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Volkswagen Phaeton

VW Phaeton and Bentley Flying Tinting Tips and Tricks


I’ve read two existing on this forum that difficulties encountered when windows on Volkswagen Phaetons. I to provide you folks with information that will your job easier when you do cars.

1) Maintaining External while you do the work.

This is If you are going to leave the ignition on for more than 20 minutes total), you have to either the car, or hook up auxiliary to it. I won’t get into all the reasons but suffice to say that if you allow the power supply battery the battery on the left side of the — to discharge, you and the owner run into all sorts of grief, as spurious system failure messages on the instrument cluster, shutdowns of vehicle systems as the car to conserve power, things that.

In North America, all have two batteries. They are on either side of the trunk. The one on the — the bigger of the two — is the ‘vehicle power supply and it supplies all the comfort systems. The one on the is called the ‘starter battery’, and as its suggests, it is only used to the car.

The easiest way to provide an power supply to the car is to hook up a 12 volt trickle charger to the of the left hand battery. The over that battery off very easily without the use of — you can easily see the two twist that hold the cover on. remove the cover, and hook up the charger. Leave it on for the entire of the time the car is in your shop.

are all sorts of great pictures how to do this, and more background (if you want it) at this post on our owner bulletin board: VW — Phaeton Forum Phaeton Battery Monitoring The pictures showing how to hook up the power are about 5 posts on that thread.

Do not connect the to the terminals under the hood. go to the starter battery and starter only — no power makes it from those to anywhere else on the car.

Where to connect the external

2) Pull the fuse for the rear headrests before you start

The rear seat headrests rise up when the door on the side is opened. This is to it easier to hook the tether of a child seat up to the retaining on the parcel shelf. The headrests stay up after the door is if weight is detected on the seat.

So, one is to leave the rear doors open the fuse panel the steering wheel (the panel under the wheel up), and pull fuse 89. See this post on our Phaeton bulletin board for more and pictures: VW Vortex — Forum — How the rear headrests work

3) Protect the bases with towels and cardboard.

Every seat in a is heated, including the rear If you kneel on the seat without some precautions to spread the around, there is a darn chance that you will the heating mat. So, protect the itself with a whole of bath towels, then put a few of cardboard over top of that, so when you kneel on the seat, you are not all your weight in one place. VW warns the owners about in the owner manual, which they won’t pay for broken heating mats under if they have been by someone’s knee. Especially if the rep sees that the back has been tinted.

There are two of leather used in Phaetons: leather, which is the top end stuff, and leather, which is the mid-grade Vienna has a grain to it, like any VW. Sensitive is like deerskin, it is smooth. You can ‘dent’ the Sensitive easily if you put pressure on a certain for a long time (like an or so). The places you have the risk of this problem are the parts of the leather, like in the of the two rear seats. So, try hard not to a heavy object on these for more than a minute or

If you do ‘dent’ the leather, the dent disappear after a few days, as as it was not a sharp object that did the You can accelerate this process by the car parked in the hot sun with the windows so the interior heats up. But, less stressful all around if you avoid denting it in the first

If you happen to get the ‘Sensitive’ leather use warm water and Woolite to wash the dirt off. The leather is tougher and can be cleaned any other VW car leather.

4) Understanding Power Management

The car ain’t if the ignition is left on for a long and the engine is off, the car figures out it has been abandoned, and it shuts off to certain power consumers, so as not to the battery. If you try to operate something a window) and it doesn’t work, turn off the ignition, remove the then put the key back in and turn the back on.

5) Know how the rear child lockout switches

There are two switches on the driver that disable the rear window switches and also the inside door handles for the doors. These are child switches. You will find on the door power window panel, between the front switches and the rear window If you cannot operate the rear using the rear window go and change the state of these switches. You will see an icon in the screen between the speedometer and the that shows the status of switches — it looks a drawing of a stick figure.

6) even dream about the hatshelf out.

If you want to the hatshelf, you need to first (in this order) the trim on the sides of the rear seat then the rear seat then the rear seat Then you can get the hatshelf out. It is a in the butt, and it takes a long If you want to tint the area behind the CHMSL (center mount stoplight), just depress the hatshelf using a of wood to spread the load across the whole hatshelf. will give you about a to a half an inch of access to with.

7) Be aware that all the controllers in the car are stored right the hatshelf.

There is a panel the hatshelf that drops You can see it if you look in the trunk, under the Have a close look at it, and you see that there is about 6 of unaccounted for space between the and that panel. That’s all the electronic boxes are kept the 270 watt stereo, the phone the OnStar system, the TV tuner, the So, for Pete’s sake, don’t any water on the hatshelf or around the window area when you are on it!

8) Don’t tint the rear above the level of the headliner.

The window glass continues up the car 4 inches beyond where the headliner ends where it the back window. You can see this if you beside the car with one of the rear open, and you look first at the top of the rear window, and then at the top of the window. Stay away that area, all the antennas on the car GPS, phone, radio, keyless access, parking — between 12 and 18 antennas in depending on options fitted are stored up there. Just as high as you can see (to the base of the interior and no further.

