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Volkswagen Passat sedan VI

The Best picture of Official car

Official state car

nbsp nbspAn official state car is a car by a government to transport its head of or head of government in an official which may also be used to transport other members of the or visiting dignitaries from countries. On a state visit, the state car might be transported for use by the head of state upon arrival. It also may serve as an symbol of the head of state and country. Part of the criteria for an state car is to have adequate capability and stateliness for its duty. A executive car or sport utility is usually selected.

nbsp nbspDue to the high security for the passengers, these vehicles are heavily secured and protected. may be armored by the manufacturer or an after-market When carrying an important state vehicles may be surrounded by a consisting of police or military The vehicle’s driver might be from the law enforcement or military the driver of the United States State Car is an experienced agent the Secret Service, and the British Minister is driven by a Specialist officer from the Metropolitan Service.

nbsp nbsp countries without major manufacturers, an official state car may be from a suitable manufacturer in a with strong economic and ties. Canada exclusively state cars manufactured by the Three, many of which are in Canadian factories, with the States and American car manufacturers a historically strong relationship Canada. The Canadian government holds shares in General and Chrysler following their in the economic downturn of 2008.

nbsp nbspIn some state cars may bear number plates; in others or no plates are used.

nbsp nbspThe following information some state cars and users of sovereign states and territories; the list is likely to be out of in some cases as incumbents and change.

nbsp nbsp President of Argentina uses a of armored Audi A8s with registration plates.

nbsp nbspThe Governor-General of Australia in a Rolls-Royce Phantom VI limousine for occasions, such as the State of Parliament. He more commonly Australian-built luxury cars as a Holden Caprice when on business. The official cars of the fly the Flag of the Governor-General of Australia and St. Edward’s Crown instead of plates. A similar arrangement is for the Governors of the six states. When the is in Australia, the Queen’s Personal Flag is flown on the car in which she is During the Queen’s 2011 to Australia, the Queen and the Duke of were driven in a Range Vogue.

nbsp nbsp Prime Minister of Australia is seen driven in a white Caprice tailed by Ford and Holden Caprice models and since 2013 BMW X5s. It is escorted by police vehicles state and federal authorities. The Minister’s car bears the number C1 and a centrally mounted Australian

nbsp nbsp nbspIn BMW was selected to provide a fleet High Security as part of a to replace the present range of vehicles. The off-the-shelf replacements greater protection and better for money.

nbsp nbsp government figures in Austria use A8, BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class

nbsp nbsp nbspPresident of Ilham Aliyev travels in an Maybach 62 limousine. Sometimes he a heavy armored, custom-built W221 S600 Guard

nbsp nbsp nbspThe King, Philippe, uses a Benz S600 or a BMW 7-Class with the number plate, because he is the commander in chief of the For the inauguration a Mercedes-Benz 600 Landaulette was All royal family members cars with only The Prime Minister of Belgium, di Rupo, uses an Audi A6. government officials drive with number plates with an A followed by one to three Regional government officials cars with number starting with an E followed by one to numbers. Members of parliament and the drive cars with plates starting with an P three numbers. For personal Queen Paola of Belgium a Fiat 500 with diplomatic Prince Laurent of Belgium is for his speed driving and his fast There is also a Mercedes-Benz 600 in the garage. The late Baudouin of ordered in the ’70s an armored De Deauville. He had also an Aston DB2/4. For their marriage in Baudouin and Fabiola used a Cadillac Series 62 Convertible, a bulletproof bubble-top.

nbsp nbspThe former King of Jigme Singye Wangchuck, a Toyota Land Cruiser 100 travelling around the kingdom. The King of Bhutan is driven in a Rover and Mini Cooper.

nbsp nbspThe President of is driven in a BMW 7 Series and a Toyota Cruiser 200 series. The president is driven in Chevrolet Suburban and he is by 10 Toyota Sequoia.

nbsp nbspThe ceremonial state car of the of Brazil is a 1952 Rolls-Royce Wraith, reserved exclusively for Day commemorations, state visits and the inauguration. The current official car used by the president for regular is a 2011-model armored version of the Fusion Hybrid. The car is also as escort car for the presidential motorcade. The was 1st used on 17 June 2008 it replaced a 2004 Chevrolet

nbsp nbsp nbspIn 2012 the Brazilian government 12 Canadian-built Ford Edge 10 of which armored, for the use of the president Rousseff and her security team.

nbsp nbspThe federal most important officials use brass plates adorned the coat of arms of Brazil and titles engraved on them President of the Republic, President of the Defense Minister, Supreme President, etc.).

nbsp nbspThe current Governor of the Virgin Islands is driven in a Service Gray Range from Great Britain a license plate symbolizing the He is usually driven by a Police from the RVIPF .

nbsp nbspThe ceremonial state car of the of Brunei is a 1992 state Rolls-Royce Phantom VI. On non-ceremonial the Sultan of Brunei personally a black Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML55 AMG, usually by either a Secret Service BMW E39 or a BMW E61 545i, and a few Lexus LX470. On occasions he drives a Maybach 62. Bolkiah, the current Sultan of owns several thousand and exotic cars and has one of the largest car in the world.

nbsp nbsp member of the Royal Family are escorted by a Secret Service Volvo S80 V8 models, or Mitsubishi

nbsp nbsp nbspThe Ministers of Brunei and visiting dignitaries are driven in a black Benz W221 S350L, other senior ranking are driven in a black Mercedes W211 E280.

nbsp nbspCurrently His Majesty the Sultan of drives Mercedes-Benz G-Class the Facelifted G55 AMG instead of W163 AMG.

nbsp nbsp Canadian monarch and Governor of Canada are driven in a Lincoln Car or a Lincoln MKS bearing the flag of office on the right hand The sovereign’s car bears a licence showing a gold St. Edward’s on a red field, while the governor car bears a plate with the of the Royal Arms of Canada or auto plates of the province of with flags of the governor on the front hood. The governor also has a Cadillac DTS stretch at his/her disposal.

nbsp nbspThe Prime Minister of is driven in a motorcade of five or more. The motorcade is adjusted for public events, as seen fit by the Canadian Mounted Police. The minister usually rides in an long-wheelbase Cadillac DTS or Chevrolet but has also been seen at various events in a Toyota minivan when travelling members of his family. The prime is also eligible to use the governor Cadillac stretch limousine at times. The prime minister’s car standard Ontario car plates. His or her is usually led by a Chrysler 300, Charger, or Mercury Grand

nbsp nbsp nbspThe of the Cayman Islands is driven in a Cadillac DeVille sedan. on the hood is the flag of the office, and of license plates the car has a crown on the and back. It is likely that the car is but this isn’t known for Other senior officials and VIPs use a fleet of armoured Excursions.

