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In the penultimate section of the penultimate of Finnegans Wake, Joyce’s hero, imagining himself to be a called Yawn, is submitted to an involving a variety of modes of understanding, psychoanalytic interpretation, spiritual self-reflection-before emerging as the democratic man announced by radio at the beginning of the Fourth Book, opens with the revolutionary

Sandhyas! Sandhyas! Sandhyas!

all downs. Calling all downs to Array!

surrection! Eireweeker to the bludy world. 0 rally,

0 0 rally! Phlenxty, 0 rally! 593.01).

Here communication operating in the interest of a revolution towards participatory democracy is to the liberation of Ireland from In the process Joyce examines the of domination and control with he was obsessed at the beginning of his writing church, state, family. In a article it is not possible to explore questions as: Joyce’s satire of and Jung (paralleling that of or Artaud) in the figure of Alice, who is and easily freudened, to use a familiar nor of the nationalist entrepreneur Napoleon; the cynical manipulations of the Church the history of Europe; nor the papa behind the Gestapose (FW 332.07),to only a few.

Two key theoretic developed by Joyce in his youth are to understanding these issues: his of epiphany (a term often by John O’Neill in his writings on theory) and his concept of vivisection by poetry produces a dynamic reproduction of the everyday world. It so by playing with the signs by the world communicates with Most poetic works, in one of aspects, present sociology in through such a vivisective :

-The modem spirit is Vivisection itself is the most process one can conceive. The ancient accepted phenomena with a bad The modem method examines its by the light of day. All modern and religious criticism dispenses presumptive States, [and] Redeemers and Churches. It examines the community in action and reconstructs the of redemption. If you were an aesthetic you would take note of all my because here you have the of the aesthetic instinct in action 1955: 186). This concept implies that the explores communicative activity, for the in action manifests itself in The Epiphany, a moment of intense renders forth the specific of a material, verbal, or imaginary whether it is an object, an event or a of phrase.

Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 -0400

From: Donald

Hi Bob,

I really appreciated note on MM and the JFK matter. I never

that Wilhelmsen was Eric’s with Dallas, nor did I fully

the RC connection.

But as an added fascination Buckley and Brent Bozell

far different sphere from me, we had through the Catholic

cognitive and AI, Joyce is closer to some of

contemporary science than was. In his argument Gerlernter

not mention Joyce, but he does about the Joycean domain of

are back to those beginnings. For Laws_ this is apparent

thought of Joyce’s Wake.

speaking of speech as mental might reflect an

of Pound, but I it is rather his describing his own peculiar

of quasi-poetic speech and perhaps, not necessarily,

For McLuhan grammar was the aspect of the trivium, but the


discipline was poetics. As he notes in the citing

Aristotle, Aquinas on and various Renaissance thinkers,

to learning taste

being and/or willing to finance a from which the

part of (certainly in time for Philadelphia).

I received a note from Edmunds. He mentions that

there is something that he and you like to do with the

tapes. might be particularly useful if it timed for the

release of the book in 2001. It could also be for your

McLuhan conference.

In note he included a review of a Canadian book on

founders of studies in Canada which if you not seen

it might interest Let me know if you have not seen it. It is a

Post review by Dennis (who wrote one of the early

on McLuhan) of a book by Robert of Ottawa U.ñ a rather official

of the development of communication studies in

I enjoyed seeing you alerted NLC to death. Trudeau really

me into becoming Canadian. In we had a sign on our hill,

at Negril Village (then owned by the government) and we

He was familiar with the since he looked at all of the works

associated with grammar, rhetoric and poetics in

working on project. His readings of them be a little

quixotic, but basically as remarks indicate he favoured

and grammar in contradistinction to dialectics. In he

saw the eighteenth century tradition as from Ramus who as a

dialectician rhetoric to its first wo parts: and

invention over the other His Nashe thesis is a key to the

background of letter for in it he analyses in each the

nature of grammar, dialectic and for a particular period from

the of analogy in Thomas’s works was a hot of

In view of the difficulty of using the drawing, I thought

website an image of it or a poster.

I also to pick up briefly on the new historicism which

was not too responsive when we First of all, if you were

it with Frank Lentricchia, of _After the New

Criticism_ (1968), he is not generally recognized as its

founder, or a major player ñ although he wanted to

a broad, contemporary of disciplines ñ rhetoric, semiotics,

etc. Ironically, although he never be so

required some of gnosticism, both through and

involved with an interest in and Renaissance texts who also


an interest in modernism. When I met him in he was

just beginning to query the primarily because of his growing

in high modernism and especially of Yeats, Pound,

Eliot, Joyce, and Wyndham but also because it was obviously a

of interest in a milieu such as St. College in the

University of Toronto in there was a Pontifical Institute of

Studies and a number of theological (Roman Catholic,

gnosticism, as it related to modernism and to the role of

of the relatively right wing scientist and

Eric Voegelin, The New of Politics (Chicago: The University of

sense of the complexity of the question you which did not

are important, but it should be to examine what McLuhan

I cannot locate my copy of the of the Nashe

thesis at the moment, I can that McLuhan was familiar the

The hand that signed the felled a city;

Five fingers taxed the breath,

the globe of dead and halved a

These five kings did a to death.

