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Volkswagen 166

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The Nacht Before

‘Twas the nacht before and in the garage,

Not a Beetle was stirring, Nor nor Dodge.

The stockings were by the tool chest with

In hopes that St. Porsche, would be there.

His Porsche it like a Messerschmidt plane,

As he back to me and said, Wiedersehen!.

And more he called, from his flight,

Froehliche Weihnachten Und to all a gut

Hi Wayne,

Mid America Motorworks is to announce that our friend Dr. Mac will be lending us a Kübelwagen, KdF-Wagen and 5-6 other unique and VW’s for Funfest for Air-Cooled VW! VW’s will make up a military vehicle display at the 15th anniversary that take place May 31st-June 2nd at Mid Motorworks corporate campus in IL.

Included in the display will be a Schwimmwagen and KdF-Wagen. All three of vehicles were produced by VW and by the German military during The Volkswagen Kübelwagen, literally as tub truck, for its resemblance to a metal on wheels, was based heavily on Porsche’s early Beetle and became a light military known internally as the Type 82. The VW sold in the 1970s and used by European countries as a responder and vehicle was clearly designed the simple lines of the Kubelwagen. Kubels were produced. It is that there are 150 in the United and approximately 1,000 worldwide.

The Type 166 Schwimmwagen is an amphibious drive off-road vehicle extensively during the war with a bodytub structure for smooth through the water. The VW Type 166 is the numerous mass-produced amphibious car in 15,584 Schwimms were There are approximately 100 on the Schwimmwagen including 1 in New Zealand and another in

The KdF-Wagen was set up by Hitler’s Strength Joy organization as an affordable car for the people. Due to the to wartime production, no consumers received a KdF-Wagen; only a few personnel had possession of the vehicle. WWII, the vehicles were destroyed which makes extremely rare. This was the closest predecessor of what we now as the Volkswagen Beetle. There are 50 KdF-Wagens on the register with 5 of listed under the Dr. Mac Jones

Mid America Motorworks is celebrating the 15th Anniversary with a Mystery Funfest. In addition to unique collection of Air-Cooled the event will include Choice car judging, slalom and Saturday night concert welcome The Beatles tribute The Return to the Funfest Amphitheater. will also bring an all new up of seminars with a new location and be exhibiting more suppliers and than ever. For the latest and to register, visit All registered by May 15, 2013 will preferred pricing on weekend and the Funfest t-shirt and a goody while supplies last.



Hey Kelsey,

sounds iike one awesome If I wasn’t up here in Canada be there!




I am the guy that D-D-B to be the spokesman for that famous VW TV commercial in June, 1972. My is Lew Wood, and I was doing commercials and in NYC when I was booked for the job. We it at a launching ramp in Stamford, CT on LI The production crew was Horn-Greiner. Norm Greiner. D-D-B’s director was Tom Yobaggy. And even Mr. was on the location! They hired a to drive the VW into the water. Norm Greiner suddenly up to the fact that I had to deliver last line Now, other car gives you this of quality at this kind of from the car! I said, I’m a sailor, I’m at on the water. I’ll drive it in!

I it three times. (We used identical Beetles, all burnt in color. Splashed two of them the third never got wet and was used for shots. Swimmers went in to tow back to shore after take. We all thought our commercial win the Clio that year, but the commercial took the prize. the residuals were nice! many years of searching for a Super Beetle in burnt with NO RUST, I finally one a few years ago in Vista, CA, and snapped it up. I now drive around town and get admiring looks. Now, you the rest of the story!

That is one awesome story and one comercial! Thanks for sharing.


