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Vintage cars of vw

Volkswagen VW Beetle

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the ‘Poor Man’s Porsche’ a similar air-cooled, rear-mounted engine and trans axle the rear wheels. Until it held the record for the biggest run (21,529,464) and the longest, having produced continuously from until just a few years As ever, VW Beetles make practical classics that seem to go out of fashion and thanks to shrewd marketing policy the outset, spare parts never been a problem. The of independent specialists mean and servicing are similarly sleepeasy, and a massive fan base both and in the US, where it became a hippie


The Porsche 911 owes a lot to family car

The Beetle (original Strength Through Joy Car) was of Hitler’s vision for the Germany of the Commissioned by the Führer in the 1930s to economical family transport for his network of autobahns, it was designed by Dr Porsche, borrowing aspects various other projects he had associated with. But the specially factory was turned over to armaments and military vehicles many Beetles could be Bombed to pieces during the fi it was taken over by the British and production gradually restored ciently to turn out crudely Beetles as essential transport. by Ford and Humber, among the project was dismissed as worthless.

However, under British production was ratcheted up until a company could be handed to German control in 1949. The is history and, ironically, in no small way to the subsequent demise of our own car From the start of German a convertible Beetle was offered, being contracted to coachbuilders The ragtop was the last model to get the two years after German had ended in January 1978.

The production Beetle, with its rear window, cable six-volt electrics,crash ‘box and fl at 1131cc engine developing a 24bhp, was built until when the window became a oval pane. Engine increased to 1192 cc (the 1200) in 1954 with the again increasing in size to the familiar, larger rectangle in Export models gained an four brake for 1960 owners enjoyed the luxury of a fuel gauge for 1962! In windows were made bigger, during 1965/66 the and 1493cc engined versions 40bhp 1300 and 44bhp appeared respectively. Electrics became 12V from 1967, the sloped-back headlights changed to (some 1200s remained six up to 1970). At this time a ‘Stick Shift’ version of the was introduced, but these remain From 1970 a body with a broader, more front end (pregnant look!) and engine (the ‘Super was produced to increase luggage the 50hp, 1600-engined 1302S rather thirsty. A wraparound and more modern fascia incorporated into this version in 1972 (the and 1303S, with 1300 and engine respectively), a convertible of this becoming available the year. Originally suspension was bars all round, with trailing arms and swing-axles. Beetle front axles had pins and link pins, a switch to lower-maintenance ball in the mid-60s. All 02/03 model have MacPherson strut suspension and a double-jointed rear Throughout these changes, the Beetle with fl at screen, bars and swingaxles was always When European production of the ended in 1978 (and the in 1980) it was the original-shape, fl at-screen saloon that continued to be from VW’s Mexico There were some quality issues, and RHD was no longer for, though specialist got around the problems in various the Beetle’s UK conversions being the professional. Offi cial to Europe ceased in 1985 as ‘50 year’ cars), but Mexican-built continued to be available as grey with all production fi nally in 2003. That précis of changes leaves out an awful lot of In between are many small cations that will be according to the year of car being at. The only way to make sense of is to have the services of an expert or one of the many books detailing the history — Haynes several, or try Veloce’s Essential Guide to the car — good informative softbacks that under a tenner and represents well spent.

Green 1302 beetle


A Beetle makes an ideal classic. Despite its unusual guration and far-sighted design, actually comfortable to travel distances in, and there’s reasonable for four, with fi ve at a pinch.Gearshift is light and positive despite the operating rod to the rear, the brakes all round or disc/drum) are normally and the pull-up handbrake feels too. Despite the large wheels and lack of any assistance, the is pleasantly light when on the though it can be a struggle for parking. the handling that most comment on fi rst, though. swingaxles mean treating with respect at higher if you want to stay out of the weeds! Go in too — worse still, and brake in the corner — and the wheel can jack up without causing terminal oversteer. It frightening, but sensible driving and should mean you never it, plus it stands you in good if you ever trade up to an old Porsche 356 or Back-seat passengers help distribution, and double-jointed rear cars are generally much handlers anyway. Suspension is good, though better some weight on board. The front end can mean some and locking-up front wheels braking — some carry a paving slab or in the front boot as ballast. was never the Beetle’s strongest The understressed, low-revving engine and gearing make for stately irrespective of engine size, but the car can be up to respectable speeds and, in its would easily hold its own on the motorways (until you encountered a According to Autocar test fi the 1200 struggles to 60mph in 28 seconds and barely breaks the speed limit. The 1300 is four seconds to the good, top speed is still just (although all Beetles are famed for fl at out cruising abilities). The 1.6 1303 is as quick as a base Ford or Vauxhall Viva. Interestingly, to Autocar’s road tests, economy on all cars hovered the 30mpg mark. It’s a car has inbuilt refi nement than a luxury look. In of you is the rudimentary fascia, probably with its single dial a speedo which, depending on may incorporate a fuel gauge it’s an old car with merely a tap for emergencies!). The steering wheel is big and upright, while the clutch and pedals sprout from the fl oor and at the bottom. The organ-type, cable pedal can get jerky, and the required of your foot can be tiring on a drive. Heating is by exhaust-warmed air via exchangers (which can leak on cars, allowing dangerous into the cabin). There’s no blower fan, so the airfl ow is and windows mist up easily. good old swivelling quarter-lights easy ventilation. Tiny leave screen corners so visibility in bad weather isn’t the while earlier cars had pneumatic washers.


Used Beetles have been good value and well, but the reputation tended to the car. Given the vast of ages and models, pricing any is tricky and open to negotiation. A case can go for £50 but will never the cost of restoration. As we so often go for the best you can fi nd (subject to our caveats good, well cared for are still out there, and the sheer produced mean little effect (yet) on price. The model doesn’t affect much, either, except for limited editions like the Champion Beetle (commemorating the Ford Model-T production in 1972) where you can double prices. Expect to pay from for any good runner, increasing general condition up to around for a real minter. £2500-£3500 buy you a respectable daily driver. Mexican-built cars are good at between £4-8000 according to Convertibles are a special case. No good one will cost £6000, and they alldemand in buying.

Beetle reborn?

the BMW MINI and the newly announced 500, the car which really the retro craze was the launch of the new at the tail end of the last century. But can you this re-bodied Golf Dr. Porsche’s masterpiece as a classic? running one we reckon yes, to a Okay, so it’s a completely animal to the original and yes the engine drive) is in the wrong place, but the two cars have different the flavour essentially remains the There’s still that nite Beetle look, aura and presence on the road but the also boasts more and versatility together wi th much pe r k i e r from a wide range of which even includes a 1.9-litre diesel and a scorching 1.8 Turbo taken from the Gti. For the enthusiast who needs a for sleep easy ever use but wants to be different, it’s to ignore the ‘new’ Golf. Our equipped 1.6 Luna test car 11.6 seconds/37.7mpg) cost a not £12,500, but you can now pick up the fi rst of the 2.0-litre hand drive versions, VW shipped in early to satisfy for around £3000 in the classifi eds or a grand more for the nicer RHD cars. If you want a good then expect to pay around still. We enjoyed ourselves a lot the modern Beetle — far than we expected. If only it so — well —

Green 1302 beetle
Vw speed magazine
Vw beetle 1302s review
Vw beetle 1302s review
Vintage cars of vw

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