nbsp nbsp official presidential vehicle in is a 1966 black Ford XL Convertible, given as a gift by the Elizabeth II on her visit to Chile. It is only for official ceremonies national days on May 21, September 18 and 19. It has a normal license plate .

nbsp nbspFor daily the president was previously driven in a Town Car, but President Bachelet used a 2008-model 607 saloon. Her motorcade was often driving 2006 Audi A4 and Various 2007 Dodge also compose the presidential

nbsp nbsp nbspThe elected president Sebasti�n was arrived at the Presidential Palace in a new 2010 BMW 760Li F03. Audi Q7’s, BMW 5 series, A6 were seen driving with him.

nbsp nbsp nbspIn a Lexus LS 600h, was chosen by as the official presidential vehicle.

nbsp nbspIn recent Chinese leaders have to using minibuses, such as the Coaster, for short-distance trips.

nbsp nbspSince 1991, the Presidential vehicles have been BMWs. In 2006, the fleet included four BMW 7-Series and several units of Land Cruiser 100, level of armour is a state These BMWs and Toyotas are with GPS and runflat tires. The is composed of 3 BMWs plus 5 100s all armored plus a armored level IIIA for Escort and an ambulance and no less 8 motorcycles. All the vehicles have tags.

nbsp nbsp President of Costa Rica, Chinchilla, uses Hyundai VL500 Limousine as its official car.

nbsp nbsp Ministry of Foreign Affairs uses Kia Opirus cars.

nbsp nbspThe President of uses an armoured Mercedes-Benz while the Prime Minister of uses an armoured BMW 7 series.

nbsp nbspThe president of the Republic, Miloš Zeman, the Czech and Škoda Superb the presidential flag.

nbsp nbspThe current Prime of Denmark uses an Audi A8 L. The one was driven in an armored Mercedes-Benz The ministers in the Danish government different kinds of VW Phaeton, BMW 5 BMW 7 Series, Audi A6, Audi A8 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

nbsp nbspThe presidential state are the own Presidents personal vehicles as vehicles. The President Danilo actually uses a black Land Cruiser 200 and a black LX 570, which can be seen with the 0-1 plate and it’s chosen by the government for its reliability and armor, a black Ford which was used during his and is now being used as a security car and up, a black BMW 7 Series used the parade, only used to go to in or near the Distrito Nacional, Domingo. All of the cars have modified with bullet-proof and bullet-proof windows. The Presidential will be changed to the car that the will use for the day. The Escorts uses blacks Toyota 4th and 5th generation, Toyota Fortuner, and Land Cruiser Prado and the J150 on the motorcade.

nbsp nbspThe Government uses personal cars to. They use Toyota Land Cruiser, the 100 and the 200 Series, Lexus LX, the 470 and the 570, and all the of the Mitsubishi Montero.

nbsp nbspThe former East manufactured the Trabant and Wartburg, deemed unsuitable for state car The leaders of the country used cars and Swedish Volvo while the Communist Party Secretary, Erich Honecker, a fleet of stretched Citroen CX and 700 Series models.

nbsp nbspThe presidential state car in is an armored Lincoln Town Car by president Lucio Gutierrez in An armored Chevrolet Trooper is used. The president travels in one of armored Nissan Patrol level 7 for several Ford Chevrolet D-Max. In the September 30, Nissan Patrol withstood caliber ammunition in the midst of the Police hospital in the city of The Nissan Patrol fleet was for Toyota Land Cruiser

nbsp nbsp nbspThe state car in Egypt used by Mubarak until February was a black armored Mercedes-Benz An earlier model of it helped his life in Ethiopia in 1995.

nbsp nbspThe President of El Mauricio Funes, uses an Mercedes-Benz W220 as its official car. He also drives or is in a Lexus LX 570, a Hummer H3, a Grand Cherokee SRT-8, a Suburban and a 200 Series Toyota Cruiser. The President is generally by six Toyota Land Cruiser

nbsp nbsp nbspThe of Estonia uses an armoured A8 4,2 TDI Quattro with the coat of of Estonia as its license plate. The car is by an Audi Q7. The Estonian Prime uses an Audi A8 registered in

nbsp nbsp nbspThe of Finland uses an armoured S600L with the coat of of Finland in lieu of a license A similar car is used by the Speaker of the whereas the Prime Minister’s car is a grey armoured Mercedes-Benz CDI.

nbsp nbsp Finnish cabinet members use A6s, but there are also S80s and Saab 9-5s. The armoured car except the three notable ones is the Foreign Audi A8.

nbsp nbsp President of France can choose several armoured versions of French cars including the C6, Renault Vel Satis and Peugeot These are traditionally provided by the and different Presidents will their own preference. For example, Sarkozy preferred Renault, Jacques Chirac was a Citro�n occasionally using his own long-wheelbase CX model and the presidential Citro�n XM. President Fran�ois Hollande is chauffeured in an armoured Citro�n C6.

nbsp nbspFor his inauguration in 2007, Sarkozy used the Peugeot 607 Paladine model, a limousine with landaulette originally built as a concept car in The model was brought out of storage for the and updated with a new grille and to bring it in line with the re-style of the mainstream model. It has been returned to Peugeot as it effectively remains a concept car in its fit and will not become part of the fleet. President Hollande a one-off convertible version of the DS5 Hybrid4 for his inauguration parade on May 15, The car, owned by Citro�n, has been displayed at various throughout the world.

nbsp nbspThe most famous between a President of France and a model was that of Charles de with the Citro�n DS, as portrayed in the Day of the Jackal. The President was saved in two attempts by French Algeria by the car’s unique ability to on three wheels and to keep when more than one is punctured.

nbsp nbsp ceremonial occasions, the President has access to two special open top SM Pr�sidentielle models, created for Georges Pompidou by the coachbuilder Chapron. Based on the SM Opera, a special edition four-door these cars are still for state occasions and military when the open-top layout the President to stand in the back and survey the crowd. Built for an visit by Queen Elizabeth II in the cars have a standard layout with the addition of a gear for low-speed cruising. One of the cars was also used by Fran�ois Mitterrand for the official of the Channel Tunnel in 1994, it accompanied the Rolls-Royce Phantom VI of II. Number plates on these are standard French ones, specially created for the model. are still maintained in working but are now rarely seen in use.

nbsp nbspAn international of official state cars exists in France.

nbsp nbspOver the years, German chancellors and senior politicians often used Mercedes-Benz vehicles and their predecessor The most famous variants the Mercedes 300 series Adenauer and the Pullman variants. Currently the Car of the President of Germany is an armored S600 with license 0-1, but he has also used an A8. The President is the only German whose official car shows a (a version of the President’s standard) on the front of the hood.

