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Volkswagen LT

Today the weather looked promising, so I thought I’d have go at tackling the gear-linkage to try and sort out diabolical gearchange for once and for Although I’d improved it slightly my previous efforts. I took him for a spin round the block on and changing gear was a fuckin’ So it really needs sorting out

Before I could even get to the end of the gearlinkage, I had to remove the engine and cover from the bottom of the This is a big plastic case with foam which onto the bottom of the chassis and is meant to lessen engine a bit. It was quite easy to Just a few self-threading screws, but I’m it’ll be much more fun to put it back on as it’s quite unwieldy and and heavy. So it’ll be one of ‘lying under the car holding heavy above your and trying to screw it into while your eyes with grit from off the of the van’ jobs.

The engine and cover was nicely filled a glutinous mixture of mud, oil and — with the odd loose and pebble thrown in for luck

Beginning the job of cleaning out the cover a paint scraper

When I the biggest piece of foam which was soaked in oil and water I found this insects’ on the underside of the foam; a dead, fly and a ‘dead’ wasp

Here’s how crap I scraped out of the inside of the That should be good for a of pounds off Herman’s weight

the cover after the removal of the mound of skank

I’d left the big of foam near a grid so the could drain out of it and when I to pick it up a few mins later I that my mate the ‘dead’ was walking about, yawning and and cleaning himself off. For insane reason, he’d decided to hibernate in that oil and soaked environment and my exposing him to the just as we had a few minutes of rare had brought him ‘back to life’

Behold — he is risen!

Anyway, now that the dog could see the it was time to get down to the main of the day; inspecting the hitherto rear end of the gear-linkage, where it connects into the gearbox.

The reader at home possessed of an general’ disposition can follow with the next moves in thrilling campaign by consulting handy exploded diagram of the gearlinkage, which I have lifted from page 16 of international blockbusting best-seller VW Workshop Manual. 5-Speed 008 and Final Drive. April Edition.’

Gear linkage diagram

The first task was to the mounting bracket that the rear end of the shiftrod against the where the shiftrod fits the inner shift lever. is a plastic ball on the end of the inner lever which acts as a and this ball is apparently to disintegrating and thus contributing to a gearchange. As you can see from the piccies this disnae seem to be the in herman’s case.

Armchair — we’re looking at the circled in red on your maps.

Rear bracket removed and pulled off inner shift and moved aside. The inner lever is the thing with the ball on the end.

Closeup on the shift lever and its notoriously ball. A bit dirty due to a cracked boot, but definitely in one piece.

end of shiftrod pulled away gearbox and moved downwards

Volkswagen LT

I then turned my attentions to the end of the shiftrod. If you consult your diagrams again, you’ll an area circled in green. is where the shiftrod connects to the lever at the front of the van, tucked up beside the radiator. this bolt off’ the workshop manual casually and the will just ‘slide out to the .

Easier said that The nut and bolt holding the shiftrod the shiftrod lever was about as as you could wish for. One of where you can get the end of a spanner and the tip of one or two fingers to it and it about a millimetre at a time. unsuccessfully trying to attack it directly underneath I eventually hit on the method [and I use the word in the relative sense], of coming in in front of the radiator, after a piece of cardboard panelling out of the It was still a major pain in the — especially since the was not a captive one, so once I’d the nut about a mm, the bolt just turning round too. I had to get one up behind the radiator holding a on the bolt and the other hand up in of the radiator, undoing the nut with a on a long handle. but I got there in the

The reluctant nut. you cannae see the extent of the tangle of girders, tubes and other bric-a-brac i had to weave my arm through to even get the in to take this shot.

At point I was confronted by another The shiftrod didnae want to out after the nut was loosened off and who could it. It’s probably been into the shiftrod lever, anyone looking near it, for the 16 years. I tried pulling the from the back end, the gearbox but, as I twisted it, it and pushed it, I only succeeded in the gearstick to flop about the van. I therefore had to go and summons from the flat, so she could the gearstick from being to move, while I wriggled the out. To my delight and surprise, it out really easily with a of twists.

Mazza took this composed shot from the cab, down through the in the floor where the gearstick through, of me just checking out the front shiftrod bolt was and loose before we wrestled the out.

Portrait of the artist as a grease-monkey

At this point, with my success at getting the out I thought ‘What the hell. take the whole fecking out!’ and I started measuring up the of hassle that would be in removing the horizontal crossbar goes from the shiftrod across to the bottom of the gearstick pictured in the diagram above. I it’s an addition for RHD versions of the LT, the gearlever is on the opposite side of the to the LHD model].

Of course, no sooner had I decided to go for it a huge black cloud itself happily overhead and I the joyous first drops marked the end of my brief sunny Sadly, I wiped my tools packed them away and once more to the pavilion, that, brief tho’ my had been today, I had at least got useful work done.

‘the mystery of the recalcitrant is going to be a tale of more a few episodes.

Volkswagen LT
Volkswagen LT
Volkswagen LT
Volkswagen LT

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