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Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Coupe

Construction – The Most Dangerous Job in

Working at a construction site is one of the dangerous ways to make a On any day in the US, more than 6.5 million are at work on 250,000-plus construction In 2007 construction workers on job sites suffered over on the job injuries and job-related illnesses. 1200 construction workers from their job-related This reflects an incident of 1.9 injuries her 1000 workers one of the rates for any job category. The most cause of injuries was contact equipment and other objects, a which includes trucks, bulldozers and other specialized vehicles, as well as power and hand tools.

Back are the most common kind of injury. Falls from a from scaffolding, and from are other major causes of Other frequent causes are collapse, scaffold collapse, and of protective equipment, including to use required protective equipment.

The dangerous trades were and electrical power installation. suffered a death rate of deaths per 100, 000 workers, and was 57.3 per 100,000. Most of electrical workers resulted electrocution. General unskilled had a lower death rate per 000, but the total number of laborers who died was the highest of any group.

Many injuries and on construction sites result the failure of contractors or subcontractors to the safety of the work-site. Work-site includes maintaining all equipment in a well-functioning condition, storing and materials appropriately, and using and machinery in the recommended manner. communication, which includes workers about all hazardous and providing them with about spill cleanup is another important element.

safety also requires the site itself be adequately and that appropriate safety such as secure scaffolding, rails, and elevator guards are in Stairways must be well lit and of debris and materials, and slippery caused by water or spills be cleaned up promptly. Workers be required to use appropriate safety such as eye protection, hard and boots with steel and metatarsal guards, gloves, suits when needed.

can create additional hazards. should not be permitted to work on scaffolding when snow, or other materials have the slick.

If you or a loved one has suffered an on a construction site, and you believe unsafe working conditions or contributed to the injury, you should as soon as possible with an construction injury lawyer, who can whether you have a claim the owner or a contractor.

You should act as as possible, because evidence can be or destroyed, and witnesses’ memories can An experienced construction injury can mobilize the necessary investigations of the and interview essential witnesses while you are still recovering your injuries.

Most injury claims are undertaken on a fee basis. This means the attorney does not require up front from the victim, and to be paid only if the claim is successfully.

The Top 10 Fixtures Most Damaged During Residential

Construction projects are very There are many different workers, subcontractors, plumbers, and working on different areas all at the time. This, combined dust, debris, and heavy materials, often results in to expensive home finishes as cabinets, counter tops, etc. Here is a list of the top ten that tend to get damaged the construction process:

1) Cabinets – In construction, cabinets are often one of the expensive and easily damaged According to the NAHB New Construction Breakdown*, cabinets cost on somewhere around $10,395 to in a new home. They tend to be fairly early on in the construction so they can be easily damaged by spray, impact from tool belts, and general by subcontractors. A great way to prevent to cabinets is to use thick, adhesive such as Protecta-Foam to cover it. It is to install and protects cabinets spray, dust, dirt, and impacts.

2) Doors – Much cabinets, both interior and doors can be quite expensive. On interior doors cost around $2,883 while doors cost $2,150. end homes often have entryway doors that can upwards of $10,000. Doors are installed early in the construction and with subcontractors and construction coming in and out, sometimes heavy equipment in hand, and dings are a persistent problem. To damage, use reinforced corrugated or specialty door protection as Door Guard™. This prevent dings and scrapes and help builders deliver a brand-new and quality product to

3) Bathtubs/Showers – Bathtubs and shower are some of the trickiest fixtures to from damage in a home. with windows, they are the fixture to be installed; very in the bathroom construction process. cost on average around but can be much more. After the has already been installed, such as electricians, tile and plumbers will all work in and the expensive tub. Many actually do their work standing inside the bathtub, and construction workers even use it as a With so many people in the area, damage can happen easily. In conjunction with a policy that absolutely using the tub as a toilet, builders can use a tub protector that dries to a consistency and peels off easily the project is done.