nbsp nbspAll officials under personal protection from the Germany’s federal police; are by the BKA pool of armoured cars and BKA staff. The car pool includes limousines from all German car usually high-end models as the Audi A8, Volkswagen Phaeton, BMW 7 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

nbsp nbspSome German politicians to express their regional through the make of car they In particular officials from customarily prefer cars Munich-based BMW over the more Mercedes brand. Some politicians from Alliance Greens have chosen VW or BMW cars to avoid the posh and image of Mercedes models. in office, former Chancellor Schr�der initially used an for his official car, a brand he is to prefer as his personal car as well. during his administrative term, presented him with a VW Phaeton found its way into the car pool. His in office, current Chancellor Merkel is known to alternate brands as to project neutrality and for the German car industry in general.

nbsp nbspOne of the earliest between a leader and a particular was the association of Paul von Hindenburg and Hitler with Mercedes-Benz. Hitler was known for his love of cars and ordered a succession of vehicles from Mercedes, in the 770K model of 1941, was rumoured to weigh up to five These cars and their became synonymous with parades and Hitler’s visits to cities such as Vienna and

nbsp nbsp nbspThe Minister of Greece currently a heavy armoured, custom-built Mercedes-Benz S600 escorted by built Mercedes-Benz G-Class George Papandreou displaced it a standard Toyota Prius. On events the car of the state president was

nbsp nbsp nbspPast PMs also used a Rolls-Royce Shadow Long-Wheelbase Limousine. The also, uses a W221 S600, wearing the Greek of arms. The monarchs in 1930s using a Maybach Zeppelin.

nbsp nbspThe current General of Grenada is driven in a BMW 750Li with a crown plate symbolizing the Queen the Prime Minister drives in a BMW 750Li bearing a Grenadian and a coat of arms license escorted by police motorcycle and two black Prado SUVs.

nbsp nbspThe Chief of Hong Kong CY Leung is driven in the Lexus LS 600h L vehicle, without a license and bearing the Emblem of Hong Occasionally, he is also seen a 1997 Mercedes-Benz S500L.

nbsp nbspSenior government including the Chief Secretary, Justice and Commissioner of Police, are assigned a Volkswagen Phaeton. The of the Legislative Council is driven in a GS450h, with the number LC1.

nbsp nbsp to 1997, the Governor of Hong used a Rolls-Royce Phantom V for occasions and a Daimler DS420 for everyday use. Both removed from Hong by the Royal Navy immediately the handover to China on 1 July The Phantom V displayed St Edward’s instead of a front license

nbsp nbsp nbspHungarian key dignitaries and security personnel use Audi A8 Ls. Also used in convoys are the Audi A7, Audi Q7, and A6. The Prime Minister, however, to ride in a Volkswagen Multivan. of the Government use the Škoda Superb, lower-ranking officials use Škoda

nbsp nbsp nbspThe of Iceland, �lafur Ragnar is driven by a chauffeur in a Lexus with the license plate of 1. For occasions the president also a 1942 Packard.

nbsp nbspThe President of India, in a black Mercedes Benz Pullman Guard. It is a custom-built, armored stretch limousine meets the requirements of the highest class VR6/VR7. The armor is to not only protect against rifle shots but also resistance against fragments hand grenades and explosives. It is specially to resist missile or bombs. It also has its own oxygen and is escorted by the president’s body The president’s motorcade also of the former presidential car, a Mercedes-Benz W140 armored which is now being used as a vehicle.

nbsp nbsp Vice President of India a white, B7-level armored BMW 7 Series High Security Along with the B7-level it is specially configured for VIP use by the SPG.It is accompanied by other police and SPG The Prime Minister, the head of the uses two black, B7-level 2009 BMW 7 Series High saloons, with one of them as a decoy vehicle. It is specially to deflect any heat seeking and bombs. It also has state-of-the-art and protection systems and a gas-proof for protection against gas attacks. vehicles also have a fuel tank that not explode when damaged. It has its own oxygen supply. The Prime lead protective agent sits in the front passenger These are escorted by the SPG in five black BMW X5s and multiple Tata and a jammer which are a permanent of the Prime Minister’s convoy.

nbsp nbspThe Chief of India travels in a black Benz S600 high bullet proof car. are escorted by the NSG in five-ten armored Safari.

nbsp nbsp Hindustan Motors Ambassador was as the official state car for all purposes. It was built, highly-armored and modified for the use by the President, The Chief Justice of Vice-President, Governor, the Prime and Justice of High Court and Court.

nbsp nbsp convoy’s of both the President and the Minister vary in number on whether they are in the capital or The convoy’s have a limited when inside the capital but outside, the officials and ministers of the states, join in as escort the size. In recent times the number of cars in the respective of both the President and the Prime have come under with many deeming it With rising fuel requiring austerity measures Minister Manmohan Singh had a statement in Parliament advising the to economize the use of petroleum products.

nbsp nbspThe President of is driven in one of two black, armored Mercedes-Benz S600L W221 bearing the license plates RI 1. The rides in one vehicle, while the is commonly used as a decoy. The President is driven in a similar bearing the RI 2 (Republic of Indonesia license plate.

nbsp nbspThe previous official two black, armored 1994 S600L W140 is now used as a vehicle. Two black BMW X5 is also for use, notably during the floods of 2007.

nbsp nbspThe President’s motorcade is by security personnel in Mercedes-Benz BMW X5, Land Rover Defender and Land Cruiser models, also accompanied by a number of Camry, Nissan Patrol and Expedition models carrying his

nbsp nbsp nbspA Caravelle and a Toyota Alphard is present in the motorcade, carrying his guards. The motorcade is escorted by a number of Mazda6, Mitsubishi or Ford Focus police and also police motorcycle.

nbsp nbspThe Iraqi uses a BMW E67 760 Li escorted by Nissan models. The Prime Minister an armoured Chevy Tahoe with a Toyota Land and Chevrolet Suburban.

nbsp nbspWhile in power, Saddam normally traveled in a Mercedes-Benz and also bought a large of luxury cars for himself and his Ironically, some were American cars, many the era of Al Capone of whom Saddam was an admirer.

nbsp nbsp daily transport of the Taoiseach of is a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. He is occasionally in an Audi A6 also. He is driven by an member of the Special Detective His car may also be escorted by a Garda

nbsp nbsp nbspThe of the President of Ireland is also a S-Class. The president receives the protection in the land by law. His is led by Garda motorbikes to fend off for the on coming motorcade. A Garda car follows and then the president’s car One or two Special Detective Unit BMW 5 follow the president’s car. The may also feature a vehicle the Garda Emergency Response for increased security.

