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Volkswagen Jetta Wagon

The Bottom Line: I highly the Jetta as a successful blend of practicality, and style. An excellent vehicle!

After owning my Jetta Wagon 1.8T GLX for 14 I am pleased to report that, some minor flaws, the has really exceeded my expectations. As a compact wagon, the Jetta has almost perfectly on my driving Now after more than a of summer and winter driving, I you some thoughts on this VW.

***addendum: I have put some comments at the very bottom of review***

***addendum: I have added 48-month comments at the


I am a performance sedan driver. My style is professional with an While shopping for my latest I considered the Audi A4, the Volvo the Honda Accord, some of the new low-end Benzes, and the BMW 300 series.

one test drive, I fell in with the 2003 Jetta and purchased it the next day. I $26,300USD for it, and I still feel I got a $45,000 car. I have driving the Jetta wagon April of 2003.

Cost the Jetta can be compared to other at different luxury levels. For the base model Jetta GL to the Honda Civic or Toyota However, the Jetta GLS and GLX models to the BMW 3 series, the Audi A4, and Mercedes entry-level luxury cars.



The Jetta Mark IV GLS 1.8T is a near-luxury compact sedan added room for groceries and the pet. It is also rated at stars for NHTSA front and impact protection.

In its GLS or GLX loaded trim, the Jetta wagon with Passats, Audis, and Saabs for finish and performance, but much less than exotic counterparts.

Yes, I did to spend an extra $6200 CAD to my Jetta with nearly option: leather, power, seats, sports trim Porsche Tiptronic transmission, CD tint, Platinum Shield and exterior coating, power Electronic Stabilization Program and and full safety package airbags x 4. These expenses did my car to $35,000 CAD ($26,300 USD), but I these options. I believe options are what really the car into near-luxury status.

On the the Jetta 1.8T won’t a 500-series BMW in the quarter mile. Nor it turn the same heads a Benz 4matic would. as a compact wagon, I wouldn’t try to a 5 person family getaway to the with this car.

But the 1.8T does run 0-60mph in 8 (as fast as most 300-series it rides well without road feel and lateral and it does carve good with only mild The wagon trim allows for two hockey bags and groceries, the family pet and two adults. It is very in the snow and the cold. The car looks and like a $45,000USD car, but only half that

I believe this is a good car for commuting/highway travel, or in my case, two with a large dog and camping/skiing


Like any technology, there are to the Jetta Wagon 1.8T. of these downsides are show-stoppers for my needs, but they may chafe potential buyers.

1. For one, is a *compact* wagon, and the size is to three-person capacity + groceries and Prospective buyers should this from the outset: the seat leg room is adequate-to-small. If the passenger and driver are over then the rear passengers suffer as the bucket seats into their knees. For trips more than 100 I would not recommend more three people + luggage.

The trunk, albeit plenty of space, is only the same area as a conventional domestic trunk. Although fine for my this is not Volvo wagon or folks. If you have more one large dog and two adults, then car will feel small for

2. The driver window does turbulence around the driver’s unless you crack open a window to stabilize the airflow. is annoying if you never learn special back window As well: the power sunroof opens to 3/4 point automatically; the 1/4 distance requires user some weird reasoning preventing wind flutter.

3. The Tiptronic transmission is about .75 too slow to downshift for immediate I have lost a couple of positions because of this. the four-wheel disc brakes are but I do wish they had 10% more power when you consider the speeds the 1.8T can achieve. some aftermarket brake will make the difference.

4. acceleration will gobble With a restrained right I can extract perhaps 26mpg and 34mpg highway. But my mileage can to 16mpg when I really dip the 180bhp powerplant. Especially if the moves back-and-forth repeatedly the 3000 rpm mark where the really engages and disengages. I learned to plan for approximately (250miles) on a 50 liter (12.5 tank.

5. Any Jetta paint other than metallic uses the dip and dunk painting and results in an orange-peel finish, noticeable in black color. Shield coating reduces orange peel effect, but the finish is not a strong point this car.

6. Adding a car starter is problematic, since the car is to prevent theft at the ignition Living in a cold place Canada requires me to either the ignition security system, or to the manual means of starting and my car early every winter for warm up. I chose to stay this manual warm-up

7. The sport suspension does road ripples to the occupants. mild road bumps are instead of felt, but if you drive any music on, then tar strips become annoying sounds the 17 wheels.