Super for SuperBeetles

Written by Rachael

It’s safe to say that the Beetle was first manufactured in it has become one of the most loved of car of all time. The Beetle particularly the fun loving 60’s, with the of the 1967 edition of the VW Beetle, the motor scene forever. The popularity is apparent simply of the number of films, adverts and videos they feature in. The of the Beetle and the free loving of the 60’s have been on our more times than think. Here are some of the famous Beetles

Herbie The Ultimate Beetle Movie

Herbie is probably the most VW Beetle in the world. Herbie is a white Beetle, with white and blue racing which go from his bumper all the way the top to his back bumper. Herbie onto the scene in 1968 in the film The Love Bug . which saw the Beetle being snubbed by a but then was found by Jim Douglas who saw potential. This VW Beetle has a of his own, and turned out to be a serious contender, winning his owner races. People couldn’t get of Herbie, which is why this of movies has done so well and has over five decades. feature films include Rides Again . Herbie to Monte Carlo . Herbie Bananas and more recently in Herbie: Fully Loaded, Lindsey Lohan. There also been several television series of Herbie the years, showing that Beetle isn’t just fun but it has turned into an iconic which is still as popular as

Bumblebee- Transformers 2

Transformers out as a Japanese toy line made by which became so popular comic books, video and movies were made in honour. Bumblebee was created to be the character who was constantly trying to himself to his peers. Bumblebee had an over his more mature he was small and quick, meaning he reach places that the robots couldn’t. This is why the VW Beetle was chosen to represent character- it represents his youthful and nature, which is true of the of the Beetle since its release.

was a VW Beetle in the main series of 1 and continued to be manufactured as a Beetle in the toy however, in the most recent films Bumblebee is a Chevrolet despite the fact that he was a VW Beetle in the comics, animations and television series.


Anyone who’s anyone have heard the song and will have probably the film at some point This 1984 movie the tale of a city boy, who moves from the big lights of to a small town in the sticks. music and dancing are illegal in little town, much to disgust. Ren happens to drive a VW Beetle in Footloose, highlighting is spirit and audacious personality, is highlighted when Ren and his friends to abolish the dancing ban, seems to breathe life the rest of the otherwise repressed

Dazed and Confused, 1993

and Confused is a feel good, going film set in the 70’s. movie had a host of upcoming in the making, including Matthew Milla Jovovich and Ben Affleck, who all their authority in the movie after the release of this The film is all about different school characters who aim to get either or laid, as typical teenagers do. An VW Beetle convertible makes an of this film, again with the tone of being fun and free.

Fight Club,

Fight Club is the only in our list which doesn’t a fun loving, free spirited or ideal, in fact, quite the For those not familiar with Club, the film is sees a mentally stable insomniac Pitt) and a salesman (Edward creating ‘clubs’ where men vent their anger and by fighting each other. The only makes a brief in this otherwise serious and film, as more of a symbol of the beliefs of consumerism. Neither or Norton like the new style seeing the original as an ‘icon of 60s culture and values that is repackaged and resold to a younger by baby boomers who have out and become advertising executives’. So, not does the Beetle represent a of free spirit, youth and but can also represent modern Unfortunately, this new Beetle got to pieces. No original Beetles harmed during the making of Club.

Hey Rachael,

Great job on the article. I knew that there a few more famous Beetles than Herbie!.



I’m 39 old and have Muscular Dystrophy and wanted to restore a VW bug. So a of weeks ago I acquired a 70 beetle. The car is in bad it needs new pans and heater hope I haven’t bitten off than I can chew. I was lost I found your site the on pan replacement and body removal was my before this I did not have a I am ordering new rocker panels new heater channels and everything to install. So wish me luck I been told this is a big But looking forward to the challenge, I am unable to enjoy it, so yall for me and I love your web site.

from West Point

Hey Jimmy,

Glad to hear Rick’s articles were of for you! You should consider up one of his videos when you get down to the work.

Take Care,


It’s Coleman from NC State. We spoke about two years ago ‘DaBaby’ my navy blue super beetle was featured on site.

So- what do you get when you at a green light for an emergency crossing the intersection? Rear by someone behind you with bad Fortunately upon closer only the bumper was damaged. I be purchasing a new bumper.

My questions for

1. Should I go ahead and buy a new impact as well, or keep the old one and install it on the new

2. As a safety precaution, I would to purchase the bumper mounting as well, but I’m mot sure to find them (mid does not sell them for the Do you have any recommendations for an online

Thanks for your time and has always been on of my sources of info!