nbsp nbspWhen the President or Taoiseach Northern Ireland, they are in armored vehicles and security in motorcade increases.

nbsp nbspThe Prime Minister of uses a fleet of Toyota Cruisers, Lexus IS 250, A8 and Volvo S80. The President of uses a Volvo stretch and Audi A8.

nbsp nbsp current presidential cars are two armoured Lancia Thesis, a 3rd unarmoured one kept as backup. In another fourth, armoured was delivered by Lancia. A Lancia Stola S85 limousine and three Quattroporte are at the disposal of visiting presidents.

nbsp nbsp is also a curious three-wheeled Ape Calessino, in service at the presidential residence Villa Rosebery and rarely seen. It was donated in by Roberto Colaninno, head of industries, on the 60th anniversary of the Italian Constitution and Calessino. Its livery is decorated with the of the Presidency of the Italian Republic, the interior is trimmed in wood and leather.

nbsp nbsp government fleet includes a array of vehicles, notably Romeo 159 and 166, Audi A6 and A8, BMW 5 and 7 Series, Lancia Thema and Mercedes-Benz W212 and W221

nbsp nbsp nbspThe of Jamaica and the Prime Minister of are both driven in a Mercedes-Benz bearing the Jamaican flag and the of that office. The Governor-General’s car license plate is GG1; the Prime Minister’s car carries plates. Ministers generally use a Toyota Prado, bearing government plates or civilian with tags.

nbsp nbspThe Prime Minister of travels in a Lexus LS 600h L, the transport for the head of government, or an Toyota Century escorted by a motorcade of numerous Toyota

nbsp nbsp nbspThe of the Republic of Kenya travels in an Mercedes-Benz Pullman S600 the Kenyan coat of arms of the licence plate. He also has a fleet of vehicles including an BMW 7 series, armoured Range Vogue, armoured Toyota and several other Mercedes-Benz’s at his Additionally, he has an open top military Rover 109 for state functions licence plates CIC. His includes several Mercedes-Benz BMW 5 series, a Range Rover, Landcruisers and an ambulance. Cabinet are supplied with Volkswagen and Toyota Landcruisers in addition to vehicles in the ministerial car pool. The Minister in office from was equipped with similar to the president; Mercedes-benz limousines, Rovers and Landcruisers, however, he had a smaller escort.

nbsp nbspThe Emir of Kuwait a BMW 7-series or Mercedes-Benz S-Class on a basis. His motorcade consists of identical cars escorted by Suburbans and marked police For state occasions he uses a

nbsp nbsp nbspThe transport of the president of Laos is a Crown. Prime Minister cars include Mercedes and Toyota Crown, while members travel in Audi A6 .

nbsp nbspCabinet ministers and minister official cars is Camry and Toyota Corolla Visiting heads of state or are chauffeured in a Toyota Crown.

nbsp nbspThe President of travels in a Mercedes-Benz S500, the coat of arms of Latvia as the plate and front mounted flag.

nbsp nbsp Latvian Parliament members use 900 series, Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz cars, but also Volvo Volvo S70 and other luxury are in use.

nbsp nbsp current President of Liberia is in a black Mercedes-Benz W220 The presidential car is often escorted by Nissan SUVs carrying personnel. Previous presidents, as Charles Taylor and Samuel were also driven in Some claim that Doe had over 60 luxury Mercedes, cost over US$60,000

nbsp nbsp nbspThe 1st Lithuania state car was bought in from war-losing Germany. It was a 25/55PS with four 6.3 liter engine. The car had a Vytis on the left back door and flags in the front. The car was used by Smetona and Aleksandras Stulginskis. Lithuania bought a French-made 12 CV which was used along Benz 25/55PS by 3rd Lithuania Kazys Grinius. After Antanas Smetona became of Lithuania again and ordered to buy a new car Fiat 519, however it was replaced with armored K-series due to his wife wishes. of these cars remained nowadays. After the restoration of independence, leader of The Supreme Vytautas Landsbergis used Čaika M14, after time it was replaced with Opel Senator. Later bought armored Mercedes-Benz which was used by Vytautas and Algirdas Brazauskas. The car is currently by businessman Robertas Dargis. Algirdas Brazauskas term of two brand-new Audi V8 Lang later they were with newer version A8 Lang. Valdas Adamkus was in a long-wheel base BMW 7 for a short of time, however later it was with Mercedes-Benz S-Class. was used until 2013. In four armoured BMW 7 (F01) was

nbsp nbsp nbspThe and family are driven in Audi A8. For occasions like state and royal weddings there is a DS420 and also a Bentley Most of the royal cars are blue.

nbsp nbsp current Yang di-Pertuan most commonly travels in a stretched red Bentley Arnage, a blue Bentley Continental Spur, or black Maybach 62.

nbsp nbspAll royal of states in the nation are also in official/get-around cars bearing respective royal emblems; choices include Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series, LS and Maybach 62.

nbsp nbsp guidelines of Malaysia’s automotive cars for use by federal and state are required to be of national makes. The Minister has historically used a Chancellor bearing the license Chancellor 13, although he has also driven in a BMW 740Li bearing the plate Perdana Menteri Minister). He is also sometimes driven around in a black Perdana Executive, a stretched sedan larger than the Chancellor, also bearing a plate with the number 13. His car is escorted by traffic police as well as Volvo XC90 cars.

nbsp nbsp ranking government officials travel in Proton Perdanas. the Prime Minister, cabinet and state governments were to use Proton Perdana Executives. The exception is the Chief Minister of Abdul Taib Mahmud, who is in a bulletproof Rolls-Royce Silver bearing Ketua Menteri plates. The Mercedes S-Class and the BMW 7 are also commonly seen as cars transporting Chief In July 2008, claims of were brought forward the Perdanas by the Terengganu state which opted to replace its of Proton Perdanas with E200K as the Perdanas were to breakdowns, but later considered the cars away. The Perak government followed suit in 2008 by purchasing 16 Toyota to replace its fleet of Perdanas, and the state of Sabah has also 12 Volvo S80s, but the Perdana’s still be in use by lower ranked

nbsp nbsp nbspThe President of Malawi, Bingu wa was driven in an armored Black Benz S Class, a Toyota Cruiser or Range Rover, the features remain a state The President traveled in a motorcade of Hummer H3 and eight escort along with police

nbsp nbsp nbspThe Minister of The Republic of Mauritius an armored BMW 7 Series on a daily He is escorted by a decoy BMW 7 Series, BMW 5 Series and five police The President of the Republic of Mauritius a Mercedes S600. He is escorted by a S600 and two police motorcycles.

