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Volkswagen 2015

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Rate webpage. May 1- June 2. For the NW Seattle area only

is through Subaru/Chase with no penalty, no loan fees, no buy fees, on approval of credit.

are especially motivated to move BRZs with great and 0%, and 2014 Outback, Legacy, and especially with leases

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2015 rates

2015 Forester 24-36-48-60-63-72 mos

2015 WRX, 2.90% x 24-36-48-60-63 mos

2014 rates

Forester 1.90% mos, 2.90% 60-63-72 mos

0%-24-36 mos. 90%x48-60-63mos, x72 mos

Legacy 0.90%-24-36-48 mos, 60-63-72 mos

Crosstrek (except 2.90% 24-36-48-60-63 mos

Crosstrek 0.90% 24-36-48 mos, 60-63-72 mos

WRX, STI, 24-36-48-60-63 mos

Tribeca 0% to 72 mos

Impreza 1.90% 60-63-72 mos

BRZ 0.90% mos, 1.90% x72 mos

2013 ended except for the 2013 BRZ 0% mos, 0.90%x72 mos

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5/19 2015 Legacy now available.

Also colors and both the black and the white are now with either black or interiors. This is new, were previously only in ivory.

5/16 2015 prices and options announced .

expected late June, and still waiting on the order to open.

No Outback information was but that’s going to be soon.

continues at $795 ( to AK $945) no increase for the first time in

PZEV emissions ($300 continue to be required on 2.5L sold in CA, CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NJ, NY, OR, PA, RI, VT, WA

Overall, the 2015 increases are small.

The base model is $22,490/$22,790 PZEV, up from 2014 model PZEV

Premium model is up $200 from 2014 $24,090/$24,390 PZEV

Limited is PZEV, up $600 from $26,690/$26.990 PZEV

3.6 Limited is up $700 from 2014 $29,690

5/5 WRX and STI score top ratings for the Institute for Highway Safety

from The 2015 WRX, a small, sporty earns the IIHS Top Safety award for good performance in of the Institute’s crashworthiness evaluations, the small overlap front

This is the first time has rated the WRX, which was redesigned for 2015. Although it some design elements the Subaru Impreza, there are differences for the vehicles to be rated

In the small overlap test, the of the WRX held up, and the driver’s space was well. The dummy’s movement was and measures taken from the indicated a low risk of any significant The dummy’s head made contact with the front which stayed in position the crash. The side airbag with enough forward to protect the head from with side structure and objects.

The Institute introduced the overlap evaluation in 2012. In the which is more challenging either the head-on crashes by the government or the IIHS moderate test, 25 percent of a vehicle’s end on the driver’s side strikes a barrier at 40 mph. The crash what happens when the corner of a vehicle collides another vehicle or an object as a tree or utility pole.

The WRX earned good ratings in the overlap front, side, strength and head restraint

With the addition of the WRX, now has six models that have 2014 safety awards IIHS — three with Top Pick and three with Top Pick+. To qualify for Top Safety a vehicle must earn a or acceptable rating for small protection and a good rating in the four tests. The plus is to vehicles that meet criteria and also earn a of basic or higher for front prevention. the IIHS website. the WRX and STI

5/2 M ay 1-June2- Love Springs Certified Sales Event

0.99% financing up to 48 months, on Certified pre-owned 2014, 2012, and 2011 Subarus. rates and terms are available, oac

Subarus have the balance of the or 36,000 mile complete and 7 year or 100,000 mile warranty.

5/1 April 2014 total 40,083, 22%, car, over April

Forester continues as the sale outselling the previous top selling Perhaps buyers are telling they prefer the slightly Forester over the larger The proof will be when the 15 is available, and if all the new safety features sales.

YTD sales total is and whopping 22% over 125470 YTD

Forester 11547, 23% over 4/13

Outback 10663, 22% 8730 4/13

Legacy 5% less than 3286

Crosstrek 5678 (including hybrids), 28% over 4433

Impreza 5444, 16% over 4/13

WRX, STI 2698, 79% 1508 4/13

BRZ 820, + 8 so basically a tie with 812 4/13

107, -9 cars from 116

4/30 2015 Outback now at dealers.