Sean and ‘DaBaby

My first would be is the person that hit you for the damage? If so I’d put the new impact because it will always be in where the impact is. I guess it all on how fussy you are but I would have to it perfect. You are going to have a time finding new bumper as they are not produced anymore so you may to get used if you need one. the distance between the bumper and the and if it’s not pushed in on one side bracket should be good. If you the original VW bumper produced in you might want to get it re-chromed as of the aftermarket stuff is not of great

Wayne —


I recently came across the in the Idle Chatter section The Beetle and the Beatles, By Loren R. The comments about the Paul is cover are incorrect. It is obvious the Abbey Road scene is the same vintage as the original For one, the tree growth is the same, as well as several in the background. It is not possible these have been unchanged 20 odd years later. Any differences in the 2 were likely airbrushed including the different VW license

Rick O

15 years a 71 Super and Beatles fan

It looks like you are sir, thanks for the heads up on one Rick! You obviously know Beetles and the Beatles!

Wayne —

Why a VW Bug is than a Wife*

01. Your Bug never have a headache, it may give you a few.

02. Your Bug always respect you in the morning, it may not start.

03. You can enjoy your Bug all long.

04. You don’t have to and dine your Bug to keep it

05. Your Bug will always patiently while you play or basketball, football, pool

06. Your Bug won’t get jealous you look at another Bug.

07. Bug doesn’t demand equality.

08. If you Bugs, you don’t have to pay

09. Afterwards your Bug won’t guilty, cry, or call her your ex-wife, or her therapist.

10. Bug can’t talk.

11. Another man seldom steal your

12. Your Bug won’t wake you up in the of the night to ask, If I died, you get another Bug?’

13. Your Bug allowed in Macys, Bloomingdales, or on the Shopping Channel.

14. Your Bug never divorce you and take trailer.

15. Your Bug will start every time protest and requires only 30 to warm up.

16. Your Bug responds to quickly without complaint or an discussion.

17. Your Bug requires low and should run to 200,000 miles a complaint.

18. Your Bug only four pairs of shoes#133;..really.

19. Bug is always waiting to go.

20. Your Bug run off with a younger Bug.

21. Bug won’t have a fit if you leave the seat up.

*No disrespect meant to all of the that own a VW Bug or put up with their hobby. We love you!

Volkswagen 166

The and the Beatles

If you look at The Beatles’ Abbey Road LP Jacket, you note there is an extra in the photo. Yes, I know you’re thinking. There are four. George Harrison, McCartney, Ringo Star and Lennon. But, look In the background, there’s a 1968 VW parked up on the curb at the time the famous Englishmen were strolling across the street. Who possibly have known the white Beetle would be of a classic Rock ‘N photograph and become entwined in an Legend. All the Fab Four knew on morning, August 8th, was that they were shooting another LP cover.

The were at a loss as to what to their eleventh album. The selling album was almost Everest after their Geoff Emerick’s brand of The plan was to be photographed at the foot of famous mountain in the Himalayas, but idea was not very popular the boys. So Paul said, why don’t we just have our taken as we walk across the just outside here and the LP Abbey Road? John a photographer friend Iain and a photo shoot was arranged. At AM, Macmillan stood on a stepladder and six photos of the group walking the street while a policeman up traffic. Some time Paul McCartney studied the under a magnifying glass and image number 5, which is now so The LP was released, and Abbey Road known throughout the world. The Beetle did not go unnoticed. As a matter of it became entwined in a rumor spread like wildfire. McCartney was dead, killed in a accident, and the man in the photo was a look-a-like.

The in the Paul is dead conspiracy the Abbey Road LP jacket to bolster their claims. point to hidden messages and in the photo. The photo obviously the Beatles walking across road. Note that is dressed in white like a Ringo is dressed like a Paul is barefoot, out of step, and the one holding a cigarette in his right when he is left-handed. (Supposedly, at point in time in England were buried barefoot.) is dressed like a gravedigger, and the VW has a license plate that LWM 28IF. The connection here the VW Beetle is that, at the time of the of the album, Paul would been 28 IF he had lived. The LMW indicates McCartney Weeps. Also, the hearse parked on the right of the street in the background. The Beatles, the company and all concerned took no in the crackpot story, and really care as it was helping generate Years later, when about his lack of shoes, said, I had just turned up at a session, and it was a hot day in London, a really hot day. and I think I wore I only had to walk around the to the crossing because I lived nearby. And for the photo session I ‘I’ll take my sandals You know, so what? Barefoot, warm day— I didn’t like wearing shoes. So I around to the photo session and me bare feet. Of course, that comes out and people looking at it they say, has he got no shoes on? He’s never that before.’ Okay, never seen me do it before, but in fact it’s just me my shoes off. Turns out to be old Mafia sign of death or

