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Volkswagen 1300

Details About Volkswagen carburetors

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Tech – Details About Volkswagen carburetors.

The VW Beetle engine used three different-sized carburetors to suit different sizes, and each size has variations, so let s look at them.

It is important that you know the of your carburetor, as adjusting vary somewhat from to model. The carburetor model is on the bowl on the left side of the

Until 1972 the Type 2 also used the engines below, and in fact they got the size engines before the did. So the same carburetor were used on the same when used in a Type 2, they were often a little differently to cope the increased weight of the Type 2

The 28PCI, 28PICT and 28PICT/1 were used on the 36 and 40hp engines from 1951 to These have a 22.5mm (throat), which provides characteristics which suit the engine size. These are no longer made, but can be replaced by the larger modern replacement H30/31 (see below), will provide a small in hp for the 1200cc engine.

The 30PICT/1 Carburetor was designed for the 1300cc engines in 1966 and was used on 1967 1500cc Then came the 30PICT/2 in for the 1300/1500cc engines and the 30PICT/3 for the 1970 1600cc single-port These all have the same venturi (24mm), which a larger airflow than the 28 series – which suits the capacities better. The /1, /2 and /3 30PICTs increasingly complicated fuel for better mixture control. Any of the 30 (30PICT/1, 30PICT/2, 30PICT/3 and replacement H30/31) will fine with the 1500cc and engines.

Later twin-port (after 1971) have a Carburetor, which has a 25.5mm and a more advanced internal similar to the 34PICT/3 described All these 30 and 31 series carburetors ( 1300cc, 1500cc, and 1600cc can be replaced by the modern equivalent H30/31, so long as it is jetted to the engine size (airflow). On the port engines, it has to be used a 30/34 adaptor, since the port manifold has a larger than the single port (The H30/31 designation from the fact that carburetor is a direct replacement for the 30-series (with a 24mm and the 31-series (25.5mm throat) on the post-1971 1300s in Europe

Some of the 30PICT carburetors the 1970 30PICT/3 and the modern were/are jetted super-lean for reasons (I ve seen the main jet as as 112.5). Lean jetting them hard to keep in — manageable when the engine was new and but becomes a problem when the and carburetor age, get the occasional and so on. When using the H30/31 on a single-port engine with a distributor, try a 55 idle jet, 125 jet and 125 or 130 air correction jet. Leave the 65 jet (right side) as-is – s about the right size.

The VW in Australia usually recommend the for all engine sizes up to 1600cc the dual-port engine), both the 34s are very expensive here — $400 — and because the H30/31 is to set up. The H30/31 also tolerates the 009 better than the 34 sized — less likelihood of flat The H30/31 carburetor has a throat a mm or so smaller than the 34 anyway, so you not see any significant drop in power town (compared to the larger 34) — it probably run out of breath a little at high speed and that s it.

The development of the 30/31 carburetors is the 30PICT series has a 24mm and it s final development was the 30PICT/3 in the 1970 1600 single-port (in the USA). It was working VERY with that engine so in 1971 when the 1300cc port came out in Australia and they developed a carburetor a slightly larger 25.5mm but still having the small 30 flange, and called it the 31PICT/3. So the H30/31 is in fact really a of the 31PICT carburetor — they included the 30 in the model number to show that it replaces the 30 and 31 series carburetors.

You can t buy a brand new carburetor, but you can buy a brand new H30/31 which is the replacement carburetor for all the 28 and 30 It has a fractionally larger throat but he inlet manifold fitting, so you d get a increase in hp and would probably get a tiny reduction in fuel The 30PICT/2 is one of the most reliable Solex ever made, and it the 1500/1600cc single-port engines well.

The 34PICT/3 and the California-only Carburetors have a larger venturi, which allows the dual-port engine to breath for increased horsepower. These have more complex metering which allows the to run a little leaner for emissions These leaner settings make the engine harder to as it ages (the VW engine likes to run a little rich), and so changes to the fuel jets are Two replacement 34PICT/3 carburetors are available the Bocar and the Pierburg. The new carburetors almost always very lean jetting may need alteration. The Pierburg come with an X130 jet and a 50 idle jet.

Note: You cannot use the larger carburetor on a single-port engine – the on the 34PICT/3 is too large for the single-port I don t think you can use a 30/34 adaptor down to fit the larger carburetor on the manifold.

Volkswagen 1300

In summary, there are replacement carburetors available — the Brosol H30/31, the Bocar and the Pierburg 34 PICT/3:

The Brosol replaces the 28 series, the 30 series and the 31 and can be used (with different on 1200, 1300, 1500 and engines (either single or dual port). It s just at it s limits with a 1600, and so it a few hp compared to the larger 34PICT/3 but still works well this engine size. The flange fits the single inlet manifold, and the 1300 port manifold ( 71+ 1300s). It can be used on the larger 1600 inlet manifold with a adaptor, so it s quite a versatile

The larger 34PICT/3 carburetor is on 1600 twin-port engines and slightly better horsepower the same engine with a H30/31. It can also be used on larger capacities like the (87mm cylinders) and 1776 cylinders). Bigger than and the engine will be under-carbed, any gain from the larger

Note: In Australia the preferred seems to be the Brosol H30/31, than the 34PICT/3. The mechanics Rob has to say they have less with the H30/31, and although it s a little small for the 1600cc it only loses a fraction at the top which doesn t bother folks for general running

The Pierburg 34PICT/3 carburetor is for 1971 dp and newer upright These have the accelerator linkage that clears the unlike the Brazilian carb requires alternator grinding. The models are supposed to have better casting quality, and almost zero defect to other units. They have the proper port for or other vacuum advance The Pierburg carburetor comes an X130 main jet and a 50 idle as well as a new choke and idle off valve. The choke and mixture to be adjusted after installation, of

Dave recently installed a 34PICT/3 carburetor on his 73 Super and so far it s working very well. replaced the size 50 idle jet a size 55.) It s wonderful the accelerator pump linkage the alternator! We ve had SO much trouble that!


Rob and Dave have prepared information from their own We have not assumed any specialised knowledge, but we DO assume that using this information has at some basic mechanical

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