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Professional PHP

Comparing PHP with languages

February 9th,

Chris Shiflett posted thoughts on PHP and Ruby on Rails has generated some interesting Chris divides programming into two categories:

Flexible and PHP, C, C++, and Perl.

and organized: Java, Ruby, and

I don’t disagree with the grouping. PHP’s cultural is definitely in the Unix programming, camp as I suggested in building a of objects in PHP and Why isn’t PHP the natural to Java?

I prefer to group in a different way.


To me, this is the single biggest comparison issue. Managing is orthogonal to the task most are trying to accomplish. Thats a way of saying a waste of time. memory management is easy to up. Any process that relies on repeatedly doing something is destined for disappointment. Sure, are tools that help memory management bugs. The of these is to take it off the programmers entirely with garbage and let the programmer concentrate on other

Sure, there can be resource and performance issues. However, for cases computer hardware is than computer programmers.

We can our languages along this

Quickly runs: PHP, Ruby, C#, Perl, Python,

Runs quickly: C, C++, C, Delphi

Interestingly, this fairly closely with executable versus virtual

Static or Dynamic Typing

The most important axis of is dynamic or static typing. In typing type information is with the variable. In dynamic type information is associated the value in the variable.

The benefit of dynamic typing is you do not waste programmer time and with typecasting (”static get in my way”). The benefit of static is that the compiler can catch errors (”The compiler my mistakes”).

Risk tolerant: Ruby, Python, Smalltalk,

Risk averse: Java, C#

or Batch

Some might this axis interpreted compiled. The issue is how long it take to switch contexts coding to running? Is there a build process or a deployment The shorter the build process, the productive development can be.

Interactive: Ruby

Batch: Java

A good example of this in the PHP is to look at Smarty and Propel. both generate code to Smarty does it interactively, Propel requires a build The build process is the primary I don’t use Propel.

One should not the importance of this factor. Why is considered so complicated? One reason is it is designed to run on everything from to cell phones, from to dishwashers. It’s scope is general. Of course, specialized such as Rails and PHP are more for their sweet spot

General: Java. NET

Specific: Rails

PHP and Ruby on Rails are two in a pod

Looking at these factors so PHP and Ruby on Rails are two peas in a Lets start looking at of the factors where Ruby and PHP to diverge.


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Popularity brings tools, more available better documentation, and better Programming on a discontinued or rarely platform is more difficult.

PHP. NET, Java

Python, Ruby, Smalltalk

Working at a higher level of allows the programmer to be more The computer industry has continuously heading up the abstraction scale looking back. Professional want to work with level constructs because are more expressive. One can get more with less code. The back is that higher language features can require programmer skill to use well.

PHP, C, Java

Powerful: Smalltalk, Lisp

I’m talking the language, not the libraries when I Java as simple. Dynamic static typing aside, I see the and PHP languages as similarly expressive.

I have alot of respect for Hejlsberg and there is some innovation going on in the C# world on front. Java can barely up.

The Rails folks are fond of that Rails couldn’t be without the expressive features of the language. It would be interesting to get the of some of the cake developers on idea.

Library Organization

Not my part of PHP.

Function C, PHP

Object oriented: Java. Python, Ruby


I Ruby is misclassified when with Java and C#. Ruby is to PHP than it is to either Java or C#. and PHP share most of the same of productivity: garbage collection, typing, interactivity, and focus on web

Volkswagen Pointer Variant II
Volkswagen Pointer Variant II
Volkswagen Pointer Variant II

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