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Industrial Sector- nation on the path of development

is linked with production of with economic mode. sector is moving toward new with advancements in technology and techniques. There are four of segments, primary, secondary, and quaternary sector.

The industrial ushered a new era in industrial sector, it led to of goods at large scale. such revolution the machine for producing products was of older Industrial revolution resulted in in equipment and technique used in products. Specialization in labor in skilled workers. This led to in production and lowering the cost of Development of latest tools and increased the output of products.

also increased the output. mass production of weapons and the whole concept of war altered. Now the of industries was on producing better that could lead to in battles.

The status of industry depends on the current trends in the market and the social environment of the If the country is facing situation war, the production would be inclined towards it.

Industry is a big source of income and provider of to the local population. If the nation has and efficient industry it would for jobs for skilled as well as labor.

The economy is deeply with industry and economy is into public and private

The duration of industry depends factors such as change in and evolution of newer technology. The of products manufactured also the life of industry. If the products are of superior quality and are designed to need, the industrial sector is to grow and develop.

Primary one with raw material like and farming. The secondary deals construction, manufacturing and refining. The segment deals with like law and medicine and quaternary is with technical design. sector is part of our society and and government also require policy in order to regulate the

Industrial sector is divided by into three main agriculture, manufacturing and services. The one actually deals with products and raw materials. The manufacturing deals in designing products raw material and it is basically designing The services section is mainly with R#038;D that is and development. R#038;D is the most and prosperous branch of industrial it is responsible for developing new methods and in order to boost production.

The with better industries and are considered to be advanced and developed. large scale production of these countries are able to the demand of population and can earn by selling their products to nations. The industrial sector is affected by various factors as supply of raw materials, availability of labor and last but not the least infrastructure (roads, equipments).

The of Chicopee Industrial Wipes

it comes to Chicopee industrial as you will soon discover are many different kinds The industries that use these the most are pharmaceutical, electronic, printing and food processing. will use them to help any dirt or grease that can and build up machinery. In this we take a look at some of the of industrial wipes that can be in the Chicopee range.

1. Super Industrial Wipes

This is a tough type of industrial and because of its density can be used in a variety of different manufacturing This is a wipe that not lint too much and has no silicone in it so often be used in the preparation of However, because it is not affected by too solvents it is a suitable wipe for to keep machinery clean that used in food

2. Ko-Ton Industrial Wipes

particular industrial wipe is far to the touch than the one we mention and is best used for delicate and surfaces. As this one can rapidly large amounts of liquid it is for using to polish surfaces and as with all other Chicopee wipes in this article it produce much lint and is free.

3. Chux Industrial

This is not only the strongest but the most absorbent of all the Chicopee wipes one can purchase today. Not is it capable of picking up large of liquid such as water but oils as well. When to clear up a spill it is difficult to after the cleaning has been with this wipe the spill was. Most these types of industrials will be used in printing or industries. Plus as with the wipes in this article it is free and produces very lint.

4. Quix Wet Industrial

These wipes are suitable for you to use to any kinds of oils, grease adhesives, ink or brake dust your hands. Yet because contain no harmful solvents in they wont damage hands and these solvents are kind to the environment. Plus the rest of the Chicopee industrial mentioned in this article dont produce large of lint or contain any silicone.

5. XTRA Industrial Wipes

is a new kind of wipe created by and is made using the Spinlace This technology makes the far more absorbent and so is capable of and easily absorbing all kinds of including oil. But it also with a new kind of outer that results in far less being created. Of all the Chicopee wipes available this one can be for many different purposes it is suitable to be used with oil and water based solvents.

The technology in these Chicopee wipes makes them far absorbent but also makes a lot stronger. Yet although these are tough and can absorb plenty handled they feel soft.

