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Volkswagen Pointer III

BMW Spark Plug

One basic procedure for just about any car on the is the replacement of your spark and spark plug wires applicable). On the BMW E36 six-cylinder engines, BMW has the use of spark plug wires by six small spark plug that sit on top of each spark While this configuration may be a bit expensive than the typical coil, single capacitive box configuration, it makes the car’s system more reliable by a component that constantly out and fails (spark plug It’s a pretty cool not commonly found on older As manufacturing components has become inexpensive, ignition setups these have become common.

I recommend replacing spark plugs every miles, or about once a In reality, you can probably go longer that, however, you never quite know how long the are going to last, or you may forget to do it if you setup a yearly schedule. to say, replacing your plugs is one of the easiest tasks to do on BMW — provided you have the information, which I will here.

Begin by prepping the The only thing that you need to do is to make sure the car is cold. If you try to remove or install plugs in a hot car, then you may problems with the spark gumming up or damaging the relatively threads in the aluminum cylinder Just make sure the car is cold, or at the bare minimum, slightly warm to the touch.

talk about the six cylinder first. The first step is to the top plastic covers from the These serve no mechanical — they are there for decoration and to prevent dust and from getting into the of the engine. On the six cylinder cars, are two covers, a long thin one on the top of the and a wider one towards the left. of left, for the purpose of this tech article, I will to the left side of the engine as on the left as you are standing in front of the car at the engine. The right side of course, be opposite to that. For the windshield washer bottle then be on the left, and the air filter be on the right.

On the two plastic covers, there be two small, snap-in plugs on the Carefully remove these (don’t drop them the engine) with a small prying them up as you grab (Figure 1 ). Underneath you will a nut that holds the cover the top of the engine (Figure 2 ). Remove the nuts on these two covers, and should both simply up out of the way. Figure 3 shows the with the center cover

Underneath the left cover, you see the six spark plug coils sit on top of each of the plugs (Figure 4 ). You to remove each of these in order to gain access to the Using a screwdriver, release connector from each There is a metal retaining on the rear of each one that it to the coil (Figure 5 ). Once you up on the retaining clip, then the should simply slide out of the Carefully remove all of the connectors each coil (Figure 6 ), care not to bend the wire too much. These wires are and generally don’t take to being bent in multiple Just be gentle with

To assist with your of the wires, detach the center that holds the wires come from the center This clip is shown in 7. Gently place the wires off to the and out of the way, without bending terribly.

With the wires detached and slightly out of the way, you can now remove of the six coils. Each coil is to the valve cover using two On two of the coils, there are two small straps that connect the to the stud on the cylinder head. note of these ground — they must be properly when you are finished, your car may encounter problems. two ground straps are shown by the greens arrow in Figure 8 and 9 (coil already removed in photo).

Remove each of the two that hold each to the valve cover. At this the coil should be able to be pulled right off of the engine 10 ). The coil has a small coil on one end, and a spring-loaded spark connector on the opposite end. remove the coil/plug assembly and it off to the side. All of the coils are the same, so it matter which cylinder it came off of — unless you are trying to troubleshoot a bad coil code that was displayed by the computer.

With the coil you should be able to look the hole and see the spark plug in there. Figure 11 shows the top of a normal looking spark looks like. However, as you the plugs, you may discover something The way that the ignition system is on these BMWs, there is the for the spark plug holes to fill up with oil, if you a leaky seal on your cover. When you pull out the plug connector / coil you may find that it is completely in engine oil, as shown in 12 and Figure 13. Looking down the you may not even be able to see the spark because the entire hole is up with oil (Figure 14 and Figure 15 ). common sense says this is not a good thing, the is that this is actually common, and doesn’t seem to the performance of the car one bit. If you do find oil in your spark plug I would suggest that you go one further and replace the valve gasket. This replacement is very simple, once you the coils removed, and should take you about 20 minutes providing you have the actual on hand. If you find oil in your plug holes, then you definitely replace the gasket.