nbsp nbspThe President and Lady of Mexico both a fleet of 15 to 30 armoured Chevrolet and Cadillac Escalade managed by the Mayor Presidencial.

nbsp nbspThe President, the Prime and the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of have three long-wheelbase Benz S500s at their all of which were purchased in and are operated by the State Protection and Service. The vehicles aren’t

nbsp nbsp nbspThe of Morocco, Muhammad VI Normally, inside Morocco he uses his 600 Pullman. The royal fleet includes Range Rover Mercedes-Benz S500 and various models. One BMW 5-series, which in the King’s motorcade, contains a jammer. An ambulance is always in the royal motorcade, which is escorted by police motorcycles.

nbsp nbspThe Prime of Morocco is driven in a Mercedes-Benz like all other ministers. The also has a personal garage, consists of a lot of sports cars, three Laraki Fulgura and an Aston Martin DB7.

nbsp nbspIn 2011, Albert II acquired a one off Lexus LS L Landaulet hybrid sedan, it his official state car. In he owns a variety of eco friendly including a Lexus LS 600h, BMW 7, Toyota Prius, Lexus RX Fisker Karma, Tesla and a limited production Venturi He also owns a collection of cars, which number 100, and include prestigious from Maserati, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

nbsp nbspGovernment and escorting security drive a fleet of Lexus LS BMW Motorcycles, and KTM for out riding.

nbsp nbspThe President of Mongolia a Mercedes Benz S-Class number plate 0001 and with the Mongolian national on the regular road and uses a Land Cruiser as an off-road

nbsp nbsp nbspThe of Nepal, Ram Baran Yadav a Mercedes Benz E-Class Bullet Proof Car for his daily while the Nepalese state car is an stretched Jaguar XJ. The Prime of Nepal, Baburam Bhattarai a Nepali-made Mustang bullet Max four-wheel drive. All the State Car in are international standard giving all the

nbsp nbsp nbspThe 1st car to be by the Dutch royal family was a Renault, purchased by Prince In the years that followed, it be joined by nine royal from the Amsterdam carriage Spijker. Between 1925 and the 1950s, the royal limousines supplied by Cadillac, after the royal household switched to the Motor Company. However in a customized Rolls-Royce Silver was commissioned by Queen Juliana and in 1958.

nbsp nbsp current official royal is a custom built stretched A8L model, to be used by King Alexander. This streched A8L is 45 cm compared to the normal A8L. A built stretch Volvo S80 is still being used by the Queen Beatrix. Other of the royal family use different Visiting heads of state are in a stretched and armoured Cadillac DTS replaced the 20-year-old Lincoln Car.

nbsp nbsp royal automobiles are painted in with standard Dutch plates, as well as a plate with AA, a special designation for the household. Other vehicles by the royal family are Audi or Of course the members of the royal also have private for their own use. Willem-Alexander, of Orange has owned a red Volvo The late Prince Bernhard, the Queen’s father had a collection of and other exotic cars.

nbsp nbspThe Prime of the Netherlands uses an armoured S-Class and sometimes an Audi A6. an armoured BMW 7-Series was used. cars are owned by the Royal and Security Service .

nbsp nbspThe Governor-General travels in a XJ Sovereign. Before 1996, he or she in a Rolls-Royce Phantom VI. During travel it is the only vehicle in the not required to use standard number The official flag of the Governor is flown on the car in which he/she is The Queen of New Zealand—currently Elizabeth her own flag, which is used she is travelling in the country, but there are no cars reserved for her use.

nbsp nbspThe Prime used to travel in one of two cars, one a Holden Statesman/Caprice sedan or Fairlane, followed by the other containing their security The Prime Minister’s Wellington-based car has the plate CR1, and all other in the fleet for Ministers have plates starting in the CR series.The motorcade vehicles consist of Highlanders operated by New Zealand DPS. The estimated purchase per unit is NZ$69,900 In 2011 the upgraded the ministerial fleet 34 new BMW 730d limousines. The retiring is being kept on for use during the Rugby World Cup.

nbsp nbsp nbspThe of Nigeria and other high government officials use a black Mercedes Benz S-Class adorned with the Nigerian and official party flag. luxury cars, like the BMW and the Range Rover, all armoured, are The President travels in a motorcade of 30 and ten escort motorcycles, along police cars and 6 Mercedes of SSS surrounding the presidents car. visitors also travel in the president’s car.

nbsp nbspNew parade limousine a Binz limousine, 1st seen on 2012. The King of Norway, V, uses a Lexus LS 600h acquired in early 2008. The Family of Norway also a 2007 Audi A8, an E65 and an E67 BMW 7 Series, an old Continental Cabriolet, a couple of Cadillac Deville and a couple of Volvo S80 (Nilsson). The BMWs are driven by the King and Queen

nbsp nbsp nbspThe Minister of Norway uses an BMW 750Li. The previous BMW 7-Series used since its weight certain regulations. The Prime of Norway are escorted by various BMW X5s and A6s driven by agents of the SMK and the Norwegian Service.

nbsp nbsp government officials are often in an Audi A6, a Mercedes E-Class or a S80.

nbsp nbsp President and Prime Minister of both have armoured W221 cars. Both the PM and the travel in a motorcade with up to decoy components, each exactly identical – one traffic car escorting the flag-bearing armored followed by a Toyota Land with electronic jamming and two other Land Cruisers of The head and tail of the overall is usually protected by many response police vehicles. The is escorted by at least half a traffic motorbikes, and is trailed by a ambulance and a firefighting truck. the PM and President travel out of city, the are additionally escorted by further of the local police. The convoy 20 to 100 vehicles, depending on the location and

nbsp nbsp nbspThe of Pakistan has also arranged for cars equipped with devices for the Senate Chairman and of the National Assembly. The Pakistan Ministry also operates up to 10 of identical armoured cars are used to transport VIPs and Heads of States. Politicians are seen in Toyota Land Former Prime Minister Bhutto was assassinated in a Toyota Cruiser while campaigning for

nbsp nbsp nbspThe of Panama uses two armored Land Cruiser 200s.The Explorer is used for the Institutional Service as escort presidential and 400cc motorcycles. High-security may include up to ten vehicles. The Vice uses a blue armored Navigator.

nbsp nbsp President of Peru uses a Mercedes Benz S600 and a black armored Hongqi which was donated by the People’s of China. The Prime Minister of is driven in a black Hongqi

nbsp nbsp nbspThe of the Philippines uses 2 black, Mercedes Benz W221. travelling in a motorcade or convoy, the is always escorted by the Presidential Group in a number of black Patrol High-security motorcades as many as 25 vehicles, but the actual is dependent on the destination.

