The Volkswagen Van Ultimate Redlines — Volkswagen Kombi van

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Volkswagen Kombi van

The Volkswagen Van

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The Volkswagen Van

What a looking iconic retro bus turned out to be! Made by the Volkswagen company, who also manufactured the car we know lovingly today as the bug or

This transporter I suppose be referred to as the people’s van!

Hippie van

— Let’s not Rear Loading Beach

— Side Loading Bomb!

— What Sunagon

— Beach Pick-up!

— Hey Kombi is a nice name too.

I can dig all these retro models There so. groovy.

This is also known as the panel Van and was in 1950 by the German automaker

Now isn’t that one so cute! it called? Perhaps the VW Mini?

Ya love this engineering view show all the hidden and such intricate details.

this was only Volkswagen’s car model design ever

Yeah, I know quite the information you uncover once you researching a subject topic.

So the Van is model is known as number 2 and the name Volkswagen Type 2.

This German automaker no punches when it comes to their cars! No place for or exotic titles here.

So is the first model they made? Think hard for one.

The initial model developed does have a too.

Here goes. first model is. wait for it. the 1 (a.k.a. beetle or bug).

So the Van was hence given the factory Type 2.

Ya gotta love

And now a word from our Wiki on this subject.

As one of the forerunners of the cargo and passenger vans, the 2 gave rise to forward competitors in the United States in the including the Ford Econoline, the A100, and the Chevrolet Corvair 95 the latter adopting the Type rear-engine configuration.

European included the 1960s FF layout Estafette and the FR layout Ford

Like the Beetle, the van has received nicknames worldwide, including the minibus, and, because of its during the counterculture movement of the Hippie van. Now I like title, it really suits it!

contained the last factory in the that produced the T2. Production in ceased on December 31, 2013, due to the of more stringent safety in the country.

Talk about a long 63 production run for a car model!

Is that a

No, not quite, that is a close

So what car has the longest production

Answer: The Volkswagen Type 1 the Bug was for 65 years! (You probably saw coming).

The Hot Wheels Volkswagen

Ya gotta love this one All dressed up with the Hot Wheels and sponsor decals. That is

Way too cool!

The Hot Wheels Version of the Van was suggested sometime in 1968 by Ira Hot Wheels second designer!


(Below is an undisclosed and undocumented amongst Hot Wheels employees. 1968)

Hey Ira, why don’t we this far out VW Van the Hippie Van or the Beach That would be so radical!

But why Well hey, listen to funky idea, let’s in some surfboards on the back of the you know like Harry did on the and let’s give it some power decals. Kids dig that!

Hey yeah, that would be. I can dig it too.

Yeah, cool, go with it then. really that flower power idea! Larry, you’re far out

You got the right stuff! Right on!

Beach Bomb, I can really dig it! hope Elliott the main man it too!

Images courtesy of

Later on one evening. Engineering message to Ira.

From and Van Nyes.

Hey Ira, that VW Bus thing you had us produce is way too narrow What gives! We followed the specs you gave us to the letter.

we just tested a few of these Beach Bombs on the track the Supercharger and they shot the air and across the room!

What’s on here. Man oh man, Van Nyes was hit in the with one. Took all of us by Heck, we still can’t some of these cars. the is like a groovy effect but not we were expecting! (These were raised by Bob, the guy).

So Ira. you gotta do here, can you make it wider or it in some way?

Some kids are going get a by this flying car. Van is feeling the pain now. The man won’t be happy with us! hip to the bomb too.

Like, get us wrong, we dig the Van, its so now and with the We just need this to stay on the track and past the

Give it some weight or it wider. Something, anything you can do to us out! You cool with

Images of the Pink Rear Beach Bomb Couresy of Pascal

Read more this at

And so, the Mattel did indeed change the look, and design of the initial Beach They had no choice since the track accessory was KING! If it pass the King test the car project would be scrapped!

The also did try to make the base and added a weight to the base. also known as the transitional Loading Beach Bomb. It Van Nyes must have one of the missing object that was across the room. Van owned prototype pink Rear Beach Bomb for quite time. Later on he sold it to Marshall in 1997. Chris sold this to Indiana Pascal.

You can see this one from Bruce owned rear loading Bomb (above image) has the wider base which on the sides. Yes this is the infamous one.

Indiana Bruce discovered and owned the other one that appeared a few years 2001, from another employee collection. It could been Van Nyes that both of them. The mystery or owner was never revealed.

As I was the Hot Wheels engineers did widen the added the weight and still had with this Supercharger propelled rocket launcher! the open wheeled Grand cars never passed the either. These are the:

Repco F1

-Indy Eagle


-Shelby Turbine

side tanks or fuel were developed for them, changes to the base to hold tanks were made. Ruth Handler scrapped the tank project due to the extra A gravity action sets sticker was placed in the blistercard these four models the evil Supercharger.

How did I manage to from our topic? Where was I

Oh yeah. the Rear Loading Bomb issue.

Ira needed to go to the drawing board and redesign Well a simple adjustment do the trick as well.

So he made the side panels and this now allowed those surf boards that suggested to be mounted on the sides of the VW Van than the rear engine

Cool eh! Bobby the engineer was Van Nyes the other engineer was Larry, Ira’s fellow buddy was pleased too!

Elliott, you know the main man and the owner, was please no lawsuits flung over his way by this VW rocket launcher they

And the rest as they say is history.

Or is it?

were some other prototpye Beach Bombs.

micro VW Beach Bomb was way too An engineering experiment that wrong perhaps.


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