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Volkswagen Up

VW Up 1.0 (2013) long-term test

By the CAR road test team

Term Tests

14 March 08:00

Month five a VW Up: just how practical is VW’s car?

For one month only I’m my Up-date using the same method favoured by Gordon No10 advisors: the sh*t You start with the good then the bad, and finally encouragement to reanimate the smile-o-matic.

off, it ain’t half the Up. If Peter Capaldi fancies into character for his new Timelord I suggest a weekend in one: it does feel bigger than those dinky suggest. So commodious in fact, the doubled this month as a pit wagon to cart my old Ford refurbed alloys around, as a family taxi ferrying the Kew to the cinema. My folks’ Nissan was on the driveway too, but with leg- and headroom for passengers, it got behind. It also manages the economy of the Up – hold that

Incidentally, we watched Behind the Now, I don’t profess to be as with a set of pedals as ‘Mr Showmanship’, but 1866 miles under its the VW is steadily climbing the mpg ladder. But news just in…

Tank-to-tank, scored a personal best of However, the devious dashboard massages my ego, promising a average. Certainly lies a politician, then. The other is an intermittent seatbelt warning which, in classic electrical fashion, only bongs when I’m driving one-up. occurred twice, cured by One, Verse One of The Gospel To IT: switch off and on again.

Otherwise, all is stupefyingly well in Perhaps I’ll overhear it me off by next month, and have a to reduce its poll numbers.

four running a VW Up: steering lovely, but steering too slow

Up impressions with my opposite (experience-wise) at CAR, Greg and I largely agreed VW has nailed its attempt at a city slicker, the pricey Lupo, and not-so-cunning He concluded in a sage tone, to mind his Game of Thrones Lord Varys: ‘It would be to pick fault with car’. Perhaps The Hand of the will have my head for but I’ll bite. I’m not getting with the Up’s steering.

VW Ups with a long-winded, 2.9-turn affording a 9.8m turning A London cabbie would but I don’t guvna. Too much is required, even when not around the proverbial sixpence. short-overhang stance and stiffer should bless the Up with agility, but the steering spoils its Pity, given the slim-rimmed, wheel is a standout delight in a car with thoughtful design. up, however, go to the Sports Pack. less compromising springs cornering roll, at the negligible of comfort – cheekily cocking a wheel hasn’t been easy since France’s halcyon. The £480 Sports is also the only way to bag the nice and tinted glass.

Month running a VW Up: driving the Up’s within

When is a VW Up not a VW Up? When a Skoda Citigo, of course. Or, for matter, a Seat Mii. VW Group brands riff a car off the three-cylinder, boxy-shape underpinnings, it’s the Up, with VW’s hand on the styling crayon, looks most cohesive. all share the 1.0-litre engines, gear and rock-solid cabin, so choice comes down to preference, badge snobbery and the of your local dealer.

There’ll never be a hot Up – the Up GT has been due to budget constraints, killing any of a Seat Cupra or Skoda vRS Nevertheless, Skoda has had a crack at a version: the Skoda Citigo It gets the same lowered, suspension as our Up long-termer, plus stripes, red stitching and a hilarious The rear diffuser was in for a shout as pathetic piece of fake car attire ever, until I the snowplough-cum-splitter up front. Still, on its black wheels, it looks cool in a pugnacious, cheeky

Inside, the Sport loses out on to ‘my’ top-spec ‘high No electric mirrors, no heated and only the 64bhp engine, than my Up’s 74bhp However, you still get sat-nav and as well as a big cost saving. A Sport is £10,290: £710 than a base-spec high Up, you’ve added the VW’s Sport Pack. Depending on driving style, that be a year’s worth of fuel.

And to No surprises, the Citigo Sport just like the Up. Except for one – it just isn’t any slower. The deficit is inconsequential because the engine develops peak at 6200rpm, while the 64bhp gives its best lower from 5000-6000rpm. Plus, engines develop an identical ft, over the same 3000-4300rpm So, in everyday driving, the extra is completely unnoticeable. It pays to spec sheets.

