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Volkswagen Pointer II

Ethanol: A Worthy Subject for

In the wake my post yesterday, an anti-corn-ethanol report posted on a generally associated with any willing to pony up support the thoughtful and articulate John threw this counterpunch. of interesting issues here in a very worthy of more Thank you, John:

no lover of big agribusiness (I grew up on a farm) and of the

various screwball subsidies [although this is as dumb as the

waste of time on hydrogen].

I think you have taken for a ride on this as have some

usually-reasonable via very careful cherry-picking by who

absolutely want to minimize for petroleum sales. I’ll

down, then up with the no-brainer issue, which is if we don’t

do ethanol/biodiesel, it’s to understand how North American

survives in anything like its shape: you can grow big fields of

corn, but if you can’t ship it what do ytou do with

it? Borlaug notes that one of the impediments to efficient

African is exactly this: lack of although they of coruse

not lack fuel and vehicles, but even roads.]


1) it not strike you as odd that places NCPPR. funded by the

usuals, ExxonMobil, and friendly with the folks,

suddenly have concern for all the poor people of the

It’s terrible to divert for fuel! [But it’s OK to grow

tobacco, which serious deforestration in many not just for

land to plant but for wood to burn to dry it. Sure, Sure

Dana [who’s for CEI Heritage.]] Tobacco cropland is

normally great farmland) in US is UP. Never once I have I these

folks complain tobacco versus food. I why.

2) There are a whole lot of reasons prices are up, including fertilizer

and transport prices, not just

3) There are a lot of smart people who (and I agree):

a) I think ethanol is better than Pimentel co say in its energy

balance. other studies say it has a positive balance.* I

strongly recommend of “Energy and American Society Thirteen

See especially: “Energy Three — High Requirements and and

Unfavorable Energy Preclude Biomass Ethanol Playing a Large

Role in Energy Services.” by Dartmouth Lee Lynd co. Of

course, he is involved in a new startup (funded by Vinod

Kleiner Perkins, etc), so he be biased, but he has a long academic

record in this turf, and listen to what he says 100% more

In particular, Pimentel co (and the 2005 Pimentel/Patzek study

NR (2005)

Negative Energy

Pimentel Patzek (2005)

stuff even sequesters in the soil.

Farmers grow makes them more When there is a reasonable

for ethanol, and a few other things get in farmers will

switch, but of until then, it’s to plant corn, which you can

at sell for food as a fallback. [Of certain people we know

do NOT WANT there to be a competitive for ethanol… which means

it hard to buy and keeping flex-fuel away from the market.

a surprise.]

In the US. there are a *lot* of farm subsidies that be happy to

see go away, but this is one of the bad ones, since it’s

helping head ina useful even if it’s only a step.

c) There are three reasons doing corn ethanol one bad, one OK ,

4) BUT. this thing from Amy ( other doesn’t make

any sense at least not to an old farmboy.

It does NO to grow crops if you can’t get to market, and the

Volkswagen Pointer II

markets are far away, they are in North America.

In a future [oil and natural gas gone], we may well

be able to run machinery on electricity, as in:

haven’t the equivalents of the big 200- 500HP Deeres or combines.

In some it will be better to burn the to generate electricity

to supply needs via more efficient generation, although

hopefully, PV in the Great Plains will … BUT :

Nuclear? (maybe, at least precedent).

Sails? Kites (I know people trying to help reduce fuel


(Actually, I think it little sense to ship bulk food

around a that has no cheap petroleum. much rather have

growing ethanol than corn subsidies that us to ship corn to

poor whose own agricultural development stifled as a result.)

In that future, I hope, if we’re going to keep productive

big USC farms, (rather than up the big ones, moving many

of Vancouver and Toronto and especially New onto small-family

farms, of like Old Order AM ish, but with electricity :-), this is

we’d better hope

a) Some farmers will fuelcrops, using electric when possible,

and ethanol/biodiesel necessary for machinery.

b) They use ethanol/methanol/biodiesel trucks, and haul the to

modular conversion plants Range), but maybe with also burning the

biomass for and some producing biofuels to run the [Of

course, until vehicles get to be some are still using

but it’s hard to count against them.]

c) All of the numbers I see we should get to a process that *no*

petroleum input and excess electricity and/or beyond that

needed to run the At worst, it recycles CO 2, at best, it

Volkswagen Pointer II
Volkswagen Pointer II
Volkswagen Pointer II
Volkswagen Pointer II

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