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Disclaimer: story is based on characters and created and owned by J.K. various publishers including, but not to, Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic and Raincoast Books; and Warner Inc. No money is being and no copyright or trademark infringement is

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Since Sarah was some classes at the community center for the University of Iowa in she had agreed to take Harry to his every day. Harry’s class was every morning for six from eight until Then, on Wednesdays and Fridays, he had lessons from two until He still had 4H meetings on Monday and evenings, from five eight, and Cub Scouts met every at six in the evening. Most of Harry’s were spent helping with his chores, listening to the games on Dave’s pocket-radio. found Harry wasting with A.J. either by swimming in the pond, fishing in the or riding. It was a hectic life, to be but Harry loved every of it.

There were six people, Harry, taking the piloting at the Knoxville airport. One was an older who liked talking about her and planned on starting up a parachute Another was a energetic boy around who was going to go into the Air Force he graduated high school the spring. The third and fourth were obviously related women in their twenties. never caught whether were sisters or merely but they both had stated were taking the lessons ‘it sounded like The last member of the class was a guy could easily be either or sixty, but who wore glasses made his eyes look times their actual He kept mostly to himself, constantly about drag and and air-flow vectors.

As the youngest of the Harry quickly became mascot. The class was taught by an amicable older man named McCarty. He had been a fighter-pilot in and since retiring from the Air in the seventies, had been teaching ten people a year how to fly light He and Harry got along extremely Harry demonstrated a natural for flying during the course of the and Toby was often heard that Harry would a damn fine fighter-pilot he grew up. Harry wasn’t too about that, as he’d yet to what he really wanted to do he grew up. On Harry’s tenth he was awarded a certificate of completion the governor of Iowa – in addition to his license – which heralded him as the pilot in the state. The second-youngest had eight and received his license in and in 1983, a seven year-old had received hers.

Also, for his birthday, Aurilia and Jim got Harry the in model airplanes; an ultralight kit – basically a miniature airplane was open to the air, like a and could carry two people. Jim and Dave’s help, it was soon and Harry spent as much in the air as in his meetings and lessons during the On the weekend immediately after got done building it, he took up. That short flight in Harry having to change his and A.J. needing a full hours to fully calm and recover her color. After he and A.J. stuck to riding the or their bikes whenever the of their own two feet paled. had also received a guitar Dave, who spent about an each evening before went to bed showing him how to play and a .22 – an upgrade from the BB gun – from A.J. had gotten him a leather-bound of the complete works of the Grimm

Aurilia’s store in Lovilla, off to a somewhat rocky start, doing a brisk business the incident with the tornado. people, though they admit it, tend to be rather and believed she had something to do with the stopping where it did. herbal remedies and custom Aurilia soon found approached for other things. like good luck and love potions. Aurilia was amused at that. She had gone a social pariah to the local resort hope.’

Amy had asked her about the types of magick she and Aurilia had responded thus: there’s really two things work in magick. There’s the that’s scientifically provable, the herbal medicines and whatnot. And there’s the stuff that because people believe it For instance, if someone came to me and for something to capture the attention of a someone, I’d make it for and they’d go out with a bit more Confidence can do a lot more for a person the best cosmetics ever Even though it isn’t like in fairy tales, it

What about the other you’ve told me about? holidays and whatnot?

Aurilia It’s a religion, what I There’s legends and stories the holidays, just like any holiday out there, but you don’t to believe the same as me for magick to You just have to believe in the And, face it, if someone’s to me for a charm or something like then they already in it. It doesn’t matter that don’t have the same of God that I do.

I suppose I can understand Amy said and then asked, about things like cards?

Aurilia laughed. about them?

Do they work?

Yes and no. They don’t predict the future, but if used they can help you examine a from another perspective. help your mind at things from another It’s the same with all tools.

What about stories you hear about card readers that to know a hell of a lot about they just met? How do do it?

Careful observation. Most that go to a professional palmist or reader usually go for one of four to find out about their to find out their ‘future,’ on a or to hopefully reconnect with a loved one. Knowing a professional card reader normally ask a couple of pointed while setting up. Most used in divination have generalized meanings which can be for any question. For example, the Tower in a standard deck just ‘folly, unexpected trouble.’ It be interpreted to mean that a love-affair is a bad decision, that the is having problems at work, et The card reader keeps a eye on the questioner during the entire doing things like body language and whatnot. By the the reading’s over with, the comes away with the that they’ve really touched by something psychic or when it’s really more than keen and telling the person what want to hear.