The mighty hand to a sloping shoulder,

The finger are cramped with chalk;

A quill has put an end to murder

That put an end to

The hand that signed the bred a fever,

And famine and locusts came;

Great is the that holds dominion

Man by a scribbled name.

The five count the dead but do not soften

The wound nor stroke the brow;

A rules pity as a hand heaven;

I posted this at the Paramclu web site:

So Kroker’s Which is to say that culture is not a of

moves faster than the of light, thus quickly history.

Study music then, as a laboratory of big

as long as you and only sold it in Canada and


that adhere to the Convention that you should not any

problems. This means you could offer for sale at

conventions which were in international centers in countries

respected this legislation. I that if you sold it by mail or

the net to countries that still copyright to these works,

I finally got Moholy-Nagy’s _Vision in The chart appears on

p. 347 in the midst of discussion of the _Wake_. The

chart was for Moholy-Nagy’s Chicago Institute of by

Leslie A. Lewis in conjunction presentations about the _Wake_

given to the students, but Moholy-Nagy endorses it. On

the same page is a char of _Ulysses_ also for the same

purposes by Lewis.

discussion of Joyce begins on p. His discussion of

the _Wake_ on 344 ending at 351 so he more than twice the

to the _Wake_, which he does to he of Joyce, primarily

_Ulysses_. It is noting that his book was in 1947.

I discuss Moholy-Nagy on the on pp 86-9 of _Beyond the Word_

specific quotes from 349 and 350 in the If you have

access to the book it be worth Xeroxing the text, it shows

Moholy-Nagy to be quite a read of Joyce, even if he did not

formal training as a literary

For your convenience my remarks _Beyond the Word_ follow:

Eisenstein discerned the power of to achieve greater

inclusiveness and in orchestrating the full range of

of expression available as his discussion of and

Griffith illustrates and although he the importance of

Ulysses and its grasp of effect, he still failed to

Volkswagen 2013

fully what Joyce was in his revolutionary work,

Finnegans Verbal texts necessarily a special position in

this because of the peculiar problems to language by

contemporary developments in and because of the

historical critical that language has performed in our

sense out of ‘things.’ Joyce’s use of and signs in Ulysses

and the Wake how by being aware of the influence of a

world on the role of communication, he

contributed to the forging of a new language would enable verbal

poetry to engage with the of the changing role of

communication in the age of technology.

Some of the many writers who re-examined the role of

and can be cited as reflecting on as well as

with communication include: Proust,

Mallarmé, Valéry, Kraus, Pound, Yeats, Lewis, and

Tzara. A large of the key proponents and practitioners of the

newer in the first third of this also reflect on and

experiment communication. The search for new languages by

(such as Klee in painting, in music or Eisenstein in the

cinema) underlines the importance of the changing

taking place and how that the

transformation of the community of signs by people communicate.

In Vision in Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, an early

constructivist who had joined the Bauhaus in and moved to the

U.S. to establish a new in 1937, describes Joyce’s role

in the contemporary movements involved ‘the orchestration of the

A designer and experimentalist who had worked in a of

media, Moholy-Nagy was deeply to the changing relationships

between the and to their relationship with the new

As a constructivist and a teacher in the Bauhaus, he was with

the affinity of the artist and As polyglot European, he was

equally about the new character the arts of would

have to assume in the technoculture. Therefore, he readily

the central importance of Joyce’s and of the

necessity for contemporary artists to try to them.

Launching into a of Joyce’s work, he warns his of


dangers implicit in the explanation he is undertaking, for it can

destroy ‘the impact of surprise’ of the privileged of a

first reading in which the of feeling has an inexplicable

‘plastic He denies the commonplace that are the lowest

form of humor, out the inaccuracy of such an idea

applied to Finnegans Wake. In the the reader is ‘willing to go on

with the rather complex involved in reading the book,’

Joyce’s wit is ‘candid’:

‘The implicit be-tween the lines, the words and within

the composite makes one feel happy. At the time there is a

feeling the author himself enjoys of all the great spectacle

of life in of his murderous knifing of human When he

scourges social and deficiencies, he does not sound as if

he preaching in gloomy rage. His grows beyond the obvious

in combinations with their or multiple meanings.’

Quoting phrase ‘panaroma of all flores of he shows


it appeals to all five ‘There is something to see:

but also something to smell, (flowers) and to taste ‘aroma’

and to touch and feel’ — as floors, a peach, and a

speech.’ goes on to argue that at point the

synaesthetic, the technological and new of communication meet:

Has he [Joyce] here the coordination and interchange of

which Rimbaud meant? Is his an technique of

verbalization? Probably. It is the to the practical task of

building up a from interlocked units by an

transparency of relationships. The method the cutting of

motion pictures. The of a film sometimes relates units

of different shots at different places in different into a

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