4) Carpets – Most homes extensive carpeting, which shows dirt and debris and is more difficult to clean other types of flooring. The price of carpet for a home is Foot traffic can track in and dust from subcontractors and can end up the builder to either replace carpeting or foot the bill for cleaning after the job has already completed. A great way to prevent to carpets is to use adhesive carpet These clear films to carpeting but must be replaced thirty days to avoid transfer. Make sure to the quality of the carpet film you buy – anything less than thick is low quality and may not protect adequately.

5) Hardwood floors – love hardwood floors and are extremely common in new residential On average, hardwood floors $1,939 to install in a new home. are subject to a lot that may result in including foot traffic, materials or machinery, dust, and general debris. It is absolutely to take measures to protect floors during construction. The thing to consider is how long the have been down If they are newly installed are curing or breathing, breathable is available. There are many types of protection ranging a light duty protective to recycled cloth to heavy builder board.

6) Door – Jambs often get bumped and during construction. Since are installed very early in the each subcontractor coming with material or installation could potentially inflict that results in the need for or, at the very least, repair. typically run around $148 for a Many different types of for jambs are reusable, so a single box of ten last through several There are many options from plastic to cardboard to

7) Stairs – Much like the with carpets and hardwood stairs see a lot of foot traffic the home is completed. The stairs for a home generally cost $1,052 to build and install. are usually either carpeted or With construction workers and going up and down to complete work, stairs really to be covered to ensure they perfect when the homeowner in. There are several types of protection depending on whether the are carpeted or wood. While general floor protection can be used to protect stairs, a few specialized types of surface will protect stairs needing tape that potentially damage paint.

8) – Door thresholds get very and scratched on a construction site. On thresholds cost around for a home. While that seem like much, the is the entrance to their home, and as homeowners want to make it looks perfect. There are high quality, 9mils protective tapes on the market do a great job protecting thresholds at a price point. If the home is built in a sunny or hot area, it is to take the time to invest in that has UV protective qualities.

9) – The countertops of a home are extremely to the homeowner. Countertops, along cabinets, are a significant cost of a remodel and they need to perfect for the homeowner to be satisfied. At an price of $5,141, it is important to damage or scratching that may from careless subcontractors or workers leaving a large, mess of cups, cans, liquids, or other junk. drips, mud and stucco splatters, can ruin an expensive countertop. are two main types of countertop film and adhesive bubble. If to use a film, make sure to in a high-quality 3mil film. If protection is needed, Tack bubble is the way to go. It is a thick adhesive that sticks to counters leaving a residue. It looks and is a great deterrent to workers to place junk on the countertop.

10) and Banisters – Handrails and banisters are overlooked during construction. they are installed they may be to paint and stucco splatter, scrapes from moving, and Handrails and banisters in the average cost around $646. in protection is a sound investment looking at the potential costs damage could incur. An way to protect handrails is to use an adhesive wrap. Swiftwrap™ is a great for handrails because the adhesive to itself rather than the This makes removal easy and eliminates the possibility of transfer.

With proper protection, can protect these expensive and save time and money on costs. For more information protection materials, visit

*Estimates for average cost of came from:

2011 New Construction Cost Breakdown

Hazards in Construction Sites

drivers know that should be aware not only of the of other drivers’ negligent but also of the potential hazards exist out on the highways. Ongoing can present particularly dangers both to drivers and to the workers on since there are many present that can potentially harm. A construction project can the familiar nature of roads and can obstacles that surprise If the road construction is not properly repaired, or replaced, it can lead to accidents and injuries.

Road Dangers

The hazards that construction projects can present to include:

Distractions. Construction add plenty of outside distractions to Distracted drivers may fail to warning signs, equipment, or workers in their paths.

debris. Equipment and materials in construction projects can add debris to the of oncoming traffic. To avoid it, a might try to swerve and in doing so, cause an accident.

Decreased Construction equipment and procedures stir up large amounts of and dirt into the air, a driver’s visibility range. decreased visibility comes an likelihood of accidents.

Lack of signs. If drivers are not provided adequate advance warning of construction, they might with construction materials or at speeds that are unsafe for a zone.

Inaccurate signs. may not properly describe how to navigate a construction zone, which can to head-on collisions if a driver drives in the lane designated for traffic.