9) Be aware that 12 and 8 cylinder Phaetons have glass on them.

The 12 cylinder have infra-red reflective the 8 cylinder ones don’t applies to North America). In infra-red reflective glass is on the 12 cylinder, and optional on the others. for the ‘IR’ marking on the glass if you are not sure. This may affect choice of what tinting to use.

10) Don’t tint the windshield directly ahead of the sensor.

Volkswagen Phaeton

I don’t know people tint the front or not, but if you do plan to tint the window, stay away the infrared transmitter halfway the bracket that the interior view mirror is mounted on. sends a beam of IR light at the glass — if the beam is not back, the car presumes there is (moisture) on the inside window and turns the defrost on. I’m NOT about the light sensor at one end of the view mirror itself for a different purpose), I’m about the sensor on the stalk the inside rear view hangs from.

Equally, don’t tint the sunlight sensor, which is at the front middle of the dashboard. a little bump, about the of half a cigarette. There are two sensors in there, with an divider between them, so the car can which side the sunshine is from. If you tint over you’ll screw up the climate system bigtime. The car has 4 zone control — it really a lot on input from this sensor.

11) Still more sensors to worry about.

sure that you client that if they tint the window, the light sensor on the side (driver-facing side) of the rear view mirror not get so much light on it from the of cars behind when at night. This means they will no longer get dimming (darkening) of the OUTSIDE — both right and side — when is a car behind them with beams on. All three rear mirrors on Phaetons dim automatically exposed to bright light behind at night — not the inside mirror. If the customer heavy tint on the rear they are going to have to be to give up this function.

I this information helps you If you have any questions, just them on our forum. Everyone who a Phaeton seems to be very with it, and we really enjoy technical specialists such as you participate in our forum. So, don’t be shy to ask if you a problem.

Question: What if you to put a charge in through the cigarette though would that the same as puttin a trickle straight to the battery?

Answer: No, it work. The Phaeton has a very electrical system in it. The general is to protect all the car electronics from or corrupt power sources. To this strategy, the comfort (Vehicle Power Supply the one on the left side) will NOT a charge from the two posts the hood, or backwards from any one of the 12 (cigarette lighter) outlets. I for Pete’s sake, this car has 45+ in it, and 4 different data networks, an optical databus. It’s not a Beetle. Do exactly what I (and what the picture and you won’t have any trouble. Cut and skip reading directions give you the mother of all headaches, as have noted in previous here.

All you need to keep the vehicle supply battery topped up is a 12 volt trickle charger you can buy at any Pep Boys, Auto Zone, or outlet. Just be sure you get one that is suitable for AGM (Absorbed Mat) batteries, and one that sufficient amps to power all the systems that will be on the car if you are working on it with the ignition on. Any charger that puts out 10 and has a switch to support AGM batteries be sufficient. If you want to buy the exact one that VW supplies to their go to NAPA and ask for one, it will you about $50. There is information about the VW spec including pictures and where to buy it, NAPA Battery Maintainer for a

For what it’s worth the new Mercedes S series that has been released in Europe will be coming to America in 2006) requires exactly the considerations as the Phaeton so far as maintaining voltage is concerned, so it makes to go get yourself a battery maintainer supports the AGM batteries that are now installed in the higher end cars.

here’s a big piece of bonus for you: The Bentley Continental and the new Flying Spur are nothing than Phaetons with a skin on them. The electrical design, the controller part the buttons and switches, and in most even the fuse numbers and on either of these two ‘baby are EXACTLY the same as on a Phaeton. because these two Bentleys are derivitives — heck, the Spur is even made on the production line as the Phaeton. The and Bentley have more in common with each than the Golf and the Jetta do. means that pretty everything I said above over to the Bentleys. So, have no if someone shows up at your with a new Bentley — you can them that you have of experience working on other and theirs won’t be anything new to


The Phaeton has a whole whack of on the rear window glass GPS, AM, FM, Radio, Remote Central Locking, Anti-Theft, and if you shove a spatula up above the where the rear edge of the headliner meets the top of the rear glass, you will scrape antenna components right off the just like you would ice of the front windshield in the wintertime.

So whatever you do, don’t shove any smoothing tools, screwdrivers, up into the headliner at the top of the rear of a Phaeton (or a Bentley Continental / Spur, which is the same as a Phaeton) unless you know what is there.

Also, be that application of any kind of film to the rear window of a / Bentley Continental GT / Bentley Flying Spur will the performance of the AM, FM, and television system

Here is an actual photograph of the module that is mounted on the window of a Phaeton, in the upper (driver side in North corner. This is the same module that is shown in the about two posts higher up.

The was removed from this car the picture was taken. As you can see, the window glass continues on beyond the back edge of the and that is where the antenna is located. So, be very, very to not stuff any kind of spatula, whatever more than half an inch up behind the

There is another similar module on the opposite side of the also just above the headliner is. That module the telephone and GPS antennas.

Volkswagen Phaeton
Volkswagen Phaeton
Volkswagen Phaeton
Volkswagen Phaeton
Volkswagen Phaeton


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