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End of the for Phaeton? [ edit ]

A blog is that the Phaeton will not be a return for 2007. [1]. VW doesn’t list the car as an available Perhaps the article needs to be (I would do this, but I’m for time right now sorry!) Raj Fra 29 December 2006 (UTC)

I this in the American Market of the article, but I didn’t add the reference you provided. I’m short on as well so I’m not able to do it. January 11, 2007

Shame car wasn’t well received in the [ edit ]

I love this I also love my Phaeton. My is up in Dec 06 and I can’t find a comparable

I forgot that I posted last year. Turns out I did find the perfect replacement, Phaeton. On November of 06 I had a new white delivered from Chicago to At that time there only 13 new Phaetons left in the US. The 06 is nicer than my 04 because of the audio and seating etc.

is by far one of the best cars flying the radar. —Preceding unsigned added by (talk ) 6 February 2008 (UTC)

I the Phaeton, but VW also makes the A8 which is even better. (talk ) 12:00, 22 December (UTC)

Internal Competition [ ]

I’ve often wondered the point of this car was. anyone at VW point out that make the A8? It’s not even as if the could have used A8 as the Audi is aluminium. VAG already had a car in the S-Class Merc segment so why with the expense of another Or, why didn’t VW just restyle an A8 and most of the pressings (a la Golf/A3

LewisR 18:03, 27 June (UTC)

Other crap [ ]

I doubt the numbers:

( for the electronically maximum speed. How would you such an expensive car if it only a lousy 208 km/h (130 That needs to be clarified.

All VW products sold in North are limited to 210 km/h (130 — the Phaeton is no exception. I a note to the body text of the article mentioning the lower governor setting for NAR. Sept 2006

I just the Volkswagen Website it states 250 kph mph) for the V8 and W12 version. Even the Diesel engine accelerates car to 230 kph.

This article is from a UK standpoint.

It says by way of the auto body style The phaeton auto body is a convertable, and this is not a convertable. So statement is wrong. —Preceding comment added by ) 21:34, 7 January 2011

pronunciation [ edit ]

the typical pronunciation of the word phaeton is [‘fæ:ton]; so two syllables

Reliability [ ]

The newly added US Market says Customers have slow to accept a luxury due to their historical perception of the as well as a reputation for poor and unfriendly dealerships. Does the for poor reliability refer to the VW or the Phaeton specifically? I’m not of a reputation of poor reliability for the VW but of course this doesn’t it does not exist. Friday 15:52, 14 November 2005

There have been major reliablity issues VWs of late. Most notable is the issue on the 1.8T version of the This has not been the only The New Beetle also has a bad reputation. Reports has them ranked low. Nmpls 10:50, 6 2006 (UTC) This refers to the VW brand I am concerned about the biased sounding of the US Market section. Also, it sound professional with like flop and gas guzzler I think this section be amended to sound more and less biased. vw12 08:22 15 November 2005

In the US, gas-guzzler tax is an accepted term. It is rather frequently by the media and It applies to vehicles with poor gas mileage for their (usually supercars or large Also, VW has developed a repution in the 10 years or so for poor reliability and in such core models as the and Passat. I am sure these have contributed to the failure of the in the USDM Chris

Agreed. Gas-guzzler is a legal in the US. Much like lemon. 10:50, 6 January 2006 I think the first section is. the reader a bit, I mean, is not the place for conjecture about why a car has a dismal sales record. state the sales, potential to other factual sales and let the reader decide what is or is not Also, the language does a bit colored by automotive press. I it will be easier to clean article up (in a few years?) when the is no longer sold anywhere and has written her obituary, but for the time we should just stick the simple facts, in a neutral, way. By they way, love to drive one of these, sound fantastic. —Sirimiri 3 December 2005 (UTC)

The is somewhat inflammatory, but the problems are much as laid out.

reputation for reliability took a hit when they had problems their coil packs led to predictable failure between and 50,000 miles. The same packs were used in upscale Audi vehicles and did a voluntary recall to replace all the parts. VW chose to replace the as they failed, leaving VW drivers stranded on the road, and drivers lucky enough to their coils outlast the warranty left holding the bag for repairs.

Since then, VW has well down on all objective of reliability.

Dealerships vary but one common thread with the is that luxury car buyers are to being treated with and offered perks, and the VW dealerships generally do this.

VW only the Phaeton to be sold in certain— Class A dealers. Some were required to build new for the Phaeton (Example, WestSide VW in the MSP area) Nmpls 10:50, 6 2006 (UTC) The only I take issue with is Customers have been to accept a luxury Volkswagen, due to their historical perception of VW as an economy marque. This is not fact. I don’t think it be placed there. I agree Sirimiri, just state the and let the reader decide what is or not. I won’t touch it we reach a consensus about 10:05, 10 December 2005

I think that the word makes it clear that is conjecture, not absolute fact. If we wrote facts that be absolutely proven we wouldn’t much worth reading. other automotive entries, it seem to be a problem to use conjecture to why various cars are popular. Why is it a concern when discussing a obvious negative?

Honestly, if you a wealthy auto buyer, you rather buy this car with a big VW on the front, or a Bentley emblem?