Construction Zone Prevention

When driving a construction zone, it is important to alert and keep your own and that of others in mind:

slowly. Never drive the posted speed limit in a zone. The speed limits are in order to give you time to to changes and obstacles.

Look for Constructions sites should had signs warning up upcoming closures and other hazards.

sign instructions as soon as Do not wait until the last to change into a new lane or try to ahead and cut in front of other These actions in a construction can cause accidents that lives.

Watch out for workers. workers are at an elevated risk to due to drivers. Keep their in mind as you pass through a site. According to the Bureau of Statistics, about 100 road workers are killed in accidents year, many by negligent

Avoid distractions. Do not talk on phone, carry on an intense or otherwise take your or mind off the road in a construction Stay alert and prepared.

problems. If you notice a damaged or sign, road debris, or behavior by construction workers, report the problems.

Commercial Vs Grade Exercise Equipment – A to Choosing Which is Right For You

shopping for exercise equipment you be confronted with a slew of specifications, features and warranty It can be overwhelming. You may have noticed some products are advertised as grade and some as residential/home You may ask yourself, what type is to best meet my needs? is a general overview of the major between the two grades of products. will hopefully get you going in the direction.

The difference lies in durability and price

Generally commercial grade products are using stronger materials residential grade products and can heavier weight and more use. This normally a significantly higher price tag for items. The adage “you get you pay for” is as true in the exercise market as anywhere else.

– what it’s made of

grade exercise equipment generally contain more and heavier grade plastic, connectors, and welding than grade items. To be considered steel parts are generally of 12 gauge or stronger material. You also see a difference in other such as levers, pedals, cables and the like – commercial be heavier and more durable. For a typical home treadmill may 150 lbs, while a commercial will weigh over 300 – that is a big difference.

Durability — what it can

Residential exercise equipment is for constant use for up to 3 hours a day in a home by individuals under 275 lbs. that there is a wide of quality for residential products, entry level to high For weight lifting products you normally see weight limit in the 400-700 lb range (this includes the user).

Commercial equipment is designed for 6 or more a day of constant use in an institutional/commercial environment gyms, hospitals, universities, for Products designed for up to 6 hours of use are termed Light Commercial or Institutional. Products designed for 6 hours of daily use are termed Commercial. For weight lifting you will generally see weight ranges in the 1,000lb plus (this also includes the

Price – what you pay for it

Generally the more you are willing to pay the higher the will be. Because higher materials are used in manufacturing products, you should expect to pay As a rule of thumb, commercial can be priced 2-3 times higher (or than their average residential counterparts.

Construction – Buy, Lease or Rent?

equipment is also known as vehicles. These heavy-duty are specially designed to carry out and engineering tasks.

The finance for buying construction equipment is through an equipment leasing The construction market is buoyed by a in the construction business after a couple of slow years.

those corporations or smaller who are flush with cash can to buy the construction equipment on an outright

Renting or leasing is the traditional option for contractors who do not have reserves of cash. The contractors who not afford to buy the construction equipment these methods as an alternative Renting of construction equipment is an to face a short-term need leasing is the option suitable for needs.

According to a survey by the industry, there is less on the part of the contractors to own construction and they always go through the concepts – leasing or renting – to the best option.]

In a example for a project with contractors bidding for the work, the with equipment owned has to consider only the interest spent on financing the purchase costing the project.

Whereas a company which opted for only has to consider the recurring payments for leasing while the estimate for the project. The contractor who the construction equipment has only to the rent he is going pay and he is not saddled equipment, which is not incurring when left unused.

the matters further, there are too types of finance plans, offers of a wide range of beckoning the contractors with terms averaging from 3 to 5

Manufacturers such as John and Caterpillar have their own sub for financing, which permit the to lease the construction equipment from the manufacturers. These of sources serve nearly percent of the market.

Leasing are also offered by banks. of the inherent risk, most of the steer clear of the construction Still around sixty of the financing of construction equipment is out by banks or companies affiliated to the

Dodge Dart: Old Name, New Car – Soul?