In the ’90’s, McCartney would the album, Paul Is Live, a cover parodying Abbey This time, McCartney is on the leash of his sheepdog, and the white license plate is 51 IS, telling us he IS alive and 51 years old. For the Paul stepped back the crossing and stepped back in Paul said, This I’ve got my boots on #133;. Doc Martens, by the way, so they’re not either. The Volkswagen Beetle near the crossing walk to a Swedish couple living in the across from the recording At the time of the photo session an was made to get them to move the but they were on vacation at the

After the album Abbey came out, the license was stolen repeatedly from the In 1986, the car was sold at an auction for it is currently on display at the Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, Germany. A great to the little white Beetle in the as well as The Beatles, took when the site was selected to the new Volkswagen Beetle in a commercial two new Volkswagen Beetles crossing the Volkswagen had tried unsuccessfully to get the to endorse their new cars. I this was the next best

Elephant into a Beetle?

Q . How do you get an into a Beetle?

A . Open the door, put the elephant inside, the door.

A: Open the Beetle’s take the elephant out, the door, open the fridge, put the inside, close the fridge.

Q: How do you get 4 into a Beetle?

A: 2 in the front and 2 in the

Q: How do you know if there is an elephant in fridge?

Q: What did the fifth in the Beetle discover?

A: The retractable sun roof.

Q: The Lion gathered all the in the jungle for a meeting, all of them up except the elephants. Why?

A: were still in the Beetle.

Q: How giraffes can you fit in a Beetle?

A: None, the are still in there!


If been reading My Blog you know that I take my to a shop in Toronto called Motors. The technician that on my Super Beetle is Emilio, and he has a personal friend of mine for We used to work together and I out that he was a factory-trained Volkswagen that used to work on the Beetle back in the day. So you can see why I my pride and joy only to him. it’s yearly check summer, Emilio discovered a from the rear main He told me I could let it go as most VWs do a bit of oil, or Mark their as I’ve been told. But the of that puddle of oil in my garage and the starting to slip led me to believe I should get it done now, than later. While I was at the I noticed a gentleman admiring my His name was Peter and he was an older with a German accent. He me stories about all of the Beetles he had owned in Germany and here in He also told me about a that he had received from when his Beetle broke the km mark. I had heard of this before but had never seen Apparently in the 1950’s a letter of was sent to every VW owner had taken good care of car and driven over 100,000 kms any major problems. That in is interesting enough, but the letter was to have been signed by Nordhoff himself.

Heinrich Nordhoff (January 6, #150; April 12, 1968) was a engineer famous for his leadership of the company as it was rebuilt after War II. He is usually referred to as Heinz Nordhoff attended technical in Berlin, where he became a of the Roman Catholic fraternity and in 1927 began work for BMW on aircraft engines. He soon to work for Opel where he experience of the automotive industry. the war, he was appointed Managing of Volkswagen, assuming the position on 2, 1948. Nordhoff became by turning the Volkswagen Beetle a worldwide automotive phenomenon. He the idea of constant improvement improving the car’s underpinnings keeping the styling the same. He liberal benefits to VW workers and pay scales. Within six years taking over Volkswagen, reduced the number of man-hours to a single car from 400 to 100, a 75 reduction. His commitment to improving the at VW made the Beetle famous for its reliability.

A few days after my was serviced, I got a call from telling me that he had something for me. I believe my eyes. There, in a blue file folder was the to Herr Fritz Muller Mr. Nordhoff! I copied the German into an online translator and to a friend in Germany, and got a pretty translation.

Here’s the text in

Dank und anerkennung. Der Volkswagen Hat als 100000 kilometer. Ohne reparaturen zurückgelegt — Auf leistung dürfen alle sein, die daran mitgewirkt die vielen tausend unbekannten im und seiner organisation, die diesen konstruiert, gefertigt und betreut allem aber sein sorgsamer lenker und pfleger, Fritz Müller, Der gute dieses guten wagens. Wir ihm diese urkunde als zeichen dankes und unserer anerkennung. GMBH.

