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Representing the International Esoteric a Conversation With Livia

Representing the International Esoteric a Conversation With Livia

Interview with Livia Contributions Manager of Abraxas

Filotico is the contributions manager for International Journal of Esoteric Founded in 2009 by Christina Harrington of Treadwell’s Bookshop and Ansell of Fulgur Limited, is a non-partisan window on the international movement. The lavishly produced journal, published twice a offers features on historical and occultism accented with photography and poetry. The editors Abraxasto to embody that creative nexus which both mind and soul.

in Rome, Livia completed her studies in classics before to London, where she graduated Goldsmiths University with a on comparative religions, affect, and As well as the Contributions Manager for Livia is the Marketing and Business Manager at Fulgur Esoterica and the and Promotions Manager at Treadwell’s Livia says, I seek in everything I do, which is why I am extremely to be one of the faces for Fulgur Esoterica, Journal and Treadwell’s Books.

by Stanley Trice

Various define esoteric as rare and by members of a special group. definitions of esoteric study ‘that which is hidden’. For who are not familiar with esoteric could you explain what it Who are the people of esotericism? Is there an in esoteric studies within countries outside of the UK?

There are as people debating over esotericism is as there are grains of on a beach. Especially now that and the occult are getting so much from popular culture all over the place (think of a up Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan and how his or her definition of magic can differ someone who poured years of into the same topic by at 15th century manuscripts). The study of esoteric currents is becoming more and more with university degrees to it in Amsterdam, Paris, and Exeter.

One way of thinking about esotericism is the (and later practical of a set of symbols through which can be interpreted. Those symbols to different, sometimes initiatory, such as alchemy, astrology, magic, witchcraft, and more systems. One of the first things an student learns is that a has many different levels of Esoteric symbols are ‘hidden’ in so far as it a lifelong commitment to unpack and learn how to live by them

So actually, contrary to what people would say, one of the things about esotericism is the offering of different points of It’s very inclusive. As for who are the of western esotericism, check hidden under your librarian’s desk, you might be with what you find

The May 2013 special issue of coincided with I:MAGE, an of esoteric art that was the first bringing together an international of artists who worked in the esoteric Are there other events this year or next? If events are held, do you plan issues to coincide with events? Finally, how did I:MAGE with the promotion of Abraxas ?

are indeed! In October 2014 is hosting a second I:MAGE and time it will focus on the between spirit entities and And, along with other publications and events, will also be a special of Abraxas on esotericism in film. so exciting about this is that it will look at figures in the countercultural film such as Jodorowsky, Clive Maya Deren, and Derek and show how at the root of their art is an undercurrent. We’re very because film makers been very supportive of the and because no one has ever done a of essays on film and esotericism. So, on completely new ground is always a

Another event planned for is the Occult Humanities Conference at hosted by Abraxas NY editor Pam and Fulgur artist Jesse The first conference they in 2013 was a great success and I am the second won’t disappoint Given that we go into the of producing special issues for events, I wouldn’t be surprised if by we’ll come up with a one!

In answer to your question, I:MAGE was a tremendous for promoting Abraxas, but perhaps be more appropriate to talk of support. Backing up an exhibition a quality, peer reviewed helped people understand the of the art on the walls and at the same time context and physical form to Abraxas is about: great art as Christina once put it, ‘unabashedly

How should an author or artist Abraxas with their In other words, do they an extensive background in esotericism or a personal interest in this of study?

It depends on what submitting. If an author is sending a article on a very specific then yes, they to prove they are experts. speaking, we are not a peer reviewed but we do informally fire off articles to experts when we feel the covered doesn’t fall our remit. Another crucial our editors look for is for the author to be to show they have something creative with the they have read or have studied. You’d be to see how much material there is out that deals with motives in a superficial way. often very useful as it introduces people to the field, but it not what we are about. Painting a symbol on a canvas is just not Another question our editors ask before accepting an article is: this person want to enchanting ideas to a broader The author/artist needs to be able to that feeling without clarity.