I know people who this was an for. I know someone who a variety of dealerships and he says is exactly why. Numerous have said it too.Nmpls 6 January 2006 (UTC) I agree with your but the problem here is that the isn’t an outlet for original or conjecture. If the other auto have such things, they are wrong, and will be sussed out. As it is, the statement: have been slow to a luxury Volkswagen, perhaps due to historical perception of Volkswagen as an economy marque. Should be Customers have been to accept the luxury Volkswagen. the second is a statement of fact, not However, if you find information on the which states that hesitation is the leading factor in the of the Phaeton, then add it, and cite the —DarrenBaker 16:24, 5 January (UTC)

moved article to US [ edit ]

Moved Car and Driver to the US part.—VWphaetonfan 11:12, 13 September (UTC)

Name Origin [ ]

I highly doubt that its comes from mythology, as a can mean: 17:24, 29 2006 (UTC)

More a phaeton was a 1930’s four-door car convertible roof that did NOT a solid bulkhead between the and rear seats. As the solid designs gained popularity, the style faded from leaving the ‘drop top’ to two seat roadsters. —The unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs ) 03:22, 13 2007 (UTC).

Am I the only person who thinks pretty retarded to name a car a guy who hijacked a chariot and crashed it? unsigned comment added by (talk ) 00:23, 30 September (UTC)

I think the name definately came from since it’s mentioned in the UK for the car (along with the carriage —Preceding unsigned comment by Bewibble (talk • contribs ) 19 October 2007 (UTC)

in past sense [ edit ]

The article seems to depict the car in the sense as in:

This is not the case the car is still being manufactured, and the generation model is being

Also, to go some way to establish the of the name, the UK Phaeton Universe (point 990) quotes the Sun

Diesel engine [ edit ]

The article says V10 diesel on the right pane, and 5.0L at the bottom table. one is wrong should be fixed. (talk ) 16:11, 3 February (UTC)

The V10 diesel engine is, question, a 5.0L engine. (talk ) 06:33, 28 September (UTC)

Original work? [ ]

The article is well-written but highly and essentially of a tone more an advertisment than a reference The big statements in the article, one after the are un-sourced. Anyone? 842U ) 01:52, 28 March 2008

It’s awfully difficult to web-link, clickable citations for of the facts given in this I have a whole collection of technical specifications for this maintenance manuals, automobile reviews, etc. but how do I go about an official document (technical published by Volkswagen as a citation? no facility within Wikipedia for me to the document and attach it for others to PanEuropean (talk ) 06:33, 28 2009 (UTC)

It’s acceptable to cite non-web in WP. See the documentation for the details on how to do this. (talk ) 22:07, 14 October (UTC).

Sales section [ ]

Something needs to be done it as it deals entirely with the (talk ) 01:38, 7 September (UTC))

I do strongly suspect that the figure given for the United market in MY 2004 (1,433 is incorrect, and the actual sales in and the USA of MY 2004 vehicles is closer to 3,000. But — I don’t any way of substantiating this. PanEuropean ) 06:33, 28 September 2009

Haiders accident car [ edit ]

be nice to add the exact type of car v6, v8. The far Austrian politician Jörg drove a Phaeton and famously it and was killed on October 11th without the car version its boring, if we add he is far I think we should also which version he drove.

(talk )—- —Preceding comment was added at 20:11, 13 2008 (UTC).

English Phaeton Owner Forum [ ]

I added an external link at the of the article to the English language Owner forum that is at the VW Vortex discussion forum. VW Vortex is a commercial venture(there is present at the top of forum pages), all of the within the Phaeton forum is and all of the participants and moderators (of which I am are volunteers. I added this link a few years ago and it was deleted, because someone was concerned VW Vortex is a commercial venture. I though, that it is in the best of knowledge and note the (by way of photos, scanned technical etc.) of the factual information is presented there. PanEuropean ) 06:51, 28 September 2009

The WP guidelines on external links can be at WP:EL. If you think your VW link complies, feel to add it again. Letdorf (talk ) 14 October 2009 (UTC).

edits [ edit ]

With to this series of edits, I invite the IP editor to justify actions. And to be fair, let Mr Choppers a say as well — I note his editing history that he shy away from edit sometimes.

The page has become with images — far too for the accompanying text and it looks cluttered. I also ask for clarification on edit summary — I am not Mr and I provided a valid edit for my actions.

As per discussion protocol — leave the page in its current while the discussion is carried Further reversion may well be as both disruptive, and as hitting the 3RR Chaheel Riens (talk ) 13 April 2014 (UTC)

sorry, having spent like sixty percent of my editing time on reverting the of this particular ip I have up on adding editing summaries. swap ip’s with an regularity and so after a few weeks I simply stopped attempting to to them what is going on. See for instance, where I have reverting the same editor various IPs) numerous On five occasions I added a but it obviously has no effect and I am getting a bit tired of having to behave than people who obviously do not at all. I believe that should no longer be able to freely on wp, as the current stream of and vandalistic edits is stealing all of my time on here, meaning I now rarely add content but instead most of my time reverting ip Ceterum censeo Carthaginem delendam . Mr.choppers | ✎ 21:20, 13 2014 (UTC) I also did add a rude, I admit to getting a bit of this editor) message at talk page, suggesting read WP:CARPIX. They edit as Myuser89 and as myriad ip with a steady habit of dozens of pictures, often seemingly at random. See Maserati for another example, where he was (talk · contribs · ) — I contacted him on that page as well and never got a Mr.choppers | ✎ 21:29, 13 April (UTC)

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