nbsp nbspPresidential cars are registered and the licence plate number 1, the National Flag and the Presidential are mounted on the bonnet. Occasionally, the boards a Toyota Coaster, Rosa or Nissan Civilian provincial trips.

nbsp nbspThe incumbent President, Aquino III, prefers to use his Toyota Land Cruiser or LX570 instead of the official

nbsp nbsp nbspThe observes regular traffic like stopping at the red light. He doesn’t use sirens of the Presidential the convoy may consist of the Presidential a back-up car either the other Benz W221 or Hyundai a number of 5-6 black Nissan 2 Toyota Fortuner, a Ford ambulance, 2-4 Chevrolet Suburban, up to 4 Vehicles Toyota Corolla or Toyota Vios about Motorcycle Escorts.

nbsp nbspThe Vice President of the uses a Mercedes Benz S-Class, with the same of security convoy with the The Presidential Se curity Group is in charge with the vice security detail.

nbsp nbspPres. Manuel Quezon a 1937 Chrysler Airflow Imperial CW. During the Postcolonial Pres. Manuel Roxas a 1940 Cadillac Fleetwood 75, which was also used by presidents.

nbsp nbsp President of Portugal is usually in an armored Mercedes S600, or an E67 BMW 760 Li.

nbsp nbspThe President of rides in his Mercedes-Benz S-Class, by a motorcade consisting of black BMW 5 models. He is also often driving his personal Dacia

nbsp nbsp nbspThe of Russia is usually seen in an Mercedes S-Class stretched The 1st such model, a W140 was purchased by Boris Yeltsin and has been superseded by a W221 The presidential motorcade will be escorted by police motorcycle and a series of support vehicles but not limited to, the Mercedes G-Class, E-Class, standard S-Class Mercedes SLK-Class, BMW 5-Series and Caravelle. Generals and officials of the forces drive Volgas mostly have other from better cars and technical modifications.

nbsp nbspUnder the USSR, the General of the Communist Party was always in a Soviet-built ZIL-41047, escorted by models. Two of the Zil limousines are still in the Kremlin garage and occasionally in use by the military parades on the Day of Victory.

nbsp nbspThe exact of an official state car is extremely in Russia. Thanks to clandestine and acquisition of emergency light and kits by state officials of all businessmen, celebrities and even family members, they are to number in the thousands. That, drivers’ complete disregard for regulations in heavily congested and several high-profile accidents them followed by apparent police cover-ups have the rise of the Society of Blue

nbsp nbsp nbspThe of Serbia uses an armoured S-Class W221 with resistance level, escorted by two E-Class W212 models.

nbsp nbspThe President of alternates between a 2010 Benz S350L and a 2001 LS 430, both of which are like all of Singapore’s previous cars. When travelling to events such as the National Day the Presidential crest is displayed in of a license plate, while it carries the plate SEP1.

Volkswagen Passat sedan VI

nbsp nbspThe Prime usually travels in a white Lexus LS460L. The Prime Office keeps four cars, ready for state and visiting foreign dignitaries.

nbsp nbspThe President, Minister and Speaker of Parliament, are the political appointees to be given cars. All other members of the travel to work in their cars.

nbsp nbsp President of Slovakia uses vehicles from the Office for the of Constitutional Officials and Diplomatic which has more than 230 for the president, prime minister, and state visits. For state the president uses an armored Benz Pullman, for normal one of the 230 cars (armored Audi A8, S-Class, BMW 7 Series, Volkswagen Range Rover, BMW X5, Škoda and other vehicles.

nbsp nbspSlovenian president Borut and Prime Minister Alenka use Audi A8. while their officers use BMWs X5 as protection Speaker of Parliament and ministers are driven in Audis A6 or A8, apart of Defence who currently uses BMW X5.

nbsp nbspThe President of Africa is driven in an armored BMW 7 or on occasion a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. A car is used by the Deputy President of Africa.

nbsp nbsp presidential motorcade is composed of BMW X5, Jeep Grand Cherokee, BMW 3 and Mercedes-Benz ML-Class models, by a number of Mercedes-Benz V-Class and cars.

nbsp nbsp President of South Korea rides in an armored Hyundai VL500 limousine, 3 of which provided in 2009 by Hyundai These are the 1st vehicles manufactured in Korea to be secured from the at a level approaching that of BMW or factory limousines. The president uses 2008-model Mercedes-Benz Pullman Guard.

nbsp nbspPreviously, the President rode in an BMW 7 Series limousine which was in 2005. Before that a Mercedes-Benz W220 was used, the president Roh Moo-hyun used it peace talks with Korea. The presidential motorcade is by Chevrolet Tahoe, Chevrolet and Ford Excursion, also several identical Mercedes-Benz

nbsp nbsp nbspThe president Kim Dae-jung used an BMW 740iAL, offered by BMW Korea, for his visit to Mongolia in June

nbsp nbsp nbspThe Royal Family has one of the largest of cars in Spain. Various vehicles are used by the family, Audi A6s, Mercedes-Benz models and the exclusive Rolls-Royce IV. Only 18 of the latter were built, all being reserved for or heads of state. Three ordered by General Franco for his use and are now available for use by the Spanish Royal One is a landaulette and the other two are limousines. A order was placed on the marriage of the Prince of Asturias when a IV was rebuilt to include armoured Modifications included heavy-duty air and a special glazed armoured to protect the rear passengers. The cost over €360,000.

nbsp nbspThe Spanish Family currently uses Mercedes-Benz S600 models for its transport, with BMW 5-Series as escort vehicles. The motorcade is of around 15 cars. The personal car of the Juan Carlos I is an especially Maybach 57 S.

nbsp nbsp Prime Minister of Spain and Prime Minister of Spain use Audi vehicles. The premier’s A8L was purchased in March 2005 after retiring the former A8 by PM Jos� Mar�a Aznar. The which then cost the government well over Euros. is said to be equipped the latest features, runflats, B7+ armouring, satellite communications and special items that are secret by the Spanish officials. The has been renovated and now includes new Audi A8L, Mercedes-Benz and A6s, although former minister, Jose Luis Zapatero wanted to swap cars for the hybrid Toyota to save fuel oil.

nbsp nbspThe President of Sri is driven in an armored Mercedes-Benz armored BMW 7 Series escorted by a of Land Rover Defender, Land Cruiser and Nissan cars. On special occasions, as travelling on dirt roads, the would use armored BMW X5 armored Everest, armored Land Defender.

nbsp nbsp current official car of the King of is a stretched Volvo S80, by the Swedish Security Service in BMW X5, BMW and Mercedes-Benz E-Class models. For occasions like state there is an Daimler DS420. are also a number of different in the Royal Mews, which are on special occasions. The 1st royal car in Sweden was a Daimler bought in for Crown Prince Gustaf.

