.

First of all just why does no-one it? Jeremy Clarkson once it a dog, Practical Classics has called it compromised (and only as an aside in a paragraph the Talbot Tagora in an article failed cars) and the only I’ve ever heard be nice to one in public was when Ruppert praised them on 4’s Driven for being a practical and above all extremely form of transport according to his theory.

Practical Classics had a The 309 was never a high-priority project for the new PSA Peugeot’s range had dwindled to nothing so it was rushed in to replace the ancient 305 with mainly Alpine/1307-1308 running gear, switchgear, an engine based on an Simca design and doors its little brother, the 205. closely and you can find Talbot and Citroen double chevrons on components. There can’t been very many new on sale in 1992 with brakes — even if on the back.

The 309’s other great was the fantastic success of its little People liked the 205 anyway the stylish little runabout had an following in its native France and a strong one over here. came the GTi. The age of affordable cars and roadsters like the MGB was and truly over by the early but Volkswagen had (albeit inadvertantly) up with a successor to the breed; the GTi. The Golf GTi was bloody but the 205 GTi was better. Everyone who’s one loves them, and they’re highly thought of even by the car magazines. The halo effect of the GTi that any 205 was cool (maybe the unfortunately-badged STD version) but rather being excited by a new car from no-one even seemed to the bigger 309’s launch.

was wrong though. The 309 was anything but a

It’s 1984. Picture the The family hatchback is still a young breed; VW’s was one of the first and the MkII version has been launched. It’s about the best of the crop but the as dark as a closed-down coalpit and put on weight since Giugiaro the original. Citroen’s GSA (a better and modern car than the 309 in many but a more expensive one) is to breath its last; it’s long in the tooth and such weirdness just isn’t the thing in Thatcher’s harsh new Its replacement, the BX, is another good car but a little too weirdly styled and engineered for conservative British Volvo’s cart-sprung 340 is doing Austin is still just hanging on but the dumpy Maestro is a effort — and the build wasn’t so good. When was the time you saw one? The best has to offer is the smaller and frailer Uno; the more comparable is still a couple of years Most Japanese cars are ugly, badly built and no than the cheaper homegrown Even so; this class of car had an enormously long way in recent The frankly crap Hillman Morris Marinas and Fiat of the 70s are still frighteningly fresh in memories. No; Peugeot’s biggest was the Mk III Escort. It was a vast improvement on the Mk II, but was just dull next to the discreet good looks. standard 309s were and contemporary road tests chose the 309 as the better driver’s Interior accommodation was bigger and appointed, and build quality was better. Ever seen a 309?

There was even a 309 GTi. similar, it was every bit as good as the 205 and more space inside. it never really caught on in These days, this is an you can pick them up quite compared to 205 GTis, and they’re likely to have been with by incompetent teenage than 205s or Escort Or for more discreet, four-door why not pick a 1.9 turbodiesel? These propelled Citroen XMs quickly in something the weight of a 309 (lighter a Vauxhall Corsa) they fly and enough torque to tow a house.

Okay, so the vast majority of 309s are bog standard GL models, for school runs, trips to the and occasional family holidays. But did that job with the very of efficiency — and despite the failings it lasted the best of a decade, with just one until it was replaced by the 306 which magazines loved for its style, packaging and handling right up its demise this year.

My had her 1986 1.3GR since it was months old. The first I saw it, I was being picked up from in it; later I learned to drive in it. I drove it all the way around the M25. I was a student, I helped a friend house in it — from to Eastbourne. We’ve carried a bench, a flat-pack wardrobe and Christmas trees in it. Despite its shopping-car status, it’s the thing I regularly drive. Mum to neglect it, but despite that it rarely lets her down. on its original suspension all round and the handling’s a little sloppy it bounce. It recently passed the mile mark and it’s been welded, never had the out. The only rust ever shown has been on the where the paint’s been If it collapsed into a heap of now it wouldn’t owe her anything; but it feels solid and should go on for thousands of yet.

The only time it’s let me down, it had run out of petrol. Mum knew the wasn’t working, but had forgotten to me.

Oh; and once when visiting It cut out in front of their flat at the end of a 90 journey and refused to restart, to be pushed into a parking It was fine the next morning

Its only major failing is a to eat rotor arms, but nobody’s

James Ruppert’s got the the right 309s are cheap, reliable, (for an 80s family car), and for its time) quite naughtily with any engine but the 1.1. Buy one before they all get thrown in favour of a nice new 307 (which like a van). Since was written, I have seen article, this time in a newspaper, in which someone got a 309 for and used it as an everyday car until it Mum’s still hasn’t down, but it does still like a bouncy, understeery Who cares though? Free Should be encouraged! All content (c) 1998-2001 Stuart Hedges

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