If it were my money on the dotted having driven both, I’d it difficult to walk past the forecourt, despite preferring the styling and badge. The Skoda makes better value – and doesn’t have a grammatically name, which is nice.

two running a VW Up: the full introduction to our new Up

I properly introduce our newest I’ll quickly say ‘hello’: I’m staff writer, drafted in the mayhem of the 50th anniversary in and fortunate enough to stick after the corks had popped and Ben cover shoot-induced nervous subsided. Craving a new source of he’s entrusted me with the Volkswagen and a mission to discover: is the world’s best city

First, the disappointment: the ‘up!’ will never again be to here as such a grammatical isn’t the pint-sized revolutionary it been. The concept’s classic rear-engine/rear-drive set-up was binned for gubbins shared with the – though it did leave an echoingly 251-litre boot behind.

mind, conventional means here. The all-new, all-alloy three-cylinder petrol comes in level 64bhp or 74bhp but only the higher-powered one is available in top-spec ‘High up!’ which gets alloys, steering wheel and handbrake, and foglights, plus heated air-con, a well-worth-it six-speaker upgrade, and the ‘Maps More’ infotainment centre. The wafer-thin crams in iPod and Bluetooth sat-nav, voice control and a me drive economically’ app. My car, back in 2011, was an Ford Ka. In comparison the mature, VW feels like an S-class. city cars spoil us now.

With darkened and blank paint I worried the Up would look a bit of a van, but I it’s the sharpest (and masculine) spec I’ve the rare Sports Pack set it off to a tee. My only options-list was sidestepping ‘Bluemotion Technology’, low-resistance tyres, regenerative-brake charging, and stop/start. Still, an extra £360, and I’m damned if I’m a narcoleptic engine take for my economy figures.

Ah yes, the frugality. Though my Up box-fresh with just 94 showing, I’m already closing in on – in fact I’ve a longer than our Aston DB9, dares to call itself a tourer. I suppose that’s but so’s everything. I’ve my own Ford Puma 1.7 for the Up, and I miss its Yamaha-tuned throttle and 123bhp Don’t wait, er, up.

Volkswagen Up

Month 1 a VW Up: the Up is caught by a spy photographer’s lens

The Up has settled into its new life as a CAR long-term test car, and it’s become the star of its own spy scoop. One of CAR’s intrepid snappers got a tip-off I’d be heading to Land Rover headquarters in Warwickshire this week, and in the undergrowth to catch OU13 SBO about its business. Must’ve the car’s unique spec you seen another one identical to of Candy White paint and Pack alloys that me away.

So far as the Up itself is concerned, so far, so good. After on over 2000 miles in three months, the willing three-cylinder engine has finally up, encouraging jaunts into the top of the rev range to unleash that ‘half-a-911’ thrum. On the flipside, getting close to 50mpg in driving after some disappointing figures, and VW’s of 60.1mpg doesn’t feel a fantasy target: take Fiat Panda TwinAir.

We’ll be adding more to the baby VW’s page so stay tuned to CAR Online to out more. In the meantime, check out the issue of CAR magazine, which the complete ‘Hello’ welcome of the Up, why I reckon it’s a better than our Aston Martin

Speccing CAR’s new VW Up long-termer

made choosing the options on new VW Up so easy was the sheer amount of kit as standard with the engine we were after. VW offers the Up a choice of two 1.0-litre three-cylinder engines, one good for 64bhp, the a better motorway companion, 74bhp. Cynically, VW only you choose the uprated engine in ‘High Up’ trim, and woe, exactly what we’ve for.

‘High Ups’ in conjunction with a horrid name, air-conditioning, heated the ‘Maps More’ sat-nav touchscreen, 15in alloys, and front windows. There’s a of leather upholstery too: for the wheel and handbrake trim. As a door, it’ll set you back

So, to the options list dabble. the white paint, selected because it photographs well, and because it suits the Up’s clean lines, like a of four-wheeled, internal-combustion iPod. with the colour is slightly by VW’s audacity to charge for it.

Next up, I went for the £480 Pack. Visually set apart by black 16in alloys and rear glass, it also the Up with a 15mm ride drop and stiffer spring Standard Ups, Skoda and Seat Miis are already (if slightly bouncy) contraptions, so be interesting to see if the Sports Pack the fun, or adds more of it.

Making motorway jaunts a more tolerable is cruise which comes as part of the pack for £355, along thoroughly unnecessary rear sensors. Oh, and we dropped a not insubstantial but worth-it £650 on the electrically glass sunroof. Handy for out the cabin in a heatwave, given VW’s penny pinchers fit dual electric window on the driver’s door…

All in, this tasty Up spec equals – a lot, for a 999cc city but it does have all the desirable kit you ever want in a city and badge kudos its French and rivals can only lust

Will that translate a satisfying, enjoyable ownership Will the sports suspension flaws in the seemingly bulletproof quality? And surely we can’t the claimed 60.1mpg, right?

tuned to CAR Online and CAR magazine to out.

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