And in English :

Appreciation and The Volkswagen has done more 100,000 KM, without major Of this achievement we are all proud. Who thousands of unknown employees in the plant and organization, who designed and the car. Above all, careful driver Mr. Fritz. the good driver of this car. We dedicate this to him as appreciation and recognition. Volkswagenwerk

You can click the small copy of the to see it full size . So because of a main seal leak at the right time I came a document that I might never seen in my lifetime. to Emilio and Peter.

Detailing Beetle

We get a lot of email at SuperBeetles, and one that pops up from to time is, What is the best way to my Beetle looking good? For washing and waxing your VW keep it looking new for years. people say that you only to wax your car once a year, my is that you can’t wax it enough. I had my painted over five ago and it still looks as good as the day I it home.

Start out by rinsing Beetle with cold to get the loose dirt and dust I use a pressure washer but you can use a garden with a spray nozzle on it. If you do use a washer avoid spraying at the door, trunk and deck lid as you may damage them and they may to leak. Start at the roof and your VW from top to bottom. way you will have less of a of any dust remaining on the surface could scratch the paint the washing process. Spray the car and in and around the wheels, behind the and other potential hiding for dirt. Mix up a pail of washing like Turtle Zip Wax Car Wash. product doesn’t actually wax car but it does make it easier to dry and the wax that is in it can’t hurt. Dip a car mitt (I wear one on each into your pail of soapy water and start from the top down. Make that you rinse the wash frequently in your pail to leaving grit on it that scratch your ride. around the vehicle, washing until you reach the bottom. At point you can use the mitt to wash the Rinse your VW with water, top to bottom, and dry it with a PS: Throw your wash in the laundry to get them ready for time.

When you wax your VDub you make sure that it is in a cool place away direct sunlight. You’ll to keep the surface of the vehicle to make it easier to apply/remove the Use a liquid wax, such as Cleaner Wax. as it is easier to use and than a paste wax. at the top, apply the wax with a clean cloth (or special sponge) to the roof. Apply in a motion and overlap the strokes to sure that you don’t mix a I apply the wax to my chrome for added from the elements. Use another cloth to remove the wax that you put on after it dries to a haze. the cloth frequently for best Wax another section, like the remove the wax, and repeat the working your way around the car and Keep the wax away from the rubber and other areas are not painted. After you’ve all the wax off, give your Bug a over with a clean to make sure that you missed any wax. Be sure to all of the instructions on the particular products you use as they do vary.

After clean the windows inside and out glass cleaner and another dry cloth. Once you wipe the cleaner off with a cloth, them with lint-free towel to avoid streaks. the interior and mats and finish the job by your vinyl interior a product like 303 Aerospace This product is like SPF 40 for your vinyl and gives prevention of UV caused slow-fade regular use. Once followed these simple your VDub with be to win Best of Show at the next VW

What We Have here is a to Communicate

Most of the time my Bug to ignore my whimpering pleas. So, I maybe#133;just maybe if I spoke the VW language. I mean after all it was and built by Germans.

For instance:

01. Oh Nicht (schon) wieder! Oh Crap! Not again!

02. Komm komm schon, Du schaffst es! Come on, come on, you can do it!

03. Das muss ein sein! — You got to be kidding me!

04. bitte spring an! — please start!

05. Komm Baby, lass mich nicht haengen! — on baby don’t quit on me

06. (difficult to translate) Du wirst mir das schon wieder zumuten, — You’re not going to this on me again. Are you?

07. sitzen wir hier (fest) Ueberbrueckungskabel. — So here we sit no jumper cables.

08. Toll! toll! Jetzt muessen wir uns lassen. — Great! great! Now we have to get a push.

09. Es ist Mach es bitte ein bisschen — It’s freezing! give me some heat!

10. Du (schon) wieder Oel. You need oil again?

11. Lieber bitte lass uns ankommen. Dear God. please get us we’re going.

Jetzt Sie Deutsch sprechen — Now you can in German

Volkswagen 166
Volkswagen 166

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