Zipp. If the Dodge back in 1959, had listened to groups an iconic and successful car have been called the Zipp. Thankfully, cooler prevailed and the Dodge Dart was Or, should I say re-born?

The Dart was first used by the Chrysler on a 1957 concept car, the Ghia Dart, designed by the Italian design house and Carrozzeria Ghia (who penned the controversial VW Karmann Interesting that the first had its origins in Italy, Turin to be which happens to be the home of the Chrysler Group’s parent and the driving force behind the 2013 Dodge Dart.

Turin Italians and the Dodge team up, you get a Dart. The original had its highs (the Hurst-Built Stock 426 Hemi Dart) and its (anything after 1973), but is the Dodge Dart any good? In a yes. But, to better where it’s coming let’s take a look at the behind the Dart nameplate in handy and easy to follow

1957 – Chrysler Debuts the Designed Chrysler-Ghia Dart designed by Turin, Italy designer Carrozzeria Ghia.

— Dodge Debuts the Dart not the Dodge Zipp) on a 118-inch Plymouth frame as their fullsize model. Coupe, and Wagon options are available powerplant options of a 225 cubic-inch six (new for 1960), a 318 cubic-inch V8 or a 361 V8. 1960 also introduces construction.

1962 — The Dart becomes a B-body car with a 116-inch A two-door convertible is added to the Size is down, but power is up the optional 413 Ramcharger V8 pumping out 415 hp. Design Chief Virgil is fired.

1963 — Another another body change. The Dart takes the place of the 2 nd Lancer and is now an A-body with a wheelbase. The Charger option available on the 273 cubic inch V8 GTs. This is the first use of the moniker on a Dodge. New Chrysler Chief Elwood Engel the design of the 1963 Dart as as the Chrysler Turbine. Engine are 170 cubic-inch or 225 cubic-inch slant The Dart GT coupe/convertible gets a 273 V8.

1965 — The Dart becomes in Spain, assembled by carmaker and uses difference sheetmetal the U.S. version.

1966 — Bob runs a 1966 Dart V8 44 in Trans-Am races.

Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Coupe

1967 — framerails on the 4 th Generation Dart the addition of a big-block 383 for the new Dart 170 225 cubic-inch slant sixes, 273 V8 carry through with the of 340 383 cubic-inch V8s.

1968 — The 318 V8 replaces the 273 cubic-inch and the slant remain. Fifty Hurst-built Stock 426 Hemi Darts are for NHRA races. 1960 sees the introduction of the 340 V8. Four-speed 340 get a special edition camshaft, them faster than all 340 Darts.

1969 — This only a 440 cubic-inch big-block is on the Dart. With such a block, there is no room for a rig resulting in manual steering

1970 — New front and rear for the Dart. 1970 also the debut of the sporty variation on the the Dodge Dart Demon, is basically a Plymouth Duster a Dodge front clip and taillights. Dodge drops the GTS and 383 V8. All Dart coupes become Swingers. The biggest engine is the 340 cubic-inch V8. A 198 cubic-inch slant six a 225 with a shorter stroke).

— Thanks to the new federally mandated the Dart is fitted with new and rear bumpers along a new grille and hood. Due to complaints the name the Dart Demon is the Dart Sport.

1974 — The edition Hang Ten model Sport is introduced midyear through 1975. The Hang Ten with a folding rear for easy surfboard transportation and a pinstripe ending with a on a wave. Gnarly, Dude.

— The final year of the Dart in the and the only year of the 225 cubic-inch six Dart Lite which aluminum to lower the curb and high rear-axle ratios to 36 mpg on the highway. Sounds familiar. also sees the Spirit of 76 model.

1981 — Dodge are sold as M-Body Darts in Brazilian A-body Dart ends.

1982 — The Dodge LeBaron are sold as the Dart K in

1986 — The North American Dodge 600 is sold as the Dart E.

1989 — K-Body and E-Body are discontinued in Mexico. The Dart is dead.