How are submissions selected for publication in ? Is it by consensus of several people? do you and the editors look for in the submissions?

and Pam are the commissioning editors, although we all in with ideas. Written for Abraxas attempts to strike a of accessibility, expertise, entertainment, and for both experts and for those who are new to the I have a piece of paper to my desk, a gift from that reads, ‘ is not an academic journal. Articles to ENCHANT’.

Different problems in when we’re dealing art. You know, a poorly article on a very specialist is likely to be read by very few and that’s where it dies. an image is so immediate. Once up online it’s very to consume and share regardless of its A poor quality but striking can go viral in a matter of seconds. that’s where stereotypes So, anything that does not an esoteric clique is already a ahead from the rest.

issue combines colorful art and to enhance what is written. is the process to match the graphics the authors’ submissions? Such as, who the final selections? Is the graphic chosen after the writing has accepted?

Oh it varies really and that’s one of my For historical pieces for example, we to select art after the piece has written. Sometimes we ask the writer to something s/he likes and times we commission artists to do a series of work for us. We’re that more and more and are 2 examples of it in issue 5.

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It’s of quite different with art which is not meant to illustrate That has a life of its own and is selected and for its own sake. We seldom publish which has been published or is up online. As for how the submission process art is first sent to me and then to Ansell, the art editor and publisher, who has the say.

Besides unsolicited do you and the editors also reach out to and artists you are familiar with and submissions?

Absolutely, I would go as far as to say constitute a good seventy of each issue’s content. We all reading so if we come across or someone we are intrigued by we never contacting the writer for a contribution. is after the editors have of course. We’ve all been off at least once for skipping the production procedure. J

Besides and poems, will Abraxas in the include prose such as stories?

That’s one for Christina I am It’s definitely something has been put on the table before as is a long standing tradition of and paganism inspired fiction, late 19 th century novelists as Mary Butts and Arthur to surrealist writers such as Carrington. So who knows, perhaps?

How did Christina, Robert, and yourself Also, is associate editor Pam who is in New York City, an outreach to the US? If so, do you outreaches to other countries?

and Christina have been friends for over ten years. In when they met, was already the director of Fulgur Christina had recently opened Bookshop that today as the primary London hub for people in esotericism. When Robert of a new esoteric bookshop opening in he thought of checking it out for himself. was sitting behind the till, shook hands, and have best friends since. As for me, I met in 2006 on a visit to London. I Treadwell’s Bookshop and decided and then that one day I would make that wonderful a part of my life.

So, I visited on and off for five years while and when I graduated, I finally the strength to ask for a job. Christina help with Abraxas and of I was more than happy to As for Pam, she is an important figure in the NY scene. Her blog Phantasmaphile and her center Observatory are one of the most resources for witchcraft, esotericism, and art in the When Christina met her in New York, it was at first sight!

With a career so far, do you also to contribute as a writer or artist to or another publication? What events are you planning in the near

Ahah! Maybe one day I’ll an anonymous piece. I have the of knowing what the editors are for, but that also me less bold as I know want A LOT. Let’s say that for the next few years are plenty of exciting projects for me to forward to. I am running I:MAGE for a conference at the Warburg Institute the same time. In June, just been offered a one day at Café Royal which we are excited about. We’re working on a programme of screenings to Europe to tie in with Abraxas Issue 2. As for personal projects, I am more and more interested in the of advertising and marketing as a magical Who know, maybe that’s I’ll submit on?

More than a dozen of Trice’s short stories been published in national and literary journals. He is a member of the Writers, the Virginia Writers’ and the North Carolina Writers’ You can find him listed in Poet and “Directory for Writers.” He grew up on a farm in Spotsylvania, VA and has lived of his life in the Fredericksburg, VA area he currently commutes by train to on budgets and legislative issues in Virginia. He is presently looking for of his novel where a lonely, chemist has too much time on his

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