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Volkswagen K 70

Yokohama Y720 Traction

What if you don’t have the size chart like the one You can calculate the tire size as simple equation or use a tire calculator such as the really one above in the Tire Size section.

Sizing Schemes

the years, the design of tires and suspensions has changed and generally for improved handling and safety. And these these advancements, the sizes and sizing systems also changed. If you look at the cars of yesterday, you’ll that the tires that originally used are narrower most OEM tires used You may also notice that was not as much variability in sizes or proportions, which allowed for a simpler sizing system.

As compounds and designs improved, so did suspension technology. The combination of improvements allow newer to handle much better their predecessors, but required tire sizing options and a more flexible sizing

Tire size is really up of a few measurements. Those most for most drivers are Tire (height of tire), tire and rim size. There are also other measurements that into fitment and gearing, as above, but are generally not of a concern to motorists. Unfortunately these are generally the measurements seen on the of a given tire.

Most systems in fact use the aspect as prime measurement or scale for the size. The aspect ratio is the of the sidewall height compared to the of the tire. The greater the aspect the skinner the tire appears in the width. Autos in the 1940s tires with higher ratios than generally on more modern autos. In the 90 series tires used a 92 aspect ratio and accounted for the tires of that time

Aspect ratio is important as it has a impact on how a tire and auto handles turns and hard The greater the aspect ratio for a tire width, the better the is able to absorb shocks bumps, rocks and jumps. an increase in aspect ratio causes greater sidewall when the auto corners or windy roads. You can get an idea of how works in the image below.

Aspect Ratio Comparison Cornering

The lower the aspect the lower the tire’s profile and the your steering responsiveness. lower profile tire also have a greater patch on the road surface higher profile tires the same tire width and greater traction.

So with ratio, tire width and rim you can determine the sectional height height), overall tire and most other commonly tire dimensions. To determine height, divide the aspect by 100 and multiply by the tire width. To get the diameter, multiply the sectional by 2 and add the rim diameter.

Now that we understand these we can talk about the most tire sizing systems

Numeric Tire Sizes

sizing system made back when tire options were limited and more simplified. It was used in the USA 1940 to 1970 for OEM tire in the US. Back then, tires generally narrower than the P-metric tires seen on autos these days and the system didn’t make a lot of sense to Americans. This is still around for those vintage cars and is a source of for those looking to maximize sizing and fitment but have not how this sizing system

Yokohama Y720 Traction

The Numeric Tire Sizing is made up of two numbers and possibly letters. Baja users refer to 7.00×15 tires are narrow width 29.5 (plus or minus 1 inch) and a tad taller than the wider Since the VWs are designed to run narrow stock wheels and tires, tire size gives ground clearance while on on the stock rims made by VW. The Y720 Traction Tire is tall, 7.8 wide and is commonly on the front of limited class and Baja bugs. The Yokohama is another popular 7.00×15 option for looking for a radial

Between 1940 and 1970, were two main series of The 90 series tire had an aspect of 92 and the the lower profile 80 series had an ratio of 82. Tire widths with a zero, such as the were 90 series tires. widths ending in something than a zero, such as a were 80 series tires.

that in 1965, some dropped the decimal point in the number (7.00 = 700).

So how can you that a 7.00 x 15 is around 30 tall? One option is to break the numbers and do a little calculating.

The First Number (3 or 4 Digits) . The width (cross section) of the in inches. Section widths in zero (e.g. 7.00 or indicate the aspect ratio is while section widths not in zero (e.g. 7.05 or indicate the aspect ratio is

x Separator character

Fabric if Available . Construction of the fabric of the

Volkswagen K 70

B . bias belt

D . diagonal

R .

Second Number (2 Digits): in inches of the wheel rim that tire is designed to fit.

So for a x 15 tire

The Width ends .00 so it should have a 92 Aspect

7.00 x 0.92 gives you the sidewall in inches (tire divided by aspect ratio) = 6.4

6.4 x 2 gives to the height of the sidewall and below the wheel = 12.8

12.8 + 15 gives you the height of the sidewall above and below the and the wheel diameter, or the total of the tire = 27.8 inches tire is just over 29 so it’s in the ballpark)

the 7.00 that it is 7 inches wide

the 15 that it fits on a 15 inch rim

Numeric Tire Sizes

Volkswagen K 70
Volkswagen K 70
Volkswagen K 70


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