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Roughly half of the proteins as belonging to the ADAM family do not the catalytic-site consensus sequence for (HEXXH) in their metalloprotease and are likely not catalytically active. The motif (HELGHNFGAEH) in mouse occurs at amino acids ( 9 ; 10 ) . Crystal structure of the ADAM17 domain shows an active containing zinc and water that are necessary for the hydrolytic of protein substrates, and which are by three conserved histidine and the downstream methionine found in the Met motif (aa 433-437). The Met turn loops around to face the binding site ( Figure 5 ). to the metalloprotease domain is a twisted, β-pleated sheet (strands flanked on its convex side by hB and hB2 and on its concave side by helices hA and hC ( 18 ) . The metalloprotease domain is structurally to other metzincin proteins, the ADAM17 binding pocket has an tunnel connecting the two sites accommodate the sidechains of the first and residues of the substrate following the peptide bond ( 11 ) . Some of ADAM metalloprotease activity do so by to the active-site cleft of the catalytic The TIMP-3 protein (tissue of metalloproteases) is able to inhibit activity in this way ( 19 ) ( Figure 5B ).

In snake venom metalloproteases the disintegrin domain is involved in of platelet integrin receptors and the association of platelets with natural ligands, thus platelet aggregation at the wound SVMP disintegrin domains the ligand site of matrix by containing an RGD consensus sequence a 13 amino acid stretch as the disintegrin loop ( 8 ) . However, ADAM proteins associate integrin receptors through an acid-containing sequence (RX 6 DEVF) in disintegrin loops. ADAM17 not contain either of these and is not able to bind to integrin ( 20 ) . For various ADAMs, the cysteine-rich have been shown to the binding capacity of the disintegrin and be involved in the regulation of catalytic substrate targeting, and the removal of the from the catalytic domain ( 7 ; 8 ) . The of the ADAM10 disintegrin and cysteine-rich demonstrated that these were needed for substrate-recognition. The domain contains two β-strands, the cysteine-rich region contains short β-strands and three α-helices. The overall structure is by disulfide bonds between the residues. The ADAM10 cysteine-rich contains a novel α/β and a large negatively-charged pocket on one side, which is necessary for binding ( 14 ) ( Figure 6 ).

As the ADAM17 and ADAM10 cysteine-rich are similar to each other, but from other ADAMs, it is that this domain is important for ADAM17 substrate ADAM17 also contains negatively charged residues in the same region (albeit in positions) as the substrate binding found in ADAM10 ( 14 ) . However, experiments suggest that the disintegrin and cysteine-rich domains are for enzymatic activity ( 21 ) . Conversely, two motifs (CXXC) located in the and cysteine-rich regions of ADAM17 and are implicated in thiol-disulfide conversions, been shown to be important for the cleavage of certain substrates certain conditions ( 22 ) .

The cytoplasmic domain of ADAM17 a proline-rich region (PAPQTPGR) at acids 731-738 that a PXXP binding site for SH3 proteins ( 8 )(8 ) . and an extracellular regulated (ERK) phosphorylation site In response to various stimuli, is phosphorylated by ERK at T735. This appears to be important for ADAM17 ( 23 ; 24 ) . ERK may also phosphorylate ADAM17 on ( 25 ) . An extended region of ADAM17 the proline-rich motif also with the mitotic arrest 2 (MAD2) protein ( 26 ) . a component of the assembly checkpoint mechanism mitosis. ADAM17 is also by the phosphoinositide-dependent kinase 1 (PDK1), a target of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase ( 27 ) . The cytosolic domain of ADAM17 can interact with the protein phosphatase PTPH1, which to the five terminal amino (KETEC) of ADAM17 and downregulates activity ( 28 ) . Under certain the cytoplasmic domain is not necessary for the of some ADAM17 substrates ( 29 ) .

An alternatively spliced form of Adam17 has been identified would produce a soluble missing the transmembrane domain and tail ( 9 ) . It is unknown if this produces functional protein.

The mutation replaces F343 an isoleucine in the metalloproteinase domain of This residue is located in the between the sIII and sIV beta ( Figure 5A ).


In both and humans, ADAM17 mRNA is in most tissues and cell and the expression of the protein is largely ( 9 ; 10 ; 12 ; 21 ; 30 ) .

In situ hybridization studies of Adam17 expression found it to be expressed during embryogenesis in organs. After birth, mRNA is highly expressed in the lung, spleen, thymus, root ganglion, the submaxillary and the cerebellum ( 31 ) . Detailed examination of in the adult brain found mRNA levels highest in the cortex. Adam17 mRNA was found in the hippocampus, inferior of the mesencephalon, and the pontine nuclei of the ( 32 ) . During mouse pancreatic ADAM17 is broadly expressed, but restricted to islet cells ( 33 ) .

In humans, examination of ADAM17 expression in the brain found is expressed in distinct neuronal including pyramidal neurons of the cortex and granular cell neurons in the hippocampus ( 34 ) . However, study suggested that was mostly expressed in astrocytes and cells in the brain ( 35 ) .

In mammalian ADAM17 is predominantly localized to a compartment similar to that for TNF-α. The immature form of is predominantly intracellular, whereas the (and active) form is both within the cell and on the surface. Prodomain removal in mature ADAM17 occurs in the compartment where furin convertases are active ( 36 ) . Inducible of ADAM17 to the cell surface may be upon ERK phosphorylation at T375 Protein Prediction) ( 37 ) .

ADAM17 mRNA and protein appear to be upregulated under conditions. ADAM17 mRNA is in arthritis-affected, but not normal, human ( 21 ) . and both mRNA and protein are higher in the intestines of both and humans with colitis ( 38 ; 39 ) .


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