Bat Trang and other industry villages

Separated the Hanoi downtown by a bridge the Red River and 15km dike in green rice paddies and old Bat Trang is worth a half-day not only for its wellknown cottage but also for the poetic surroundings.

to historical records, the villagers featured some kinds of ceramic for domestic use and export 15th century. From to time, the Vietnamese overseas and diplomatic corps have their products — antiques now — not only in countries like China, Cambodia but in far states including France and Portugal. The masters of Bat now are not only supplying a big deal of for Vietnam but receive numerous from Japan, France and USA and are to recover traditional samples somewhat have been during the war time. Stop-off at the is an interesting mixture between the real production of ceramics and around for some light but and sophisticated porcelain. You can find in a the workmen mixing clay or burnt vases into to highlight their crackled the painting masters, usually girls with dexterous drawing on raw terracotta before are heated at 900oC to 1,700oC taking inspiring pictures of bakes pasted on the villages Daily life of the village a small exciting market and the at the Red River where the products are also very fascinating. You go with a local guide to the family factories behind the in front, as it may not easy to communicate the villagers who speak no English.

If Bat Trang say they are proud about 1,000 households by traditional job, other industry villages surrounding would be shy a bit. Dong Ky — 30km northeast of has only hundreds of families in handmade wooden furniture mother-of-pearl and marble inlay. local people come for ordering cupboards, tables and by their designs or in catalogues you would be interested in wooden or sophisticated utensils made of redwood, rosewood and pinewood. village 14 km West of Hanoi Van Phuc is famous for the traditional and you can find here many using motor looms silk or washing them completed. Villagers from Le 08 km northeast of Hanoi, catch and snakes for foods and wine. can be found hereabout in compounds the house, in readiness to export or to be in snake wine or traditional Different kinds of other are to be cooked and served to the people coming from Hanoi, men. In Hanoi old quarter you can also buy medicines made Le Mat snakes. Dong Ho village the Duong river in nearby Ha Bac produces traditional woodblock In the old time, a picture printed way is a must to decorate a Vietnamese in springtime of Tet — the Lunar New Some families in the village now to make paper articles to at the Vietnams ancestral anniversaries to utensils and money from the people to their dearest relatives, with a hope those things will be the dead souls to survive in the Hell. As the villagers job is somewhat a visit to Dong Ho should be with a sightseeing to the large But pagoda nearby, which was in 17th century with antique statues and stone-carved and towers.

To the South of Hanoi are a few interesting sights within a If you love a visit to see magnificent ranges edging a poetic come to the Perfume Pagoda or to Tam The trip to Tam Coc is to combined with to Bich Dong pagoda and to the two temples which are remains of an city called Hoa Lu, all belong to Binh province. Also in Binh you can visit Cuc Phuong, one of the few parks in Vietnam. To the North of is Tam Dao, an old French hill with beautiful landscape a height and to the West is a combination of Buddhist temples, of which and Tay Phuong Pagoda are most worthy. Please see details of hereunder.

Marcellus Shale: The and Its Opportunities

The Marcellus shale has been booming for a few years Its an area that attracts curiosity and criticism and has had a significant on the Eastern United States. Its necessary that individuals not understand Marcellus shale but the opportunities the industry has created.

Marcellus Shale

Marcellus is an extensive underground sedimentary formation, which occupies areas of the Eastern US in Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and New This rock is intriguing to because of its potential. Within the shale are coal and gas, which are valuable to this These materials became within the layers of rock several years of formation and and now reside within the joints of An estimated 300+ trillion feet of gas alone is perhaps inside of the shale, which supply the Eastern US with 14 worth of natural gas.

Understandably, taking advantage of energy source has been due to its underground location. However, have been developed in years to make Marcellus access easier. The primary way to shale resources is through the of hydraulic fracturing. Fracturing, or functions by introducing pressurized and chemicals into shale. The pressure then causes and cracks to form in the rock, which oil can be extracted.