4/24 2015 webpage is up. Expect frequent and updates to the page. The cars are late June (?) with starting in May

4/11 2014 and Legacy orders end Tuesday, at 4pm so get them in if you want a 2014. is the last of this version for cars. Orders for the Outback with the 5 speed automatic ended on 2/28. Opening of for the redesigned 2015s will be later with the new models late June/July. The 2015 will be shown at the NY Auto April 18-27.

4/3 WRX and STI optional Exhaust upgrade on hold .

Due to an issue, Subaru is not shipping any with, or accepting new orders the upgraded Performance Exhaust

If you ordered a car with it, the delivery be pushed back, with restarting (hopefully) in June.

any new car, with all the new computer new parts, and new vendors, that are some problems or delays be a surprise. And Subaru is very in fixing things as soon as can.

4/1 March sales. the month ever with a new of 44,479 cars.

The previous top was last August 2013 41,061 cars purchased.

For the 1st of 2014, January-March. Subaru 112,388 cars, beating the best quarter of 92,527 set the time last year.

models were up for March. The were the discontinued Tribeca still managed a respectable its been discontinued) 139 cars, the wheel drive BRZ which is with a temporary bit of winter and the Legacy which is only due a supply without enough available.

For the first time, released a Crosstrek Hybrid total, saying 725 were March 2014. Thats a number considering its an all new model many new technologies that people, from customers to are not familiar with. And there’s some advertising but not much. And April, Subaru has a new lower rates for the Crosstrek Hybrid at 0.90%. The Crosstrek 2.0i financing starts at 2.9%, so is starting to promote the model. And as become familiar with the they will understand it offers over the Crosstrek (quieter, zippier, and yes better and why it will grow into Subaru success

The top seller is the at 13846, outselling Outback’s March 2014 sales by cars.

Outback 11729, up 10453 March 2013

13846 up a dramatic 4796 last 9050 last 2013

Legacy 3234, 27% from 4400 last

Crosstrek 6585 including 725 up 1897 over 4688 March

WRX STI 2181, up 454 cars, over 1727 March

Impreza 5908, up 581 cars last March’s 5327

BRZ 857 down 5% from 905 march

Tribeca, a respectable 139 for March which is pretty close but down from 151 sold 2013

3/29 2015 and STIs are slowly starting to .

Some will be pre-sold but not Call your local for availability, or me if you’re in the greater area

3/10 2015 Outback be at the NY Auto Show. April 2014. Cars expected June.

3/9 2015 Foresters for order Monday 3/10 . Forester specs, options, research page

Cars starting in late April.

Are you in the greater Puget Sound or have questions? C all me at 206 769-7821

3/8 forward- turn clocks one hour

3/7 2015 Forester will be available starting

3/6 Consumer Reports annual car issue is out, and worth if you’re thinking of buying a or just into cars.

It has on all the new 2014s, and suggestions as to best and new and used to buy or to avoid, the cheapest and expensive to own over 5 years, the fuel sipper and thirstiest guzzler, a handy chart of test results and much

There’s a wide spread of from a variety of companies, and no one rules the rankings.

Volkswagen 2015

A few highlights. in the Top section, the Tesla S is the Best and the Subaru Impreza makes the cut as a Top Compact Car and the Forester in the Small SUV

In the ‘Who Makes The Best section, #1 is Lexus, followed by Audi, Subaru, Toyota, Honda.

The Crosstrek makes the of least expensive cars to own 5 years, The Impreza, Legacy, and Crosstrek make the Best under $25000 list.

Its picking the magazine up at your newsstand.

3/5 Subaru management- top changes, effective April 1,

Most importantly, Tom Doll as SoA President and COO, but above and him things are changing.

Current SoA and CEO Takeshi Tachimori is being by Tomomi Nakamura.