If you find that you have oil in spark plug holes, I that you take some towels and attempt to soak up as of the oil as possible, before removing the plug. If you don’t get rid of the excess then it will leak the cylinder head through the plug hole when you the spark plug. This cause your car to run sooty you first start it up, and it may even your brand new spark that you just installed!

plug removal is easy you just need the right plug wrench. I have one I love — it’s a plug socket with a insert that catches the In addition, it has a built-in swivel on the end. This is especially when trying to remove in hard-to-reach places, as they are located on Porsche engines engines aren’t really bad with respect to spark access).

Using a breaker grip the plug and turn it until it is loose. Then out your tool and grab the When the plug comes you may want to take a close at it. The spark plug is really the way to visually �see� what is on inside your combustion You need to pull out all of the spark to replace them, so you might as take a close look at while they�re out. today�s modern fuels plug-reading much more you can still glean a lot of information looking at them. A good, engine will produce a that is light brown in and dry. If the engine is running too the plug will often be with a lot of extra carbon. in mind that the rest of combustion chamber probably the same. An engine running too will have a powdery coating on it, and the outer porcelain may have a burned appearance.

When reading spark pay close attention to the white ring around the plug. white area will you an excellent background to inspect the of the plug, and to help determine how combustion chamber looks

Volkswagen Pointer III

If the plug is wet with oil, that indicates that is significant leakage into the chamber past either the guides or the piston rings. is generally a bad sign, and an indicator a future compression test may not good results.

Figure 16 an unusual spark plug all four of its electrode eaten I would hazard a guess this plug was improperly from the factory, and as it progressed it’s life, the repeated slowly ate away at the electrodes they were gone. A in this condition would often (if at all), and would poor performance for this cylinder. Surprisingly enough, of the rest of the spark plugs in set exhibited this type of This is what leads me to it was defective from the manufacturer.

17 shows a brand new Bosch spark plug. While I have any specific preference for any manufacturer of plug, you should make sure to get the proper for your car. Spark have varied over the as engines have been slightly due to smog regulations. The thing to remember is to get the proper for your car (they are scaled by type and also by heat otherwise you may encounter odd ignition Spark plugs are cheap I would go with a brand like Bosch or NGK, to avoid the no-name brands. sure that you measure the plug gap (if single electrode) a spark plug gap tool you install the plugs.

Install your new plugs a torque wrench to measure the of torque applied to the plug 18 ). This is very important, as it is to over or under-tighten spark Make sure that the is firmly seated in your plug socket as it is very to insert the plug into the and have it cross-thread. This that the threads of the spark don’t mesh properly the ones in the head, instead to cut their own path. This the threads on the head, and in extreme may destroy the threads in the cylinder entirely. Trust me — you do not this to happen. Proceed and cautiously here.

Install plug into the cylinder without using any anti-seize Torque the spark plugs to 25 Nm ft-lbs). While writing How to and Modify Porsche 911 Engines , I that Porsche doesn�t the use of anti-seize compound, as detailed in Technical Bulletin 9102, 2, identifier 2870. The bulletin retroactively to all Porsche models and the is that the anti-seize tends to act as an insulator between the plug and the head. This could detrimental effect on the firing of the due to the loss of a good, consistent connection. Keeping those in mind, I would make the recommendations for the BMW cars.

With the new installed (Figure 19 ) and properly you can replace the coils (don’t the small ground straps in Figure 8 and Figure 9 ) and reattach the connectors (Figure 20 and Figure 21 ). the wires back into center holders (Figure 7 ) and the top two plastic covers. When done, your engine look back to normal 22 )

Changing plugs on the 318 4-cylinder is a bit different and a bit easier. You remove the plug cover in a similar (Figure 23 ). There should be a little blue spark wire pull tool the cover. Use it to remove the plug from the ends of the spark (Figure 24 ). With the wires remove and reinstall the plugs in a manner to how I described the procedure for the six cars. You will also to replace the spark plug every 30,000 miles or if look cracked and worn

Well, there you have it it’s really not too difficult at If you would like to see more articles like this please continue to support Parts with all your needs. If you like what you see then please visit our BMW catalog and help support the and creating of new and informative technical like this one. continued support directly the expansion and existence of this and technical articles like one. As always, if you have any or comments about this article, please drop us a

Volkswagen Pointer III
Volkswagen Pointer III
Volkswagen Pointer III

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