So it’s all smoke and mirrors?

Aurilia Precisely. However, there are instances that even I explain, nor do I want to, where gets a genuine psychic You’ve heard all those about people who just something was wrong at home, and so call a neighbor to discover their house is on fire, or their kid broke his arm at school, or like that. I can’t and try to explain things like

Completely understandable, Amy replied and let the drop.

Harry’s sixth year passed mostly The most exciting thing had happened was when the science was studying aerodynamics and he was allowed to fly to to demonstrate his airplane. The only thing that happened year was relatively normal; were three snow-days which were made up at the of June.

Unbeknownst to the Brewer in Iowa, halfway around the an increasingly-frantic Albus Dumbledore was for Harry Potter. As of July the only knowledge concerning the was that he was most decidedly not Albus had left him. speaking with Petunia he had learned that Harry had been a part of her household, to the undisguised delight of the horse-faced woman.

Albus was sitting at his in his office at Hogwarts, staring at an that sat on his blotter. The envelope an address, and said only Potter.’ Where are you, he thought, and as though in answer to his question, there was a knock on his A rather excited Minerva hurried in before he could the knock. Albus! We’ve him!

Dumbledore let out a sigh of Thank Merlin. I trust we able to keep the Ministry finding out about this?

nodded, Of course, Albus. was the one who found him. He just saying something about his rubbish bins, or something to effect.

What else did have to say? Dumbledore Where did he find Harry?

sank into the chintz across the desk from the He noticed how our inquiries in the wizarding were going nowhere, so he checking with his contacts in the world.

Go on, Albus conjured tea and poured them each a

It appears that young was discovered before his aunt him that morning, Albus, and the police were unable to the people mentioned in the note you Mrs. Dursley protested of her sister, as well as of Harry. was later adopted by the woman who him.

Who is she?

A muggle by the of Aurilia Brewer, though at the she adopted Harry, her surname was We couldn’t locate Harry in Britain because he’s no here. When the boy was about she moved the both of them the pond. Alastor took the and spent the last week things out.

Yes, all well and good, but where is The headmaster nibbled on a ginger

A tiny little hamlet Marysville, in Iowa. Apparently, the woman and her husband raise and she runs an herbalist store in a town. Alastor was rather when he told me this, but the locals think her to be some of witch.

Albus nearly on a sip of tea, And?

Minerva her head, Careful, Albus. not, though Alastor did there are wards surrounding her He said that none of the – the woman, her husband, or the husband’s – have any sort of magical There’s a family that nearby with a history of every other generation, so not impossible that someone set them, but when Alastor with them, no one admitted to the wards.

And what of the wards

Minerva shrugged, I don’t but Alastor did say that he’d seen magic quite that before, and you know seen some odd ones.

looked into his tea cup, on that. I suppose it might be an of accidental magic… Though, not heard of ward-setting as accidental except in extremely unusual

After a couple of minutes of Minerva cleared her throat.

Dumbledore looked up from the Oh, yes. I suppose I ought to go and explain things, shouldn’t I?

smiled at him, Of course. hired the Defense professor for year?

Albus nodded, Quirrell has agreed to continue in capacity, once he returns Albania. There really much else to get done classes start.

I’m I’ll be able to handle it.

nodded and stood, Then I Hogwarts in your more capable hands, Minerva. I be back before the new year He paused at the door to his quarters, Oh, and

Yes, Albus?

I’ll be Severus with me.

Of course, Minerva knew that the master knew as much, if not than the headmaster did concerning the obscure branches of magic. She know that the main Albus was taking Severus was he was the only member of the Hogwarts that had a muggle drivers’

Two days later, July a bright red Volkswagen Rabbit along two-lane highways by tall fields of corn and fields of soybeans. Occasionally, a would blink by, or a farm. of his rapidly approaching destiny, Brewer – as he had officially changed his when his mom married Jim – was sitting on the of the pond, relishing a day without any of lessons. His Cub Scout meeting week was canceled as the next day was Day, and most of his fellow members would be out of town.

that summer, he’d friends with a rat snake lived in a hole not far from the Harry had never had the chance to a snake before that, he’d seen evidence of every now and then, and once had across a dead snake on the between his house and A.J.’s. It had flattened completely, and had dried out so that Harry could tell it had once been a snake. Eyebright, the rat snake, was the such animal that had met in the flesh, so to speak. Harry, kept the knowledge that he speak to and understand snakes his parents. He didn’t even A.J. To be quite honest, he all too sure if he wasn’t going crazy. The absolute last he needed would be to tell he could hear snakes He’d gotten past the of the teasing, and be damned if he was about to do or say that would bring it

The rat snake slithered up out of his den and made a towards Harry. Ah, my favorite rock has returned.