nbsp nbspThe Prime of Sweden and other Cabinet chauffered around in armored BMW 7 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class, also by the Swedish Security Service.

nbsp nbspThe President of the of China has historically travelled in sedans, reflecting the ROC’s relations with the United Former President Chiang two armored Cadillacs are on exhibition in the Memorial-like National Chiang Memorial Hall in the capital of Taipei. Former President Shui-bian discontinued the use of the Cadillac preferring a Lincoln in his 1st term and a BMW in his 2nd term. The current president Ma uses four BMW F01 750is, escorted by two BMW R1200RTs police and two BMW E60 5-Series police cars.

nbsp nbspKing Bhumibol travels in a Maybach 62 limousine, police motorcycle outriders, and an of Mercedes S-Class and BMW 5-Series police cars. Other of the royal family usually in different models. Most of are Mercedes S-Class. The other including Rolls-Royce Phantom VI, a Silver Spur stretch Silver Spur Park Lexus LS 460 L, BMW 7-Series (E38 BMW 5-Series (E60), Cadillac DTS limousine, Volkswagen Caravelle TDi and E55 AMG (W211). All of the royal cars are in colour.

nbsp nbsp the fleet of royal vehicles, from the fleet of Mercedes some royal family usually travel in different of cars.

nbsp nbsp Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn travels by Rolls-Royce cars. Rolls-Royces used to be the King’s cars. These Rolls-Royce including Rolls-Royce Phantom V, Phantom VI, Rolls-Royce Silver stretch limousine.

nbsp nbspOther royal family mostly travel by Mercedes for official journeys.

nbsp nbspCrown Prince Maha also has a large collection of including many classic Many vehicles formerly to his father, and a few modern cars as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Cadillac etc.

nbsp nbspPrincess Bajrakitiyabha sometimes herself in a red Mini Cooper S and a Volkswagen Beetle in the motorcade.

nbsp nbspThere are also cars in convertible form for the ceremonies, such as a Rolls-Royce and a Cadillac DTS .

nbsp nbsp important official Royal there are a group of more 20 official cars in the motorcade Mercedes S-Class. Mercedes (WW210 W211), BMW 7 Series BMW 5 Series (E39 and E60), Accord, Nissan Cefiro and Teana. These cars are in ruby red.

nbsp nbspFor common official journeys, the cars in the motorcade are a of about 5 cars including: BMW 7 BMW 5 Series (E39 E60), S-Class (W221 W220), E-class (W210 W211) and Teana. These cars are all in colour. Some of these are the ex-royal vehicles.

nbsp nbspThe Bureau of The Royal also has its own vehicles. These are mostly Nissan Teana, BMW 5 and Mercedes E-class (W210 These cars are painted in color.

nbsp nbsp official cars for Prime Yingluck Shinawatra, are an armored Mercedes Benz S. a black BMW (E66), a black armored Rover and two black Volkswagen The Prime Minister’s motorcade is led by two cars, followed by the Security in silver Toyota Land Prado and midnight blue Benz E-class Estate

nbsp nbsp nbspSince the ASEAN Summit in Hua Hin, the uses a fleet of armored Range Rovers as official of the Prime Minister and also for the of official state visits.

nbsp nbspFor official King uses Humber with body Landaulette, in 1949. Previous King Tupou V traveled around the in the classic Black Cab Austin

nbsp nbsp nbspThe and Prime Minister of Trinidad and presently use, amongst a collection of vehicles, a black, 2008 Toyota Crown. It the license plate with a coat of arms for the President and for the Prime Minister. Each also includes a decoy two police motorcycles, two 2008 Land Cruisers as support and a leading Toyota Camry vehicle.

nbsp nbsp senior politicians use Mercedes-Benz The President of Turkey and the Prime of Turkey use Mercedes-Benz S-Class

nbsp nbsp nbspPresident Denktas of the Turkish Republic of Cyprus, had a red BMW 750Li with crests replacing the number

nbsp nbsp nbspUgandan have usually preferred to in European cars. Sir Edward 1st president of Uganda, drove in a Rolls-Royce. All succeeding ones in black Mercedes Benz Current president Yoweri drove in black Mercedes country and 600 SEL stretch Limos up to the His convoy currently consists of a Landcruiser 200 presidential car. The has ceremonial cars that a stretch 600 SEL mercedes, and a white G Escorts travel on double pick up trucks and Mitsubishi models.

nbsp nbsp President of Ukraine uses an Mercedes-Benz S-Class and an armoured Phaeton Model 2011 in a V12 version, and for the Motorcade amoured Cayenne by Centigon.

nbsp nbspThe Royal Mews at Palace has a rare Rolls-Royce IV, which was purchased by Princess in 1950, and became a state car her accession to the throne as Queen II in 1952. There are also two Phantom VI models, including the Silver Jubilee Car, a raised roof for enhanced presented by the British motor in 1977, as well as a standard from 1986. The fleet is by two stretched Jaguar XJ limousines, replaced two Daimler DS420 in 2012. Sometimes referred to as limousines, these carry plates NGN 1 and NGN 2 and have been with fittings for a bonnet and roof flag. One Daimler which was owned by Queen The Queen Mother until her in 2002, remains in the fleet. The and Daimlers are used as backup to the fleet for state occasions and visits.

nbsp nbsp is also a bespoke Range for parades and other official The Queen and other members of the Family can stand up in the back for good visibility.

nbsp nbspAll the official royal are painted claret and black, and a flagpole on the roof. Under law, the monarch’s State don’t possess registration but the monarch’s personal vehicles and of other members of the Royal do.

nbsp nbsp nbspThe cars are sometimes used the Queen is travelling abroad, and are also made available for heads of state and other of the Royal Family on official One state car is usually on display at the Mews.

nbsp nbsp pair of 1961 Rolls-Royce V state cars can now be seen on display. One is kept in the purpose-built aboard the former Royal Britannia in Edinburgh, and the other at the motor museum at Sandringham.

nbsp nbspFor non-official the Queen will usually be in a dark green Bentley or in an armoured Jaguar XJ, similar to used by the Prime Minister. is escorted by the same vehicles as a car. She also occasionally a Range Rover, particularly for to rural areas and events as county shows. On visits to and Sandringham, as portrayed in the film The she has been seen at the wheel of a Rover Defender. Her Majesty owns a Rover P5.

nbsp nbsp nbspThe of Wales also has an Aston DB6 volante, and an Aston Martin V8 to run on biofuel made from local white wine. His Audi and Range Rover use made from recycled oil.

