SVDA Distributor 034 Vacuum/CentrifugalAdvance Distributor for VW Volkswagen… — Volkswagen Mod.181

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Volkswagen Mod.181

with 3BOS4U1 Electronic

for 4-cylinder Air-cooled VW Porsche

The SVDA 034 Distributor with Ignition

The perfect replacement for air-cooled VWs Porsches

Brand new SVDA 034 Distributor for Volkswagen Ghia, Thing, Bus, I, II, III, IV, Porsche.

Includes electronic ignition conversion kit installed, ready to run in your VW or Porsche – Just install connect the red wire to the coil’s (+ or 15) terminal and the black wire to the negative terminal (– or 1), connect hose to carburetor/throttle body and set the — Simple!

Zero-maintenance electronic ignition means you have to fool with and timing again – always in perfect tune!

Our SVDA is a quality reproduction of the original, Bosch 0 231 170 034 / VW 043-905-205, federal distributor that came from the factory on the 1974 VW with 1600 engine and transmission. Perfect for use with the carburetor. This distributor a vacuum source from the or throttle body (when with fuel injection). Can use Bosch distributor cap, etc. Includes OEM distributor O-Ring.

Some of the advantages of the SVDA 034 over the 009 distributor:

Better — helps eliminate the infamous flat spot on

Cooler engine temps

power, throughout the advance

Better fuel economy

No to run a rich fuel/air mixture to for the 009’s poor acceleration, results in unburned hydrocarbons in the and reduced engine life

OEM distributor shaft O-Ring.

The Hot SVDA distributor is ideal for use most 12-volt, stock, Volkswagens, except later with factory electronic and those with certain Bosch fuel injection triggered by special contacts in the of the distributor (Bosch D-Jetronic).

We examine each distributor; is adjusted and lubricated before We then set and test each advance curve for maximum and fuel economy, using a distributor testing machine.

The Hot-Spark SVDA 034 distributor the following Volkswagen models (12 negative ground only):

Ghia, 1956-1974

Type II: Bus, Transporter, Station Kombi, Westfalia Camper 1979 California bus)

III — 1962-1973

Type IV 1974

Vanagon 1980-83Ѕ, 2.0 air-cooled (except California

Most 4-cylinder, air-cooled with points distributors for for early 1970s Bosch fuel injection)

Models Bosch L-Jetronic fuel 1975-79 Bus, 1980-83 (except 1979-83 California

Can use these standard Bosch parts (same parts as 009 distributor):

Rotor: 04 033 Distributor 03 010

Timing the SVDA 034 Distributor

Use a timing light. Timing be set initially at 30-32° BTDC at RPM, vacuum hose and plugged. Maximum advance, at RPM, vacuum hose with no load on engine sitting still), light should not exceed 42-44°

For proper operation of the distributor’s advance, the vacuum source to be able to generate a minimum of 8 inches (200 mm) of Hg. If your is running a high-lift, long cam, with cam overlap or an carburetor setup without an vacuum source, the vacuum-advance may not advance fully. However, the centrifugal-advance mechanism will the same advance curve as a adjusted 009 centrifugal-advance distributor, by capping off the vacuum port.

Carburetors: The following carburetors produce the proper amount of for use with the SVDA 034 distributor (if are fitted with a vacuum

Weber ICT, DFAV or Solex 30PICT-3 Bocar Single or dual IDF DRLA 30/31 1972-1974 VW bus with carburetors Kadron Solex series Bocar 34PICT 1975-83 Bosch L-Jetronic injection (’75-’83 VW Bus, etc.)

If your car has Kadron or ICT connect the vacuum hose to at one carburetor. If your car has dual IDF or carbs, run a vacuum hose to carburetors, T them together and run the vacuum hose to the SVDA vacuum port.

If your 1971 VW Bus or 1971-74 VW has the original dual-vacuum distributor and you it with the SVDA 034, need to plug (cap the carburetor’s retard vacuum which is the port located to you as you’re looking at the carburetor the rear of the car. Use the advance port, located on the left of the 34PICT carburetor.

Works Bosch L-Jetronic Fuel 1975-1979 VW Bus and 1980-1983Ѕ air-cooled VW (except 1979-1983 California

This distributor requires a negative ground electrical

Coil. Stock Bosch 3+ Ohm or HS34HEC high-energy coil Coil must have 3.0 or more primary resistance. The Germany Blue Coil is for 4- and 6-cylinder ignition kits.

To measure primary resistance: and remove all wires to coil ( + or ). Using a common digital in the 200 Ω mode, cross the red and black of the Ohmmeter. Allow 10 seconds or so for the to settle and write down the Still in the 200 Ohm mode, measure coil’s + and — terminals. a few seconds for the reading to settle, it stabilizes. Subtract the previous taken with the leads to compensate for Ohmmeter’s inherent Do not use a low-resistance coil, such as the MSD or coil; they don’t enough primary resistance for application.

Measuring Coil (and more):

the charging system’s maximum If the charging system voltage, at the coil’s positive terminal, is than 14.2 volts at RPM, the voltage regulator needs replacing. Too much can damage the ignition module and electronic components

We inspect distributor thoroughly; everything is adjusted, lubricated, etc. We set and test the advance curve on a distributor testing machine.

Click here to see SVDA 034 instructions.

International Buyers – Note:

Import duties, and charges are not included in the item or shipping charges. These are the buyer’s responsibility.

Please with your country’s office to determine what additional costs will be to bidding/buying.

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