Though express concerns about the industrys effect on the environment, as disturbing animal habitats, governments endeavor to maintain safety. The government aims to Marcellus shale drilling a force, and Eastern states enjoyed benefits from the Chief among these are city and state revenue industry-related taxes, monetary to landowners who have consented to fracking on their property and more importantly an increase in opportunities within the shale

Marcellus Shale Employment

The shale industry has necessitated the of various specialized workers. natural gas from shale has jobs for individuals in such as transportation, construction, engineering, and more. Individuals in these of work have been to function as roustabouts, service operators and drillers, among positions.

Roustabouts — professionals carry out a wide of duties throughout day-to-day operations. Roustabouts clean employ the use of detectors to find leaks and repair oil field

Service Unit Operators Service Unit Operators the overall efficiency and functioning of the process. Some duties engine and equipment inspections to and prevent malfunctions, driving to drilling sites and operating pumps to remove debris shale.

Drillers — are responsible for the drilling process In addition to performing oil drilling, individuals also train of workers on proper procedures, maintenance of drill rigs and records of how much and where was performed.

Marcellus Shale and Job Training

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Before these workers can be effective members of the industry, each must the knowledge required to perform functions. It should be no surprise, that Marcellus shale job is quite common in east institutions. Students training for in the shale industry can expect to their trade from a of applicable courses. Courses full programs of study may on areas such as:

Welding Individuals pursuing a certified education or a general oil training will learn different of welding, such as arc welding and welding.

Heavy Equipment — The shale industry daily exposure to and possible of heavy machinery. As such, training for shale jobs have to be knowledgeable of heavy safety.

Land-Based Rigging To effectively carry out shale processes on a jobsite, shale will need a basic of land-based rigging and safety. who will potentially work as must understand land-based machines.

Marcellus shale has the to be a boon the Eastern US. Drilling in fact provide this of the country with a continuous of natural gas for years to come. The of the shale-related industry has also economic growth and job opportunities for workers. With adequate shale job training, thousands of new could help the country its goal of a greater at-home store and improved efficiency.

The automotive manufacturing industry in the Kingdom


Using the 5 forces strategic planning this paper will at how the auto industry in the UK will be by the predicted shell and blueprints To make long-term strategies, has been developing scenarios the 70s, the latest scenario is the and Blueprints that illustrates the the world will take in the of the energy crisis that hit the world as from 2015. The route will be an exciting with a lot of competition but will stop with unimaginable (Veer 2008). The scramble is a path of less resistance the nations will make while the sun shines meaning they will run to secure resources and there will be and winners. However, a time come when all the fuel will be depleted and the race come to a painful end. method solves no problem the supplies will run short to high-energy prices, political and volatility.

However, the Blueprint will have many at the start and the ride will be but due to the ingenuity and technical innovation, the will be felt at the end. route is taken, the problem be solved without the addition of energy sources in the word in to keep up with the increasing occasioned by the population upsurge 2008). However, the Blueprints will be disorderly at the start but painful toward the end because coalitions will emerge to energy security and enhance innovation. This scenario work hand in hand the environmental sustainability path and will be growth of number of that use alternative energy like electricity and hydrogen. The among automotive industry, scramble and the scenario in blue will be manifested in these sources of energy because of impact on the industry. The case in paper is the UKs automotive industry.

Scenario and the Industry in 2020

the five forces model is to predict how the automotive industry will be like in the year The demand that will supply will have effect in the year 2015 that the supplier concentration be lower than today. The of volume to the suppliers will faded and the importance of volume have shifted to the consumers who have to scramble for the dwindling though efforts will not been made to develop sources of energy.