8. The ABS and anti-slip electronic program seem to do a competent job at the car planted on icy roads. However, the actuators and automatic brakes that annoying hydraulic when they activate. I this is symptomatic of any ABS car, but I do not enjoy that hydraulic Gratefully, this is a perception not a functional deficiency.

9. The stock stereo does have a quality to it. The bass is weak, and audiophiles should consider in an aftermarket subwoofer and amp.

10. The seat canting is controlled by a knob, not by a lever. If you enjoy while waiting in a parking this dial control is and laborious.


This positives far outweigh the negatives for me.

1. Of the outstanding things about my wagon, I want to first say my Volkswagen dealer, Norden in Edmonton, is amazing for customer and attention to detail. I have had but A-plus treatment from the Autohaus people. I know some VW owners have had bad especially in the USA. I cannot to those instances, but I can certainly say there is good VW management over quality and customer in Edmonton.

2. On a driving note, I also laud how the 1.8T feels to drive: fahrfenugen! thrill of the drive!). This car is neutral responding, poised, and The cabin ergonomics are supple and The suspension offers excellent feel through the wheel still buffering most and ripples. No, the suspension is not race and aggressive drivers will to upgrade the springs, but the stock is plenty good for brisk needs. The Jetta never cumbersome or heavy; it is always during sudden driver and emergency maneuvers. The 180bhp gas powerplant is ample for city and commuting, and it will have extra jam to surprise muscle and expensive exotics. This is a station wagon, folks!

3. the VW Jetta leather trim and GLS or GLX package make for an excellent experience. The interior truly like a BMW or Audi. The folding dual cup holders, steering stereo controls, clean and crisp lines all contribute to a of poise and finish not found in cars. I am especially grateful the Jetta does not follow the oval designs of many and American cars; the VW instead a kind of Swiss-army watch crisp and professional.

4. The road-feel experience is excellent for commuting and highway driving: is very responsive, with understeer at speeds over Body roll is minimal for any cornering, although the suspension chatter on ripply roads and The road howl insulation is good, so it easy to converse your passenger even at The ergonomics for my 5’10 frame are and all the controls are at the right distance for my 29 The lumbar and lateral seat are first rate, and especially during aggressive turns. I very planted in my Jetta, and the car feels responsive and stable at any

5. Highway driving: this car is stable and straight on the highway, and at any speed, the car always transmits a planted feeling through the wheel. It is very easy to hundreds of kilometers on this car in one The VW 1.8T 180bhp engine is for prompt passing on the highway, and I astonish drivers when I their sports cars my station wagon.

6. Slow driving: the turn radius is I can U turn, lock-to-lock, on a three-lane In most parking lots yellow lines, the Jetta can U turn within the width of adjacent parking stalls.

7. driving: I do not recommend racing on other than a racetrack controlled conditions. Accordingly, I not recommend you drive your illegally. But let me say this: this especially in sport wagon will surprise many with its acceleration performance and abilities.

8. Driver visibility is completely unimpaired. I can see in every without blind spots. The side mirrors are also for at-a-glance viewing.

9. I live in to 35Celsius (-35F to 90F) so I get to see the whole gamut of weather I am pleased to report that the wagon does a good job of and cooling the front passengers. The A/C is fast cooling, the interior is very good for heating the seats, and the electric seat are a godsend for us Canadians! The rear area is slower to heat up, so you may need to choose favorites your passengers fight the heated front seat.

10. The CD changer, plus in-dash 6th CD, is good for both functionality and and even plays .wav CDs inconsistently. I think I will opt for the MP3 player option later in

11. The sport tires and 17 sport are very good for stock Although they sacrific they do a very good job of road feel to the driver, and seem to do well on both icy roads and on dry summer streets. I had no flat tires nor inflation to date.

12. The Jetta is very in black trim with package. It has a Passat-Touareg look to it, and is not a conventional station wagon.

13. and egress: The Jetta is very for door sill height and width. it is very smooth to in and out of this car. As I mentioned, I am and my wife is 5’6. Our german is 50 lbs going on 90lbs. All of us have an time getting in and out of the Jetta and groceries and carried items are to lift into the back or the trunk. The dimensions of this wagon fit nicely for my 3-member

