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Volkswagen Jetta A2

The Bottom Line: The look as classic, but the interior draws closer to that of a luxury

A few years ago I suggested that for who didn’t need a back the Jetta made more than the Passat. The smaller handled better and cost

Last spring a thoroughly Jetta arrived. This it is joined by an all-new Passat. The two are based on the same platform, that the new Passat is essentially a Jetta. The big VW’s engine is again transverse rather longitudinal. VW can’t seem to whether the Passat should be an Jetta or a shrunken A6.

To see how the two cars this time around, I a Jetta GLI and a Passat 2.0T for a back-to-back. An unfair comparison, the GLI’s sport suspension and the that the same engine lug around extra mass in the sedan? Don’t count on it.

The previous Passat was something of a Its gracefully arched roofline and bodysides deserve at least as credit as the Beetle for VW’s in the late 1990s. People saw car on the street and instantly wanted Competitors reacted by drawing on the Passat for their own designs, (Nissan) better than (Ford, Saturn).

The new Passat is trendy, especially the overly nose. Like the latest A6, the new Passat has much longer front and rear, to the detriment of the proportions. As with the Audi, want the largest wheels to visually shrink the larger The 16s on the base car I drove just cut it.

On the other hand, the new Passat is far more attractive than the Jetta. It has an elegance from angles, particularly the rear thoroughly absent from its sibling.

It’s actually surprising that the two sedans so different. Unlike the previous which was based on the same as Audi’s A4 and A6, the new Passat is essentially a Jetta.

Inside the new Passat is a improvement over the old car, and far to the latest Jetta. The instrument resembles that in an Audi A8. it is much less imposing the blocky affair in the Jetta. better, it lacks the wall at the of the windshield that I despise in the car.

In general VW puts out upscale interiors. The rest of the keeps saying their interiors are just as good as But they aren’t. Even in trim with black seats, the new Passat has the feel and of a premium car. Yet there is a bit hard plastic inside the new than I recall in the old one, on the lower part of the instrument And I found one piece that measure up in both the Passat and the the lid on the overhead sunglass holder cheap and flimsy.


The position is much better in the than in the Jetta. As mentioned the instrument panel is less and it is not topped by a short wall at the of the windshield. As a result, I felt more comfortable driving the car. Paradoxically, the experience was intimate.

As in the Jetta the tach is numbered in rather than the ones on most tachs. This led me to confuse it with the speedometer. tell the cop you were looking at the set of numbers by mistake.

The Jetta GLI is with wonderful sport from Recaro. With a sporting mission, the Passat’s are much less heavily They are, however, sized and quite comfortable in the German way. Hardly but likely quite good long distances. Four-way lumbar is always welcome, and standard here.

I have feelings about the back Legroom is up a bit, such the Passat retains a legroom over the Jetta. Yet the Jetta’s is preferable in some ways. owing to its racier roofline, the rear seat is mounted to the floor than that in the As a result, thigh support is at best and the view forward is blocked by the front headrests. The rear seat is superior on counts.

As before, the Passat has a large trunk and its rear fold for even more volume.

On the Road

The base is powered by the same 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder I have in the Audi A3, Audi A4, and Jetta. a powerful engine, with the boost lag I’ve ever in a turbo. Quiet too.

Now about the Passat’s weight there isn’t much of Though the Passat is nine longer than the Jetta, and on a five inch longer it is less than one hundred heavier than the smaller car in trim, and roughly the same as the GLI. Shocking, but true. the Passat team wasn’t weight-saving tips with the team.

With roughly the weight you get roughly the same The Passat comes standard a six-speed manual, but the one I drove was with an automatic. Blessed six ratios, it did a good job of keeping the in its sweet spot. Acceleration easily exceed the needs of the majority of people.

If you want more performance, the upcoming 3.6-liter Passat should do the The six should also make noises while going its work. While the 2.0T is a nasty sounding engine, its doesn’t exactly get the heart Sadly the manual will not be with the six.

The new Passat is no sedan, at least not in base (A sport suspension will be with the six.) Still, I it a very pleasant car to drive. the steering could provide feedback, the chassis has an enjoyable through the curves. As mentioned I connected more with car than with the GLI. The Passat leaned a bit much in turns. The new one leans less and feels more composed.

At lot speeds the Passat has the tomb-like and highly-insulated ride of a luxury Get the car up to 40 MPH or so, though, and road noise can be a bit No doubt the lack of noise other sources makes noise seem higher it is, but perceptions count here. quality is a bit shakier at speed, but the new Passat performs well in area.

The character of the new Passat is closer that of the previous one to a Toyota courtesy of increased refinement, noise levels, and increased from the outside world. said, it remains clearly with a more substantial to the doors, seats, and body than you’ll find in a Japanese product.

VW Passat Comparisons and Pricing

As might be the Passat does cost than the Jetta. How much About $2,300 when are equipped with the turbo

The Passat has tended to cost than its Japanese competitors, and the new one is no Compared to a 4-cylinder Honda the 2.0T costs about more. Adding a V6 to the Accord—the falls between the two Honda in performance—cuts the gap to a few hundred dollars. thing the turbo four so well, as I suspect it will be cross-shopped with V6-powered sedans.

Prices change and differences will vary on feature level. To quickly these and other comparisons the specific features you want, my Web site, (It’s the site that provides apples-to-apples price comparisons.)

page for the Passat:

Volkswagen Jetta A2


This time I much preferred the Passat to the It’s more attractive and out, lacks the odd driving of the smaller car, and handles greater fluidity.

All is not perfect, though. The new styling age as well. And this styling the rear seat to be mounted to the floor than it should been.

Overall, a welcome to an Accord or Camry, with the substantial feel typical of cars and the interior ambiance of a car. Above all, simply a more interesting

Update: The Passat is getting reviews in the press. I think is because the press idolized the Passat, which was something of a and now remember it as being even than it was. The new Passat is a different car, and the press is it for this.

In a thread over at one member, akuska, had a further At the time it was introduced the previous was a unique car with features no car in the class had. But in the years competitors have copied the and features of that Passat. So the Passat seems relatively Not so much because it has gone but because the mainstream has copied it.

A Note on VW Passat Reliability

I practically cover reliability the context of this review. many people are interested in information, so I’ve started my own data. Results, once are available, will be posted to my, with updates three months.

Unlike sources, TrueDelta will identify what difference it make if you buy a Passat rather another vehicle by providing in the shop and days in the shop (among others). You will be to specify the number of years, miles, and types of repairs to in VW Passat reliability comparisons.

Before I can report results, I data on all cars—not just the people like you. To participation, those who help the data will receive access to the site’s reliability Non-participants will have to pay an fee.

For the details, and to sign up,

A link to this and alphabetized links to my other reviews can be found on my profile .

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