Tachimori Fuji in 1977 and is moving up to of the Subaru Global Marketing which includes SoA. He was and SEO of SoA starting April 1, 2011, and a Corporate Exec VP April 1,

His replacement as SoA Chairman and CEO, Nakamura, joined Subaru in and was previously Senior GM of the Subaru Marketing Division.

In a related change, Toshiaki Tamegai, Senior General Manager, Plant, will heading up replacing Masaki Okawara who is

Chief General Manager of Manufacturing Div. and Gunma

3/3 February sales- 34909 a 24% increase over 28,163 2013, and the 19th record month in a row.

YTD Feb 2014 sales is already which is 22% over 55826 YTD If these numbers continue for the 10 months of 2014, Subaru sell 510,000 cars, in the unlikely case there enough cars to reach lofty total.

Crosstrek is now outselling its sibling Impreza, only a tight supply Crosstrek sales back is a frequent Subaru issue, a of being popular).

There’s a supply of BRZs, and new lower rates should increase in March. I have over 20

Call me for local price if buying a Subaru in the greater Sound area- 206 769-7821

sales by model

BRZ 617, up 47% 420 Feb 2013. There’s currently a supply of BRZs

Forester up 95% over the 5529 remaining Feb 2013

Outback 8967, 1% from 9016 Feb ’13

5489, up 68% over 3258 Feb

Impreza 4459, up 1% over Feb ’13

Legacy 2575, 31% from 3745 Feb ’13. The updated 15 Legacy has already announced, available June/July

WRX STI up 21% over 1486 Feb ’13. The all new 15s will be available starting April/May. I can order now for you.

128, down 34% from 194 Feb The Tribeca has been discontinued, is a good time to get one with 0%

For comparison, the top 5 cars in February are #1 with 176,688 sales, 7.2%. #2 was Chevy with down 2.9%. #3 Toyota 135,900, down 5.6%. #4 with 105,631, up 16.7%. #5 88,860 down 8%

2/28 Top 10 Hybrid list. the Crosstrek in at #10

#1 Prius, 2 Accord, 3 Camry, 4 V, 5 Fusion, 6 Acura ILX, 7 C-Max, 8 Prius C, 9 Jetta, 10

Today’s hybrid cars just more efficient yesterday’s, they also better performance. In fact hybrids are quicker than gas-only counterparts, thanks to the boost provided by the electric And with more choices ever, going gas-electric has been more appealing. are more than 20 hybrids under $30,000, and we’ve the 10 best.

#10 2014 Subaru XV

Subaru’s first hybrid deliver all the efficiency of the other on the list, but it’s the only one all-wheel drive. Combined higher ground clearance and versatility, the XV Crosstrek Hybrid is the most capable and flexible you can buy for less than $30,000. 29/33/31 mpg.. read the article

2/27 Outback 3.6L shut off after tomorrow

The 3.6s have been for a while and now they can’t be anymore. 2015 3.6Ls reportedly have a CVT instead of the 5 spd and be available this June/July.

2015 Forester specs and released.

Destination now $850, was Subaru crosses a threshold destination to Alaska at $1000

base 2.5i gets view camera and color display like the 14 Premiums fuel economy gauges, reminders etc

new- base CVT has optional alloy wheel and rail package.

new- Premium manual gets

new- 2.5i Touring and Touring loses navigation but keyless access with start, HID low beams, chrome panel trim, and 18 alloys

2.0XT premium gets the All Pkg

new- optional Eyesight is now on 2.5 Premium, Limited and Touring

The good changes

— rails available on the base CVT with #02 pkg

— backup standard on the base model, so now on all models

— 2.0XT gets the all weather package.

Touring models lose the system (its now optional), and get standard pushbutton start and HID low

— fixed the very power rear gate It didn’t happen. Only on the Limited and Touring models, the complicated rear gate 4 pages of instructions in the owner’s (!?), plus its slow to and tugging on it makes it not open

— 2nd generation Eyesight. seem to have made it to the Forester

Volkswagen 2015

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