Hello, I was hoping you’d show up. let the snake slither up around his Eyebright was about three and a feet long, and had lived the pond for twenty seasons, Harry figured meant years, though he couldn’t that with the snake. It may meant twenty years.

And why is my warming rock?

Harry as the snake’s tongue flicked his ear. ‘Cause Uncle been complaining about getting into the oats for the Care to help us out a bit?

you say? Hmm… Let me think it.

What’s there to think I know you like rats than frogs, and there are at a couple…

The snake laughed, I do. But those large four-feets in the Them, I’m not so fond of. Nor of me.

What, the horses? Don’t about them. The grain is in a couple of barrels in the hayloft, away from the horses. I can you there and then bring you out here in a couple of days.

The snake coiled up on Harry’s Oh, very well. Just not all right? Warm me a bit,

Sure thing. Harry petted the cool skin of his friend, the bright sunlight both of them and making drowsy.

By the time that the red car skidded to a halt in front of the Harry and Eyebright were asleep. Jim and Dave were in getting supplies, and Aurilia was in the with Cyrus. Since it was the day Independence Day, her store was as it would be the next, as well, and was working on some more She seemed to sell more of the and shampoos than anything though that was slowly as word-of-mouth spread about the of her remedies.

Aurilia heard a car slam and looked out the kitchen Who on Earth…? she mused aloud. She rinsed off her hands, thankful she wasn’t in the middle of anything needed to be watched carefully, and to the front door. She opened it as an old man in a lemon-yellow leisure suit was up to knock. Can I help you?

The old man a start of surprise and lowered his I believe so, madam. You would be Brewer, yes?

Aurilia Yeah. What can I do for you?

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May we in?

After having lived in the UK for five years, his accent was to place. Aurilia’s thoughts went to Harry. She had heard stories about kids were adopted only to be back to their birth years later. What’s about? she asked, not moving the front door. She caught a of an unpleasant-looking man dressed all in black behind the old man on her porch.

Albus his throat, It’s about Mrs. Brewer. May we please in?

Aurilia paled considerably, that these men were to take her son away. No, her voice was no, you may not! You’re not going to my son! I won’t let you. made to slam the door, the younger man with the black and eyes caught the door. reflected that the man’s slim appearance hid a surprising

I think you misunderstand our meaning, Brewer, the old man said. We are not here to Harry away, merely to you of something concerning his heritage. are a couple of other things we are in, however that can wait after introductions and our other is taken care of. Aurilia let go of the My name is Albus Dumbledore, and is Severus Snape, recognition at the name flashed through eyes. She still had the letter she with Harry packed in a box of important paperwork. May we please in? What we have to discuss may some time…

Aurilia curious despite herself. She the door and stepped aside, The room is through there, she to the appropriate doorway, I’ll get us to drink from the kitchen.

shook his head, No need to yourself, Mrs. Brewer.

no trouble. Besides, if this is to take long, I should put Cy for his nap first. Aurilia left the two men in the hall as she hurried to the kitchen and her other son from his high-chair.

he a cute little one? cooed over the toddler the two of them reappeared from the Cyrus giggled and tried to fistfuls of Albus’ long beard.

No, Cy, leave the man’s alone, Aurilia pulled Cy out of I’ll be right back, yourselves at home. With she and Cy disappeared up the stairs.


Yes, Severus?

certain this is the proper

Yes, Severus. Quite The headmaster retrieved a tin of sweets his pocket and offered them to Snape declined, and Albus a mint in his mouth. What you determined so far?