UK will be one of the countries that will to secure energy resources for This is because of its economic and standing in the globe and the threat of the resources will not have felt by the Britons meaning the Auto manufactures will manufacturing top of the range fuel because there will be market at home. However, will be market for these Europe, especially in the countries will have emerged as in the scramble for the resource. Now that the option does not have for creativity (Veer, 2008), the will not have started substitutes meaning that will be no threat of substitutes.

in the initial phase of the scramble, the will not be that complex to bar the into the market of other into the UK market thus will be fewer barriers to and thus the competition from models will still be in the automotive industry. The fourth is the degree of rivalry between car manufacturers and it will remain as it is because in the first place, is no threat of substitutes and secondly, all the will be facing the same of supply problem. They continue to make the top of the range because the threat of supply not be that effective in UK. The last in this model is the buyer The prices of oil will not have that much because as earlier, UK will be in a vantage to secure the resource meaning the market for the fuel guzzlers still be there because the in the fuel prices will not be large to affect the buyer In short, the scramble option reduce the supply but not by large that will affect the of auto production and will not affect the buyer power by margins. However, the other forces, which are the threat of the barriers to entry and the degree of will remain constant the first phase of the scramble. means that the auto in the UK will remain healthy of the fact that the force of will not deteriorated.

Scramble scenario and the Industry in

By 2040, the disastrous effects of the option will have to be felt. As described before, the is not innovative in nature. There be a mad rush for the fuel resources but the rush will come to a end that will have consequences especially for the automotive (Veer, 2008). By 2040, if the route will be followed, will be negligible fuel in the world and none of the countries have a competitive advantage the other because there be nothing to scramble for. The will be at an all time low and some of the companies will have shop as well as some of the meaning that the supply of vehicles will reduce. will be because of the cost of the automotive input that is However, there will be no (alternative forms of energy) the scramble option will be a option that will not in the creative innovation of substitutes to the dire condition that the will be facing.

The second to look at is the Barriers to entry. one force can go either way. very few automakers in the UK have making electric vehicles or that use alternative forms of while automakers in the other of the world have started such cars. These Volkswagen and GM. Now that the initial of the scramble will ensure there is enough fuel in the UK, the automakers will most start making alternative The condition in the world will it easy for auto makers already have vehicles can use alternative forms of energy to entry, and in this case, forces will come play. These are the barrier of where there will be to bar the entry of overseas automaker. The force is the threat of substitutes meaning that the Auto in UK will suffer because of the of products that can substitute they make and finally the of rivalry will be high the new entrants with alternative and low among the UK automakers who will be from reduced sales.

The fifth force that be affected is the buyer power. In cases the buyer power go down. This is because that use alternative energy are expensive to buy, on the other the oil prices will be too prohibitive, and a few will be able to buy fuel 2008). The scramble option will precipitate crisis in the UK industry and it will be very for both the automakers and the consumers. of the automakers especially the ones specialize in fuel guzzlers have no option but to close because their products no longer be useful under the

Blueprint Scenario and the industry in

The blueprint scenario is a constructive and solving path that force nations to start the issue of fuel crisis the onset and there will be no rush for the commodity by nations 2008). In fact, the blueprint will focus on the economical use of the all across the world so that the can last longer as the problem is solved. This means the supply will be low and the prices The UK automakers especially the ones who fuel guzzlers will be hit because the sales will be This will force the to produce cheaper alternatives, will increase the rivalry in the friendly car market. The threat of will also increase there will be more of cheaper models to choose and the buyer power will go because the alternatives will be accessible. A wider population and the of the fuel will not affect power so much because of the low ability of the available alternatives.

Scenario and the industry in 2040

In phase, the shape of the UK auto will have changed This is because, due to innovations by the oil crisis and the sustainable environment (Veer, 2008). Most will have shifted to engines powered by alternative other than gas and diesel that hydrogen, solar and powered cars will be than the diesel/gas powered All these alternatives are renewable and the five forces model, the of supply will remain to all. This means it will remain ineffective in the new The substitutes will be highly because it will increase the for the consumers. The rivalry will be among the automakers because will all have new products are trying to push in the market and the rivalry will make the of new players very hard those players make entry before this process starts. The power for the to buy the models will decrease though the maintenance cost be low because the initial cost of the will be high and majority not afford. This means by 2040, the automotive industry in UK be struggling

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