2013 — The Dodge is back after a 24-year The Chrysler Group’s partnership FIAT yields the Alfa Giulietta-based Dodge Dart, a FWD four-door. The 500-car 2013 limited edition Mopar ’13 is unveiled at the Chicago Auto along with the Dodge “Carbon Fiber”. Power options: a turbocharged and intercooled 16-valve 1.4L inline-4 160 hp 184 lb-ft; a DOHC 16-valve inline-4 with 160 hp 145 lb-ft; and a 16-valve 2.4L inline-4 184 hp 171 lb-ft.

2013 Dodge

From a smaller-but-still-full-size sedan in to an all-out muscle car quarter-miler to a nameplate on a re-badged LeBaron, the Dart has had its share of evolutions in some cases, devolutions. So, the 2013 Dodge Dart the competitive soul of the Super 426 Hemi Darts and the Dart GTS or the persona of the 1976 Dart

Well, thankfully for the folks at who need a banner car to usher into the Chrysler-FIAT era, the Dodge Dart (as the newest of and the first child of the Detroit-Turin is really quite good.

Due to the with FIAT, Chrysler was to design the 2013 Dodge in only eighteen months by it on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, one of the platforms on the road today. The Dart’s wheelbase is 2.7 inches than the Giulietta’s at 106.4, length is up over a foot at inches and width plus 1.2 at 72 With a cabin and trunk of 110.3 cubic feet, the Dart beats its top rivals, the Focus, Honda Civic and Corolla.

With the breadth and depth of the needs and wants of the compact sedan market today, is offering the Dart with a of models (Seven), colors and powertains (Six) not to mention a list of options.

The base SE starts at $15,995. The SE is powered by a 160 2.0L DOHC I-4, the Tigershark. The 16-valve short-stroke with aluminum block and has variable valve timing and injection. Power is sent a 6-speed manual gearbox.

up the line is the $17,995 Dodge SXT. For the addition $2,000 the SXT standard with 17 inch wheels, power mirrors and a six-speaker entertainment system, keyless entry and a split-fold seat (kinda reminds you of the Hang Ten ). The option list to include an 8.4 inch touch on the center stack, nav system, camera (a rarity on compact and a 506 watt 10 speaker (including sound system.

The Dart falls in the middle of the line at You can tell the Rallye by its aggressive front-end, projector fog lights, exhaust tips, leather-wrapped wheel with audio The Dart Rallye also has the of the 1.4L turbocharged four-cylinder powerplant stolen from the 500 Abarth good for 160 horse and 184 of torque.

The most fuel of the 2013 Dodge Darts is the at $19,295. The Dart AERO get up to 41 mpg on the highway using the 1.4L MultiAir Turbo I4. Active shutters (so cool) and an underbody kit give the AERO is increased efficiency.

Slide into the of the Dodge Dart Limited, starts at $19,995, and you get a ten-way adjustable driver seat, a instrument cluster, chrome as standard. On the options front, leather seats, heated and steering wheel, nav system, cross-path detection and shiny wheels can also be yours if the is right.

The top-of-the-line regular Dodge Dart is the $23,290 R/T which is powered solely by a Tigershark engine, a 2.4L with 184 hp and 171 lb-ft of torque. Tigershark takes the base 88 mm bore adds a 97mm and FIAT’s MultiAir system variable timing and lift. Nappa leather seats, climate control, heated wheel, sport suspension and 18 wheels come standard.

at the top and due out later this year is the ’13 Dart. We don’t know the yet, but rest assured it be north of the Dart R/T’s price tag. This edition Dart extraordinaire earlier this month at the Auto Show. Production, begins this spring, be limited to 500 cars. Mopar gloss black wheels, blue racing stripes on paint, black chin rear diffuser and spoiler and badging complete the exterior To give the car an extra bit of oomph, the ’13 Dart gets performance exhaust, slotted brake a lowered suspension, recalibrated and a 1.4L MultiAir inline from FIAT. Inside you get all of Mopar goodies like a blue driver’s seat, leather-trimmed interior, serialized plate, sport pedals, a cool wireless phone pad and Mopar blue contrast throughout.