nbsp nbsp Prime Minister of the United is usually driven in one of a fleet of Jaguar XJ Sentinel models, by Range Rover or Land Discovery vehicles and police outriders. David Cameron at 10 Downing Street following his in a silver 2010 X350 but took delivery of his new X351 on 13 May

nbsp nbsp nbspSince the when Margaret Thatcher from the Rover P5 models had been in use since the 1960s, all Ministerial cars have from the Jaguar XJ range of the or its Daimler-badged variant. For the 1st few months of his in 2007, Gordon Brown to the previous Prime Ministerial a navy blue model in 2000, before starting to use the model.

nbsp nbsp 2000 model replaced a racing green X300 built for John Major, gained international media when it bore Tony to Buckingham Palace on the day after the general election. A British green X308 took Brown to Buckingham Palace on 6 2010 to request the dissolution of but it was the 2000 model that him on his last ride as Prime

nbsp nbsp nbspAll prime ministers since have been provided an armoured car, usually the model as the current Prime along with police As of 2014 John Major, Blair and Gordon Brown provided with cars. also bought his own bespoke BMW

nbsp nbsp nbspThe government maintains the Government Car and Agency which provides for senior government officials. In 2008, the service took of a fleet of armoured BMW 760Li for use by senior dignitaries and visiting The service also uses from Jaguar, Rover, and Vauxhall, while some use Toyota Prius hybrid

nbsp nbsp nbspThe of the United States travels in a armored, custom-built limousine, is often referred to as Cadillac or its less formal nickname of Beast.” The vehicle is based on a GMC platform, and has the outward appearance of an Cadillac DTS limousine, with elements from other in the Cadillac lineup.

nbsp nbspThe vehicle features windows, state-of-the-art communication and systems, a stowable desk, and a chamber for defense against gas

nbsp nbsp nbspOn 24 May an earlier “Beast” failed to the driveway of the U.S. Embassy in Dublin, Ireland. Though Barack Obama was the escorted he was in the 2nd limo as the 1st noisily struck the hump under the Embassy

nbsp nbsp nbspUnlike other heads of state, the occasional exception of the British and the President of Russia, the U.S. is accompanied on all foreign and domestic by a full motorcade of U.S. vehicles, including several limousines, escort vehicles and a ambulance, all of which are transported by the States Air Force using Globemaster III aircraft. The U.S. are typically complemented with police vehicles, ambulances and provided by local authorities.

nbsp nbspU.S. State and Cabinet officials are often in either a Ford Crown or Cadillac DTS. The preferred car of is the Lincoln Town Car. all senior officials use the Chevrolet as an alternative form of transportation.

nbsp nbspCurrent Gov. Garc�a Padilla has chosen a Chrysler 300 from his government’s of vehicles confiscated from and sold to the Governor’s office for a $2,000. The former Governor of Rico used a Chevrolet Hybrid. Ford Expeditions, Sequoias, and Nissan Armadas are in the fleet from previous As part of the current Governor’s two large black SUVs, one Ford Crown Victorias and at one police motorcycle are used. carry standard Puerto license plates. Former Luis Fortu�o’s specialty had the LGF-051 numeration.

nbsp nbspGovernor Luis Muñoz used an armored Packard to him by President Harry S Truman, is on exhibition at the Muñoz Marín Library and Museum. Governor Hernández Colón (1973–1977, ordered an armored Ford wagon for which he was severely and, thus, rarely

nbsp nbsp nbspEach Governor has the right to change the fleet as he or she may see fit, for example, Rossell� used a Mercury Marquis and a GMC Yukon, Sila used a Ford Expedition and for special occasions, a Buick Avenue, while An�bal Vil� used Nissan As a tradition full size were used but since the 1990s, SUVs are being

nbsp nbsp nbspFormer are entitled to an official vehicle, is replaced every four throughout their life.

nbsp nbspThe presidential car of Uruguay is an armoured 2005 Vectra, purchased by president V�zquez when his term in began on March 1, 2005. the Uruguayan head of state in a Mitsubishi Galant procured the government’s fleet of diplomatic

nbsp nbsp nbspAs of 2007, the presidential motor includes Mitsubishi Galants, Corollas, Volkswagen Ventos, and 75s.

nbsp nbsp intendants of Uruguay are transported in Peugeot 607s.

nbsp nbspAfter 2010, the official car was no longer used. President Mujica instead drives a Beetle.

nbsp nbsp state limousines of Uzbekistan are two ordered 2010 Range Supercharged with bulletproof Also, the President of the Republic of is transported by an armored Mercedes-Benz which is escorted by other vehicles.

nbsp nbsp pope has several vehicles. famous is the custom-made white M-Class with an armoured compartment at the back. When the goes to the weekly audience at Peter’s Square he uses a open-top Mercedes-Benz G-Class. is also an armoured Mercedes-Benz in the Vatican garage, and a custom-made Thesis. All the popemobiles and limousines registration SCV 1. In September 2012 the received an electrical custom-made Kangoo for use around his Summer Castel Gandolfo. The mini-van is with the pope’s crest on the There is a 2nd electrical Kangoo, in blue, for the Vatican Police.

nbsp nbspAnother fleet of includes a Cadillac Fleetwood is used for national holidays special parades, also the used 3 armoured black. vehicles have license with the national emblem, but are for special occasions or important when Hugo Ch�vez met other presidents. Another is an armored silver Lincoln Car used to transport the president’s from the Sim�n Bol�var Airport of Maiquetia to the Palacio de and back.

nbsp nbsp vice president is usually in an armored Nissan Patrol a motorcade of 4 or 5 SUV. Ministers travel in armored vehicles Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Chevrolet Tahoe, Jeep Cherokee, Toyota 4Runner, Camry, Toyota Fortuner, Fusion. Ford Explorer, Expedition, also escorted by National Guard officers.

nbsp nbspThe last to the fleet is a Bentley Continental Spur.

nbsp nbsp President Nicolas Maduro is driving a black Toyota or a Ford Explorer often with the Venezuela Presidential Guard motorcade with his and ministers.

nbsp nbsp President of Vietnam is actually in a Bentley Continental Flying Speed. Ministers usually in Mercedes-Benz S500, E500 and LS. The Prime Minister usually use the new S500 W222.

nbsp nbspPresident Josip Broz used a custom-built Mercedes-Benz 600 with removable top for most Tito also had several cars in his private motor collection, including: numerous Benz models, including a and 770k seized from Pavelić after WWII, a Phantom V, and several Cadillac and models.

nbsp nbsp of July 2011 the President of was driven in an armoured Mercedes-Benz Pullman limousine, escorted by 30 of the Zambia Police trained in protection on BMW motorcycles and in six BMW 3 Series E93 His motorcade also includes an at all times. For visits to rural the president uses an armoured Land Cruiser 100 Series.


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