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Volkswagen Passat B6

#1 drpellypo

Posted 27 March — 10:51 AM

Can you tell a bit bored? Decided to write a of my Passat. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/169144-ok.gif

For some now I’ve been acting the old man. The grey hair is grumpiness and afternoon naps to be the highlight of my life, and driving very slowly to save is no longer reserved for the oh-dear-I’ve-got-0-miles-on-my-DIS but now is as regular as a tourettes sufferers outburst.

So what does one do such a woebegone life? Buy a that’s what.

I’ve Passats since I was 22 and I consider the with my then current, Portuguese girlfriend to be entirely the of this purchase carried out 4 weeks before the end of the relationship. It the Volkswagen Passat is not the sex symbol I had No, it turns out, it is in fact a of a reseeding youth and is a conduit a passage only to death.

But then I got the new one.

The new Passat is very good indeed. Buy it, and life will improve

It’s been over a now since I laid my hands the B6 Passat, and since, I’ve met the of my dreams, got married, and live in an with sea views. I attribute entirely to the fact I purchased the B6

It’s not perfect though.

The you get into this car (the model that is. Please, for the of all things holy, do not even the basic spec) you begin to and feel reminiscences of the Phaeton. The for this car has been taken it’s big brother, and considering the is some 40k less, the designers at VW to have removed shockingly of the quality tactility of the interior. Of it’s not a Phaeton, and apart the ridiculous electronic handbrake I’ll get to later, this car actually share many with it. It is however one of VW’s attempts at cockpit comfort and

The 2.0TDI, which is the only one VW sell for real money, is a engine. I was truly astonished at how more refined the 2.0 was compared to the 1.9. Power has increased by a 30bhp, but those thirty seem to from much stock than were in the Power delivery is not Audi A6 but then again, it’s a sight cheaper. It is however enough to beat a Golf well-known as the fastest car in the world, in acceleration. Yes, you get all the power in one and yes, you red line before you can back down to the gear but it’s a big fat lump, and it’s a fun one

Volkswagen Passat B6

VW have extended the floor and as a result, being kicked in the by your six year old is far less There’s also a lot more up front, and the boot will hold two to three bodies much difficulty. I know for a fact because I climbed in and didn’t get stuck half

When this car first onto the scene it’s were striking, and it just had so more appeal than the A4, (and remember the base version of the A4 still comes out at a price than the Sport of the Passat,) but since the new A4 has been if you’ve got an extra few grand, the really is something to be desired.

heating controls will your marriage.

It’s a known fact that body temperatures will be in synch. As a result, in our house, is a constant battle for control of the She’s too cold, I’m too hot. It was glee I viewed the pictures in the Brochure that outlined the heating system, where one of the car can be cold, and the other hot. By form of witchcraft, I can say this works very well I’m stillto this day baffled at how my can have the heating on at 26c and I can have the air con on at 21, and absolutely no crossover. Genius. In most of the features in this car to have stemmed from all the motorists incur in their life. The fact that the stay on when you get out of the car, and on when you press the button to the doors, which works, from 15 miles away. The wipers too, they are the automatic wipers I have come across that work, and don’t go into a when a fly does a tiny wee in the and it inadvertently ends up on a patch of windscreen. The air conditioned glove box too – for prevent meltage of chocolate in the days of summer we get in the UK. And of course the automatic boot lid which impressive as you step towards car fishing for something in your you can put in the boot just as an excuse to it.

Ride comfort is second to and the Sport, with it’s suspension feels tight and on the road. The ESP seems to trust you along with the fact the car has so natural grip, it barely in. It’s a diesel, and a big one at that, but the car handle itself when the gets touch, and it’s so much better than the old

About this handbrake. You may that the EOS, a convertible of the Passat/Jetta, doesn’t have an handbrake. I can tell you why too. it doesn’t work. Picture the You pull up at traffic lights and go to away, but the handbrake decides it to stay. “Oh no you don’t” it remarks a smirk. “You’re not going You’re going to sit here til I’m and ready.” Then, with no whatsoever, you are catapulted from to the next set of lights as the handbrake just as you hit 5000 revs in Reversing is even worse, and out of a parking space on a hill is about impossible. I can only they tested this all in mode, because backwards, simply dangerous.

If you had any sense of course, and 22k in your you’d push the boat out and get a GTI. But for those that need some more and who don’t want to drive fast, then the Passat is a car. Tartan blanket need not apply though. Get the old one.

Volkswagen Passat B6
Volkswagen Passat B6
Volkswagen Passat B6
Volkswagen Passat B6

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