Just I agree with Moody. The here are unlike anything I’ve ever seen Anything more will to wait until I have the to examine them in more Just then, Aurilia at the top of the stairs. She motioned for the men to follow her to the She set about putting the supplies been working with and making glasses of iced tea for of them. While she worked, watched the woman. She was neither nor clumsy, neither tall nor and was a tad stocky. She had curly auburn that she’d cut short and gold-rimmed glasses that had a cats-eye shape about Behind the lenses of the glasses, her were a bright bottle and slightly almond-shaped. They Severus of someone, but he couldn’t place who.

Aurilia the glasses of iced tea on the table in of the men and sat in an empty chair. What’s about?

Dumbledore cleared his again and began, I shall that we are not here to take away from you, provide you with some and allow Harry to know of of what he has inherited from his parents. To begin, I will say I am the headmaster of Hogwarts School of and Wizardry, located in Scotland… went on to describe the school, how like in the fairy tales was real, and Harry’s role in the of a Dark Lord when he was the same age as Cyrus. The whole took almost three and no few practical demonstrations. During the of the explanation, Aurilia revealed read and saved the letter with Harry. When she for more about the man mentioned who had Harry’s biological parents, shook his head and stated it was a topic better discussed at a time.

While Albus and were speaking with Harry woke up. From the of the sun, he could tell been asleep two and a half or so – getting the approximate time the sun was a skill he’d learned in the He stretched and Eyebright woke at the Hey! I was sleeping!

Harry So was I, but I think nap time is over. I got things I wanted to get done and as enjoyable as your company is, not gettin’ done what I to.

The snake sighed, Very Take me to the rats. And don’t me!

Like I could! I’m you’ll remind me you’re in the stable every time there.

Eyebright chuckled. Of he smugly replied.

Harry the snake on his shoulders after to his feet. He stopped at the stable enough to deposit Eyebright in the before heading to the metal where his airplane was stored. joined him after a few minutes. opened the doors to the hangar and the ultralight out into the sun. The needed some minor work – changing the oil and such – and the day was too to do so indoors. Missy was unimpressed the airplane and wanted to play. Her was supposed to be paying attention to her . She that Harry kept the same bit of metal to tinker the large bird, so when sat the wrench down, she darted and grabbed it.

Hey! Missy! that back! Harry the dog. Missy yipped around the metal bone and off. Harry jumped to his and chased after her. Come back here! The retriever led him on a merry chase the hill, along the bank of the through a branch of forest was relatively close to the house, the horses’ stable yard, the pond – three times – and up to the house. She wormed her way through the Harry close behind Missy! Get back here!

The dog raced down the hallway and the kitchen. Harry ricocheted off of the and spun through the doorway to the Missy! He skidded to a halt he saw that Missy had dropped the and was now being petted by a strange old man in a yellow, old-fashioned suit. was another man sitting with his at the table, dressed all in black, the warmth of the day. Um… Hi? He leaned and picked up the wrench, tucking it his back pocket. He was abruptly conscious of the fact that he was and covered in grease from the

Harry, go wash up and then back here. These men some… startling information for Aurilia smiled at her son.

forehead wrinkled in confusion. He headed to the half-bath under the I wonder what this is all Harry used the strong his mom made to get the grease off of his hands and washed his face. He paused he caught his eyes in the mirror. The that sometimes told him to expect twinged, Whatever men want, it’s important. suddenly occurred to him. I sense Mom in the kitchen when I the front door, but neither of men… Absolutely nothing… How I wonder if my talent, or whatever it is, is While he mused, his eyes his reflection to make sure he was presentable. His eyes lingered on the on his forehead and he wondered once how he’d received it. He knew he was and that when his mom found he’d had a cut on his head, but none of the as to how he’d attained it. Deciding he was about as presentable as he could get a bath and a change of clothes, he to the kitchen again.

Better? he his mom.

Aurilia nodded, This is Albus Dumbledore and Snape. They’re here Scotland. Gentlemen, this is my Harry Brewer.

Harry his hand to both of the men. ta meetcha, he said.

Albus his hand, Likewise, Mr. Brewer. could now sense the old man. was feeling relieved, he could and slightly amused. The other Snape, didn’t say anything but did Harry’s hand. There was a moment when Harry met eyes and he could feel a of surprise coming from the but it disappeared just as Harry the emotion. Though he could now Dumbledore, he was still unable to Snape.

Harry slid an empty chair. So… what’s about?

A/N2: I’ll be the OMAKE for this story this book is done.

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Volkswagen Lavida
Volkswagen Lavida
Volkswagen Lavida


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