Across the board, a six-speed manual is standard. A Powertech automatic is optional for all except the 1.4L equipped which gets a FIAT-sourced

Since the Dodge Dart’s in the United States in 1976 and its painful end in Mexico in 1989, has offered two compact sport with varied success, the Neon (1995 to 2005) and the Caliber (2007 to 2012). the top-of-the-line Neon SRT-4 and SRT-4 were pretty cars inside and out, the Neons’ and Calibers’ interiors a plasticky, dreary place to be. Not so the 2013 Dodge Dart.

On blush, it certainly seems the designers charged with the interior took a page the European playbook when the cabin. Bright colored accents and contrast stitching to the Dart’s angrier cousin, the SRT and breathes life into the interior. Background lighting it all off quite nicely.

The seats up are the right blend of comfy and with lateral and longitudinal that make you feel in a fast right-hander but not so tight you like your getting a hug from your Aunt In back, however, there may be seat-belts, but more than two is a tight squeeze. Under the hind quarters is a clandestine compartment (read: Fast and style compartment for a couple of NOS 50 and the glove box is big enough to hold an

The driver’s seat is the place to be. ahead and on the top trim levels you see a instrument cluster with a secondary instrument display and meter. An 8.4 inch touch on the center stack handles in-car electronic needs. The wheel is a great thickness leather wrapping to please the the most picky automotive The dead pedal is just the height, comfortable while but a good brace on the turns.

The Dodge Dart comes tire pressure monitoring and a pillow of safety, which, by the out-safeties its German counterparts. blind spot monitoring (a in compact sedans) and rain wipers come as options.

the Dart is a pleasure. I was able to out a Dodge Dart Rallye with the 1.4L and six-speed gearbox. The transmission is very shifting through the gears; far in fact, than I expected. the clutch pedal is a bit mushy, to that of a VW Jetta SE. The 1.4 pulls throughout the range. At the low end, 1,400 rpm, I was very by the Dart’s grunt. Getting to the of 6,200 rpm you really see why the little engine is so widely loved.

On the the 2013 Dodge Dart well, turns in sharply, and without fuss and holds the with little body The front wheel drive is drama free with little torque steer to be thanks to ZF rack-and-pinion electronically power steering, front struts and monotube dampers. The feel is detailed and very far better than other sedans I’ve driven. the car feels stable and happy on the It’s a fun car, and I am quite drive the Dart R/T when its later this year.

the 2013 Dodge Dart, the has has completed the evolution from a entry level car to a scrappy sedan fully capable of on the big kids from the U.S. and Asia. Not bad for a car that was supposed to be the Dodge Zipp.


Construction trailers form an part in their equipment They are instrumental in providing the needed to make every job on the construction site faster, and more profitable. Construction help in lifting and moving equipment and construction parts on place to another part. items cannot be transported by vehicles. Often these trailers are custom made to specific jobs.

There are types of construction trailers – trailers, equipment trailers, trailers, and Gooseneck trailers. trailers take care of all of dumping needs on the construction The dump trailers are commonly on farms, nurseries, construction golf courses and many places. Dump trailers as multipurpose vehicles from to storing construction debris for disposal. Most dump are made of top-grade materials and construction techniques to eliminate and breakage in all stress areas and are cheaper than dump

Equipment trailers are used for small to medium sized on a construction site. The heavy equipment trailers are constructed the help of channel iron and tubing cross-members, and axles for the heavy load. Standard spring suspensions are used in the of equipment trailers. Tail-along can haul heavy loads long distances with 16″ cross-members, a modular wiring chain storage area and a wide deck. Tail-along are useful in transporting heavy-duty or building parts to the construction

There are two types of Gooseneck — the Gooseneck with flat and the Gooseneck with tilt Flat bed trailers are used in medium to large sized Their features include a 10,000 LB drop-foot jack, pocket tie downs, safety and pressure treated decking. bed trailers come with such as rear impact sealed wiring harness, oak x-bracing, 11°-14° loading when tilted, and come in ton models with various bed and lengths. These trailers can be while loading and unloading equipment.

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