14. Fit and finish: there are many details that make car superior to other $26k sedans/wagons. For example: the dashboard like it is straight from the BMW 300 very stylish and crisp. The controls are steering wheel which is ideal for switching CD and adjusting volume while two-handed driving through switchbacks. Nice. There is a kit storage space in the wall of the There is a trunk subfloor molded tool tray and spare wheel. The roll-top cover hides your from prying eyes. The rear seat 1/3rd is perfect for snowboards, large and carrying large luggage. The rear bench has multiple for retaining the passenger headrests. The dash lighting is a classy and touch. The Tiptronic transmission, a tad slow for emergency acceleration, offer a useful choice trying to pass on the highway, or to a higher gear during driving. The ignition security anti-theft key locks, blinking light, and locking lug nut wheels are in a world of auto thieves. The key is very stylish Audi-level The engine layout is very for oil refilling, dipstick reading, fluid replenishing, and engine plug in. The stock roof rails are good for accessory pods, and the curtain air bags are the best in its class by NTSA The solar-powered battery charger be very useful when I for over 30 days, and need to my car in the airport parking lot. it ensure my battery and alarm remain powered. The child-safety on the rear doors and windows, and window controls, will be to parents. VW Road Assistance is for the first two years of your car so all emergency boosts, tows, services, and other car club are included in the price of the car! And of car clubs: it is impossible to lock out of the Jetta unless you make an to do so.

All of these crisp little are the trademark of German engineering, and reason I chose VW.

Volkswagen Jetta Wagon

15. My spouse and my dog love the Jetta! Our german really fits the back and trunk nicely. With a across the back leather seat, the dog happily sprawls out and into long drives Spouse loves to drive the tiptronic, and our sporty driving are satiated by the 180bhp turbo

16. This car is a pleasure to look at and a to drive! It is nimble, eager to to turning, braking and acceleration from the driver, and it feels to sit in either the driver or the passenger


I am very with this car. It is the VW I have owned, and has been a joy for my spouse and I to drive. It has been a compromise between bulky SUV and sedan. We are also inspired by the NHTSA safety rating the Jetta has earned for front and collisions.

If you are similarly in need of a compact car, and want to off the beaten path of banal then take a good at the Jetta wagon, especially if you can the luxury options. For $26k you get a lot of performance technology with Volkswagen.

14-Month Comments

It has six months since I authored the review. Here are some observations since then:

fuel mileage drops when the Jetta 1.8T is aggressively. The engine is quite to accelerate when called but at the price of 17mpg instead of

PRO: when driven restraint, the 1.8T can achieve up to

CON: my sunroof stopped one day, and refused to close

PRO: it turned out that was a dead grasshopper tucked the sunroof mechanism. Once out, the sensitive system again without fault.

when called to suddenly hard, the automatic-Tiptronic transmission is about .75 seconds too slow to

PRO: once the turbo in, there is plenty of passing

CON: some people in the USA had terrible VW service experiences (as I in discussion forums on the Web).

I have had nothing but positive with my VW service here in

OVERALL 14-MONTH SUMMARY: I am very pleased with turbo station wagon, and recommend it to anyone with my needs, and who has access to a VW Canada

48-MONTH REPORT: I am still happy with this VW wagon. Gratefully, I have not had to any airbag deployments or crash (knock on wood).

Seat heater recall: my was recalled to replace the seat out of fear that they ignite the leather, so that was an to bring the vehicle in. Similarly, the shift lever needed because one of the bolts started to During these last years, I also replaced two bulbs, a sticky coolant blade, and multiple oil changes.

car for cold winters: I also some extra-extreme temperatures last year, with very cold -42C here in Alberta. Impressively, the car with only a little even without the block being plugged in. The heated take about 15 minutes to transmit the warmth through the And the side windows do frost up the rearmost edges at -25C and (the heat vents did not blow all the way to the back of the windows). So I give the Jetta wagon an 8 out of 10 for a deep-cold vehicle.

All things the car has been a splendid servant to my and I am pleased with its reliability and I have not experienced any of the lemon that some reviewers and again, I must commend Autohaus on their customer

The Japanese give you more for the same price, but.

In the years I’ve owned Vdub, the benchmark for driver has been raised by the Japanese. like automatic-dimming mirrors, compasses, external thermometers, and MP3 are now standard trim in many Japanese cars. Being a vehicle, my Vdub feels and more spartan than imports. But when I ride in my Japanese vehicles, I still myself preferring the Swiss Watch feel of my Volkswagen. I would like automatic-dimming and a digital compass, but not enough to me switch cars just

If you like Volkswagen, and you are looking for an compact station wagon, consider the sporty Jetta turbo as a used choice. It has a and a solidity about it that it apart from other of its time.

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Volkswagen Jetta Wagon
Volkswagen Jetta Wagon
Volkswagen Jetta Wagon

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